Watch Grey Anatomy – Sleeping Monster Online S09E21

Grey Anatomy - Sleeping Monster
There was good news and bad news during Thursday’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Let’s start with the good news: Bailey gets to keep her job!

After three of her patients showed up with mysterious post-operation infections, the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital board members decided to call the CDC to investigate the source. After two of the patients died, Bailey was sidelined as the CDC attempted to figure out how this all happened. Unfortunately, during this time, the rest of the hospital could not outwardly show their support for the stalwart doc, with her longtime mentor Richard even blaming her to the third patient’s parents in order to get him into surgery – something Bailey inadvertently heard.

The CDC was able to determine that the infection did start with Bailey, but it was only spread due to the gloves that were being used during the Pegasus era. In other words, if it weren’t for the inept Pegasus, everything would’ve been OK. It’s never quite explained how Bailey contracted the infection, but she’ll be treated and sent back to work in no time.

Now the bad news: Bailey knows exactly who supported her, or rather, who didn’t during this stressful time, in which she truly thought she could lose her job. In particular, it was most hurtful that Richard was not there for her considering she spent years making excuses for him when he was doing surgeries while drunk or blowing off his wife Adele.


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Watch Greys Anatomy – She’s Killing Me Online S09E20

Greys Anatomy - She's Killing Me
“Patients say it all the time. Tell me straight up, I just want to know what’s going on. Tell me. I can handle it.” At least that’s what Meredith thinks, but her emotions change when she gets her genome results back. As it turns out, Meredith tests positive for more than one of the genetic markers of Alzheimer’s. Meredith and Derek later discuss her mapping results, but Meredith just wants one thing ? an updated will ? considering Lexie is still Zola’s guardian.

Meredith later suggests appointing Cristina and one of Derek’s sisters, whomever he chooses, to be guardians of their children. Derek takes this opportunity to remind Meredith that Cristina doesn’t want to be a mom, which she reaffirms to Meredith when they go for a walk together. Regardless of what happens, Cristina asks Meredith to have the kids for three weeks of the year to travel, teach them lessons (like putting a condom on a cucumber) and to take them for their first tattoos, at a “clean place” of course. Oh, Aunt Cristina. “I’ll be the coolest aunt in the world. I just can’t be a mom” she said.

Speaking of Cristina, she’s convinced there’s something going on with Owen because he’s acting “crazy” and blew off their plans the night before. His concern over the status of Cristina’s patient, Ethan’s father, has turned into an obsession that she’s become tired of. Ethan’s mother, on the other hand, awakens and remembers her son, which Owen feels better about.

Leah spends the day as Bailey’s intern, a gig that she unsuccessfully tries to get out of. The day starts badly for the pair when Bailey scolds Leah for leaving a pizza crumb on her laptop. The two work together on one of Bailey’s recent patients, Joyce, who had a dialysis graph put in a few weeks ago. Her husband brought her back after a few fevers. The doctors discover she has an infected insertion site so they run more labs and discover that Joyce has a high white count and her electrolytes are off. When they decide to admit her, Leah informs Bailey that there was also another complication with Bailey’s other patient. Although Bailey shuts her down and tells her to “fix things” Leah’s convinced she’s responsible for this mess because she came in sick.


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Watch Greys Anatomy – Transplant Wasteland Online S09E17

Greys Anatomy - Transplant Wasteland
For the second time in Grey’s Anatomy history, Seattle Grace has changed its named. Lest we forget, the name was first changed to Seattle Grace-Mercy West after the merger a few years ago. But now it has a more fitting name – the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital – a fitting tribute that continues Shonda Rhimes’ track record of making us cry practically every episode. After all, it was Lexie Grey and Mark Sloan who lost their lives in the plane crash. And while others will live with debilitating and/or emotional scars from the crash, they’re at least alive. Now, Little Grey and Sloan’s memory will live on with the hospital.

But it was a really rocky road to get to that point. Let’s check out the top five moments – besides the touching memorial to Grey and Sloan – from Thursday’s episode:

1. Owen’s a tough guy: After the Harper Avery Foundation decided that the hospital needed some new leadership, Owen’s job was on the line. But instead of waiting for the final decision, Owen decided just to quit his job, a decision that was sparked by Derek’s insinuation that the mess the hospital is in is all Owen’s fault.

2. The blame game: Speaking of blame, this hour also featured a lot of blame being thrown around, which reflected thoughts that the audience has had for quite a while. It started when the group disagreed with Jackson’s initial assessment of getting rid of Owen and not re-opening the ER. “No one asked you to sue the hospital into bankruptcy,” Jackson said, to which Meredith retorted, “For the plane crash that killed Lexie?” Burn.


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Watch Greys Anatomy – Idle Hands Online S09E18

Greys Anatomy - Idle Hands
The ER on Grey’s Anatomy isn’t the only thing that’s back this week: I’ve taken over Tanner Stransky’s usual recap yet again, and although I don’t come with stylish new coffee sleeves, I’m also not nearly as expensive. I mean that in a very classy way, of course. But back to what’s important: The Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital was up and running last night!

