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Mad Men

Watch Mad Men – The Phantom Online S05E13

The Phantom

Mad Men - The Phantom Online S05E13It’s a pleasure to watch a show that carries itself with confidence down to the smallest gesture. Mad Men proved that it was that kind of show throughout season five. And it proved it again in its finale, “The Phantom” set in April, 1967, months after senior partner Pryce hanged himself in shame after getting caught stealing company funds.

“The Phantom” concludes on a pretty blonde, on her friend’s behalf, asking Don if he’s alone. Now, Don just walked away from a commercial shoot he was able to get his wife a part in. The part could change Megan’s fortunes. Don feared what acting would do to his marriage with her. Don’s never been happier than he’s been with Megan. Don’s contentment hurt his work, though he’s recovered from the malaise. No one’s actually happy in the season finale of season five. Well, Peggy’s happy, but she may be written out of the show because she’s happy. Pete’s miserable; Don’s basically miserable; Megan was miserable until Don got her the commercial part; Ginsberg and Stan are miserable after a company rejects their pitch because of the word ‘cheap’; Joan’s more sad than miserable, unable to celebrate the firm’s good fortune because the firm’s good fortune came from death benefits from Lane’s suicide.

I’ve taken issue with the season here and there — questioning, for instance, whether Joan’s decision felt natural, or like something where Weiner came up with the end-point and reverse-engineered the rest — but have for the most part applauded the formal boldness of it. Some of the most memorable scenes and moments of the series’ run occurred over these last three months, and I look forward to revisiting many of them during the long break before season 6. And, I’ll be honest: as someone who has had/chosen to stay up late each Sunday to write these reviews, I haven’t exactly minded that the themes have been more overt than in previous seasons. It’s all fine and dandy for the meaning to be hidden when I’ve got days and days to dig, but when 2 in the morning is staring me in the face, it’s a relief to be able to say, “Oh, the codfish is a metaphor for disappointment!”


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Watch Mad Men – Commissions and Fees Online S05E12

Commissions and Fees

Mad Men - Commissions and FeesDon was wrong. About a third of the way into “Commissions and Fees” Don tells Lane that he’ll get over getting quietly sacked from Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce over the “13-day loan” he finagled for himself. “The next thing will be better because it always is,” Don tells Lane, distraught after realizing that Don isn’t going to change his mind about forcing his resignation. “I’ve started over a lot, Lane. This is the worst part.”

In private, Don gives Lane the chance to confess, then he demands his resignation. Lane promises to make good on the money by Easter and maybe pull his son Nigel out of school. He fears losing his visa, and the shame of returning to England a failure. All desperation is lost on Don, who gives him the weekend to think of an “elegant exit” plan to tell the partners. Don confides in Megan about it.

Don will blame himself, you can already see that. He has shame and remorse all over his face when he hears the news. Last week, Joan touched him kindly and said, “You’re a good one.” It’s likely he married Megan because she believed he was good, but it’s the one thing he never believes of himself. He often does terrible things, but Megan was right in Tomorrowland, he always tries to do better.


Watch Mad Men – The Other Woman Online S05E11

The Other Woman

Mad Men - The Other Woman S05E11Mad Men’s latest episode, ‘The Other Woman’ perhaps is the most disturbing episode to air in the fifth season of the show. The Other Woman (Season 5, Episode 11) on May 27 displays a chauvinistic attitude when it comes to Joan almost on the level of sexual harassment.

In an act of desperation, Pete and others offer to pay Joan to entertain the gentleman for the evening. And although Don, Roger, and Bert orginally dislike the idea, everyone but Don is on board. In fact, Don’s continued fondness for Joan appears when Don warns her not to go through with it. Don suddenly a man of integtity you say? Never. But while he’s fighting with Megan so much, he might as well protect the honor of Joan. But it was too little too late.

Of course, none of the other partners know that Lane has already extended their credit in a failed attempt to alleviate some of his own personal debt. Therefore, he convinces Joan to demand a voting partnership instead, which will instead give her a much bigger share of the company’s profits and help her provide for her son.

But Peggy doesn’t take Don’s money then, nor does she when he tries to keep her by his side by topping Teddy’s offer. When Don tries to ask for a number, she says there is no number, whereas when Pete tries to pimp out Joan, she simply tells him she costs more than he could afford, then agrees when Lane comes up with a reward she can stomach.


Watch Mad Men – Christmas Waltz Online S05E10

Christmas Waltz

Mad Men - Christmas WaltzRead on for your in-depth recap of everything you need to know about ‘Mad Men’ episode ten “Christmas Waltz!” When Sunday night’s episode opens, it’s December 7, the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, a fact which only stuck-in-the-past Roger seems to realize. “Show some respect,” he demands, even if he only half-means it. Pearl Harbor, unlike the Holocaust (hence Peggy’s bafflement at the idea that her co-worker could have been born in a concentration camp), was widely splashed across every newspaper and radio broadcast on the planet.

The Christmas Waltz pares down Christmas to what it perceives to its core: cheap imagery, vapid sentiment and loneliness. The singer views the scene from the outside looking in. The surroundings, intended to spark inward cheer, are just surroundings. There’s no romance. There’s no depth. Sort of like an impressionist painting, the song (“and this song of mine in three-quarter time”) acknowledges its own artificiality. This episode, similarly, deals with appearances and deception.

Let’s look back at what happens. Lane is informed by his attorney in England that he owes a crapload of back taxes. Lane panics and resorts to desperate measures. He gets SCDP’s bank manager to extend $50,000 in credit, then tells the execs that a $50,000 surplus should allow for Christmas bonuses.

It sounds fine at first, until Mohawk experiences some troubles and puts a hold on the account. The execs agree to forego their bonuses so the rest of the staff will get theirs. Lane also forges a check made out to him and signed by Don. He seems destined for trouble.


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