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The T Word

Common Law - The T Word Online S01E05Tonight’s episode of Common Law, called “The T Word,” was all about, well, that word. Trust played a huge part in this episode, and it also gave us my favorite episode so far of this series.

The FBI comes to LA to investigate the Baby Faces, a group of robbers who wear baby masks as they rob houses. Travis and Wes manage to essentially crack the case wide open. It is strange that the FBI misses quite a few things. All the breakthroughs come because of Travis and Wes. It would have been nice to see more of the FBI solving something and proving that there is a reason they are FBI. Did that bother anyone else?

They arrive at the robbed house and for some reason Not Daniel Craig doesn’t think the conspicuous people in sunglasses and suits are FBI so he loses the bet and honestly this show is better with them as friends who bicker rather than two guys who hate one another. Because the writing is lazy, the FBI must be made to look arrogant and incompetent so our guys can look smarter, because “writing iz hard.” In this case it’s overlooking the kid next door and only speaking to the parents. The kid just happens to be an artist and draws a picture of the thieves.

I expected Michael Ealy to bond with him over comic books but they threw me for a loop with their original thinking. He bonds with him over video games, but actually this is good for them as it’s come up more than once that he plays online. It’s actual consistency of character. Redhead FBI Lady is impatient over this but Michael Ealy rubs it in her face that they didn’t know the crew was military until now. She retorts that only narrows it down to 20,000 people in California, which is a stupid retort, because since all these people are known and accounted for weeding out suspects would be relatively easy.


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