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What I Know

The Killing - What I Know Online S02E13Now we know. We finally got the answer to “Who killed Rosie Larsen?” and it was as sad, horrifying, and surprising as you’d expect. I genuinely never entertained the idea that it was someone in the family. After being so irked last year that we didn’t get an answer at the end of the first season, I was happy that before this season even started, TPTB told us we’d have to wait until the end of it for that. That was a tremendously freeing choice.

Previously on The Killing: Linden finds the city hall key card in the tenth floor casino construction site, Holder and Linden walk into the Richmond campaign room, Mitch finds out about the house Stan was planning on buying, Roberta gives Holder and Linden the footage from the broken camera that shows Jamie getting into the elevator, Jamie shows up at the fisherman’s cabin where Richmond waits for him, he wants to know why Jamie lied to him.

So Rosie Larsen died not only because she overheard Jamie’s Indian casino conspiracy talk, but because Aunt Terry was in the car and would rather let what she thought was some random girl drown in a lake than lose out on the chance that Mr. Ames would leave his wife. And before that, Darren Richmond got paralyzed because he had the horrible timing to have been attempting suicide at the exact moment Rosie was killed, making it difficult for a man in his position to offer the cops a convincing alibi. And before that, Bennet Ahmed got beaten half to death(*) because he also couldn’t tell the cops the truth because he was busy trying to save some other, unrelated girl from being ritually circumcised the night that Rosie died.

They waste no time filling us in on what happened to Rosie that night — Jamie admits to Darren that he was meeting with Chief Jackson and Ames that night because they were planting Indian bones on the waterfront so Mayor Adams couldn’t develop there. One of their guys was busted — that’d be Janek’s guy from a few episodes back — resulting in the late night meeting on the casino’s 10th floor. If Adams couldn’t develop the waterfront, then Richmond could take control and allow Chief Jackson to build a new casino there; in turn, the project would give Richmond enough money for future elections. Jamie caught Rosie on the 10th floor, she freaked out and he knocked her unconscious. Fearing she was dead, he took her out to bury her, but she woke up and he had to finish the deed.


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Watch The Killing – Donnie or Marie Online S02E12

Donnie or Marie

The Killing - Donnie or Marie S02E12In “Donnie or Marie” the show whittles the suspect pool down to two candidates: Richmond’s campaign manager Jamie Wright, and Richmond’s campaign adviser/ex-mistress, Gwen Eaton. It’s a “final two” scenario set up by last week’s closing shot, focusing on Gwen and Jamie, unnoticed amidst the crowd of onlookers following Richmond’s campaign speech.

How Linden and Holder do detective work throughout this episode is, they sit around in their car and make up wild theories and then act as if their wild theories are correct, and eventually — because the show is like this — they turn out to be correct. So they get Roberta to admit that Chief Nicole is an abusive lover and breaker-of-bones, and eventually twist her around into giving them this elevator footage that supposedly didn’t exist, which shows who the person is. (Also, it sounds like Roberta wasn’t the one that put up the haunted-tree picture, but whatever. I have a theory about that.*)

Although, technically, I’m not sure why it can’t just be considered the penultimate episode leading into the “real” finale that airs next week, but “Donnie or Marie” pushed viewers towards two possible killers. And, no, the Osmond pair did not special guest star and sing out who the killer was.

Are they the killers, or simply involved, and someone else is in on it. Michael Ames certainly seems to be important again, forgotten for much of the show’s run (he’s been in four episodes before tonight), but important enough to become a major anchor to the whole murder-a-teenage-girl conspiracy… but again, the important conversations that could reveal any tidbits about this happen off-screen or transferred via mind powers between characters in the many long scenes of people just staring at each other, or the conversations we only get one end of.


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Watch The Killing – Bulldog Online S02E11


The Killing - Bulldog Online S02E11Before I get in the bulk of this week’s recap of The Killing, there was a sequence tonight that really bothered me insofar as it might be the silliest, most divorced-from-reality thing that this show has ever done. And that’s saying a lot. As Day 24 of the investigation into Rosie Larsen’s murder begins, the latest daily poll regarding the Seattle Mayoral Election reveals that Richmond got a bump in his numbers, and many on his staff gives credit to the YouTube video of him playing basketball. Jaime is so ecstatic that he says, “If 2% of the people who saw that video online show up at the polls, that’s your deficit right there.”

“Bulldog” is such a mess that the only semblance of control comes from the obvious manipulation of every plot point. Adams gives Richmond until 9 p.m. to resign from the race, as if that were a feasible ultimatum—it would scream bribery or blackmail to a slobbering Seattle press, and it would come after working hours and during trick-or-treat time—and not instead timed to coincide with the climax of an episode structured after the day. The tiresome mobster story is back, making this at least the seventh iteration of the “Once I’m Out” trope in this series alone, and it’s so bizarrely timed that Janek’s clearly just here to complicate the final arc further and to wrap up loose ends so that it all Means Something.

This means that for all intents and purposes, we know nothing about most of the major players on the show, outside of typical ‘evil’ personas. The Mayor sneers, Gwen’s father doesn’t care about child rape (or lack thereof? little confused there), and Gwen and Jamie seem to change their loyalties on a weekly basis. Even the characters that are given motivation – the prettyboy Russian who offs Yanek, the only mob boss who travels by himself – are treated like badly written soap opera characters, who yell out things like “This is for my dad!” before committing murders and such.


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Watch The Killing – 72 Hours Online S02E10

72 Hours

The Killing - 72 Hours Online S02E10The Killing continued to push the seemingly random parts and players of the show closer together this week, revealing the ultimate connection with mob boss Janek, Mayor Adams and Indian Chief Jackson.

There’s a feeling that the end is in sight and with “72 Hours” it’s less like one of “oh, just get it over with and tell us” and more like “let’s bust this case wide open and bring the whole corruption down upon itself.” Or at least Holder would have something more clever to say in regards to the case, but even he is brimming with anticipation to solve it.

But the speed with which Linden acts the mental patient in the primary plot of “72 Hours” weighs on the serious narrative and thematic heft of those sequences. In the moment, as an isolated segment of Linden’s story, “72 Hours” is colossal. As a piece of a whole, it’s a little discordant.

Holder goes to see Regi to see if she can pull some strings, but she says only her psychiatrist can have her released. She knows what Sarah does to herself and says that the last thing she needs is work right now, especially when she finds out Jack’s in Chicago. Holder insists it’s not like last time. He goes down to the waterfront project and call Ray to look into Adams and Ames. Someone broke in the night Rosie was killed.


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