This week, it seemed that Cristina, Meredith, Derek, Callie, Arizona, and Jackson had finally figured out their new roles at the hospital. First things first, Cristina used her new found power to buy her man Owen a little present in the form of a LODOX, a low-radiation, x-ray stat scanner, duh. Basically, it was able to perform full-body scans in just 13 seconds and was the best new edition to the ER, like, ever.

So while Owen was busy thanking Cristina for his new toy, Callie was, once again, feeling the repercussions of not being, you know, thanked…in a very long time. Despite the fact that Arizona purchased a new lifelike, high-heeled leg that made “her ass go pow,” according to Callie, Arizona wasn’t feeling particularly sexy and poor Callie looked like she was going to cry if she didn’t get a little loving, and soon. Thank goodness Mark Sloan — God rest his soul — wasn’t around to tempt her, am I right?

Back at the dream house, Derek was busy telling his unborn child about his fly fishing adventures in order to calm him or her down. It worked. But what it didn’t do was calm down Meredith, who was busy contemplating the millions of things that could be wrong with the couple’s unborn child. McDreamy assured her that everything was going to be fine, and that, even if their baby ended up being blind or deaf or both, Hey, even Helen Keller went to college. Nice one, Derek. But Mer took things a step further, with this comment: “If anybody’s going to have a baby with two heads, three arms, and eleven toes, it’s going to be me.” She was being ridiculous, obviously, but did that statement make the tiniest bit of sense to anyone else?


Watch Greys Anatomy – This Is Why We Fight Online S09E16

Greys Anatomy - This Is Why We Fight
At Christina’s, she and Meredith discuss the plan to buy the hospital, but hush when Alex appears. He complains the hospital’s about to go belly up because they all walked.

At the hospital, the interns are tense. Bailey announces she’s going on interviews – this place is a sinking ship. Owen pleads with her that she’s the hospital’s heart and sets the tone. Bailey warns him if things don’t work out she’ll come looking for him with fists swingin’! Owen finds Cahill, who tells him Pegasus is back on board.

In the lobby, Catherine Avery arrives and tells Jackson it’s time for him to come to Boston. Richard tells her to slow down and see how it shakes out. Jackson agrees. Later, Jackson tells Stephanie he fears his mother may be right.

Alex is grumpy with Jo in pediatrics. She thinks he’s mad at her, but he insists it’s stress because Arizona’s gone. They see a young patient with a tumor. Everyone wears button saying ‘Adios Phil’ – Phil being the tumor.


Watch Greys Anatomy – Hard Bargain Online S09E15

Greys Anatomy - Hard Bargain
At Meredith and Derek’s house, Callie tells them and Arizona about how horrible the Pegasus hospital was – she insists they have to buy Seattle Grace. Arizona wonders, “What if we don’t want to.” Derek talks about how hard it is to run the hospital and thinks they should stay the course. Heated arguing ensues among the four. Callie has some money to put in and wonders about using Mark’s and Lexie’s. Arizona argues that Mark’s is Sofia’s. They complain that Christina won’t answer texts. Arizona accuses Callie of wanting to invest millions into maintaining a good vibe. Derek backs Callie. Arizona thinks he feels guilty and now wants to be a hero. Callie says they should go. Meredith agrees.

Owen is having sex with Christina at home when he gets a text from Cahill who is dealing with nurses threatening to walk. Owen tells Christina if anything interferes with the sale, the hospital closes. Owen is happy there with her. Christina kisses him.

At Seattle Grace, Arizona apologizes to Derek. Everyone begins to notice huge posters of Derek all over the place. Meredith says it’s kind of gross. Shane appears, gushing about them. Derek goes to find Cahill and complains he only agreed to a brochure. Owen listens as she tells him three focus groups can’t be wrong. After, Owen thanks Derek. Later, Derek is going to pose for photos and invites Shane along. He declines to go learn something real.

In the ambulance, Matthew stops kissing April and tells her he doesn’t want to do this anymore – he wants to take her on a date. He wants to see her in clothes…not in scrubs, though she looks great in scrubs. April grins.


Watch Grey Anatomy – The Face Of Change Online S09E14

Grey Anatomy - The Face Of Change
At Seattle Grace, Cahill is subjecting Alex to a photo session. He doesn’t want to be the ‘mascot’ of the hospital. She says it’s an ‘ambassador’. He leaves.

At home, Alex is with Jo – they see Jackson making out with Stephanie on the sofa and hear Owen and Christina having sex upstairs. They start making loud jungle noises. Jackson and Stephanie come to see what’s going on. Jo and Alex laugh.

In the changeroom, Christina tells Alex to have sex with Jo. April appears and asks what happened to old-fashioned romance. They all stare at her as she rambles on. April leaves and joins the hot paramedic, Matthew, in his ambulance. He says she seems ‘off’. April tells him the night shift was endless with no traumas. He gets a call and asks her to come along.

