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Beavis and Butthead

Animated MTV series about two teenaged heavy-metal music fans who occasionally do idiotic things because they are bored. For them, everything is “cool” or “sucks.”

Watch The Originals – An Unblinking Death Online S01E19

The Originals - An Unblinking Death
Things are getting complicated in the Quarter. Sure, nothing has ever been simple on The Originals, but now that the Factions are headed to war, the body count has never been higher.

Let’s start with the obvious: Father Kieran finally bit the dust in Season 1, Episode 19 (“An Unblinking Death“). Note: we say “finally” because his impending doom has been dragged out over the last few episodes and we’re glad the poor guy has been put out of his misery. But his death wasn’t the result of the hex – well, not entirely.

What that means is, for the more lazy-brained critics in our culture, describing good horror is not only hard, it’s personal. Might as well just write off an entire genre as a base exercise, right? Well, the problem is that horror has gone rogue, basically. No longer limited to d?class? slasher movies and carnival rides, horror has been seeping into (and enhancing) every other genre. Romance, comedy, drama-horror is like the MSG of entertainment! When it’s present, everything tastes better.

A priest prepares the sacrament for Father Kieran who hears a voice and turns to see Bastianna there. She tells him it’s too bad his faith can’t save him. The priest ? his nephew Sean ? cuts his throat and she holds the cup of blood out and tells him to drink. He slaps it out of her hand. He’s hallucinating about Sean’s death and doesn’t realize it was Cammie offering him a drink.


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Watch Nurse Jackie – Sink or Swim Online S06E01

Nurse Jackie - Sink or Swim
Jackie is swimming laps. She comes up for air and then goes for another lap. In the locker room, she grabs a towel and heads to her locker. She opens it and sees the pills she got with her towels. She walks back to the attendant and tells her it was a little light and gives her some money. Grace snorts a line of something and then wipes the residue away. She puts on her eyeliner. There’s a knock at the door ? it’s her Dad ready to get her off to school. She kisses him. Jackie pops a couple of pills by her locker then dresses and heads out to the workout area.

Frank is there working out and they discuss plans but he has to work and she has the girls. She says she’ll call him, they smooch, hug, swap I love you’s and she leaves. She arrives at the hospital and heads in. Thor asks if she’s been at the gym and he tells her she makes him feel like a slob. Gloria and Ike greet her and Zoe tells her about a kid she’s having problem doing a blood draw on. Zoe tells her she’s like a different person when she goes to the gym and she says that’s why she goes.

Jackie comes to take the blood and the mom is annoyed and doesn’t want his blood drawn. She demands to talk to a doctor and Ike is there and tells her they do need the blood sample. Jackie tells the mom to rub the boy’s neck and she does and it’s over quickly. Someone comes in moaning and call for a doctor. Carrie stands to help but Ike glares her back to her seat.

Fitch asks if she’s off probation soon and she says they are going to let her know. She says it’s been months and she feels tied down. Fitch has a plaque and he says he gave a scholarship to his alma mater and she asks why and he says it makes him happy. She tells him America isn’t happy and that Mexico is happier then scoffs. She asks Fitch to help her and he reminds her she tried to sue him.


Watch Continuum – 30 Minutes To Air Online S03E05

Continuum - 30 Minutes To Air
Tonight’s episode of Continuum, we learn a bit more of Travis’ and Dillon’s personal lives.

Let’s start with Travis. It is 2077 and a mother-daughter return home when we see Travis cover the mouth of the mother. We are lead to believe something bad is going to happen to them but it is only Travis secretly wanting to see his daughter and the mother of his child. Travis’ wife/partner/mother of his child is worried about the danger he is putting them in considering that he is a terrorist. This fear is realized when CPS men break in and demand to know where Travis is. Travis’ wife doesn’t give him up but states they are loyal to the Corporate Congress. The head officer speaks to Travis’ daughter and asks about her loyalty. This pretty much leads to her giving up her father’s hiding spot. At episode’s end, we are back to this scene where we see moments before Travis’ arrest, he tells his daughter about sacrifice. After Travis is taken away, the lead officer thanks them for their loyalty and gives Travis’ daughter a CPS pin as thanks. When the officers leaves, Travis’ daughter cries in her mother’s over betraying her father.

