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Criminal Minds

An elite group of profilers analyze the nation’s most dangerous criminal minds in an effort to anticipate their next moves before they strike again.

Watch Criminal Minds – Restoration Online S08E18

Criminal Minds - Restoration
This week’s episode of Criminal Minds opens with a middle-aged gentleman closing his convenient store for the evening. When out of the blue, two kids on their bikes drive up to Anthony Rango. The two boys would like some candy. The store owner reopens the door for them to sneak in for a few seconds. The boys rush into his establishment, and after gathering their sweets, they immediately leave the scene. The joyous man now with key in hand and ready to lock the door, he gets hit from behind. The unsub beats him and drags Mr. Rango by his feet back into his store. The unsub, Rodney Harris, closes the metal security door.

Next we see, Morgan trying to put a window into a window frame in his apartment. Rossi knocks on an adjacent window, shaking a bottle of alcohol. The two agents smile. When they’re ready to enjoy their beverage, Morgan receives a call from Garcia on his cell.

At the BAU headquarters, the team is already assembled around the round table. Garcia begins this week’s slideshow with two male victims: Anthony and Michael. Both were badly beaten and found with literally their pants down.

The team is off to Chicago, Illinois-Morgan’s old stomping ground. Before they arrive, we see an African-American father outside of a diner hugging his son goodbye. After the hug, his wife walks their son across the street. The unsub is sitting in a parked car. He is wearing a gray sweatshirt with the hood partially covering his face. He looks angry. We see, in his side mirrors, a shadow of a man boxing.


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Watch Criminal Minds – Carbon Copy Online S08E16

Criminal Minds - Carbon Copy
Criminal Minds season 8 has just teased the recurring unsub, the Replicator, until now, until episode 16, “Carbon Copy” which saw the team take a more active role in the case.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

JJ received flowers and the card read “Zugzwang.” The phone call Reid received hadn’t been about Maeve. It had been the Replicator; he was watching their every move. Garcia did determine that the flowers had been bought with a stolen credit card and a prepaid phone traced to Philadelphia, where the fourth victim was found exsanguinated and with her eyelids removed. Unlike the other copycat murders (the mouth sewn shut, transplanted leg, and a human marionette), this one wasn’t found in the same area as the original kills.

The Replicator was a narcissist, patient, and had the time and money to travel. But then a second victim was found, and the local detective, Rizzo, didn’t hide the fact that he was unhappy to see the FBI there (but later revealed that his partner was killed while they were working a federal case). And then a third victim was found, with Hotch’s photo, which the unsub had trimmed and added to a pile of photos for the team, on her


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Watch Criminal Minds – Broken Online S08E15

Criminal Minds - Broken
After being preempted last week by the premiere for Survivor: Caramoan, Criminal Minds returned tonight with “Broken”. Directed by Larry Teng, the same guy that gave us the really creepy episode “God Complex” earlier this season, tonight’s episode was equally disturbing and well done.

Jeanne Tripplehorn’s character has been woefully underdeveloped this season, but this episode did give us a little bit of a peek into her day job. Not unlike the original Criminal Minds lead Jason Gideon (Played by the great Mandy Patinkin), Blake appears to be a teacher at a university in her spare time. However she’s quickly called away from her class to assist on the case! This is just like the very first episode of Criminal Minds!

The team makes their way to Austin, Texas to check out an Unsub who’s been killing young men and women after social gatherings. It was really cool how they figured out the code with the watches, and I loved all of the creepy flashbacks to the Unsubs father and Isabella Grant, but then that’s where the episode got a bit too preachy and heavy handed for me.

At first I was impressed how well they were handling this hot-button issue. The conflict that the Unsub was facing was an interesting one to discuss and explore, and his relationship with Mitch was also very effective, but I really thought that the whole “Reorientation Camp” was a bit too far.


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Watch Criminal Minds – Perrenials Online S08E11

Criminal Minds - Perrenials
Tonight’s Criminal Minds episode “Perennials” starts in a somewhat typical fashion for this show; Showing somebody doing something so peaceful and innocuous, like praying in a beautiful garden in Citronelle, Alabama, right before she’s brutally killed.

The team makes their way to Alabama in response to a couple people being killed by a chisel to the skull, and our creepy unsub is also putting maggots all over his victims! It doesn’t take them too long to realize that the killer is emulating the killing habits of a long-dead serial killer.

Finding out that the unsub was killing people who were born the day that the previous killer’s victims died was really cool. The whole idea of reincarnation is so intriguing to me, and the end of the case was pretty exciting. I’m not sure if Morgan being shot is going to play as an ongoing storyline at all, but the scene between him and Penelope was very funny.

As far as the drama on the rest of the team, we actually got some pretty cool stuff this week! It seemed like a bit of an unnecessary twist last week for Reid to not actually get to meet his mystery woman, but his brief scenes with Alex tonight were nice. They’re really building up this relationship between Reid and this girl, especially this whole “stalker” angle, so at this point it’s really got to pay off when we finally meet her. We can’t just have her meet Reid and have them live happily ever after. Either this stalker is the creep who’s been stalking the team, or the stalker will have to be a completely separate storyline.


