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Castle S07E04 stream – Child’s Play

Castle - Child's Play

When an ice cream vender is shot, evidence leads Beckett and Castle to believe that an unknown second-grader may have vital information about the case. Castle goes undercover at an elementary school to try and identify the second-grader but nothing goes as planned.

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Watch Castle – Clear & Present Danger Online S07E03

Castle - Clear & Present Danger

When a pool shark is murdered by an unseen force, Castle and Becket uncover evidence that the killer may have paranormal powers. Meanwhile, Castle and Beckett attempt to get their lives back to normal following his disappearance.

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Watch Castle – Montreal Online S07E02

Castle - Montreal

While the team investigates the murder of a toy company CEO, Castle uncovers a lead to his mysterious disappearance, launching him into a dangerous investigation of his own.

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Watch Castle – Target Online S05E15

Castle - Target
In tonight’s episode of Castle Season 5, our favorite crime-fighting duo took on a more global threat than typically found on the streets of New York. Castle and Beckett investigated a murder connected to terrorist activity, but things got personal when one of their own got involved….

As Rick is trying to give Alexis her space at Columbia University, she’s kidnapped in part of a major terrorist plot. Naturally, the instant Castle lets down his guard down in regards to his redheaded offspring, Lexi gets in the worst trouble of her life.

It all started with 24-year-old “student” Hasim Farouk who was murdered when hit with a van containing Sara El-Masri. It turns out, Hasim was Sara’s body guard, hired by her parents to watch her.

Meanwhile, Castle’s trying to relate to Sara’s grieving parents, but there’s no need to try. Upon further investigation, they discover that Alexis and Sara attended a science event together and our favorite freshman was kidnapped with her study buddy.


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Watch Castle – Recoil Online S05E13

Castle - Recoil
After a few generic case episodes and a mini hiatus, Castle returns with an episode that strikes at the very heart of Beckett’s (Stana Katic) quest for justice in her mother’s murder.

At this stage in the game, anything pertaining to Senator William Bracken (Jack Coleman) strikes close to home for the entire team, so it’s easy to forgive them a few blunders early on.

With all they’ve been through, finding A) Melanie Rodger’s body burnt beyond recognition and B) a phone record that leads directly to Bracken seem like obvious indicators of foul play on Bracken’s part. Even interviewing the victim’s sister and speaking with the hotel manager where Bracken and Melanie held clandestine meetings all appear to implicate Bracken. It’s not until they locate the parking garage where she was killed and discover the meaning behind “XT3? that their perspective on the case takes a sharp left turn.

Taking two people with the history that Bracken and Beckett have and making them work on the same side makes for nothing short of riveting television. The threatening looks that pass between them during their first meeting while others are around are rivaled only by the private words exchanged by Beckett and Bracken afterward.


Watch Castle – Secret Santa Online S05E09

Castle - Secret Santa
Christmas came early for “Castle” fans with the Monday, Dec. 3 episode, “Secret Santa,” the ninth of the show’s fifth season, which featured several twists, both in the case and Castle and Beckett’s personal storyline.

A man in a Santa costume, complete with an ID that read Kris Kringle and listed his address as the North Pole (a nice touch), was found dead, and while he fell from the sky, no, he didn’t fall out of his sleigh. Now that would’ve been too crazy for this “Castle” Christmas episode.

Edmund Smith, who was James Edmund Smith when he was a private equity manager at a big firm, was shot, and his neighbors, the Cabbotts, pointed them in the direction of David Dunne, another professional Santa who was a pilot. While he had threatened to kill him because he took his gigs, he insisted he didn’t shoot him and while his alibi fell apart, he wasn’t the murderer. Instead, David was Edmund’s getaway pilot as Edmund went to steal a clock and files from Case Commerce that night, and someone shot him as they were escaping. He made sure he got that gig because he needed to get files there that would set things right for families whose homes he had taken-and one of those families was the Cabbotts.

He had told Tim, the son, and sought forgiveness, and while Tim was a possible suspect, it turned out he was helping Edmund with his lock-picking skills. Another possible suspect was Case, who stood to lose everything, but he wasn’t the only one. Edmund had told his ex-wife, whom Edmund had walked out on after watching It’s a Wonderful Life the same Christmas Eve Tim’s father died after falling asleep at the wheel because he was working too hard, who was going to lose everything. With the case solved and wrongs righted, the families had a shot to get back what they lost.


Watch Castle – After Hours Online S05E08

Castle - After Hours
Isn’t there an old police adage that the first on the scene is the first suspect? Had Castle and Beckett remembered that saying, the events of “After Hours” this week’s episode of Castle, might have been avoided.

After a terrible dinner with their parents in which both Beckett’s father and Castle’s mother managed to insult each other, our favorite couple got called in on the murder of a priest with mob ties. There was a witness to the crime, but when they went to question him, they found that the mob was already at his door. In the ensuing scuffle, they lost their weapons, badges and phones, and had to go on the run to protect the witness that they thought the mob boys were trying to eliminate.

