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Hank Moody may be a talented author, despite his gift of the gab, especially for live seducing, his private life is a mess. Repeated attempts to have a stable relationship with Karen, also for the sake of their daughter Becca, fail because of their extreme libertarian infidelity. Hank’s sexual appetite also infects talent agent Charlie Runkle, who indulges in all kinds of naughtiness too. More ‘victims of hormones’ contribute to the lustily lust-loaded plot.

Watch Californication – Julia Online S07E02

Californication - Julia
Tonight on Showtime Season 7 of Californication airs with its second episode called, “Julia.” On it, Hank is aggravated by his new co-workers, and Karen gets an unexpected surprise.

On last week’s episode season 7 began with Hank eager to reunite with Karen, the love of his life, but things didn’t go as planned. Meanwhile, Hank got hired by the “Santa Monica Cop” showrunner; and a reporter asked to interview Hank for his college paper. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it right here for you.

Through the season’s first two episodes, Hank makes a push to become a grownup. After committing to a job and avoiding any sexual encounters of the easy and carefree kind, Hank is on the right track and Karen is buying into it. And why shouldn’t she? Hank seems refreshed, focused, and maybe even blessed by Faith’s groupie magic. Karen has alluded to the fact that Becca might be the only thing that kept the lovers tied together over the last 20 or so years. Now with Becca off on a literary pilgrimage (whatever the hell that is), Hank and Karen can savor the empty nest by reigniting their romance, hopefully this time for good.

Tonight’s episode begins with Hank receiving a “murse” from Karen. He is very excited to carry his belongings on his first day of his new writing job in his murse. Karen is rather turned-on by the fact that Hank seems to be getting his life on track and shares how sexy she thinks he is, followed by a kiss. Just then, Marcy and Charlie come out of the bedroom after having “tried” to make things happen again, with no luck. Marcy shares, in detail, how she tried to help Charlie with his problem, and how it didn’t work at all.


Watch Californication – Levon Online S07E01

Californication - Levon
Hank returns for Californication‘s seventh and final season waiting to knock, standing in a place most guys know well. He’s on the side of the door that isn’t quite reality ? floating in that space before the big moment where every scenario rushes through your head. More often than not, the vision of the big speech or heart-wrenching proposal goes as planned and nervous anticipation turns into much needed elation.

Ask any guy that has an ounce of romance in him about how nothing you plan in your head unfolds exactly the way you want it to. In those moments before the knock you can’t prepare for someone’s reaction, you can only put it out there and hope.

The episode opens with Hank knocking and Karen accepting. The sweeping passionate kiss ensues. The band is back together.

Well not quite. This is Californication, where you can dream all you want but reality always comes to wake you up. Sticking true to the series’ roller coaster love arc, Hank knocks and no one is home. His visions of the big romantic gesture dissipate because now he has to go out and find Karen, an angel in a city filled with demons. When he does find Karen at a coffee shop, his speech comes out a little rushed and the reaction wasn’t something he previously accounted for in his head.


Watch Californication – Everybodys A Fucking Critic Online S06E09

Californication - Everybodys A Fucking Critic
The current season of Californication has been on a roll. The decision to pair Hank Moody (David Duchovny) with Tim Minchin’s lewd asshole rock star Atticus Fetch has rejuvenated the show in new ways.

I mean, at its heart, Californication has always been a show about what happens when you live the rock and roll dream and get everything you want. I’ve never been completely convinced that Hank’s as good a writer as we’re led to believe. After all, he seems to have hit it lucky with his first shot, God Hates Us All, and he’s been dining out on the experience ever since. His literary output is hardly prolific, is it?

So, I found it strange when Hank started laying into his daughter Becca’s first attempt at a novel instead of supporting her and giving her constructive criticism. But how satisfying it was when Hank swaggers into a meeting with Atticus, Stew and Runkle and they all insult his latest work. It’s about time. And to add insult to injury, Fetch admits that he lied when he said he was a big fan of Hank’s work ? he’d never even read it!

There are subtle upsides to Hank having his ego knocked hard: first, there’s a charming visit to his new muse Faith where the duo sing Joni Mitchell songs and ?inspire’ each other. I’m starting to warm to the character now. She genuinely seems to have a sweet disposition, and I’d happily warm to the idea of her and Hank getting romantic properly with each other. The show has trod stagnant water with the Hank/Karen relationship, and I’d love for them to kill that relationship off once and for all.


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Watch Californication – The Dope Show Online S06E08

Californication - The Dope Show
Hank (David Duchovny) and Karen (Natascha McElhone) try objecting. They want their daughter to reach legal drinking age before her first OD. But you can’t accuse your child of making questionable choices when you’re the king and queen of making them. (“I have experimented with the drug you call cocaine” Hank tells Becca.)