Back to the present a young man and woman are scaling the Fermitas building as a sign of protest and are arrested for their troubles. Carlos tells Kiera that Fermitas is a big weapons manufacturer and one of Liber8′s safety deposit box theft victim. When Carlos abruptly ends their call, Kiera is paid a visit from Curtis. Curtis wants to form a partnership with Kiera but she is weary and wonders if Catherine knows.

And apparently Catherine doesn’t when Kiera goes to visit her and ask. The big thing about this scene is that Kiera wonders what is behind a mystery door that Catherine goes into. Instead of answering, Catherine just tells Kiera that she is glad they are on the same team.


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Watch Beavis and Butt-head – Whorehouse/Going Down Online S08E12

Whorehouse/Going Down

Beavis and Butt-head - Whorehouse/Going DownTonight’s season finale of Beavis and Butthead “Whorehouse / Going Down”, the conclusion to the show’s first full season in 14 years, is a great indicator of what Mike Judge did to replicate the success of his hilariously simple-minded cartoon. The secret to the show’s longevity is that it hasn’t changed at all. Beavis and Butthead are still puzzling over the superficiality of the pop culture detritus that they’ve surrounded themselves with. And they’re not any wiser for it. Judge understandably thinks there’s still a lot of insubstantial crap at the bottom of MTV’s pop culture barrel. So why should Judge’s iconoclastic morons change if MTV and its lowest common denominator programming hasn’t? “Whorehouse/Going Down” isn’t the best episode of season 8 (I’m rather partial to “The Rat/Spill”). But it’s a great model for why Judge’s comedy is still a lot of puerile fun.

Often, the simple but clever punchline to any given Beavis & Butthead segment is revealed somewhere in the middle of the skit’s proceedings. Then the story moves on as if nothing had happened. Because the joke of the show is that nothing fazes these guys. Because nothing really changes around them. Judge’s style of comedy is fundamentally bitter but he coaches his vitriol in jovially sophomoric jokes. He meets the world that he objects to on its own level. Because you shouldn’t have to talk down to people to know that they’re stupid.


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Watch Beavis and Butt-head – School Test/Snitchers Online S08E11

School Test/Snitchers

Beavis and Butt-head - School Test/SnitchersThe first short of episode 11 was “School Test.” The plot was pretty simple – Beavis and Butt-head are pulled into Principal McVickers office and told that they must pass the state test, otherwise many faculty members might get laid off. So, with several teachers in tow, they attempt to do the impossible – teach Beavis and Butt-head. As you can imagine, the task proves just as impossible as it sounds.

Naturally, when Butt-Head claims he’s had an epiphany, it’s that No. 2 pencils are funny because, as Beavis chimes in, “It’s a poo pencil.” Unstoppable good intentions, meet immovable idiocy. Besides, it’s hard to be persuaded that B + B, or any kid in their position, should put in any extra effort when McVicker—as an ostensible stand-in for most burned-out high school administrators—tells a news reporter (don’t ask) how he really feels: “It’s not me, it’s them. They ruin our school. They ruin everything.”

At first I felt like this short was a bit off, when it dawned on me – “School Test” feels a little more like the shorts of the original run, especially “Young, Gifted & Crude” which had B&B ending up in a class for gifted students after taking a standardized test. The short is rich with fun characters, a simple idea, and a clever payoff. I wonder if Mike Judge and crew will return to this episode’s plot points in future episodes, as Principal McVickers seems to have been ousted as principal, and Van Driessen was fired (maybe). I’m guessing not, but we’ll see. I’d love to see a vengeful McVickers in future episodes, and perhaps a new character to step in as principal. (How ’bout Daria? Why the heck not.)


