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Fairly Legal - Finale Online S02E13Fairly Legal wrapped up a few storylines Friday night. The season finale is titled “Finale” and as the show has not yet been picked up for a third season, the episode could work as a series finale.

In tonight’s season finale, written by Executive Producer Peter Ocko and directed by Anton Cropper, several plotlines came to a head. In a somewhat awkwardly structured narrative, an employment termination mediation involving a lesbian couple who worked at a local television station led to a quashed news story about a mysterious corporation that had received favors from the city. This conveniently, if unconvincingly, tracked back not only to the city District Attorney (Esai Morales), whose reelection Justin has been challenging, and who Kate has now forced out of the race, but to the billionaire (Lloyd Owen) Lauren has been sort-of-dating, although she knows he’s under investigation by the FBI. Meanwhile, Kate and Justin’s decision to find a place to move back in together fell apart, not unexpectedly, and although supposedly Kate was now going to take some time to herself, the episode’s ending made it clear that Ben has the upper hand in the competition for her affections. (The perfect apartment that he steered her toward–and that Justin rejected–turned out to be next door to his own.)

Rachel and Nora worked at the same news station and were also lovers — until they got fired. Within seconds of the “Fairly Legal” season finale beginning, Nora gets her job back, but Rachel only gets her work/stories back. Except one, and it’s a big expose.

Rachel had been researching a story that the city sold a big plot of land to the development company Selix owned by Paul Kaplan, and there were some shady dealings. So what happened to all her research? Reed & Reed, along with Ben Grogan (Ryan Johnson), are putting the puzzle pieces together, and as such, every single storyline of “Fairly Legal” season two seem to be tied together.


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