Watch House – Everyone Dies Online S08E22

Everyone Dies

House - Everyone Dies s08e22 season 8 episode 22The big question going into tonight’s series finale of House was whether or not Dr. Gregory House would die. It’s odd, reviewing the end. I’m not sure I serve much point here; this write-up (even more than usual) exists largely to remind you of various points throughout the episode, and give you a space to discuss what you liked or didn’t like. There’s no possible way for me to believably summarize eight years worth of television, and, to be honest, House doesn’t really deserve that level of scrutiny. It was a popular hit that helped anchor the Fox Monday night line-up for a while, and then it wasn’t anymore, so now it’s being cancelled.

Standing in House’s way, however, were the Ghosts of Seasons Past: Kutner (Kal Penn), Amber (Anne Dudek), Stacy (Sela Ward) and Cameron (Jennifer Morrison). Kutner and Amber encouraged Dr. Crankypants to live so that he could continue to solve the medical puzzles put before him. Stacy and Cameron, meanwhile, sought to remind House that, although he thinks it impossible, he is capable of loving and being loved.

How House ended up in that burning building in the first place was part of the mystery. House first asks Foreman (Omar Epps) to tell the parole board that House is needed to work on a number of serious cases, thus delaying his prison stint. When Foreman balks, House assumes Wilson will take the fall for last week’s hockey ticket stunt, therefore creating enough reasonable doubt to clear House’s name.


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Watch House – Chase Online S08E12


Watch House - Chase OnlineThis Week… Chase (Jesse Spencer) takes on a patient, Moira (Julie Mond), who is a cloistered nun on the verge of making her life-changing vows, and through the treatment process, he and Moira form a unique connection that tests their faith and reason. But when Moira’s condition worsens and requires a risky surgery, Chase’s judgment is compromised…

The episode begins with possibly the most attractive shots of Jesse Spencer ever, which is saying something. If you don’t want to read gay-porno-sounding language, don’t read the next sentence: His body is sculpted and his chest hairs are man-scaped perfectly—although he spent a bit too much time getting that orange-y tan. Back to the story. Chase, on crutches, answers his door to find House, who tries to interest him in the case of a 45-year-old truck driver with unexplained recurrent seizures. Chase declines.

On the whole, “Chase” isn’t a very good episode. It’s the latest in the show’s occasional efforts to follow non-House characters around the hospital, and easily the least of the bunch, because unlike “Wilson” or “5 to 9,” “Chase” doesn’t really show us anything new. Spencer does the same solid work he’s always done, and it’s nice to see Chase getting some time in the spotlight. The problem is that that time fails to delve much into his character or his perspective beyond what we might have gotten from any other episode. Chase wants to believe in God, but doesn’t. He falls in love (or thinks he’s fallen in love) way too quickly. Oh, and there’s clearly some kind of complicated father/son, mentor/mentee relationship going on between him and House, but that’s basically true of every doctor that works with House. By now, it’s really just justification to allow House going on acting like a dick. He does it because he cares, don’t you know.


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Watch House – Nobody’s Fault Online S08E11

Nobody’s Fault

House - Nobody’s FaultThis week’s episode of “House” entitled “Nobody’s Fault” is the most engaging and stylized episode of this season. It reminds viewers that though the show can occasionally fall into a formulaic rut, show creator David Shore and his brilliant writers will never leave fans dangling for long. Not only was “Nobody’s fault” a complete break from the norm, but it actually ended up being the best episode of the season, and one of the best for the past several years.

The episode opens to a red hand print on a hospital room wall, a bloody spattered patient chart and hospital equipment turned upside down. In a format similar to season six’s “Baggage”, we’re shown the patient’s story through House’s interviews with Dr. Cofield, Foreman’s former mentor. Let me pause and ruminate on this character’s name: Cofield. Co-field. He shares Foreman and House’s expertise, but practices medicine in a much more conventional way. I digress.