Becca is taken for a lesson on the repercussions of rock-star partying. A front door opens to reveal Atticus (Tim Minchin). But this is hardly the intervention Hank hopes for because the living room is inhabited by one Marilyn Manson (playing himself and explaining the title of the episode).

Manson says he’s a fan of Hank’s work and would be honored if he would do drugs with him. Hank is tempted, but resists. Then Manson asks if he can bed Karen. Hank warns him that a tussling is imminent.

Hank also has to contend with a pass from Atticus’ wife, Natalie (Sarah Wynter). While his hand is on her breast, Karen interrupts with some news. Manson’s attempting to get their daughter and her into a threesome. (“Oh, that’s my cue” Hank says.)


Watch Californication – In the Clouds Online S06E07

Californication - In the Clouds
Hank and Charlie embark on a journey aboard Air Force 69 with Atticus Fetch heading toward New York. The group plan on collaborating on the adaption of ?God Hates Us All/’A Crazy Little Thing Called Love’.

Tonight’s episode opens with Hank speaking with Becca about writing and her future. Becca is incredibly honest with Hank talking about her recent experiences (predominately sexually) and her plight as a writer. Hank is opposed and doesn’t speak with her as the same openness that Bates does. Becca views him as a collaborator and creative consultant rather than her father demonstrating the change in their relationship.

After the conversation spirals into blow jobs (and smelling and tasting) Charlie comes rescuing Hank in order to join Atticus Fetch. Runkle is rocking eye-liner in order to appeal and represent his newest client, pretty sure Robbie Mac would have approved of the look.

Hank and Charlie are greeted on the private jet by two beautiful stewardesses who claim to make any wish come true. After a suggestive look from Hank they agree to make out with each other while Hank and Charlie nod in agreement. The band’s manager (who hates Hank) confronts the two saying he’s keeping his eye on them.


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Watch Californication – Rock and a Hard Place Online S6E5

Californication - Rock and a Hard Place
Hank Moody is writing again, or at least trying. The episode begins with Hank scribbling on notepads, typing on his type writer, and playing basketball with balls of scrap paper. One of the pages on the type writer read, “His situation was dire”, which has always been the case but tonight’s episode could lead to a different path in Hank’s life. After an unsuccessful writing session Hank begins drinking at 9:45 in the morning.

Arriving in his black Porsche, Hank meets Karen outside her house as she’s on her way to work. Their relationship throughout the entire season has changed from the rest of the series. There has been little fighting between the two and it seems the more time they spend away from each other the more mature their interactions become. Karen is heading to Atticus Fetch’s for a meeting as designer while Hank asks her to become his muse.

Karen may not like Ophelia but her advice in the previous episode regarding her men’s hinderence on her own professional life may be taken seriously. She’s curt and apathetic in her conversation with Hank and seems willing to move on.

Charlie’s boss at the agency pays him a visit in the office. After coming out and telling Robbie Mac that he’s straight Charlie is fearful that he will be fired. His boss stands behind him and massages Charlie’s shoulders while sporting an erection. After forcing him to stand up the boss punches Charlie in the stomach for letting a major client walk away from the agency and tells him to check the internet. Charlie ?the masturbating agent ? finds out he’s fired from the website and is punched in the stomach again.


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Watch Californication – Hell Bent for Leather Online S06E04

Californication - Hell Bent for Leather
Ali Andrews and Batesy return as Hank is hit with a blast from the past. “Hell Bent for Leather” broke away from the season’s formula of focusing on Hank’s downward spiral as everything around him crumbles to the ground. Hank dropped out of rehab and is contemplating an idea for a novel or short story involving Faith. Add in Charlie’s homosexual facade, a pants-less Bates, and talks of a “cock cage”and “Californication” is firing on all cylinders.

The episode begins with Hank and Charlie at Charlie’s house having a drink and talking about Hank’s future. Charlie is glad that Hank is back and interrupts Hank’s ideas about a possible story written in prose. The agent tells the writer about his job remaking “Cruise” starring Al Pacino made in 1980. For those unaware of “Cruise” here’s the summary from IMDB, “A police detective goes undercover in the sleazy and underground gay subculture of New York City to catch a serial killer who is murdering numerous gay men with S&M tactics.” Sounds about as far away from Hank’s threshold as possible.

Hank and Charlie meet studio head Ali Andrews who was the executive for Hank’s “God Hates Us All / A Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. The stunning Andrews has climbed the business later after making 250 million on the movie that destroyed Hank’s career. The vibe between Ali and Hank is hostile but flirtatious and Hank apologizes for denying her sexual advances due to Karen. Andrews tells the two to leave but Robbie Mac wearing ass less chaps over jeans, just a leather jacket, and holding a whip barges in. Mac is not only on board with the project but in his excitement starts dancing around and bends Charlie over a table while he slaps him with the whip.

