Watch Royal Pains S08E03: Fly Me to Kowloon Online

Royal Pains - Fly Me to Kowloon

Hank falls right into a whirlwind romance with a researcher when he and Boris journey to Hong Kong to work out who’s making an attempt to steal Boris’ medical data. Divya treats an airplane repo man bent on repossessing an elusive yacht, no matter his mysterious sickness. Paige enlists Divya’s assist in convincing Evan to take the subsequent step of their journey to turning into mother and father.


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Watch Royal Pains S08E01: Stranger Danger Online

Royal Pains - Stranger Danger

Hank treats a politician whereas Jeremiah enlists Divya’s assist. Hank and Evan react very in a different way when Eddie returns to the Hamptons, and Divya’s future plans hit a roadblock.


Watch Royal Pains – Lending a Shoulder Online S07E08

Royal Pains - Lending a Shoulder

Hank runs into his ex-fiance Nikki and has a startling revelation. Evan and Paige help El?n through her labor and learn their first tough lesson about being parents. After suffering a devastating loss, Divya envisions a new future for her career and family.


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Watch Online Royal Pains: Lama Trauma (S07E07)

Royal Pains - Lama Trauma

Hank helps Boris prep a secret patient for surgery as Evan tries to chase a bad omen out of the hospital. Meanwhile an offer from Quami leads Divya to make a major decision about her personal life.


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Watch Online Royal Pains: Secret Aisan Man (S07E06)

Royal Pains - Secret Aisan Man

Keller calls Hank for help when he suffers an embarrassing medical problem, but Hank believes Keller’s new girlfriend may be affecting his health in more ways than one. Divya treats a group of Civil War reenactors who seem to be suffering from a disease more likely to afflict their ancestors. And Evan worries he may be in over his head when he gets roped into a secret project with Boris.


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Watch Royal Pains – Voices Carry Online S07E05

Royal Pains - Voices Carry

Hank travels to Manhattan with Olympia. Evan is concerned that Boris could be keeping a secret.


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Royal Pains S07E04:The Prince of Nucleotides

Royal Pains - The Prince of Nucleotides

Hank attempts to help a transgender teenager. Evan and Jeremiah host a fundraiser.


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Royal Pains S07E03:Playing Doctor

Royal Pains - Playing Doctor

An actor wants to follow Hank around as he gets ready for his next role. A genetic test is carried out by Divya.


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Royal Pains S07E01 stream – Rebound

Royal Pains - Rebound

Hank helps a TV host who is off her game and takes a big step in his personal life. When Evan and Paige buy a new home and get some unexpected news, they learn the next chapter in their lives will be filled with ups and downs. Divya gets more than she bargained for when she saves the life of a young skateboarder on the street, and Boris offers Evan an exciting career opportunity.