Alienation Of Affection

The Good Wife - Alienation Of AffectionDavid Lee’s Huntley divorce couple sues them for alienation of affection. It’s an old law on the books. Alicia, Diane and David got served. Will avoids Diane and David Lee is wearing fancy dress. Burl Preston arrives in Will’s office. He is a top Los Angeles lawyer. Will talks to the party they handled the divorce for. April says he is from one of Huntley’s company.

The firm’s future is endangered when a couple, whose divorce was overseen by David Lee (Zach Grenier) two years ago, but has now reconciled, accuses Lockhart/Gardner of deliberately having forced the break up on them for financial gain by liquidating part of the couple’s assets at a loss causing them to lose out on a 44 million dollar windfall. As Lockhart/Gardner is facing a rather ill-timed short-term liquidity problem and practice insurance won’t cover the cost if they lost, the lawsuit soon becomes everyone’s problem when Diane (Christine Baranski) announces to every equity partner that they’re on the hook for 1.2 million dollars each; which of course creates instant tension and stigmatizes David Lee as the bad guy who risks dragging everyone down because of his screw-ups.

It was refreshing to be reminded that Lockhart/Gardner is a multi-million dollar law firm. It employs countless individuals and there’s an enormous amount at stake in their professional lives each week. It’s a fact that is sometimes ignored when Alicia’s love life grows into too much of an emphasis.