Watch Psych – In for a Penny Online S06E07

In for a Penny…

Psych - In for a PennyWe should have known even the most basic of holidays was bound to get out of hand, as Shawn and Gus had their plates full this week on Psych this week. Not only did they plan Juliet’s party, they also attempted to broker a reunion between her and her estranged father, Frank. And it all happened on, “In for a Penny.”

To that effect, “In for a Penny…” executed a great many joke sequences at a high level, but stumbled when it came to an emotional payoff. Psych has done so much blatant stunt casting that it hardly seems necessary to call William Shatner by his character name, Frank, Juliet’s estranged father. He’s there to deliver lines in his usual cadence, taking pauses at random intervals and making references to credit cards and used car websites. I was surprised that the show went for the commercial angle and left out Star Trek or T.J. Hooker jokes. However, it did leave room for more banter between Gus and Shawn, and this week seemed to have more laughs when those two were bickering with Frank, Lassie, or Juliet in the room with them.

Beyond the big name guest star and a few token obscure movie references, however, there’s not much else this episode has in common with other episodes from the show. As I mentioned before that’s not a bad thing; just different. For the longest time I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what was so different but after chatting with a fellow Psych-O, we figured it out. From the beginning, Psych has been Shawn’s (James Roday) story. It’s his “gift” that allows him to do what he does and all of the wacky, zany, laugh-out-loud moments are channelled through him to us, the audience. Yes, every once in a while we will learn more about one character over another, but by and large their stories are still all filtered through Shawn’s point of view.


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