Watch Teen Wolf – Required Reading Online S05E06

Teen Wolf - Required Reading

Scott and his friends decide to take Dr. Valack’s advice and then experience some strange effects as a result.


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Teen Wolf S05E05 stream – A Novel Approach

Teen Wolf - A Novel Approach

In hopes of learning more about the Dread Doctors, the pack goes into Eichen House.


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Teen Wolf S05E04 stream – Condition Terminal

Teen Wolf - Condition Terminal

Stiles attempts to track down a fugitive. Liam works as one of Mason’s wingman at a nightclub.


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Watch Teen Wolf – Dreamcatchers Online S05E03

Teen Wolf - Dreamcatchers

Scott tracks a new shapeshifter that’s threatening Stilinski; and Malia receives information about her mother.


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Watch Teen Wolf – Parasomnia Online S05E02

Teen Wolf - Parasomnia

Stiles is suspicious of a new classmate; and Lydia helps a student with night terrors.


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Watch Teen Wolf – Creatures of the Night Online S05E01

Teen Wolf - Creatures of the Night

On the eve of Senior Year, Scott and his friends find themselves facing the possibility of a future without each other, a next phase of their lives that might take them in different directions despite their best intentions. Little do they know that outside forces are already plotting to break the pack apart long before they ever see graduation. New villains that use a combination of science and the supernatural for a malevolent and mysterious purpose that will eventually pit Scott and his friends against their greatest enemy yet.


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Watch Teen Wolf – Battlefield Online S02E11


Teen Wolf - Battlefield Online S02E11 ipad MTVFighting. Existential angst. Shirtlessness. Psychotic rage. Lacrosse. “Battlefield” had it all. Relive it with this Teen Wolf review. Morell, which illustrates the fact that he’s pretty close to a stress induced mental breakdown and acts as a handy recap for the audience. Matt’s body was found, Stiles’ dad got his job back for uncovering Matt as the killer, the fact that almost drowning when you’re nine is not a good reason to go on a killing spree is acknowledged, Allison still isn’t talking to Scott because of her all consuming rage, Scott’s mom still isn’t talking to him because of his wolfish tendencies, Boyd, Erica, and Issac are missing, and also there’s a lacrosse game coming up. Someone give Stiles some relaxing breathing exercises.

Stiles himself seems hard-pressed to understand why he’s having this conversation, saying of Matt, “Just because a bunch of dumbasses dragged him into a pool when he couldn’t swim doesn’t give him the right to kill them, one by one.”

Still, that’s a big game, and when Jackson shows up for practice (at the behest of his new master Gerard), it’s a sign for Scott and Stiles to show back up, too, if only to keep an eye on Jackson. Turns out, Gerard’s got quite the potent weapon in Jackson the kanima, and if you thought Scott was in his pocket before, it’s even worse now that Gerard’s got real leverage. All he has to do is speak and the kanima will kill whoever: Scott’s mom, Stiles, Stiles’ dad, Lydia, Danny… you name it, Jackson Lizard can kill them. You see, the kanima is a creature of vengeance, and with Matt’s task incomplete, that leaves Gerard as the most vengeful person in Beacon Hills. Gerard wants Derek Hale dead, and if Scott won’t help voluntarily, Gerard will make him help.

There is panic. There is running and screaming and falling. The lights come back, and Jackson is in the middle of the field, bloody and not breathing. His wounds seem to be self-inflicted. As Melissa and Lydia begin CPR, Sheriff Stilinsky (yep, he got reinstated) realizes Stiles is missing.


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Watch Teen Wolf – Fury Online S02E10


Teen Wolf - Fury Online S02E10Teen Wolf returns to MTV tonight with an all new episode called “Fury”. On tonight’s while following Derek, Allison is lead back to the sheriff’s station, where Stiles, Melissa, Scott, and the Sheriff are also being held hostage.. If you missed last week’s show called ‘Party Guessed’, we have a full and detailed recap here for you.

After revealing that Matt, Allison’s camera stalker, was the one controlling Jackson in his kanima form, the show starts with a flashback to explain a few things. On the night he lent his camera to Jackson, Matt was able to watch whatever Jackson was filming using a phone app. That’s how he saw Jackson begin to change into the kanima, and it was also the night their murder bond was formed. Since Scott and Stiles have figured out that Matt is the one behind all the murders in town, they go to Sheriff Stilinkski in order to turn the police department in Matt’s direction.

