Watch Dexter – Surprise, Motherfucker! Online S07E12

Dexter - Surprise, Motherf**ker!
Once again, as in the season four and season six finales, I have to pause and take a deep breath after watching an intense final episode. At the end of last season, we all wondered what the next season would bring. This time, we’re left to wonder what the series will be?

Because out of all the possible endings, I’ll admit that is not the one I saw coming? I was fairly certain a cast member would die, but I couldn’t guess who and certainly not how. So read on for my TwoCents, and most importantly share your opinions below.

Doakes is not alive: OK, so way to fake us out in the previews for tonight’s episode. The title of the episode and all sightings of Doakes were nothing more than flashbacks in Dexter’s mind. He reflected back to when he and Doakes worked side by side and little by little Doakes grew more and more suspicious of his colleague’s odd behavior. From cheerfully reinacting a crime scene to the constant donut delivery, Doakes eventually labeled Dex as a “creep motherf**ker”. Now, I’ve watched every episode of the show, but never rewatched any season. And while I remember Deb’s early vice years bangs, I can’t recall if these were newly created flashbacks or actual scenes from the first season. Anybody know?

Hannah is still all about the plants: Dexter visits a locked up Hannah and advises that he had to choose between her and Debra. Hannah truly believed Dexter would’ve chosen her, even though, as she admits she DID poison Deb. She does promise him that his secrets will remain safe with her. She calls Arlene Shram and asks for help, as she can’t face life in prison. At her arraignment, Deb gloats about her incarceration, but Hannah calls her out on being a hypocrite for arresting Hannah, but letting her own brother roam free to kill.


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Watch Dexter – Do You See What I See? Online S07E11

Dexter - Do You See What I See?
Dexter has, quite smartly, subverted expectations this season. Instead of falling into its typical, often very plodding rhythms, the show has managed to keep the story moving at a relatively fast clip. Dexter and Deb’s relationship evolved quickly in the first half of the season, and his feelings for Hannah developed similarly rapidly in the second half. Along the way, the Isaak story reached a satisfying, if unfortunately early, conclusion. I like that the writers have let the story progress at a natural speed instead of holding back until the last few episodes. However, moving the story along and wrapping up some threads quickly means that it has to be moving towards something else. That’s where Dexter might be in just a little trouble.

It’s not that the penultimate episode of Season 7 was especially bad. In fact, “Do You See What I See?” presented Dexter with an important choice, one that I think reflects how he both has and has not changed this season. But this episode also over-relied on old Dexter tropes and in many ways, suggested that the conclusion to this season isn’t going to be as compelling or complicated as other portions of it.

Look, I think we all knew that LaGuerta’s 98-year search to find the real Bay Harbor Butcher was going to come to some sort of head. Hopefully, like me, you were also dreading it. Dexter avoiding his dimwitted colleagues is one of the least interesting things this show does, and with LaGuerta being the most dimwitted of them all, I haven’t been looking forward to what developed in “Do You See What I See?” for two months.

This episode heavily relied on LaGuerta’s search, resulting in a good six or seven minutes of wasted screen time as Dexter and Deb plotted-unbelievably easily, I might add-to frame Doakes one final time by planting evidence in a hilariously obvious spot.


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Watch Dexter – The Dark… Whatever Online S07E10

Dexter - The Dark... Whatever
Will the “Dark Passenger” have to hitch a ride with another serial killer on “Dexter“? After years of calling shotgun with the ghost of Dexter’s father, it looks like Dexter (Michael C. Hall) has kicked both phantom hitchhikers to the curb.

After Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski adorably quizzes him about what she mistakenly calls his “Dark Rider” (David Hasselhoff spinoff anyone?), Dexter begins to accept that his urge to kill is part of himself — rather than a force possessing him and commanding him to kill. Not that his new girlfriend minds.

In fact, it’s his new ladylove (yep, they’ve finally progressed to using the L-word), Dexter realizes he’s not a puppet of “The Dark … Whatever” (this episode’s title) or even Harry’s code.

Father Knows Best: In addition to their bloodlust, both Hannah and Dexter share unresolved daddy issues. While Harry Morgan (James Remar) trained his son to be a successful serial killer, Hannah’s pop, Clint McKay (“Supernatural’s” Jim Beaver), is a sadistic gambler. Just out of prison, he shows up at his Hannah Banana’s doorstep asking for forgiveness … and $20,000. When she doesn’t loan him the money, he gets drunk, destroys her nursery, and then blackmails her. In a menacing visit to Dexter’s place (where he echoes his near-drowning of his daughter by telling Harrison, “It’s sink or swim, sonny boy”), he reveals that Hannah killed her halfway house counselor with rat poison and her roommate, Arlene Schram, saw it — and he’ll tell the police about her if Dexter and Hannah don’t pay up. Why now? Turns out he was selling out his daughter to Sal Price for his true-crime sequel, and now Daddy Dearest is turning to blackmail to fund his gambling addiction.