After checking himself in the bathroom, House goes to the office where Dr. Walter Cofield is holding a disciplinary hearing concerning the patient in Room 209. Cofield turns on his recorder and informs House that he’ll be deciding his fate. House recognizes the name and realizes that Cofield was Foreman’s mentor, but Cofield refuses to let House turn the discussion to him. When he asks for the facts of the case, House tells him to read the file and starts to leave. However, Cofield warns him that if he goes by the facts, he’d have to suspend House. And if House is suspended, then his parole will be is revoked. House sits down and tells Cofield the case, which concerns a 32-year-old chemistry teacher, Bill Koppelman, who collapsed while jogging due to paralysis of all four extremities.

Through the discussions House’s “team building exercises” are revealed and each member of the team stands up for him to Dr. Cofield. While each discuss what they feel was wrong with the patient, Dr. Cofield continues to try and get someone to place blame on another.


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Watch House – Runaways Online S08E10


House - RunawaysThe House “Runaways”  recap involved Dr. House connecting with a patient for what seems like the first time and a pretty strange side story involving two Confederate soldiers. Why is it that every episode this season has had to rely on this message that people don’t change? Is it that the writers think that any remaining viewers of this once fantastic series are dumb? Eh, maybe they’re right there. I can’t speak for the rest of House’s viewership, but I sure feel pretty dumb for not giving up on this show the second I heard of Amber Tamblyn’s casting last season.

And other than those items, “Runaways” was for the most part a filler episode. If an episode is going to be a filler, it needs to be humorous. It can’t rely on boring stories about Foreman and Taub that most viewers aren’t all that interested in. Remember the season six episode, “The Down Low?” It’s the one where Wilson is trying to date his neighbor and House pretends he and Wilson are gay so he can get the girl?

Speaking of moral dilemmas, the other story line this week involved Foreman’s relationship with Anita, and whether or not he should keep seeing her even after she — Sorry, I fell asleep while writing that. Foreman isn’t a very likable character as it is, so I don’t really care about him already, so I really don’t care about whoever this girl is. She’s only appeared on one episode before this, “Perils of Paranoia” last year, where she only had one scene. I couldn’t care less about these reprehensible characters, and whether or not they can make this reprehensible relationship work.


Watch House – Perils of Paranoia Online S08E08

Perils of Paranoia

House - Perils of ParanoiaHouse returned this week with it’s mid-season finale, “Perils of Paranoia”. Our patient of the week, a lawyer peculiarly named Tommy, collapses in the courtroom complaining of a heart attack. Upon being admitted to good ol’ Princeton-Plainsboro, it’s quickly discovered that the guy has an arsenal of assault rifles hidden behind his bookcase. His reasoning for which is that he’s afraid that the collapse of society will bring about a massive riot that he will need to defend himself from, which leads Adams to think he’s paranoid. Park, however, disagrees with her, which leads to my biggest complaint with the episode: Doctor Park.

But just how paranoid is Tommy? Park and Adams find out when they explore their patient’s home and discover a secret doorway behind a bookcase! It leads to a hidden bunker, stocked with an arsenal of guns.

Olivia has no knowledge of the bunker and Tommy admits that he had it covertly installed while the house was being refitted – he’s convinced that the fall of society is imminent. House’s team argue over whether Tommy’s odd behaviour can be classified as paranoia, and whether or not it’s a symptom.

In an unusual turn in recent seasons, Foreman is featured prominently in this episode. Taub is convinced Foreman needs a girlfriend so he begins dropping hints to the nursing staff which frustrates Foreman to no end. Though Taub claims it is for his own good, the meddling eventually leads Foreman into a very uncomfortable situation with a woman from his gym.