Not even a day after her mother died, and her Grandfather is already trying to manipulate her! Allison (Crystal Reed) has never necessarily been a weak character, but whatever fear or weakness she had before is certainly gone. With the death of her mother also came the death of ‘nice’ Allison. She wants revenge, and it’s quite obvious that she doesn’t care who she hurts to get it. Derek and his pack better watch their backs, there’s a new leader of the hunters.

Matt was traumatized by this event, but he kept his word and told no one, which certainly didn’t help matters. Fast forward to the night he rented Jackson his camera. From his car, he logs into his camera through his smartphone and can see everything the camera is capturing. What at first looks like a sex tape turns into something far scarier. Jackson, as the kanima, creeps outside and approaches Matt in the car. He is terrified at first, but the two hold their hands up to one another, the window the only barrier.


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Watch Teen Wolf – Restraint Online S02E07


Teen Wolf - Restraint Online S02E07Tonight’s “Teen Wolf” was titled “Restraint.” But, the over the top weird, scary, horrifying teen drama was anything but. Tonight Stiles and Scott found themselves on the receiving end of a restraining order filed by Jackson’s dad. But Jackson’s family is falling apart at the seams, and so is Jackson’s sanity. Tonight he turned into the Kanima and almost killed more people, but may have already taken at least one victim, not to mention, Lydia came in contact with her dreamy boyfriend who turns out not to be what he seems either.

In the Sheriff’s office, Scott and Stiles are talking to Allison on speakerphone. Allison says that Jackson probably doesn’t know that someone is controlling him. They speculate that his transformation into the kanima causes a fugue state that causes Jackson to forget his actions.

Shame that, apparently, Jackson’s family decided to take out a restraining order against ‘kidnappers’ Scott and Stiles, which would make the whole discussion thing a little difficult. The McCall Mother and Stilinski Father chew out their respective children, Scott landing a grounding and the Sheriff obviously too soft-hearted to actually give Stiles more than a talking to.

During this short time, Erica reveals that Jackson’s parents died in a car crash a few days before Jackson was born (obviously false information somewhere), Jackson has a snake come out of his eye, he tears apart the whole library, temporarily paralyzes Matt and Erica, and threatens the scooby gang… And this is why teachers should be required to stay during detention hours. We’re still no closer to determining who the Kanima’s master is, nor do we have any clue about Jackson’s real parents. All I can link together is, his parents were murdered, and I’m guessing Allison’s grandfather had something to do with it… And their death had to be covered up somehow to have false information… My guess? Jackson’s real parents tried to cover up his supernatural history, so the same fate wouldn’t happen to him. There’s definitely more to the story, but I guess only time will tell.


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Watch Teen Wolf – Frenemy Online S02E06


Teen Wolf - Frenemy Online S02E06So we have gone from who is the Kenima to where is he going to who is his master! For Scott it’s been one hell of a week and that’s saying a lot for our teenage wolf. There is no room for build up after last week’s episode and we are thrown right into the action with Derek chasing down the Kenima. Lucky for us Derek catches up to it and we get to see Alpha vs. Kenima. The special effects were a little lacking even for Teen Wolf standards during the fight but what are you going to do this is MTV.

Scott chases after it and ends up meeting up with Stiles outside of a bar, noticing the Kanima sneak inside, Scott assuming that it’s going after Danny. So obviously, they go after it, and realize that they’ve just ended up in a gay club. Go figure. And the Kanima is crawling around on the ceiling, creeping around right over Danny. Obviously, Stiles and Scott try and make sure no one ends up being lizard lunch. This fails, because somehow no one notices a lizard thing creeping through the tightly packed dance floor until people start falling over paralyzed from the stuff’s venom. People including Danny.

Allison mentions that she and her pals are trying to crack a passage in “archaic Latin” that will tell them something about the Kanima. Turns out Lydia can read archaic Latin: “I got bored with classical Latin.” “Just how smart are you?” asks Allison. The answer is, just as book-smart as she has to be to keep this sucker moving uphill, and just as dumb as she has to be in every other way to serve the same purpose by getting into trouble or failing to put two and two together. Lydia and Allison also have a good scene early on, when they’re in a car together but, sadly perhaps, not making out together. Allison urges Lydia, who was present for Jackson’s latest transformation, to not tell anyone what’s happening; Lydia promises that she won’t, and assures Allison that she’ll be really good at that, since she has no idea what’s happening.


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