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Watch Dexter – Helter Skelter Online S07E09

Dexter - Helter Skelter
Dexter is a ridiculous show. It is not realistic at all. Sometimes that can bother me, but what I love about the show (when it’s good) is how well it can take me along for a ride that can I simultaneously recognize as pretty silly and enthralling nonetheless. And amid a season of relatively down-to-earth and character-focused stories, “Helter Skelter” saw the show reach its highest level of absurdity so far this season, and it thrived in doing so.

Only on a television show like Dexter can an entire episode revolve around the uneasy alliance between two cold-blooded killers who’ve spent most of the previous half-dozen installments plotting to kill one another. And only on a show like this one can those characters trade barbs, pull multiple weapons on one another, and then discuss heady concepts like love, loss, fear, and responsibility as part of their alliance. Simply put, the relationship between Dexter and Isaak has been an odd but compelling one to watch develop throughout the season.

If you are one of those people who thought their chat in the gay bar last week was a treat, “Helter Skelter” may have been one of your favorite episodes of the season so far. Though I’ve really enjoyed the Dexter-Deb stories this season, I consider myself one of those people. And really, this episode-and this story-shouldn’t have been this good.

We have seen the show try to pull Dexter and various villains and Big Bads together for very manufactured, troubling reasons and it has rarely worked; as viewers, we know that the show is not reflective of real life, but some stories just stretch the credulity of the world a smidgen too far.


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Watch Dexter – Argentina Online S07E08

Dexter - Argentina
Everyone wants an Argentina, a place where the slate is wiped clean. But the truth is: Argentina is just Argentina.

Just as Hannah McKay allows the calendar photo of Argentina to entice her with thoughts of ?what could have been,? Dexter looks to his childhood posing the very same question. When Dex was a young man, he was coached to kill by his father Harry Morgan. Dexter followed blindly as the criteria for killing was planted firmly into his mind?almost as if this was typical father-son behavior. These elaborate sets of rules were assigned to him, and at the age of 20, Dexter started killing to feed his desire to harm others. But what would have happened if Dexter decided for himself what he did with this desire?

What a standout episode of Dexter this week. Most characters are fumbling around trying to regain their balance?all except for Dexter, who?s in love and gently floating on cloud nine. He can?t control how he feels about Hannah McKay and it?s affecting just about every other part of his life. Dexter refuses to follow Harry?s Code and kill Hannah; when Debra finds out about their relationship, Deb spews out how she?s in love with her step-brother. The keyword here is spew. I imagine I am in the majority here in saying that I hoped this storyline crawled into a hole last season, never to return. A positive to re-exposing her feelings for Dex can hopefully help explain why he didn?t land in prison earlier this season.

Speaking of prison, our favorite Ukrainian mobster Isaak?s release from the slammer has helped put him back in the game: kill Dexter Morgan. This vendetta not only fogs Isaak?s judgment, it also forces the Koshka Brotherhood to put out a hit on him. As the cat (Isaak) and mouse (Dexter) game picks up steam throughout the episode, Dex follows Isaak into a bar?a gay bar. I was captivated by their conversation and how each clever line exposes Isaak?s motivations even more. The drink between these two enemies reveals a few things: 1. It confirms that Isaak and Viktor were lovers. 2. Isaak refuses to give up pursuing Dexter?that is, until he is dead, and 3. love, not killing, is now what fuels both of these men.


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Watch Dexter – Chemistry Online S07E07

Watch Dexter - Chemistry Online S07E07 The seventh episode of Showtime’s “Dexter” for this season is titled “Chemistry” and Sunday night’s show starts with Dexter laying on his kill table, naked with Hannah. She climbs atop him and puts the knife to his throat. She asks if he does that to all of his women. Dexter doesn’t really have women, though, so he has no frame of reference. They wind up having sex again on the killing table.

Meanwhile, Debra is on a date with the crime writer, Sal Price. They’re doing a mix of flirting with discussion about Hannah and her family. Dexter drives Hannah back home.

Dexter: This can’t happen again.
Hannah: Which part? The horse tranquilizer?
Dexter: The sex part.
Hannah: Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

She asks him if he’s still going to try and kill her, and he says no. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and leaves. As Dexter gets ready to go, he sees Price watching from his car. He knows Dexter covered up the blood evidence for Hannah, and he tries to get Dexter to go on the record with him. Dexter offers to give him Wayne Randall’s last words and thoughts instead, and Price says he’ll give it some thought.

