Watch Up All Night – Week Off Online S01E10

Week Off

Up All Night - Week OffSome people are worker bees. They are simply not happy unless they are doing something, rearranging something. I’m fortunate enough not to be one of those people, but for Regan, having a whole week off means that she gets to fix all of the things about Chris’s housekeeping that have apparently been bugging her. Like his junk drawer and the way he folds Amy’s clothes. This rightfully rubs Chris the wrong way. He gave up a great career as a powerful and successful attorney to stay at home with Amy; he needs to have one little part of his over which he still has control and having Regan take that away from him doesn’t settle well.

I was glad to see Kevin and his daughter, McKenna, back. It was interesting to see how Ava reverted to showing off her wealth when she found herself nervous around Kevin and his child. McKenna’s personality went south, as well, as she was burdened by her upcoming performance. Ava revealed her most embarrassing performance ever and helped instill some much needed confidence in McKenna.

Reagan and Chris and enjoy their free time, but not the weed-covered lawn they pass while taking Amy out in her stroller. With his wife taking care of Amy during the day, Chris goes to meet an old work friend. He enjoys a drink and hears what’s going on back at his firm. Left to her own devises, Reagan can’t ignore his junk drawer. By the time he gets back, the house is ultra-organized and his methods of storage and folding have been thrown out. He’s also been signed up for a lunch with her, Ava, Kevin, and McKenna, to try and help McKenna tolerate her dad’s new girlfriend.


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