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Watch Criminal Minds – The Lesson Online S08E10

Criminal Minds - The Lesson
Criminal Minds returned tonight with another interesting episode directed by Reid himself, Matthew Gray Gubler! After a creepy introductory scene shows us our unsub for the week, “The Lessons” gets right to the scene that everybody cares about: Reid’s mystery woman!

We still aren’t quite sure exactly who this woman is, or how she came to know Spencer, but we did finally get to see her! I’m not sure why her face was obscured for the other two times we’ve seen her on screen if the person is a brand new actress on the show, but either way I’m very happy to see Spencer possibly meeting his true equal! She isn’t without her baggage, though, as she mentions a stalker that has since stopped harassing her.

Could this be the stalker that’s been hounding the team recently? I was happy for Reid to have some more development on this story, but I’m not sure why they built up this woman’s reveal so much. I guess the next step is for these two lovebirds to actually meet face to face. Don’t worry, Spencer! She’s a cutie!

Anyway, the actual case of the week was a pretty darn creepy one. Our unsubs this week were Adam Rain and Mr. Conrad, played by character actors Brad Douriff and Mark Povinelli. When I saw the previews from last week showing us that the unsub was using his victims as marionettes, I thought the whole thing would play a little goofy. The whole thing seemed too far-fetched and outlandish for me, but boy was I wrong!


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Watch Criminal Minds – Magnificent Light Online S08E09

Criminal Minds - Magnificent Light
Criminal Minds season 8 continued with episode 9, “Magnificent Light.” Barry Flynn opened his show by telling the audience that they could reveal their magnificent light and share their gift in the time they had left instead of living in darkness. He singled out a couple of people, and after a one-on-one with Cynthia, he told his manager he was taking his private time. Someone followed Cynthia home and killed her.

“A great deal of talent is lost to the world for want of a little courage.”

Lincoln had been killed the night before Cynthia, both stabbed at least 30 times. The same message, in red paint, had been left at both apartments: “Hear your evil, see your evil.” The ME reported that the stab wounds had a curvature to them, indicating it could be a ceremonial knife. They found Cynthia’s ticket to Barry’s show. He could’ve been the last to see her but no one knew where he was. He left a bar with Ricky, but they found his rental car outside the bar, along with drops of blood matching his blood type and his 100-decibel personal alarm that he carried for protection. The unsub had him, and he claimed to be Barry’s biggest success story. Though Barry told him he wouldn’t escape if he uncuffed him, Carl said he had to hear him out. He had been fired and couldn’t find another job. He almost killed himself, but then he heard Barry.

The BAU profiled the unsub as suffering from erotomania. He was obsessed with Barry and a loner with poor social skills. He neglected duties to focus on his obsession. With erotomania, the most likely recipients of violence were those standing in the unsub’s way of his subject. The messages could be meant for Barry, who had to be careful. Any misstep could lead to more victims or his murder. Carl told Barry that he didn’t hear things the way most people did. Instead, he saw it, and as Carl talked, he could see his words. That was how he knew he was lying when he said he wouldn’t escape. He had a plan.


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Watch Criminal Minds – The Wheels on the Bus Online S08E08

Criminal Minds - The Wheels on the Bus
Criminal Minds season 8 continued with episode 8, “The Wheels on the Bus.” Though it began with students dealing with the usual problems (such as dating), it took a dark turn when the driver stopped for a car on the road, only for two men to board the bus in gas masks. One shot the driver in the leg. It was all hands on deck at the FBI with 26 missing.

“I’m not afraid of death. It’s the stake one puts up in order to play the game of life.”

The bus driver, Webster, had altercations with students, but was never reprimanded. Carol, a retired teacher, was assigned to monitor the bus. Webster’s body was discovered, and they expected to find Carol’s as well. Thanks to Garcia’s work, they did find the bus abandoned in a barn and nearby, 14 of the students. The 10 still missing had numbered collars and headsets and were locked up. Addyson (2) and Trent (5) were called forward and told to follow the instructions or, as they demonstrated, they’d be shocked by the collar. And so the “game” began.

One of the students found told Blake that the unsubs lined them up and took turns picking. While those students were reunited with their parents, Matt had Trent open a box on a table and take out flashlights. The unsubs had Matt and Addyson split up, and though Trent didn’t want to, Matt shocked him. It was Rossi who realized that this was a video game, Gods of Combat. In the game, you took over a form of transportation to get your players, with each team consisting of five. These kids were preselected, based on personalities. The collars were used to keep players from straying from the mission, and the winner was the one with the highest body count. The gaming addiction took over their lives, and if it didn’t go as they wanted, the unsubs would become blinded with rage. Addyson falls into blood-Carol’s body. Josh told her to grab a key from her pocket.


