Watch Law and Order: SVU – Beautiful Frame Online S14E11

Law and Order: SVU - Beautiful Frame
A woman leaves her son with a babysitter and drives off to a boyfriend’s house. But when she gets there, it’s to find him shot dead. Then, thanks to concerned calls from neighbors, the police arrive and arrest her for murdering him.

Her name is Jesse, and she’s a rape victim who worked with the SVU in a difficult case. She passed out at a club and could barely recall the details of her own rape before being taken home- rather forcibly- by Tommy, that now deceased significant other.

Jesse had been seeing another man, Michael, who claimed that he had only picked her up and dropped her off again outside the club. She, however, claims her raped her. However, she also made up another story before getting to that point. Besides this, Michael is a CI with ties to the lawyer now prosecuting Jesse. Barba knows they have a lot before them, especially with the details of the original rape case, but rallies all the detectives anyway.

Michael is a married man, which Jesse didn’t know until the middle of their night together. She tried to say no, and he ignored her. But he maintained that Tommy, who was abusive, was more likely to have done the damage. Now, the opposing DA wastes no time in taking Jesse to the stand and in getting the judge to have her locked up with a bail that she can’t pay. She’s dragged away asking what’s going to happen to her son, and begging Olivia for help.


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Watch Law and Order: SVU – Presumed Guilty Online S14E10

Law and Order: SVU - Presumed Guilty
There’s something sad about a Christmas episode that airs after Christmas. This week’s episode of Law and Order: SVU, “Presumed Guilty” was chock full of the holiday spirit (if your holiday includes attempted murder and child molestation), but had the misfortune of airing in the new year. Now I’m usually all for extending the season, but what was stopping the network from airing this two weeks ago?

That being said, the episode was?well?pretty predictable with only a marginally interesting twist involving Finn’s ex-con ex-brother-in-law who was mistakenly arrested after coming to the priest’s aid and kept locked up far too long thanks to a truly d-bag ADA. Let’s hope we don’t see that particular ADA again?or, if we do, that he is somehow involved in next week’s promised conspiracy plot. By the way, didn’t they do that in a big way at the beginning of the year?

A priest was beat up by the brother of a girl who was molested by another priest. The first priest was covering up the crime not so much because of his vows, but because he’d already broken them and fathered a child with an adult parishioner, and the molester priest knew about it. In the end, the abuse victim shot and killed the man who had raped her and forced her to abort her baby right before Amaro could arrest him. Don’t they always?

This sort of mistaken identity plot has been done over and over on SVU. I’m really surprised when it doesn’t surprise me to find out that the accused is actually innocent. I even figured out that the little girl he was hugging when he was attacked was his secret daughter, right around the time they said she was nine and he’d left the parish ten years earlier. I’m like a bloodhound when it comes to pregnancies and secret babies; I think it’s all the romance novels I read.


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Watch Law and Order: SVU – Lessons Learned Online S14E08

Law and Order: SVU - Lessons Learned
I struggled to figure out how I felt about “Lessons Learned” last week’s episode of Law and Order: SVU. It wasn’t a bad episode. But neither is it one that stands out as something to be remembered at the end of the year. The plot was so-so; the message seemed a little dated, like it would have been far more relevant a few years back when the Catholic church scandals were breaking out all over the place.

I’m not saying that the systemic concealment of multiple acts of child molestation can ever have an expiration date, and I think they did try to bring a fresh angle to it, but I just didn’t connect with the case or the victims.

Basically, a retired teacher killed himself after receiving a letter from a man he abused as a child at a prestigious prep school. The investigation into the suicide led SVU to uncover a wide-spread abuse dating back thirty, even forty years, not to mention a school board that was so concerned with image that it looked the other way while dozens of boys were molested.

The twist that the episode tried to portray was the inclusion of a teacher who truly didn’t realize that sleeping with his older students was a bad thing. True, his abusees were 17 or 18 and they looked back on their relationship with him as a loving awakening of their sexuality, but he was lumped right in with the child molesters, and he was totally confounded by the potential consequences of his actions.


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Watch Law and Order: SVU – Lessons Learned Online S14E08

Law and Order: SVU - Lessons Learned
Happy Thanksgiving Eve, Americans! At you prepare for a frenzy of cooking, eating, and possibly standing outside stores waiting for Black Friday, get into the spirit of season with the SVU squad when?actually, you should probably just avoid this episode.

An elderly man comes into the precinct, but Nick is too busy to talk to him right away. The office is chaotic and the man leaves. He kills himself that night. In his apartment is a letter he brought with him earlier from someone accusing him of abuse.

The man was a Harold Lassiter, an English teacher at a private school. The letter was written by “Curt”, a former student the detectives must hunt down. A different pupil of Lassiter’s confirms that he was, in his words, “touchy-feely”, and points them in the direction of the drama club. Sure enough, Lassiter was a drama teacher in the past, and abused Curt, who fell apart after once dreaming of stardom. Olivia and Nick lean on him to reveal other victims.

They follow him to a therapy group and persuade some of the others there to speak out again in the wake of Lassiter’s death. One guy, Nathan, scoffs angrily at the rest and walks out, but multiple men provide details of what professors did to them when they were kids. That’s “professors” plural, as in more than one. The good news, if there is any, is that Lassiter’s death is confirmed as a suicide, so nobody has to worry about a murder charge.


Watch Law and Order SVU – Lost Traveler Online S13E09

Lost Traveler

Law and Order SVU - Lost TravelerIn the newest episode of NBC’s Law & Order: SVU, Benson and Amaro interview the distraught parents of a missing Romani child who disappeared on his way home from school, who are distrustful of the police. The initial investigation leads Fin and Rollins to the powerful leader of the Romani community, but he denies any involvement. The family remains hopeful their boy will be found, especially after they discover his cell phone is still active. With the help of a new TARU tech and a meddling newspaper reporter, the detectives narrow the perpetrators to a mentally challenged neighbor, throwing the tight-knit Romani community into turmoil.

The seriousness of the episode was broken by the appearance of TARU Tech Leo Gerber, played by Gilbert Gottfried. While I find Gottfried a humorous person,  this was a casting misstep, one that rivals the casting of Noel Fisher as the equally annoying TARU Tech and murderer Dale Stuckey. Gottfried’s voice is grating (it works very well when he is doing humor) and it made his acting abilities even worse. This is one character that I am not looking forward to seeing again. In Gottfried’s defense, he gave them what they seemed to have wanted; he can’t help it that someone tried to write in a lame comedy interlude into this otherwise serious episode. Casting does get extra points for bringing in former cast member Dean Winters’ brother Scott to play a smarmy detective.

Olivia and Nick are called in by a cop who is very unsympathetic toward Nikko and his “gypsy” parents. The parents say their son was something of a loner. His teacher backs this up, but fellow students aren’t too sympathetic. The father, Thomas, was charged in an altercation with a coworker, but the lead eventually brings a man named Rombaro into focus. Nikko’s parents had been paying him, but stopped shortly before the kidnapping. He’s an interesting character, but claims he couldn’t harm Nikko.


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