LaGuerta talks to Debra about the Bay Harbor Butcher, and Deb says they may be sidetracked because they’re still trying to clear Sgt. Doakes, rather than just looking at the evidence.


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Watch Dexter – Do the Wrong Thing Online S07E06

Dexter - Do the Wrong Thing Last week’s electric new chapter of Dexter, “Swim Deep,” had us descending into new, exciting depths of Dexter’s season seven journey, priming us for the thickening of the fiery plot in tonight’s “Do the Wrong Thing.” If we thought we were in deep last week, we have since been transported from a murky ocean floor of uncertainties and possibilities to the glimmering darkness of the Marianas Trench. Who did the wrong thing? Did anyone do the right thing? If you’re still reeling from the thrill of the confusion, try to ground yourself with the mini-synopsis below, followed by an in-depth review of just what is spinning into fearsome motion with this episode and its sure-to-be-harsh implications! Are you ready to reenter “the wrong thing”?

In this particularly complicated maze of cat-and-mouse games, everybody’s running the risk of doing a grievous wrong when presented with the opportunity for ‘right.’ Quinn’s got his dirty hands tied with some cold hard cash from Isaak’s formidable Brotherhood—which is willing to do anything to get a vengeful, agitated Isaak out of the clink and back into his ferocious element. When faced with Nadia’s security and the accomplishment of justice, to which side will the troubled Quinn veer? And will Isaak find himself walking free again and back on his original warpath? In the meantime, LaGuerta draws Debra further into her investigation of the evidently “undead” Bay Harbor Butcher, whom she presumes was involved in the murder of Jordan Chase and his unsavory associates. Debra finds that she’s fending for herself in protecting Dexter and her own broken capacity for happiness as Dexter hotly pursues the toxic Hannah McKay, their “final” confrontation erupting into something that will inevitably deliver some chaotic consequences on the bloodstained turf of Miami.

To begin with an editor’s note: allow me to first say that I struggled very much throughout this episode. It was by no means an easy ride for me, nor do I imagine that it was for anyone else! Already I’m watching a great deal of heated controversy unfold about an episode that is, itself, very thick with controversial events that we perhaps saw coming—but did not see evolving the way they violently did. While “Do the Wrong Thing” specifically refers to Dexter’s egging Hannah on, urging her to quit walking in safety and err into his deadly arms, there is a whole lot of wrong afoot in this difficult, volatile run, for virtually every character. Isaak is starting to tease his way out from behind bars with the manipulation of the poor, can’t-catch-a-break Joey Quinn; Debra is left to tread puzzling waters as she desperately tries to defend her wayward brother—whose grievous errors are becoming more and more obvious—and uses a new-found yet fairly trivial relationship to find out more about Hannah’s dark and problematic history; Batista is listening to the enticing voice of a midlife crisis that is urging him to retire from his police service and buy a beach-side restaurant… change is at work on every layer of the story. If things weren’t fully in motion before, oh: they are now. The most disconcerting aspect of the delicate dance of these subplots is that they are all bound to collide in a way that, to say the least, will be far from delicate. This episode specifically concerns itself with the innumerable rights and wrongs that everyone must choose between to keep hell on earth at bay. Is anyone taking the highest road here?


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Watch Dexter – Swim Deep Online S07E05

Dexter - Swim Deep Online S07E05 Dexter is once again alone, if you don’t count the Dark Passenger. After Deb spends the entire episode protecting Dexter in several cases from her fellow police officers, she realizes she cannot continue to be a part of Dexter’s darker activities and ends their sharing of information.

Not only do we have both of this season’s “baddies” clearly in focus, the other stories (except one) are also clicking into place. We have movement this hour on everything from Hannah McKay to Isaak Sirko to the Bay Harbor Butcher case. But are there too many plots happening at once?

Dexter and Isaak are alternating between hunter and prey, tailing and baiting each other throughout the episode. But when the Foxhole owner threatens Deb, Dexter is forced to come clean and warn her. “What happened to you only taking care of people who fall through the cracks?” responds his outraged sister when he confesses to hiding evidence and killing Victor. “I’ve already helped you cover up three murders. How did this become my life?” Actually, her complicity extends much further — as in, pretty much all of the Bay Harbor Butcher’s victims — when LaGuerta ropes her into her secret reinvestigation of the case formerly pinned on Doakes.

When Dexter told Deb that she was in danger from the Koshka brotherhood and confessed that he was the one who killed Victor — and did it by utilizing evidence that would have helped a police investigation — she made him promise that he would never again take justice into his own hands on a solvable case. But she basically gave him her blessing to keep killing when cases fall through the cracks of the system, like he did with Ray Speltzer.