As heterosexual writer, homosexual actor, and confused agent head out after selling their pitch Mac invites them to celebrate that night at a club called “Fists”. Hank turns down the invitation but Charles promises Mac that the two will be come. As Mac leaves on a motorcycle Hank warns Charlie that if he isn’t careful he will be penetrated.


Watch Californication – Dead Rock Stars Online S06E03

Californication - Dead Rock Stars
Californication has always been a show that blends the raunchiness of a porno with the satire of the California scene. It’s not a show that takes itself too seriously and as we’ve witnessed over the course of its run it’s not necessarily going to make you think about what it means to be a writer living in the glitz and glamour of California. Hank Moody is no saint, and the show made that clear in its very first scene, but as a television series moves along the main character should somewhat develop, and Hank Moody ultimately has not.

This stint in rehab for Hank is an opportunity for the show to put him in a different, more self-aware situation where he can learn from his past transgressions. “Dead Rock Stars” doesn’t necessarily do any of this, but there is something about the dynamic between Hank and Faith that’s intriguing, and that is something.

I like to think that putting Hank in rehab allows for him to meet Faith – a grieving groupie – while also trying to better himself, but this is not that type of show. This show would not be what it is if Hank were trying to be a better human being, but I think Faith may in fact be a good thing for Hank. There is a lot of absurdity in this episode ?- mostly everything at the funeral – but the dynamic of Hank and Faith sticks for me.

It’s pretty early in the season, but you can already tell that these two will be hooking up at some point; it’s just a matter of when and where. But this pairing intrigues me because Faith doesn’t seem to be just another girl within the scheme of things. She’s a bit beaten, mourning the loss of a lover and I like Maggie Grace in this role, so I’m inclined to think that her character can be good for Hank.


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Watch Californication – The Unforgiven Online S06E01

Californication - The Unforgiven
“The Unforgiven” is a typical Californication premiere, where there is stuff that needs to be cleaned up from the previous season finale and a new premise is introduced. I don’t mean to insult the show by calling its premiere “typical” just that it’s what the show does when it starts a new season. Most shows are formulaic in this way, but for some time now Californication has been content with redoing old ideas within its own premise.

Like continuously making Hank realizing the horror of his ways and having the people around him suffer for it. Karen is the perfect example of the “love interest who he can never be with” or Becca, the daughter who looks on in pity at her philandering father. We’ve been here before and Season 6 isn’t changing that dynamic, at least through its first episode.

Hank is recovering from another overdose, this time from the doing of Carrie, if you remember from last season. Hank ends up being physically okay, but not so much for Carrie as she’s on life support and at the moment she doesn’t seem very likely to make it. But it’s a moment of note because it allows Hank to see what his actions have cost another person, in this case Carrie, who from the perspective of her friend Sara tells Hank that all of his women are just interchangeable.

At one point in the shows run I would most likely laugh at Hank forgetting a females name, but not in the case of when he calls Sara Melissa, which in the context of that scene comes off more sad than anything, and I think it was meant to come off that way.


Watch Californication – At the Movies Online S05E09

At the Movies

Californication - At the MoviesIf I’m looking at how “At The Movies” concluded from Hank’s perspective, it’s almost impossible to think that with everything that has come before this episode, and then what occurs throughout the episode, that Hank would end up in the good graces of both Becca and Karen. Hank loses his job to Tyler, who is signed by Charlie. Charlie was told by Hank not to sign Tyler, but Charlie couldn’t resist. So, Hank loses his job and then chooses to fire Charlie and lose his best friend in the process. In the end Hank gets what he truly wants in Becca and Karen, which is a bit odd with three episodes left.

So we’re on-set at Malibu Cop, where Samurai Apocalypse is increasingly unhappy with the dialogue in his generic cop-movie ripoff. Tasked to “write better shit”, Hank retreats to his trailer to get inspired. Or high. A brief flirtation with the movie’s leading lady results in some snappy dialogue and a reward of oral sex for Hank. Unfortunately, he gets caught in the act, which leads to Samurai being seriously displeased.

Charlie has had his bouts of sexual depravity in the past, starting with his office masturbation tape and culminating this season in a blowjob from a transvestite. Now, he’s with Lizzie, and apparently found love. Sadly, that love was killed. In “Perverts and Whores”, Stu revealed to Charlie that Lizzie gave the producer a BJ in exchange for a role in Santa Monica Cop. When Charlie threatened to tell Marcy, Stu suggested that Charlie stay silent so that he doesn’t upset the mother of his child. Later on, Charlie had a crisis of conscience. He told Marcy that Lizzie stepped out on him, but decided to lie about Stu. She was relieved.


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