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Watch Criminal Minds – The Fallen Online S08E07

Criminal Minds - The Fallen Criminal Minds season 8 continues with episode 7, “The Fallen.” It begins with a woman playing guitar on a bench and getting in the car of a man who tipped her decently. That is, of course, a mistake, and he stabs her. Rossi has turned in a new manuscript, but he still needs to write the dedication.

Three charred bodies have shown up on the Santa Monica Pier. Is the unsub burning the bodies to mask their identities or to eliminate evidence? That takes time, so they’re looking for a patient, organized unsub.

“You never find yourself until you face the truth.”

The unsub isn’t showing signs of remorse and wants to be noticed. Garcia does identify the woman as Lindsay, who had no job, was receiving little money from her mother, and had no local contacts. Her address turns out to be a mail center, news to her parents. Her mother tells Hotch she was performing on the pier, chasing her dream. She wants to know where she was living. The ME reports the victims were dead before being burned, and all died of exsanguination from stab wounds. It turns out Lindsay did spend some time at the local outreach center, where Rossi recognizes his former Marine Sergeant, Scott. Flashbacks show the two serving together in Vietnam, 1969, and after a brief conversation in the present, when Rossi goes to get his card, Scott’s gone when he turns back around.

A guy stops a man on the beach and asks if he wants his portrait done. That’s a big mistake, because he ends up with his head shaved and drowned in bleach. He’s found outside a shelter, and there are chemical burns. Scott yells out his name, and Rossi brings him over. Scott points out the last time he saw him, he was unconscious and on his way home. He brings up a PFC who was captured and held for three nights, left with no eyes, ears, or arms, but still alive. They were trying to scare him. That’s what’s going on here.


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Watch Criminal Minds – The Apprenticeship Online S08E06

Criminal Minds - The Apprenticeship Criminal Minds season 8 continues with episode 6, “The Apprenticeship.” A teenager, Toby, attacks a prostitute once she’s led him into an alley. Morgan is trying to teach Reid how to swing a bat for the softball team, but it’s not going well. Fortunately, work calls. Amanda was beaten and suffocated with a plastic bag. Six puppies were killed the same way. Toby gets a text with a video of him attacking Amanda.

“Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.”

Amanda’s body was found on the other side of town from the dogs. Violence to animals is usually seen in teens, and the jump is usually in the mid-20s; the unsub’s moving fast. JJ points out the unsub could walk between each spot he killed the dogs. There’s a bus that runs through the neighborhood. The coroner tells Rossi and Blake that the beatings were done with small bare hands and cause of death was suffocation. They’re looking at a young, inexperienced, sexual sadist.

Toby, working in a pet shop, gets a text (“You’re screwed”) with photos of Amanda and notices David staring at him. He feigns illness to get Holly to let him leave. While looking into where the dogs were found, Morgan notices it’s a place normal teenagers go—a park—and tells Garcia to widen her search for violent offenders to juveniles. David’s waiting for Toby in the parking lot, and Toby asks if he’s mad at him. He apologizes; he was nervous and freaked out. David understands; first times are awkward, but it gets better. He has something to make him feel better. Another prostitute’s body is found, but she wasn’t beaten. There’s a blow to the head and bite marks; nothing about it is young or impulsive. They’re looking at a team.

David lures another prostitute into the car, and offers some tips as Toby chokes her from the backseat. Her body is found with a blow to the head from a hammer. The older unsub is teaching the younger one. The first kill was the younger unsub, the second a demonstration, and this third them perfecting their MO. David brings Toby to a Home Store—it’s graduation day. He shows Toby which supplies to buy.


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Watch Criminal Minds – God Complex Online S08E04

Criminal Minds - God Complex Online S08E04 Criminal Minds season 8 continues with episode 4, “God Complex.” It begins with Tony coming to strapped to a gurney with “cut here” on one leg. John wins a brief struggle, and when Tony next comes to, he’s in a hotel room—and missing a leg.

After an incredibly effective opening sequence showing our first victim getting his right leg amputated by the unsub, we get right to one of the most exciting scenes of the episode: Reid’s phone call! Not only do we get introduced to some mysterious woman on the other end of the line that Spencer is clearly somewhat interested in romantically, but we finally get to hear more about his headaches! After being such a big side story in the last year or so, we at last get some kind of explanation as to what’s happened to these migraines.

The team head to New Mexico for a rather grizzly case after a legless body is discovered in the desert and a second victim turns up in the hospital. As with the first crime, this person in the hospital is an unwilling amputee and it would appear that someone is trying to ‘play God.’ The episode is called “God Complex” and the unsub is performing these procedures with a mission in mind; is it a doctor who believes he needs to do God’s work?

Missing from the story was an account of where the mental train left the tracks. Why, after so many years of marriage, did he finally decide it was time to do something about his wife’s lack? What made him oblivious to the fact that she was quite all right with only having one leg?

This week, the BAU team has been dispersed to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Rossi and Morgan are visiting Tony at the hospital. They’re asking him questions about his recent surgery. Rossi asks Tony to close his eyes. After a few moments, he does. He remembers seeing a clear mask being placed over his nose and mouth. He hears beeping, that’s what triggers his memory.


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