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Unforgettable - TrajectoriesIf you could remember everything, what would you use it for? At the start of this episode of Unforgettable, Carrie uses her ability to play in an illegal poker game. She’s doing a lot of winning when she notices the game manager pick up the money bag and leave. She excuses herself just in time to avoid the police raid, and score some money from the bag.

Back in her legal profession, Carrie gets called to a crime scene at a basketball court. A young woman, Marissa Perez, was shot right before the first game started. As the team is surveying the scene, shots rings out and everyone runs for cover. After the smoke clears, another person is dead on the court. The scene is chaotic, guns litter the ground, and a couple of people are wounded. Police managed to grab a couple of the shooters. Carrie flashes back and remembers a white man running towards Marissa’s body but the police stop him. Roe says the man, Jim Clayburn, is one of the victims of the second shooting. Jim works with gangs to get them help. Al thinks maybe the shooting was gang-related and not accidental.

Det. Cortez admits he was there when Marissa was killed. Carrie tells him that he knew Marissa, based on his expression at the court and he admits it. She was his confidential informant for the DKK. Carrie accuses Det. Cortez of getting Marissa killed. Carrie and Roe head back to the crime scene to try to piece everything together. Carrie has a flash back to the second shooting to see who’s doing the shooting.


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