Watch Glee – Lights Out Online S04E20

Glee - Lights Out
The lights go out at McKinley High this week on Glee, forcing at the students to use flashlights and forcing me to wonder why they don’t just open the blinds. Inspired by the lack of electricity, Mr. Schue makes it “unplugged week,” but the only one who seems to embrace the lack of synth is Sam. The episode also takes a turn for the very serious when Ryder makes a personal confession to the glee club. Is it just me or does it feel like Glee is really hitting on hard issues this season? We also learn some important lessons about the dangers of mylar balloons.

Over in New York City, Rachel and Kurt are concerned about Santana’s lack of direction, and Sarah Jessica Parker makes a triumphant return as Kurt’s “fairy godmother.” Get my highlights and a Spotify playlist of all the songs in the episode when you read more.

First of all, shout out to American Idol’s Jessica Sanchez, who we see only a glimmer of as a member of another team competing against the New Directions at Regionals. She belts out “The Star-Spangled Banner” like a pro, and I’m really looking forward to seeing and hearing more of her.

Despite the fact that according to Kurt and Rachel, Santana is a deadbeat, she’s actually the smartest character on the show. She’s got the wittest one-liners (“I don’t think I need to be taking any advice from TV’s Blossom”), and she really has a grip on reality. I love the end of this episode when she hugs her inner child. It’s sweet and a little whimsical, just the way I like my Glee.


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Watch Glee – Shooting Star Online S04E18

Glee - Shooting Star
?Glee‘ delivered it’s most emotional and powerful episode ever on April 11 as a traumatic event rocks McKinley High. Plus, Ryder comes face-to-face with his online love, Katie, and the result is shocking.

Glee co-creator and executive producer Ryan Murphy warned us that the April 11 episode would be “emotional” and he didn’t lie. He tweeted on April 3, “Just saw the rough cut of next week’s ?Shooting Star‘. It is the most powerful emotional Glee ever. So proud of the cast & crew.” This is a definite understatement.

During a New Directions rehearsal, focused on “last chances” to share one’s feelings, two shots ring out in the halls of McKinley High. It’s a heart-stopping moment that threatens to turn the students’ worlds upside down! All of the harrowing action is confined to the choir room, where Will and Beiste immediately turn off the lights and find hiding places for the students, trying to squash any attention that may attract the shooter.

Artie takes out his camera phone and records his peers’ messages to their loved ones, just in case.


Watch Glee – Guilty Pleasures Online S04E17

Glee - Guilty Pleasures
Everyone has a guilty pleasure — or in Brody’s case — a guilty secret job.

During Thursday’s “Guilty Pleasures” episode of Fox’s Glee, Blaine and Sam take control of New Directions while Mr. Schue is out sick, encouraging the club to share their musical shames in a team building exercise.

At McKinley, the biggest reveal comes from Blaine, who via Phil Collins, is finally able to come clean that he’s had romantic feelings for Sam for months. While it takes Sam to finally broach the subject with Blaine, their friendship helps bring New Directions into a more cohesive bond after Kitty ditches the bitch and, as Artie called it, finally seemed happy to be part of the group.

In New York, it’s another kind of guilt that comes up when Rachel finally learns the truth — that Brody is a man-whore. When Santana hears that Rachel’s considering getting back together with Brody, she tells her the harsh truth — rather than waiting for after her roommate’s Funny Girl audition. It sends Rachel for an honest confrontation with Brody, where she learns that Finn flew to New York to beat the snot out of the himbo — and that the man candy knew Rachel still had feelings for her ex.


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Watch Glee – Feud Online S04E16

Glee - Feud
It’s time for another installment of “The Rachel Berry Slut-Shaming Hour!” This week, Rachel’s high school frenemy dragged her to a doctor to finally get a professional opinion regarding the contents of her lady oven. Relieved by the good news that Plastic Brody didn’t slip one past the goalie, Rachel skipped merrily to class and Santana balked at the wasted opportunity for Rachel to get her shit together.

Because apparently the chick who 1) made it into her dream school and is currently pursuing her dream job, 2) has experienced some abysmal lows in the past few months only to rise with newfound confidence in herself, 3) auditioned for parts in plays and films and actually won them from time to time… APPARENTLY that woman is a massive trainwreck who needs to take control of her life before reality sets in. Okay, Santana. How’s that dropping-out-of-school-and-crashing-on-your-friends’-sofa approach working out for you?

