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Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy, aka SAMCRO, is a motorcycle club that operates both illegal and legal businesses in the small town of Charming. They combine gun-running and a garage, plus involvement in porn film. Clay, the president, likes it old school and violent; while Jax, his stepson and the club’s VP, has thoughts about changing the way things are, based on his dead father’s journal. Their conflict has effects on both the club and their personal relationships.

Watch Online Sons of Anarchy: Black Widower (S07E01)

Sons of Anarchy - Black Widower

In the wake of Tara’s death, Jax makes vengeance a club priority.

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Watch Sons of Anarchy – J’ai Obtenu Cette Online S05E13

Sons of Anarchy - J'ai Obtenu Cette
Tara finds out about Otto, and him biting off his own tongue will not only make his Thanksgiving dinner difficult to enjoy, but also gets Tara off the hook. The lawyer gets Tara to sign the paperwork, and she’s oddly matter-of-fact about the legal documents.

Juice finishes moving Clay out, and Clay says he knows it was him who found the legal paperwork in his vent. Clay says he understands Juice didn’t have a choice, and Juice says he’s sorry. Clay says to just let it go, and he loves him. Juice gets nervous and tells Clay to leave now, but there’s a knock at the door. Roosevelt shows up with Clay’s gun, and asks him where he was this afternoon. Clay says he was at his house and Gemma can vouch for him, but she says he went out for a while, and said he had to “settle up some accounts before he left.” A stunned Clay gets handcuffed and taken away for Pope’s murder.

August tells Jax Clay’s prints were on the gun, and Jax says Clay blamed Pope for getting him thrown out of the club. August says this all fit together nicely for Jax, with the man who had his best friend killed getting murdered by the man Jax hates the most, who in turn will be as good as dead once August puts the bounty on his head. August says they’re going to look into Pope’s death, and if they disagree with the police, he might put the bounty on more than one man. Jax says that makes sense, and tells him he’s looking forward to working with him. He extends his hand, and August thinks for a moment before shaking it. Jax rides off and August goes to one of his men.

August: Bounty’s on Clay Morrow. I want him dead before his hearing.


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Watch Sons of Anarchy – Darthy Online S05E12

Sons of Anarchy - Darthy
Jax tells the Sons to warn everybody, because Galen is going to try and hurt them. He calls Juice, who’s with Clay, and gives him some instructions.

Nero is talking with some of his men, including one played by Dave Navarro. Gemma comes to ask if Nero can have his doctor client look at Clay. She tells him what happened.

Juice is helping Clay get his things together, and Clay offers Juice some of his old club things. Tig comes to get both of them, since the club is in lockdown. Juice takes Clay’s pistol with him.

Jax and Chibs go to the hospital, and Jax sees Wendy with Abel. He takes him, and tells Wendy to meet him outside. There’s a tall man following them, though, and he grabs Wendy before they can talk.


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Watch Sons of Anarchy – To Thine Own Self Online S05E11

Sons of Anarchy - To Thine Own Self
Sons of Anarchy clocked in with another 90-minute episode tonight, and because I was fortunate enough to have a press screener, I didn’t have to sit through 30 minutes of commercials. Phew. Normally viewers can expect 22 minutes of TV per half-hour, but tonight’s episode registered an hour in total, meaning we were shorted six minutes from the standard rate. I don’t think anyone is really going to complain since SoA Season 5 has mostly been excellent, but a common trend has emerged in these extended episodes over the last two weeks.

More Sons of Anarchy doesn’t always mean better Sons of Anarchy, and between tonight’s “To Thine Own Self” and last week’s “Crucifixed,” much of the additional time has been spent on the trickling down of the club’s secrets and lies to various members, with everybody’s dirty laundry getting aired. Is this the series realizing that it has so much more to cover and fewer episodes than it thought so it’s scrambling to squeeze it all in? Maybe. Is it as fun as the rocket-launcher fight that helped swell last year’s “Call of Duty” to an hour and a half? Probably not. But these scenes are incredibly important to the season.