At the nurses station, the photographer is following Alex and Stephanie as they work. Alex gets fed up. He enters a room to find Jackson being photographed with a patient – for the same ambassador thing. Once the transgender patient’s surgery is explained, Alex makes the photographers leave. Alex, Jackson, Stephanie, and Jo meet Meredith and Christina by the nurses station. Mer complains that the new tablet Cahill’s making her use is deleting patient’s names. Cahill goes by with her tour group.


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Watch Greys Anatomy – Bad Blood Online S09E12

Greys Anatomy - Bad Blood
So the good news is that this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was an improvement over last week. The bad news is since there was pretty much nowhere to go but up, that’s not saying much. In fairness “Bad Blood” wasn’t really all that bad per se, but it had no spark, let alone fire. For a drama known for mixing business with pleasure, the lack of personal shenanigans this week seemed downright odd and the show’s trademark sense of humor was also largely absent (Miranda Bailey notwithstanding).

Some of the medicine was compelling and I do love it when Drs. Yang and Hunt get to be their badass cardio and trauma surgeon selves, but overall the show felt sluggish. This whole “Will Seattle Grace Survive in the Wake of the Plane Crash Lawsuit” plot has gone on far too long and that in turn is affecting the pacing of the entire show. Memo to the writers: Wrap up and move on…STAT!

Dr. Cahill has been hard at work overhauling procedures and protocols hospital-wide. To that end an expert has been called in to work with the general surgeons (i.e. Richard, Miranda, and Meredith) about a method of streamlining hernia surgeries. The only good to come out of this subplot was Miranda’s pithy lines (e.g. “Tributes, may the odds be ever in your favor,” and “You’re going to choke, Grey. You’ll choke and die, and I will dance and sing!”) and Richard managing to fluster the trainer so thoroughly that he inadvertently revealed that efficiency is valued more than people.

In tangentially-related news, Meredith left the training in a tizzy because she felt a flutter and just knew something was wrong with her pregnancy. Um, Meredith, you’re a doctor, right? That’s your baby kicking, sweetie. Deep breaths. Things are fine.


Watch Greys Anatomy – Walking on a Dream Online S09E12

Greys Anatomy - Walking on a Dream
When last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy — titled “Walking On a Dream” — began with a leg-related nightmare for Arizona, I started an internal protest. “Ugh!” I thought to myself. “More on this damn leg?!” And then when I really thought about it a bit, I realized I wasn’t being very fair. The truth is, the continued focus on Arizona’s missing limb was warranted. The saga is dominating her life — and, by proxy, the show — and it’d be the same for me if I had gone through what she has gone through.

So, after I got into that mindset, I found last night’s episode to be rather fascinating — especially the whole phantom limb syndrome thing. That has to be just the weirdest thing! “Patients who undergo amputation often feel sensation where the missing limb was, as if it’s still there,” Meredith explained in her episode-opening monologue, while we watched Arizona run around with both legs and then watch one of them shatter dramatically in a dream.

“The syndrome is called phantom limb. It’s as if the body can’t accept that a terrible trauma has occurred. The mind is trying to make the body complete again. Patients who experience phantom limb report many different sensations, but by far the most common is…pain.”

It seemed that every realm of Arizona’s life was being affected by still feeling pain in her leg — whether she was in bed sleeping or in the OR doing surgery, she was thinking about her leg. And, as a means of preserving the good place she’s gotten to with Callie in her marriage, she was keeping all the trouble to herself. Well, mostly — she did share her problem with Owen, who was doing his best to help her. “I probably look as crazy as a bag of cats,” she told the chief, after she stepped out of a surgery where she was having leg issues. “I’m going crazy.” But Owen assured her that it was a very real problem — and very fixable.


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Watch Grey Anatomy – Things We Said Today Online S09E10

Grey Anatomy - Things We Said Today
After a several week hiatus Grey’s Anatomy returns tonight’s with a new episode called “Things We Said Today”. On tonight’s show Bailey’s wedding day continues to be in jeopardy. If you missed last week’s episode we have a full and detailed recap here for you.

On last week’s show as the rest of the doctors prepared for Bailey’s wedding, Richard helped her through a bout of pre-wedding jitters. Meanwhile, Lizzie butted heads with Meredith, and Callie and Jackson tried to convince Derek to participate in a risky surgery that could fix his hand.

Owen and Christina are paged to where traumas are coming in – a group of bikers crashed. Owen is forced to get tough with a biker mama who acts hostile. A guy who is a biker hanger-on has suffered serious arm injuries. Jackson takes him upstairs leaving April with Shane. Their patient tells Shane that April’s into him. Shane’s convinced after she gets close showing him a stitch. Christina tells biker mama she has fluid on her heart. She refuses an operation until she sees Stewart, the hanger-on.

Meredith arrives at the hospital as Richard is yelling at the man from the nursing home. Meredith separates them and goes to find Bailey. Meredith assures Bailey the wedding wasn’t called off. They take Adele into surgery. Richard watches in the gallery. He tells an intern that Adele’s condition could have been caught sooner – he feels guilty. Richard makes a suggestion that works. After, Bailey tells Richard his help saved Adele. He and Meredith urge Bailey to go. Adele awakens and recognizes Richard.


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