The best part of Santana’s whole weird, misguided judgement of Rachel’s recent life choices was her outrage over Rachel’s decision to go to class once she’d received the all-clear that she wasn’t actually knocked up, “You can’t just blow past this like nothing happened!”

Except that, you know, NOTHING HAPPENED. So Rachel had a pregnancy scare. Welcome to being a sexually active woman. Santana said Rachel needed to learn from the experience and get her life back on track. Yes-moving forward, Rachel and her bang buddies should be more careful with their sexcapades. Wrap it up. Get on the pill. Track down a shot of Depo. Whatever.


Watch Glee – Girls (and Boys) on Film Online S04E15

Glee - Girls (and Boys) on Film
At the beginning of this film-inspired “Glee,” we find Will and Emma dancing around all Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers-like to “You’re All the World to Me” in old school black and white. But wait…didn’t y’all essentially break up? I’m confused. But that’s when we find out it’s just a dream. In an effort to make himself feel better after Emma left him at the altar, he’s been watching old movies, which serves as the inspiration for this week’s theme.

To be perfectly honest, I’d kind of forgotten that Will was actually in charge of New Directions and not Finn. Whoops. Anywho, Will puts the students up to a group competition: boys vs. girls, mash-up style, using songs from movies. The winning group gets to star in Artie’s independent film.

Meanwhile, Finn and Artie concoct a plan to track down Emma. Artie suggests a “lady manhunt,” while Finn promptly reminds him “ain’t nobody got time for that.” Well played pop culture reference there, Glee, well played.

In the hallway, Blaine suggests the two groups work together for an opening number and launches into a fun rendition of “Shout” from “Animal House.” [insert shout out to my fellow Loyola alums…this is our JAM!] Also, I absolutely adore Blaine. Although that pink vest tonight was questionable.


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Watch Glee – I Do Online S04E14

Glee - I Do
Glee doesn’t have a great track record with holiday-themed episodes. The Christmas episodes have both been holiday album commercials that added nothing substantial to the ongoing stories within the season.

Tonight’s Valentine’s Day episode, however, breaks that streak, and was – dare I say it?!? – a fantastic hour for Glee.

I Do” turned into “I don’t” when Emma took off in a taxicab and left Will standing at the altar. While his heart might be broken, Cupid’s arrows were definitely hitting everyone else as hook-ups abounded.

Since tonight’s episode centered around various pairings, of both the endgame and right now varieties, it feels only fitting for those to be the focus of tonight’s review. Here we go.


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Watch Glee – Diva Online S04E13

Glee - Diva
Wow. Okay. Where to start, Glee? Where to start? After last week’s actually-not-terrible “Naked” explored body issues in a way that didn’t suck, Glee opted to follow up its victory with “Diva,” a celebration of everything awful about its characters. Santana dropped out of college because people didn’t appreciate her “honesty.” Kurt called Rachel out on being a prima donna, which would have meant more if Kurt himself wasn’t also an ego with legs. Finn kissed Emma during a meltdown because I guess we need that storyline. I’m entertained, Glee, but I don’t think I’m entertained the way you intended me to be. But at least I’m entertained!

Finn struggled to figure out how to motivate and inspire the New Directions to give their all at the upcoming Regionals, an opportunity courteously left to them by the conveniently disqualified Warblers. Emma who was equally worried (if not more so) about her upcoming wedding day, recommended a Diva Week to get the gang pumped up on self-importance. Sounds fun! And by “sounds fun” I mean, “sounds like I’m going to hate everyone for the next forty-two minutes!”

Finn invited Santana to rehearsal to show everyone what a quality Diva she was, and also to make Tina’s head explode. Poor Tina. She even broke my heart a little once we established that she wasn’t going to use Blaine’s Ny-Quil coma as an opportunity to cross a few too many lines into Rapey-land.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a little awkward (did she have to straddle him to smooth vapo-rub on his chest?), but then she cried and it was sad and tragic because she couldn’t help who she had a crush on, just like Blaine couldn’t help who he DIDN’T have a crush on, but as long as no one started harboring unrealistic expectations, we could just ride out the hormone storm and everything would be fine.


