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South Park

Watch South Park – Handicar Online S18E04

South Park - Handicar

Timmy’s successful new car service makes him a lot of enemies.

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South Park S18E03 stream – Season 18, Episode 3

South Park - Season 18, Episode 3

Randy is harboring a giant secret and the pressure is getting to him. Meanwhile, Cartman calls Stan a cissy.

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South Park S18E02:Gluten Free Ebola

South Park - Gluten Free Ebola

Mr. Mackey is now gluten free and everyone is annoyed when he won’t quit preaching about how great he feels. But, after witnessing a disturbing demonstration of what happens to your body when you do eat gluten, South Park becomes the first town in America to go gluten free.

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South Park S18E01 stream – Go Fund Yourself

South Park - Go Fund Yourself

The boys name their new start-up company, The Washington Redskins.

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Watch South Park – Obama Wins! Online S16E14

South Park - Obama Wins! South Park has certainly seen its ups and downs this season, featuring both moments of brilliance and mediocrity. Fortunately, “Obama Wins!” brought out the big guns and delivered strong, mostly thanks to the serendipitous timing of two very important events: the 2012 General Election… and the Disney buyout of Lucasfilm. Of course, when you really think about it, Matt Stone and Trey Parker would have been idiots not to combine these two topics for their season finale.

Having said that, expectations were high following the announcement that Season 16 would conclude with another election episode. After 2008’s “About Last Night…” — an episode that showed Barack Obama winning the presidency one night after the election had actually occurred — one couldn’t help but wonder if they could possibly top themselves, especially on such a tight deadline. Thankfully, they did, and that decision paid off in spades. Indeed, Cartman’s ballot heist was almost clever enough to work on its own (as do most episodes painting his character as an evil mastermind). But in addition to this, Matt and Trey had their ace in the hole, and that was Star Wars.

Truthfully, this episode did feel like it was structured to work regardless of which candidate won the election, and that was a smart move on the creators’ part. Fortunately, most of the plot points were centered around Cartman’s hidden ballots and his under-the-table negotiations with Disney and the Chinese. However, there were just enough references to the election to make this episode feel up-to-the-minute; details like including the hair flag lady, for instance, were a nice touch. Likewise, depicting Governor Romney as the s***-quacking duck from last season’s “You’re Getting Old” was not only a stroke of genius, but probably a joke that would have been cut had the election panned out otherwise.


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Watch South Park – A Scause For Applause Online S16E13

South Park - A Scause For Applause Online S16E13 The best kind of South Park episodes tend to not be measured on how consistently funny it is through formula but through how the quickest jokes splice together well within a clever story. This season’s penultimate story returned the show to its soapbox ways and that is said in the best of light because “A Scause for Applause” had a lot to say and it did so very well.

As we’ve witnessed in the news, Lance Armstrong has been on the receiving end of a seeming with hunt, to destroy his impeccable reputation. Let’s not get into those details. The message here is how we deify these icons, their cause, and what happens when the icon is tainted. Do we abandon the cause? Well, usually, because another rubber bracelet is already being made for the next cause.

Then came the delightful surprise that the bracelets didn’t read “Live Strong” but “What Would Jesus Do” instead. Jesus works very well as a metaphor for Lance Armstrong, as they are oddly worshiped in similar ways. When Stan refuses to get rid of his bracelet, the world embraces his courage and starts wearing “Stan Ground” bracelets. Cartman of course is wearing bracelets for just about every cause out there. This is what South Park does best, have fun with relevant issues.

There are some funny gags throughout, especially when SOUTH PARK uses Dr. Seuss and his unique storytelling to hit home the episode’s theme. However, “A Scause for Applause” tackles familiar comedic targets that Trey Parker and Matt Stone have mined with much better results in so many episodes. It’s all just lukewarm and not very clever.


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Watch South Park – A Nightmare On Face Time Online S16E12

South Park - A Nightmare On Face Time Online S16E12 It’s been some time since SOUTH PARK has done a Halloween episode, but it was worth the wait as Trey Parker and Matt Stone come up with a new classic with “A Nightmare on Facetime.” Sending up THE SHINING, Blockbuster Video’s financial woes, The Avengers and our obsession with Apple products, there’s enough good will here to provide ample laughs and a great story to boot.

This arc was also boosted by an strong B story featuring Stan and the boys as Avengers, in addition to a rather ingenious FaceTime plot device. For Randy and the store, there were some excellent sight gags hearkening back to The Shining. The “bartender” scene in particular struck me as one of the stronger moments of the episode. I also enjoyed Randy’s “Jack Torrence” daze as he blankly stared at a clip from Ted — and kudos to the animators for nailing Jack Nicholson’s classic facial expression.

There’s plenty that can be said about the quantum leap in accessible technology that transformed a multi-billion dollar industry into something that Randy can own for $10,000. But South Park chooses to demonstrate that gap through the persistent sight gag of Stan Marsh having to trick-of-treat via FaceTime. Randy isn’t left behind because he stubbornly holds onto preexisting values that he’s had to maintain in the face of encroaching technology.

Randy begins to lose his shit as ghosts and madness drive him into a SHINING mental breakdown. Meanwhile, Stan is virtually kidnapped, then virtually attempted murdered, and virtually illegally dumped in a landfill by Redbox bandits, but then virtually saved with but a scratch. Though, in the real world SHINING Randy takes over virtual Frankenstein Facetime Stan and goes on a virtual actual rampage. Then Blockbuster burns down. Chicken nuggets.


