White Collar S06E06 stream – