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The League

The League S06E06 stream – Breast Awareness Month

The League - Breast Awareness Month

Taco starts up his own charity. Andre sees Breast Cancer Awareness Month as a chance to improve his wardrobe.

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The League S06E05:The Hot Tub

The League - The Hot Tub

Kevin and Jenny get a hot tub, Taco shops for a new home, Pete tries to put an end to hand holding.

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Watch The League – When Rafi Met Randy Online S06E04

The League - When Rafi Met Randy

The beautiful story of Dirty Randy and Rafi’s meeting in a mental institution and how it forever changed their lives.

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Watch Online The League: The Height Supremacist (S06E03)

The League - The Height Supremacist

Andre gets punished by the rest of the League, Jenny picks her team based on height, Ellie invites Darren Sproles to a dance, Pete needs the help of TacoCorp

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Watch Online The League: Tefl-Andre (S06E02)

The League - Tefl-Andre

Jay Glazer does a big favor for Andre, Kevin is diagnosed with Low T, Ruxin meddles with Baby Geoffrey’s Little League team.

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Watch The League – Sitting Shiva Online S06E01

The League - Sitting Shiva

Kevin struggles with being married to the Shiva champ. Andre’s newfound confidence is unbearable. Taco hits the links. The guys attend a funeral.

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Watch The League – The Funeral Online S03E13

The Funeral

The League - The FuneralThe highlights of “The Funeral” turn out to be when the characters imitate each other. Andre failing to impersonate Ruxin well is spot on, as is Jenny’s impersonation of Sophia to get in and see Ruxin. And despite everything, it’s hard not to laugh when Jason Mantzoukas turns on the crazy as Rafi, as when he brings two knives and a gun to the bar. (That’s four lethal weapons, counting his dick, y’see.)

Ruxin manages to recover from his stroke by sheer will and the miracle of seeing the actual Shiva on her rounds at the hospital, but the worst move of the show was Taco’s bizarre Viking funeral. Taco takes Ruxin’s near-death experience to heart, and decides that in order to fix it, he has to burn all of the detritus of the league–the Sacko, the Shiva, the specialty “Sacko” branding iron that Andre had to use, even Kegel the Elf–all in a boat. Rafi pulls up in the Bobbum man van (in which, awesomely, he listens to audio recordings of slaughterhouses) and everyone watches in horror as Taco sets the set pieces of the last three seasons alight. Oh, and Jenny turns to Kevin, eyes a-brim, and tells him she’s pregnant. Nonetheless, Kevin plunges into the (oh man, so cold) lake to swim after the Shiva trophy he finally earned. It was messy and abrupt, not to mention oddly hokey. I’m glad that this season of The League moved further into darkly comedic territory, but episodes like this are happens when you haven’t quite learned how to balance that with the dynamic of the show. But the growing pains its had still aren’t enough to cancel out the enormous amount of fun the show is. At least most of the time.

Watch The League – The Funeral Online

The League S03E13: Funeral

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