Personally, I don’t mind watching the dissemination of information, because things get more and more dangerous for everyone, and that’s Kurt Sutter’s style (it also helps me remember WTF is going on). And “To Thine Own Self” appeared to be the final game of Information Telephone, because pretty much everyone knows everything now. Clay knows that Jax knows that Clay knows, and Jax knows that Clay knows that Jax knows. Gemma knows, Romeo and Luis know, and everyone who wears a patch that didn’t know before knows now.

But like “Crucifixed,” much of “To Thine Own Self” consisted of dotting and crossing letters that needed to be dotted and crossed to get us to the point where everyone knows everything and everything is on the table. And because the club is so disciplined under Jax (who shows the least discipline of all of SAMCRO’s members even though he’s the president), the knowledge of Clay’s workings and Jax’s plans were met with exclamations of “Oh Shit!” and understanding nods rather than the hot-headed trigger-pulling that set the first half of the season on fire. Things have actually calmed down in the second half of the season, but I don’t expect them to stay that way.


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Watch Sons of Anarchy – Crucifixed Online S05E10

Sons of Anarchy - Crucifixed

Jax is getting a little too cocky and Clay is getting a little too comfortable. And that’s “Crucifixed” in a nutshell.

This was one of the show’s annual epic installments, running a full 90 minutes on FX including commercials. And while there was plenty of action, when all is said and done it still feels like we’re in a bit of a holding pattern, or maybe just setting the table for the season finale.

The most memorable event in “Crucifixed” was its namesake incident: Otto’s brutal murder-by-crucifix of poor Nurse Pam. And it’s possible that the fallout from those bloody few seconds will be one of the biggest turning points of the season. I think we can debate the wisdom of Tara sneaking in anything sharp for Otto to handle — no matter how much the two have bonded and no matter how vaguely connected the item is to LuAnn, this was a stupid move — but she did it, so the really important stuff will be what happens next.

Whether or not Tara winds up in jail as an accessory to murder, I’d like to believe that her thoughts about the club and Jax will never be quite the same. When Jax tries to reassure her — “We’re gonna get through this, like we do everything else” — Tara’s response is telling: “That’s what scares me the most.” After all the crazy crap she’s been through, it should.


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Watch Sons of Anarchy – Andare Pescare Online S05E09

Sons of Anarchy - Andare Pescare Online S05E09 As always, this review will contain spoilers for the latest episode of “Sons of Anarchy.” So don’t read on unless you’ve already seen “Andare Pescare.”

We gather this week to mourn the loss of Frankie Diamonds (Chuck Zito), the last of the Nomads. Actually, no we don’t. Frankie was a very underdeveloped character who didn’t seem to exist as anything more than an extension of Clay’s will. On his own, Frankie was pretty uninteresting.

Now, if Frankie had pulled the trigger on Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) in the previous episode, there would have been a bigger emotional payoff to seeing SAMCRO get their revenge on him. But instead, Frankie’s demise comes out of the blue from a mobster and not from Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam), Sheriff Eli Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar) or even Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman).

The shoot out at the cabin between Frankie, Clay and Juice (Theo Rossi) was an impressive sequence, but that ending really fizzled. Obviously the mobster would be angered after seeing that Frankie killed his friend and associate. But that writing choice just felt like another cheap way to avoid exposing Clay’s crimes to the rest of SAMCRO.

I would be enjoying the current storylines for Clay and Juice a lot more if I thought that Kurt Sutter and company were going to really see them through this time. Yes, killing off Opie earlier this season was a bold and compelling move. But we’ve been down this road with both Juice and Clay in the previous season; when the intensity level was even higher than it is now. I also had a lot more empathy for Juice back then.


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Watch Sons of Anarchy – Ablation Online S05E08

Sons of Anarchy - Ablation Online S05E08 Man, I fucking love when Sons of Anarchy is in mid-season, coasting at an exhilaratingly high speed of drama and badassery. “Bonds are broken and alliances are tested,” is the foreign-to-spoilers episode description on DirecTV, and it could very well be the description for every episode this season. When the stakes get this high for a TV show’s characters, the latter half of many series’ seasons fail to live up to their potential. Sons is so good, however, that there were at least five minutes in “Ablation” were characters relaying already-known exposition to other characters, but each case was nearly as exciting as finding out the information ourselves. Everybody in SAMCRO knows almost everyone else’s dark secrets at this point. You could cut the tension with a knife recently removed from someone else’s back.

