Watch Veep S05E05: Thanksgiving Online

Veep - Thanksgiving

Selina celebrates Thanksgiving in her personal particular means. Ben and Kent handle a Thanksgiving Day disaster, deploying Tom James and VP Doyle to make statements in Selina’s absence. Ben sends Dan to work for Tom James.


Watch Veep S05E04: Mother Online

Veep - Mother

Selina rushes to the hospital whereas trying to win the presidency. Amy and Dan uncover the O’Brien camp has staged a pretend protest, and activity Jonah and Richard with organizing their very own professional-POTUS demonstration. Mike and Wendy meet with a possible surrogate.


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Watch Veep – Testimony Online S04E09

Veep - Testimony

“Testimony” picks up where “B/ill” left off, with the Meyer administration brought before Congress on allegations of fraud stemming from Gary’s verbal agreement to pay Dan and Amy to lobby against the Families First bill. Rather than follow the action behind the scenes, as the show so frequently does, this episode switches perspective and shooting style, mimicking C-SPAN footage and keeping the camera mostly static as staffers come up one by one to testify about the events of the season. This approach makes “Testimony” a rare beast, both standalone (a discrete, compartmentalized episode following the hearings) and serialized (a culmination of the entire season). Rather than propelling episodes forward, as it did in season three, following Selina’s campaign this season has bogged down the action, as one setback after another stymied the team. Putting all of that baggage aside and focusing on telling a contained story, while maintaining the subtext of Selina’s perilous position, works wonderfully to reenergize the season going into the finale.


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Veep S04E03:Data

Veep - Data

When the personal details of a previously anonymous girl mentioned by the President are leaked, Selina’s team tries to find a scapegoat for the data breach. Catherine tells Selina she wants to support an anti-bullying campaign. Dan tasks Jonah and Richard with buying fireworks for a campaign rally. While Mike is about to make a dreadful error at a press conference, the President hosts the annual Easter Egg Roll and reads a story to to the assembled kids.

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Veep S04E01:Joint Session

Veep - Joint Session

Twenty-four hours before Selina’s first major speech as President, her staff frantically tries to work out how she can say two completely opposite things at the same time. Gary questiones his worth now that he can no longer be close to Selina. Jonah is put off by the hands-on approach of the new VP’s chief of staff, Teddy. Amy learns that Bill Ericsson, a rival campaign manager, may make a play for her job.

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Watch Veep – Tears Online S01E08


Veep - Tears Online S01E08Armando Iannucci made it clear with last week’s episode that “Veep” will be steering away from anything resembling real issues. While a pregnant Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfuss) at the end of “Baseball” opened the door to a potentially inspired direction for the show, one episode later it was explained away by Meyer having a miscarriage, as the veep and her team moved on to the next issue that was plaguing their office. The show’s established theme is that the office of the veep is essentially powerless and even meaningless, and as a result it doesn’t have much to say about the political climate in Washington except for how it operates on the most superficial level. The recurring theme is that those in Washington who wield power and influence are stupid, assholes, self-involved or all three at once. Listen, we get it, but we hope as “Veep” moves into season two it has a bit more to say as they are running out of non-issues to try and mine for laughs.

The waterworks proved beneficial for Selina as she went from a toxic asset to the President whose endorsement a low-level congressman didn’t even want, to a DC power broker who was suddenly the most popular woman in Washington.

This is another example of Veep’s obsession with how appearance, in politics, outweighs any actual politics. But the real star of this episode was not any member of the regular cast. Instead it was a newcomer, Congressman Roger Furlong. Played by the excellent Dan Bakkedahl, Furlong is a foul-mouthed volcano who is a gift to the “Best Lines of the Night” section below.


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