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Watch Glee – Naked Online S04E12

Glee - Naked
After weeks of cryptic tweets featuring the topless men of Glee, the Fox musical unleashed one of its most adult-themed hours as NYADA freshman Rachel Berry pondered taking a role in a student film that required her to perform a topless scene.

As it has been doing for the better part of its fourth season, the theme spilled into the Ohio side of the Fox dramedy when Tina decides New Directions should produce a beefcake calendar to support the club’s trip to Regionals after Sam and Blaine successfully prove the rival Warblers cheated.

During the episode, Rachel, Sam, Jake and Marley each learn different lessons about nudity, both figurative and literal.

Glee heckles itself only partly to sidestep nit-picking. But it’s not as though the gravitas of a local newscast doesn’t convey the appropriate absurdity of a high-school glee-club doping scandal. You couldn’t wink at the screen more if you were Santana talking about how New York is more your speed than Kentucky. As someone vehemently frustrated by this road to nowhere, my concerns aren’t exactly allayed by Andrea the co-anchor, and she doesn’t speak for me, either. She’s a reductio ad absurdum, a logical fallacy meant to exaggerate in order to dismiss my argument. At this point, though, the damage is done. The only thing Andrea brings to the table is obviousness.


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Watch Glee – Sadie Hawkins Online S04E11

Glee - Sadie Hawkins
Welcome back Gleeks! Did you enjoy the winter hiatus? I hope you are keeping warm, especially if you live in the Northeast, where it’s approximately 12 degrees outside. This episode features a Sadie Hawkins dance ? something my high school did not do. (For those of you who don’t know, traditionally a Sadie Hawkins dance means a girl will ask the boy to the dance). Also, Sam thinks the Warblers cheated at Sectionals, we learn more about Blaine pre-New Directions, there’s more Rachel/Brody and Kurt meets a cute upperclassman at NYADA. And Lauren Zizes returns! Let’s get started.

Sam thinks the Warblers cheated at Sectionals, and even though there’s no evidence, he will FIND evidence! Sam’s lips (aw, Trouty Mouth!) get all chapped and he asks Blaine to borrow Chapstick, and now Blaine is in love with Sam.

There’s a a Student Council meeting! Plot continuity! Blaine is president, Sam is vice president, Tina is secretary and Sugar is treasurer. Tina has the great idea ? there’s 142 days until prom and since that means all the hot girls and hot guys will be taken, leaving only the nerds hoping to get asked, she proposes a Sadie Hawkins dance (it was the topic of the last meeting of the Too Young to be Bitter Club, whose members include Lauren, Becky, Brittany, Sugar, and a few others I don’t recognize). Blaine isn’t all for it, but Tina wants to know why the guys always have all the power when it comes to dances. The vote passes, the dance is on.

The guys feel “totally powerless” and are worried that they won’t be asked at all. The teachers are busy trying to beat Coach Beiste at arm wrestling?that can’t happen. Finn tells her he feels like the Fugees (or refugees) and she suggests that Finn use the Sadie Hawkins dance as a point of inspiration. So this week in Glee Club it’s “lady’s choice” inspired by the dance, so all the girls will sing to whoever they want to take the dance. Kitty is eyeing up Jake, of course.


Watch Glee – Glee, Actually Online S04E10

Glee - Glee, Actually
Silver bells? More like wedding bells on tonight’s blast of a holiday Glee episode. We saw the glorious return of Rory (can he be our guardian angel?), a shocking wedding, and plenty of blissful holiday tunes. Then again, we also heard the two most dreaded words that we could ever imagine: “Who’s Blaine?” (NOOOOO!!!)

So put on your Jesse Tyler Fergusen costume, grab a luxury toothpick, and stop texting Indiana Jones! It’s time to for the recap, which is what they call it when someone recaps the episode – it’s a technical term.

Our first vignette in “Glee, Actually” centers on Artie’s black-and-white alternate reality in which he can walk, there’s no glee club, and Kurt never met the world’s cutest bow-tie aficionado. (We’re talking about Blaine, of course – didn’t mean to get your hopes up, bow-tie-wearing guy on the Pringles can.)

But the most shocking twist is that Quinn got into a non-Finchel-related car crash and eventually died from it! What kind of messed-up holiday episode is this? Long story short: Artie, you remember your old friend, the chair, right?


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