Once at the cabin, Jax cuts off the guy’s hands so he can give one to Unser and one to Pope, you know, so they can ID the guy. Reasonable, right? Anyway around this time, Tara gets a phone call about Abel and Thomas, so the two are off to see what happened.

Clay, of course, was trying to pin the accident on Pope. But that wasn’t much of a plan. The heat was inevitably going to come back around on him, and it did when Jax, Chibs and Bobby caught up with Frankie Diamonds holding a gun on Lyla at Nero’s place. Frankie confirmed for Jax that Clay was behind the home invasions, and Jax assumed that meant Clay sent someone after Gemma and the boys as well. (And why not, after everything Clay’s done in the past?)

At the hospital, as Tara and Jax watched Abel in surgery to reverse his irregular heartbeat and wondered if Gemma had been high or drunk, Clay tried to comfort an inconsolable Gemma in her room. You knew Clay would seize the opportunity to help his Blame Pope campaign by telling Jax that Gemma had been run off the road by a van at the same time Jax and Chibs were under fire. Clay told Gemma he couldn’t bear to have Jax hate her, too, and he, of course, knew she’d go along with his story so Jax wouldn’t keep her away from the kids. (Notice Gemma called them “my babies,” too). Unser determined the dead guy, Charles Turner, had no ties to Pope; Pope gave Jax the same name.


Watch Sons of Anarchy – Toad’s Wild Ride Online S05E07

Sons of Anarchy - Toad's Wild Ride Online S05E07 ‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 rides again with its seventh episode of the year, “Toad’s Wild Ride,” as Jax uncovers the source of the home invasions and Unser is placed in a deadly situation, while the club tracks a con man (‘Community‘s Joel McHale) that ripped off Gemma.

Clay is in full damage-control mode with his Nomad flunkies, telling them there is DNA evidence that will link them to the home invasions and the murder of Roosevelt’s wife. Frankie (Chuck Zito, who you just knew was going to be a bigger presence at some point) reveals to the audience that Clay has been using the Nomads to sow dissent among the Sons and turn public opinion against them in an effort to regain his seat at the head of the table. For their help, they would get a piece of the gun and drug money. Frankie asks what the next move is, and Clay tells them they need to get out of town. Part of the pressure is also coming from Unser snooping around.

While Clay and Unser are slowly approaching a “there can be only one” moment, Gemma and Jax’s might already be here, maybe as soon as next week. Gemma’s complete unraveling has been a pleasure to watch this season (and well acted by SOA elder stateswoman Katey Sagal), and to see Jax and Tara finally give her a little trust and love just as she makes her biggest mistake of the season is just painful. Jax gave her the car back, Tara gave her their children, and now both of them may have accidentally played a role in a child’s death.

It was a brutal turn, especially after she and Jax finally had a breakthrough. “I made you make up for the love he couldn’t give me anymore. I’m sorry that I’ve always been too much,” Gemma said in her confessional/apology, opening up completely about how she’s treated Jax since his brother died. “When he died, I felt so bad,” Jax admitted. “It wasn’t because he was dead, it was because I’d have you all to myself. I knew how wrong that was. I love you mom. We’re gonna get through all this, I promise.”

Although I loved how rattled Greg, GoGo and Frankie were by Unser and Jax’s visits, it didn’t seem like the smartest move to tip off the Nomads that they were on to them. And in fact, it seemed like my reservations would be proven right and that things were going to go badly for Unser once Clay got wind of what was happening. The scene with Clay and Unser in Unser’s trailer was a winner; I loved how nonchalant Unser was about having a gun on Clay right from the beginning. Both Ron Perlman and Dayton Callie brought out the tension while making everything appear calm on the surface. It takes a lot to unsettle those two guys.


