Watch The Simpsons S27E22: Orange is the New Yellow Online

The Simpsons - Orange is the New Yellow

When Marge will get arrested for letting Bart go to the park unsupervised, she serves time solely to comprehend that jail is a welcome break from the calls for of her life as a mother and spouse. In her absence, Homer struggles to handle all of the parenting duties that Marge often handles.


Watch The Simpsons S27E21: Simprovised Online

The Simpsons - Simprovised

After butchering a speech in entrance of all of his associates at work, Homer turns to improv comedy to realize again his confidence in his public talking expertise. In the meantime, Marge decides to rebuild Bart’s lackluster treehouse, however tensions rise when Bart questions her constructing expertise. Then, in the course of the episode’s ultimate three minutes?Homer Simpson will make his first ever LIVE tv look (each for the East Coast and West Coast broadcasts) to reply fan questions?on this very particular ‘Simprovised’ episode.


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Watch The Simpsons S27E12: Much Apu About Something Online

The Simpsons - Much Apu About Something

Sanjay passes his stake within the Kwik-W-Mart to his millennial son, Jay, who turns it right into a hip, well being meals market towards Apu’s insistence on custom. Bart, whom Homer had satisfied to surrender pranking, is known as upon to return to his trickster life and take down the brand new retailer.


Watch The Simpsons S27E11: Teenage Mutant Milk-caused Hurdles Online

The Simpsons - Teenage Mutant Milk-caused Hurdles

A new instructor is at Springfield Elementary, and a captivated Bart tries all the things to win her over. Meanwhile, Homer decides to purchase a brand new model of milk, which causes early puberty each for Bart (augmenting his wooing powers) and Lisa (whose small bout with pimples opens her as much as the world of make-up and recognition).


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Watch The Simpsons S27E10: The Girl Code Online

The Simpsons - The Girl Code

After a photograph Marge posts on social media will get Homer fired, he returns to the perfect job he ever had, a dishwasher at a Greek restaurant. This similar submit evokes Lisa to code an app that predicts the actual-life penalties of something you publish on-line, solely to create sentient synthetic intelligence.


Watch The Simpsons S27E09: Barthood Online

The Simpsons - Barthood

Bart’s coming of age story, a la Boyhood, chronicles his life from six years old to his time as an accomplished young man. Along the way, his tense relationship with Homer, an overly uncaring version of himself, and Lisa, who overshadows him in every way possible, shape Bart more than he realizes.


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The Simpsons S27E06: Friend with Benefit Online

The Simpsons - Friend with Benefit

Lisa befriends Harper, a new kid at school who happens to be super-rich. Then, Homer befriends Harper’s dad and is able to enjoy the perks of Lisa having a rich friend, as well. But Lisa decides that Harper is a bully and moves to end the friendship, which prompts Homer to try and smooth things over so he can continue to enjoy the good life.


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The Simpsons S27E02:Cue Detective

The Simpsons - Cue Detective

Tonight, Homer’s devotion to barbecuing various meats in the new smoker he bought from a mysterious roadside street meat-merchant (Edward James Olmos) kicks off another low-key episode that shows the virtues (and a few of the vices) to be derived from the Simpsons’ formula.


The Simpsons S27E01 stream – Every Man’s Dream

The Simpsons - Every Man's Dream

Homer is diagnosed with narcolepsy, but instead of returning home with his prescription medication, he returns home drunk. He and Marge visit a marriage counselor and have a trial separation, during which Homer begins dating a 20-something.


Watch The Simpsons – Mathlete’s Feat Online S26E22

The Simpsons - Mathlete's Feat

When a modernized Springfield Elementary has a technical meltdown, Lisa transforms it into a Waldorf school. Meanwhile, Groundskeeper Willie becomes the coach of the mathletes.


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