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Watch Beavis & Butthead – Time Machine Massage Online S08E10

Time Machine / Massage

Beavis & Butthead - Time Machine Massage
“Time Machine” the first half of tonight’s second double-bill installment, has the overall strongest premise going for it. Mr. Van Driessen takes the class on a field trip to Prairie Falls, an authentic recreation of a 19th century homestead, where he entices his students that they may cross paths with his “great, great grandpappy,” Tobias Van Driessen. Oy.

Sometimes, the boys’ well-meaning but passé hippie teacher just begs to be debased. Still, you feel bad that Beavis and Butt-Head bungle his plan to score with a hot olden times re-enactor. (They’re convinced that they’re really in the past and, Back to the Future-style, they can ensure Van Driessen is never born to educate and bore them if his great-grandfather doesn’t get laid.) Then again, when Van Driessen recollects a past encounter with the lady and how she may remember him as “Squire Robin,” that pretty much squanders any empathy. And is very funny and ridiculous.

Ditto for B + B’s interactions during a scene from 16 & Pregnant. There’s usually one snappy, Abbott & Costello-style rant between them each episode, and it’s always a highlight. As the pregnant teen interviews for a pizzeria job and role-plays a customer phone call with her potential boss, Butt-Head intones his serious voice and observes, “She’s like, so you’ll call me on my hand then.” Beavis, taking this scenario to the next logical hypothetical step, adds, “Yeah, I’ve been sitting by my hand all day. I guess I didn’t get the job.” There’s not enough of that over the course of tonight’s cumulative hour.


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Watch Beavis and Butt-head – Used Car, Bounty Hunters Online S08E09

Used Car, Bounty Hunters

Beavis and Butt-head - Used Car, Bounty Hunters
I actually thought “Used Car/Bounty Hunter” was the best episode of what has been a damn funny season – it had me in tears. Mike Judge generally gives a couple of dry line readings that absolutely slay me per episode and he had maybe 5 or 6 tonight. His ability to deliver the simplest lines and make them hilarious was on display when the car salesmen offered zero down on a car and Butthead responded: “Whoa – we have zero!” The riffing on True Life was gold, and I loved the whole bounty hunter plotline – the fact that B + B would think that whoever had their pictures up at the post office – whether it be the Postmaster General, a karate class made up of 10 year olds, or Barack Obama – were actually people that had skipped bail was just a great crystalization of their stupidity. Butthead also had one of the lines of the night after the girl at the post office explained that the Postmaster General runs the post office and he responded “Oh -how the mighty have fallen.” And while I’ll agree the Jersey Shore stuff can get stale, I thought the riffing on it tonight was great – I loved both the “that’s how she and answers the phone – I am a whore, hello” and how they ran with Snooki’s “you don’t usually have sex with your big brother” line and ran with it – “unless no one else is around….mom and dad are at the movies.”

Things did start off on a high note. “Used Car” begins and ends with the guys flinging pizza at each other in the lot of Tardino’s used cars (as mentioned last week, there’s been a nice adherence to basic story structure since the reboot). In between, they unwittingly rope the dealership’s naïve salesman and greedy manager into thinking they’re not only in the market for a vehicle, but are savvy customers to boot.


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Watch Beavis & Butthead – Copy Machine / Holding Online S08E08

Copy Machine / Holding

Beavis and Butt-head - Copy Machine / HoldingDuring “Copy Machine” while catching up with True Life: I Have A Fetish, Beavis unleashes his/Judge’s interpretation of a growling hardcore singer/restaurant host barking out directives to waiting customers. (It makes sense in context.) It’s the show’s funniest moment since returning and one of several spit-takes in that very scene alone, never mind the episode’s cumulative 22 minutes.

There is very little in the way of serious social commentary between both “Copy Machine” and Holding.” Not that there could or should be when the plots involve Beavis getting his ass stuck in the school copy machine and white-trash porn stars mistaking he and Butt-Head for meth dealers, respectively.