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Watch Sons of Anarchy – Small World Online S05E06

Sons of Anarchy - Small World Online S05E06 ‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 rides again with its sixth episode of the year, “Small World,” as Jax enters into yet another new business venture with Damon Pope, as Nero and Gemma find themselves in a deadly situation and the truth of the mysterious home invasions is revealed.

Jax heads up to Oakland for a meeting with Damon Pope. He asks Pope again if he knows anything about the home invasions, but he assures Jax that none of his crew are responsible. Jax seems to trust Pope, because he asks him for help in finding out who is behind the attacks. As Jax is handing over the $50,000 from their last coke run, Pope gives it right back to him with a counteroffer. Pope wants the Sons to double their haul and Pope will give the Sons an extra hundred grand for the run, as well as two percent of the profits straight to Jax.

“Small World” was a bit of a clean-up episode that closed the chapter on the first half of Season 5 and introduced the second half by putting things in place and tying up old threads. We all knew Clay was up to something, especially with the pathetic puppy dog routine he kept on putting on, and I for one am SUPER GLAD to have him back. Pope wasn’t doing it for me as a villain, especially since he wants to get in bed with SAMCRO. Clay is probably setting SAMCRO up from the inside by staging break-ins pointing toward the club, preparing to blow it up so he can climb back into the president’s seat. I know we’re supposed to hate the guy, but I applauded the man when he lied to Juice and said his doctor’s visit was “not good,” even after the doc said he didn’t need his Oxygen anymore.

Although Unser had been Gemma’s go-to person for a lot of her previous messes, he had clearly had enough in this episode, which meant that Gemma had to turn to Clay for help with the clean-up. When she finally got in touch with Unser, his simmering jealousy finally came out in the form of a lecture. While his speech was a good one, I would have preferred it a few weeks ago when Gemma was busy stirring up all kinds of trouble. For it to come in this episode, when she was actually trying to be helpful to Tara instead of destructive, felt like a missed opportunity.

SOA S05E06: Small World Full Episode

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Watch Sons of Anarchy – Orca Shrugged Online S05E05

Sons of Anarchy - Orca Shrugged Online S05E05 ‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 rides again with its fifth episode of the year, “Orca Shrugged,” as the club makes a bold blackmail gambit to get themselves in the companion business with Nero, Jacob Hale Jr. (and a very special cameo!), while Gemma and Tara bond over the difficulties of life in SAMCRO.

“Orca Shrugged” had some of the world change I expected after Opie’s death and the events of the Season 4 Finale. Jax is clearly drawing lines between his reign and Clay’s. He’s still seemingly lost in his private moments after Opie’s death, maybe even more appreciative of simple joys like a sleeping Tara than he ever has before. He’s also unhinged enough to brawl with an Irish shot caller over a minor insult.

Sons of Anarchy has been dragging a few stories for a while now, so when Jax said the gun deal with the Irish was going to go down, all I could do was scream, “FINALLY!” The show has a tendency to treat its plots like a buffet, loading up its plate with hanging threads before it even comes close to finishing what it picked up during its last trip. Do you really need French fries when you haven’t finished your mashed potatoes? To SoA’s credit, it’s been able to stay more focused this season and has juggled stories with more clarity, but any time a plot moves closer to its end, it feels like an accomplishment—especially when new ideas are constantly being piled on.

Opie’s death woke everyone up to something that many had been in denial about, and solidified an alliance among Jax, Chibs, Bobby and Tig to promote less violence and “eye for an eye” thinking, and more low-key dealings. SAMCRO still has to finish up with their obligations to Galindo and the Irish, but as soon as they do, they can just focus on things that are pink, wet, and taste like sunshine (Italian ice cream, obviously).

This whole scene was funny, especially Tig’s reactions and how perfect Goggins was as Venus, but I felt that they dragged it on too long, especially when they brought Alan’s stepson into the equation and had to blackmail him. Putting an end to it was Alan waking up and biting Tig in the butt. Overall the scene was equally strange and intriguing. I mean, how did they get his chest to look so real? Is that a strange thought to have? It was a good cameo and you can read about why Goggins took on the role here.


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