Brooklyn at two a.m. is apparently a dead zone. Every way they tried to contact the station or even civilization itself, they were completely thwarted. It was amusing, but I had the vague feeling that they really shouldn’t have been trusting their witness, even if he did give Beckett some good advice about her relationship with Castle.

Back at the station, the rest of the gang knew something was up and kept trying to solve the crime while locating Castle and Beckett. As it turned out, the mob boss didn’t kill the priest; the priest was trying to convince him to turn evidence against another crime family. That second family sent someone to kill the priest, knowing that his friend the mob boss would go after the so-called witness and thus come out of hiding.


Watch Castle – Swan Song Online S05E07

Castle - Swan Song Our favorite couple came oh-so close to having their relationship outed to the one person who hasn’t figured it out yet in “Swan Song,” this week’s episode of Castle. For a woman who earned her way up the police chain of command, Captain Gates is kind of blind when it comes to Castle and Beckett. I mean, they’re not exactly being all that discreet around the station.

This week’s victim was a guitarist in a moderately successful band who happened to have a film crew tailing them for a documentary. Unfortunately, the murder was the only thing the crew couldn’t seem to catch on film, and it was up to our detectives to figure it out. But thanks to Gates wanting good PR for the department, the crew turned their band movie into a documentary chronicling the investigation.

Of course Beckett wasn’t comfortable in front of the camera, but Esposito went a little nuts under the lights. At first he was being kind of a big, goofy tool about the whole thing…busting out terrible and cheesy lines, showing off his body in tight shirts and trying to be bad-ass to the point of ridiculousness, but by the end he came around and showed the cameras the real Esposito, the guy who is a really great friend and partner to Ryan.


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Watch Castle – The Final Frontier Online S05E06

Castle - The Final Frontier This week on Castle, it’s a sci-fi convention which is right in the favorite mystery writer’s element. Captain Riker is right there directing this special episode…that is, Jonathan Frakes. This show also gave many references to that other sci-fi show that Nathan Fillion so loves, Firefly.

As Richard is doing a book signing at SuperNova Con, Beckett shows up to check out a recent murder. It seems that Annabelle Collins was killed and stuffed in a pod at the fan experience for Nebula-9. Richard shrugs off that show but it seems that Beckett has a special place in her heart for this one. The mystery writer is more of the Star Trek type and, oh yeah, that Josh Whedon show. Beckett is certainly anxious to have a chat with star Gabriel Winters.

They learn that Annabelle was the force behind the fan experience. Her friends, Davis and Audrey, said that she was upset because someone she trusted had betrayed her and that she also received some death threats. Beckett runs into an old friend and he pulls out a photo of a Nathan Fillioncertain beautiful detective in a short Lt. Chloe outfit. Yes, Kate loved the show that much! It was great to see that these two murder solving lovebirds have something this quirky in common.

Perlmutter tells the team that the victim was killed by a laser beam through the chest. Richard is all giddy once again as he says, “A real sci-fi murder at a sci-fi convention!” How cool is that? They track down Nebula-9’s former star, Stephanie Frye who used to play Lt. Chloe. She wants nothing to do with the fan experience as she now has a budding career.


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Watch Castle – Probable Cause Online S05E05

Castle - Probable Cause Online S05E05 “Castle” Season 5 comes back from a short break with its fifth episode called “Probable Cause.” In a teaser last week, ABC released a video showing ‘cuffing Castle. Who is the murder victim, and how did the evidence lead to Castle?

Tessa’s roommate found her wired to the ceiling, a symbol carved into her forehead. There were no signs of a struggle or forced entry. She knew her killer. She was drugged and strangled, and her body was hung postmortem. The killer knew what he was doing.

It begins with a body. The body in question is that of a young woman who has been drugged, strangled, had a symbol carved into her forehead, and strung up on the ceiling with barbed wire. Esposito takes in the crime scene and pronounces it “pretty damn freaky,” while Castle offers the sophisticated analytical observation that, for the killer to have gone to so much trouble, it seems a safe bet that “he liked it.”

There is a redeeming quality to this episode, and that is that Castle is being framed by Tyson, who viewers might remember as the XXX killer. This is Tyson’s way of revenge or of executing a grand master plan. However, Tyson could have maybe framed any other character and it would have been great. An episode where someone is framed can be entertaining just not when the person has been accused of murder before. Now back to Tyson, it is great to see him return because he is such a formidable opponent. What’s great is the end of the episode, where Castle understands what Tyson is up to, and how he is not really dead. What did you think of Tyson’s return?

Because of the situation, Ryan was forced to spill the beans to Espo about the Castle/Beckett relationship. Kate headed over to Lanie’s to tell her herself. Love that the important people in their lives are now clued in on the situation. Now that this tension filled episode is gone, they can start making jokes about these two.


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