To its credit, “Swim Deep” took the long way to answering this big question by having Deb behave in a way that would suggest that she is very willing to actively assist Dexter in meaningful ways, but ultimately she came to the conclusion that, based on last week’s poll and comments, many of you assumed she would come to: She just can’t do this, probably at all. Rehab wasn’t the answer. Honesty hasn’t been that helpful. Using Dexter’s skills to catch killers didn’t quite work out. In this episode, Deb found herself fully roped into one of the big parts of Dexter’s process: covering up tracks. Messing up the Travis crime scene was one thing but here, Deb learned how much of a continual struggle it is to be Dexter, how much it really takes to make sure no one (else) finds out about his secret, even if that means lying to friends and colleagues alike.


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Watch Dexter – Run Online S07E04

Dexter - Run Online S07E04


Episode four of Dexter introduced us to the overarching major story line of the season, with the confirmation that the main antagonist of the season will be Isaac, getting revenge for the death of Victor. Isaac devises a plan to get the bartender at the strip club to commit suicide with a confession letter to say that he killed both Kaja and Tony to clear Victor’s name.


“I don’t run,” Dexter (Michael C. Hall) says. “I make people run.”

Deb is certainly having trouble coping. Finding herself in a bloody bathtub in a gruesome dream, she realizes his link to the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow) and blames Dexter for Rita’s murder. She also suggests that he send his son Harrison away and unfairly blames him for the fact that she almost became one of Speltzer’s victims. (Dex does indeed send Harrison to Orlando, but only temporarily. We hope, because his nostalgia over Harrison’s little Lambie proves that Dex is more human than he — or Deb — thinks.)

The beautiful Hannah McKay has reappeared in an effort to close the Wayne Randall case. Hannah’s lawyer convinced her that helping Miami Metro find the bodies from the lovers’ killing spree would greatly benefit her. At times, Hannah poses like she’s deeply wounded from her past actions with Randall, but her facial expressions and curiosity in Dexter tell a different story—it’s almost as if retracing the steps of the murders is sentimental to her. I question her innocence, do you? I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the future episodes circle wildly around her and Dexter—perhaps in a romantic sense.

It was far from easy. Dexter first got knocked out in an intense brawl in Speltzer’s RV, and then, had to escape another one of Speltzer’s bizarre mazes, which this time included an Ice Truck Killer-esque room full of mannequins. Later, Dexter went back to the cemetery and snuck up on Speltzer. He cracked him in the back of the head with a shovel and brought him to the cemetery’s crematorium, where he stabbed him in the heart with a stake and sent his body into the oven.


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Watch Dexter – Buck the System Online S07E03

Dexter - Buck the System Online S07E03 Tonight on Dexter, Buck The System starts out pretty strong when Dexter fantasizes stabbing Masuka in the neck with his pen because the guy won’t shut the hell up. However, Dexter’s pent up frustration on Deb keeping a close eye on him busts loose when a suspect refuses a DNA sample and Dex throws him in a stranglehold.

When he recognized that she wasn’t going to stop badgering him about his whereabouts, Dexter turned the tables on Deb and laid everything out on the table. He further explained the code, why he does what he does and more importantly, why he does what he does. And for good measure, he brought Deb along while he was casing a probable killer in hopes of convincing her of the value of his work. That conversation in the bar, with Dexter opening up and promising that he wouldn’t kill unless he knew for sure he was doing what “must” be done and Deb wholeheartedly disagreeing with him, is now my favorite scene of the season so far.

That damn bracelet helped the bad guys track down Dexter. But at least we witnessed Dexter getting rid of Lewis before Lewis was killed, it’s more satisfying that way. However, will the goons know how to clean up Lewis’ blood and DNA enough that it won’t resurface sometime and make it look like Dexter murdered Lewis.

Yes, we were given another strong chapter of Dexter this week, with our hero crumbling under the pressure of living under Deb’s watchful eye so much that he finally snaps and tries to convince her of the moral service he’s providing to society by executing its monsters. Inserted into the mix, to help Deb see things more Dexter’s way, was Ray Speltzer – an insane, roided-out killer who hunts his female victims while acting out some sort of terrifying Minotaur/Maze fantasy.

Is there something inside Hannah that draws her to men like Randall and Dexter? While the scene between Dex and Hannah was calm, we cannot ignore their odd connection. Perhaps Hannah picked up on a feeling that reminded her of the joy associated with her time spent with Wayne Randall? Maybe she felt guilty for being so cold to Dex? Either way, the point of her existence in the world of Dexter is not to become a “once and done” character. While I thought this was the most interesting aspect of “Buck the System,” we need to cover a few other items I feel are important.


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