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Watch South Park – Going Native Online S16E11

South Park - Going Native Online S16E11 Often times South Park tries so hard to be topical and “parody” things all the time, that you begin to expect parodies even when there is none. And sometimes, when they are sending something up – it can get quite obscure and then you feel like a complete idiot for not even getting the point of the episode.

Would they basically structure a whole unrelated plot around maybe a few snide references to him and the movie Argo, then at the end have a joke at his expense be the solution to the protagonist’s problems? South Park would, and that’s what “Going Native” accomplished.

The big problem with this Hawaii plot wasn’t so much the setting, but the fact that it solely relied on one in-joke. While I’m sure there are plenty of obnoxious Hawaiian “natives” like the ones depicted in this week’s episode, the premise just wasn’t broad enough to sell to an entire audience. Admittedly, yes, the sight of obvious tourists posing as indigenous Hawaiians is definitely funny, but only for the first few minutes. Following Butters’ destruction of the cruise ship — which was easily the highlight of the episode — it was pretty much downhill from there, as the natives continued harping on the same Mahalo Rewards card bit.

His parents then tell him that to get rid of his anger he must travel to his homeland of Hawaii and undergo a coming of age ceremony. Naturally, the natives on Hawaii are tourists who have racked up so many reward points that they just live there. It is a funny little joke that is probably pretty true.

Mr. Stotch isn’t surprised though. It turns out the problem “has to do with biology.” Butters has to return to his birth place, Hawaii. Butters’ anger issues can’t be righted by anything but this mystical journey. “It’s a cultural thing,” explains Butters’ dad.


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Watch South Park – Insecurity Online S16E10

South Park - Insecurity Online S16E10 This is an episode of South Park where the pop culture reference(s) take a back seat and the small town mindset of being cut off from the world runs rampant. The plot is self-contained, focusing on the characters and their reactions to occurences within the town itself, rather than QVC, The Royal Family or a Presidential election (although I hope they tackle this topic again). These things happen way outside of South Park. But like in the episode “T.M.I.” (where men’s penis sizes are called into question), the residents of South Park react to “something small” and escalate the issue to an insane level. That’s what happens here when Kyle is concerned his mother is having sex with the UPS man.

Things kick off when Ike sees a UPS man having sex with his mom (what he doesn’t know is his dad playing dress up). When Stan ‘s dad overhears Kyle talking about this, he hooks up with other dads who are convinced the UPS man is having sex with their wives too. So they dress up as Bane from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES are start to harass and beat the UPS man up.

The connection is confirmed when Randy and the guys speak with an old man at the bar who compares their predicament to his own confrontation with the Milk Man, who made life easy by bringing milk straight to everyone’s doorstep and then slept with their wives. The connection to Batman is drawn simply in the way the old man emphasizes each syllable in the words “the milk man,” mirroring perfectly the way Nolan’s characters say the words “he bat man.”

The guys’ interaction with the sage-like Pet Cemetery character was another highlight from this story. His warnings against the hedonism of delivery men and their torrid love affairs with housewives were among some of the best moments this week. I particularly enjoyed his UPS guy/milk man comparison. (“Would you like that milk pasteurized?”) This, followed by the progressively more intense and Bane-like assaults on the UPS man, made for a really fun arc.


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Watch South Park – Raising The Bar Online S16E09

South Park - Raising The Bar Online S16E09 On this week’s South Park, Kyle agonizes over how our standards have gotten so low, Token becomes a maniacal reality television show producer, Honey Boo Boo has her heart replaced with a pig’s, Michelle Obama beats up Cartman, and James Cameron literally raises the bar (thanks to his trusty Deepsea Challenger). The concept was fun enough, and yet “Raising the Bar” ended up falling somewhat flat despite some great jokes and a little bit of navel gazing, mainly due to repetitiveness and the fact that Kyle didn’t actually seem to care.

This is an enormous episode, containing references to mobility scooters, obesity, Honey Boo Boo, Michelle Obama and her campaign against childhood obesity, James Cameron and Randy Newman. It also includes a subplot wherein Token finances a documentary about Cartman’s obesity and secretly turns it into Fatty Doo Doo, the new reality TV hit. I began to think, was there a filmmaker out there who saw Honey Boo Boo’s family and thought, “this is the perfect example of how America is eating itself to death. This will be a searing documentary and I will be heralded as the new Ken Burns!” Then some asshole at TLC (The Learning Channel for some strange reason) decided, we can exploit them! (TLC is really good at exploiting the worst parts of society).

Token offers to pay for a documentary revealing Cartman’s entitled ways if Kyle agrees to film Cartman. However, when Kyle presents the documentary, he discovers Token had created a documentary reality show designed to compete with TLC’s “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” The boys watch bits of South Park’s take on the child star’s show, in which the mother cooks the infamous meal of spaghetti with butter and ketchup. Later, Honey Boo Boo suffers a heart attack and picks out a pig heart which her mother worries will hurt her chances in pageants.

The real highlight of this episode, though, was James Cameron’s underwater expedition with the intent of literally “raising the bar.” Apart from his awesome theme song (“No budget too steep, no water too deep. Who’s that? It’s him! James Cam-er-on!”), I think it was Cameron’s interplay with the skeptical crewmen that really sold this bit. However, to call it a “lampooning” wouldn’t exactly be fair considering Cameron’s ultimate success — and he didn’t even take any credit! (“James Cameron does what James Cameron does because James Cameron is… James Cameron.”) Even still, his pompous ego and notorious self-entitlement definitely came across, and really, what more could you ask for in a South Park caricature?


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