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Constantine S01E01:Non Est Asylum

Constantine - Non Est Asylum

Based on the wildly popular comic book series Hellblazer from DC Comics, seasoned demon hunter and master of the occult John Constantine is armed with a ferocious knowledge of the dark arts and a wickedly naughty wit. He fights the good fight – or at least he did. With his soul already damned to hell, he’s decided to abandon his campaign against evil until a series of events thrusts him back into the fray when an old friend’s daughter becomes the target of supernatural forces.

Constantine.S01E01.HDTV.x264-EXCELLENCE.mp4 Stream

Grimm S04E01:Thanks for the Memories

Grimm - Thanks for the Memories

After the events at Monroe and Rosalee’s wedding, Nick is faced with losing his identity as a Grimm. Hank and Juliette join Nick as they try to figure out how to deal with Trubel as she faces the consequences of a heinous murder she committed. Meanwhile, when Wu arrives at the scene, his discoveries bring back images of his traumatic encounter. A new threat arrives in Portland to steal the memories of its victims, leaving them in a state of dementia. Elsewhere, Captain Renard’s life hangs in the balance and Adalind falls into Prince Viktor’s trap as she desperately searches for her baby.

Grimm.S04E01.Thanks.for.the.Memories.HDTV.x264-BAJSKORV.mp4 Video links

The Legend of Korra S04E04:The Calling

The Legend of Korra - The Calling

Tenzin tasks Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo with a mission of the utmost importance ? to find Korra.

Watch The.Legend.of.Korra.S04E04.PROPER.HDTV.x264-BATV.mp4 online

Monsters Inside Me S05E03:A Menace In My Own Backyard

Monsters Inside Me - A Menace In My Own Backyard

A young man is suffering from deadly and inexplicable seizures. Elsewhere New Jersey tough guy’s intestines are being ripped apart. A teenage girl is suddenly struck blind while driving.

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Scrotal Recall S01E04 stream – Jane

Scrotal Recall - Jane

There is a flashback to three years ago, just before Angus and Helen’s wedding as Evie celebrates her birthday. Evie wants to tell Dylan about her feelings for him over a quiet meal, but before she has a chance, Dylan reveals all of their friends are waiting to surprise her, including Dylan’s girlfriend Jane.

Scrotal.Recall.S01E04.Jane.720p.WEB-DL.2CH.x264-PSA.mkv Video links

Watch Detectorists – Episode 4 Online S01E04

Detectorists - Episode 4

Terry announces he is standing down as leader of DMDC. There s a bitter scramble for presidential power. Andy and Lance fall out over gold while Becky and Sophie are forced to become allies.

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Upper Middle Bogan S02E02:Let’s Talk About Sex

Upper Middle Bogan - Let's Talk About Sex

After a sex education night at school, Oscar is keen to learn all he can and it leaves Bess wondering if she and Danny are in a rut. Brianna becomes a direct sales lingerie franchisee.

Watch Upper.Middle.Bogan.S02E02.PROPER.HDTV.x264-BATV.mp4 here

Watch Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations – Asia Files – Volume 4 Online S09E04

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations - Asia Files - Volume 4

Get the best of Anthony Bourdain’s Asia trips in Asia Files – Volume 4. Bourdain explores Thailand, Laos and China. He spends time with a Muay Thai fighter and meets a businessman with a taste for the American Wild West.

Video Links for Anthony.Bourdain:.No.Reservations.S09E04.hdtv.x264-killers.mp4

The Great Fire S01E02:Episode 2

The Great Fire - Episode 2

As the fire begins to gain strength, Thomas breaks his way into sister-in-law Sarah Farriner’s lodgings to wake the family and lead them to safety. Sarah is nowhere to be seen though. Thomas leads the rest of the family through the crowds to the Thames. before they make their way north towards Moorfields. Sarah is being held in a private cell at Newgate Prison while Denton quizzes the Duke of Hanford’s Footman.

The.Great.Fire.S01E02.FASTSUB.VOSTFR.720p.HDTV.x264 Stream

Breaking Amish S03E06 stream – Out With the Old

Breaking Amish - Out With the Old

The group have decided to get rid of their Amish clothes however one of them has gone missing. Miriam decides to make a focus on her dreams while Matt’s marriage takes a drastic turn.

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