Watch Major Crimes – Hostage of Fortune Online S04E08

Major Crimes - Hostage of Fortune

A former kidnapping case is revisited after new information comes to the surface, pushing the division into a partnership with a possibly corrupt FBI agent.


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Major Crimes S04E07:Targets of Opportunity

Major Crimes - Targets of Opportunity

After an officer-involved shooting, the Major Crimes unit must work with the Deputy Chief of the LAPD Special Operations Bureau Fritz Howard to piece together this high stakes case of disguise.


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Graceland S03E04 stream – Aha

Graceland - Aha

Ari Adamian can not remember anything. Briggs helps him piece together the details.


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Major Crimes S04E06:Personal Effects

Major Crimes - Personal Effects

When the squad comes across a pile of bones, they fall into a web of connections as they find their victim has an unnerving past. Rusty continues to pursue his investigation of the Alice case with the help of a new friend. Meanwhile, Rusty also gets roped into helping Provenza make a major move.


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Graceland S03E03:Sense Memory

Graceland - Sense Memory

Mike’s visions and his medication addiction start to affect his ability to function properly at work.


Major Crimes S04E05:Snitch

Major Crimes - Snitch

The unit find themselves investigating a complicated shooting. Amy Sykes needs to protect the identity of a witness.


Watch Graceland – Chester Cheeto Online S03E02

Graceland - Chester Cheeto

Charlie finds it hard to deal with the decision to end her pregnancy.


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Major Crimes S04E04:Turn Down

Major Crimes - Turn Down

During his first drive-along, Buzz Watson finds a dead body in a hotel room bathroom.


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Watch Graceland – B-Positive Online S03E01

Graceland - B-Positive

Briggs takes part in a high-risk undercover operation involving the Armenian Mafia.


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