For once, our misfit icons aren’t the biggest idiots in the room. In “Holding,” that honor would belong to the aspiring XXX auteur rolling film out of his mom’s basement and arguing with his assistant over what’s a better use of their budget: drugs or “a dual-band, HD-streaming router” (that cracked me up). When the cops show up in a raid, even poor mom—who’s been heard but not seen up to that point—gets arrested in her bathrobe. It’s a great, slightly mean-spirited kicker, and one that admirably requires extra animation for a small but memorable sight gag.


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Watch Beavis and Butt-head – Doomsday/Dumb Design Online S08E07

Doomsday; Dumb Design

Beavis and Butt-head - Doomsday/Dumb DesignThen right off the bat in the next half-hour’s opener, “Doomsday,” the joke’s on hysterical media and panic mongers. In the midst of a city-wide evacuation, a newscaster in a Hazmat suit preposterously declares it to be “utter, apocalyptic devastation.” The news doesn’t so much instill fear in Beavis as it does confuse him about the meaning of apocalyptic. In other words, “devastation” would have done just fine. It’s even funnier the second time around, after the commercial break, when Butt-Head runs into a female government worker and commends her on surviving the “acopablypse” and asks if she’d like to “re-copulate.” Plant the seed for a one-liner, let it breathe, hit it again and then stack it. Now that’s good comedy.

They wind up looting the town, trashing Stewart’s house and even try to make it with a female rescue worker they mistake for the last woman on Earth. They end up hanging out in a redneck’s house (Harry Sachz), who proceeds to pummel the two when he returns home. Before he lays a beating on B&B, they mistake him for a zombie. Funny, considering Sachz died in the show’s original run. Wonder if they’ll explain his return at some point.

You guys ever see 28 Days Later? Its kinda like that, where toxic fumes seep through North Highland and threaten everyone in a 20 mile radius. Good news, everyone pretty much gets out OK, bad news is Beavis and Butthead did not. As a result, the guys think they are the last beings on Earth and that “The World is Ours”. These guys go nuts too, ransacking a 7-Eleven and then moving into Stewart’s house, but when they believe in finding the last girl on Earth, they even strike out on that shit. Eventually, they settle in some other dude’s house and when he comes home he kicks the shit out of them both.


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Watch Beavis and Butthead – The Rat / Spill Online S08E06

The Rat; Spill

Beavis and Butthead - The Rat/SpillOne of the things I like most about Beavis and Butt-Head is how straightforward the stories are. This isn’t a comedy like Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm, where a bunch of different plot threads tie together at the end of an episode. Mike Judge starts with a simple conceit and builds a series of simple yet hilarious jokes around the concept. “The Rat” is a prime example of this. The guys discover a rat in their house. That’s it, that’s the premise. Nothing more, nothing less. Hilarity ensues when the guys, unable or unwilling to kill the rat, decide to make it their pet.

When a rat invades the guys’ apartment they take revenge for nacho theft! And after a raging battle with the classic mousetrap, they finally set the damn thing but it does jack shit because the rat gets free. Eventually, if you can’t beat him, join him as the rat takes a liking to Beavis so he takes him to Burger World where he goes to town on all the food. Of course the manager gets wind but by the time he gets there its RATS!

The Rat” is almost Seinfeld-ian, or at least in its later, looser years. The aforementioned hardware worker could have just as easily been any of Jerry’s random, uncomfortable season-nine foils. And the old-timey, Vaudevillian montage of B and B’s mouse-trapping antics—and even Beavis’ awareness of how a Battles video could have been funnier with silent-film ragtime piano—shares Seinfeld’s itch for getting in a Three Stooges state of mind. Even their constant state of anguish over the rat—from that horrifying clicking sound when it gets caught in the trap to their initial grief that it was eating their nachos—has a warped realism, and is a nearly perfect little vignette about nothing.

Sometimes a simple premise just works, and “Rats” proves that. It’s nothing fresh or original, but it gives fans a look at Beavis and Butt-head at their best. The scene with these two morons setting the trap is comedy gold all on its own. I do wish the episode had lingered at Burger World a little longer, but the short ends on a fun, ironic note.


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