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Watch House – Dead & Buried Online S08E07

Dead & Buried

House - Dead & BuriedToo bad the rest of the episode didn’t follow suit. I found “Dead & Buried” somewhat frustrating, and the big reason why it’s so frustrating is a certain flailing tendency to try and hit every button at once. So we don’t have one case this week, we have two; the main case centers on a teenage girl named Iris, who watched her father die in a car crash when she was two, and a four year old named Drew who’s been dead five years. This alone isn’t a bad premise. House has been gradually splitting away from his main team for a while now, despite his obvious dependency on having them around. In a very real way, this has become two series in one, the former a fitfully interesting/infuriating character study of a misanthrope struggling to deal with reality, the later a bland but intermittently ridiculous hospital drama where the lives of a group of quirky young-ish doctors are punctuated by cameos from their snark-slinging boss. The split isn’t total yet, but it’s easy to see the dividing lines between the two concepts. House was barely involved with Iris’s case until he solved it (twice!), and none of the other doctors knew much of anything about poor Drew. And while this split does make the actual patient of the week storyline even less interesting than it already was, I’d argue that it’s not a horrible idea. At the very least, we get to see House getting invested in a case again, even if he’s flying solo.

House’s maverick medical case has puzzled everyone else that’s worked on it: why a four year old boy’s organs are no longer working. Obvious answer would be the kid died five years ago.

This may be why House is so interested. It’s reminiscent of this season’s second episode where a pair of lungs sans body was the patient. These situations of medicine practiced on things rather than people has been a reoccurring theme. In a way, it’s a distilled version of what the show’s been doing all along: focusing on the conditions rather than the person.


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Watch House – Parents Online S08E06 2011


House - ParentsThis episode was full of potential. I’ve been waiting and wanting the series to go back and discuss House and his parents for years. The episode “Birthmarks” from season five was one of the last times the show delved deeply into House’s past and after that there were mentions, but an episode based around a boy’s relationship with his father seemed like a perfect opportunity for the series to dive into some ripe material. Instead, it stayed on the surface and focused more on House’s ankle monitor, Taub’s Sophie’s and Dr. Adams’ past. Lets we forget the patient of the week, Ben, who is trying to connect to his biological father via his affinity for clowns and making children laugh. Aren’t we past the clown era? I can’t even look at clowns these days without getting creeped out; kids are too savvy in 2011 to buy into a face-painted weirdo. But the teaser showed just that; kids were bored and didn’t care. At least the episode accurately portrayed these reactions. The question throughout this episode of House was whether or not all parents screw up their kids.

I can tell you with fierce certainty that the father in the segment before the title credits did … you know the one; the one who allowed his child to hit the birthday clown and then yelled at the birthday clown for it. That one. Don’t even get me started. What I want to know is how badly House’s and Foreman’s parents screwed them up, because clearly they wouldn’t have screwed over poor Wilson if they weren’t damaged in some way. It’s as though the theme of this episode excused everyone’s manipulative behavior: “My parents made me do it.” House finds out that Wilson is going to cancel their Saturday night get together of watching the fight so that he can go watch it live.

House is not having it. The team discusses what could be the issue. Taub goes in to talk to the teen and give him some medication. The teen has strong feelings towards his biological father, who was also a clown, but it now deceased. As they are talking, the teen’s nose starts to bleed. A lot. The team goes in to inform House of the teen’s status. Taub finds House holding his daughter, Sophie. Taub takes his daughter to the maternity ward, proving House’s point that having the baby move wouldn’t be the worst thing.


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Watch House – The Confession Online [S08E05] 2011

The Confession

House The ConfessionThe opening scene for “The Confession” starts by introducing us to our guest star for the week, played by Capt. Lee Adama himself Jamie Bamber. As a huge Battlestar Galactica fan, I was thrilled to see Bamber back on American TV! He did a great job this week as the local town hero and family man who had a heart attack while banging a beauty queen in a seedy motel. As far as characters go, it wasn’t too far of a stretch for Bamber to be playing a crappy husband. Just ask Dualla.

House’s team is back together, now that he was able to get the money together to fund his department. Chase and Taub return, and we find out that in the meantime Chase quit medicine and that Taub went back into plastic surgery. On his first day back on the job, Taub has to find a babysitter for his two daughters, born from two women he got pregnant at the same time a little over a year ago. Now he’s with neither woman, but has both kids for a few days and asks Foreman, then Wilson, to help him babysit.

House wants to DNA test both of Taub’s babies to prove conclusively that he is the father, but Taub refuses to go along with the scheme…

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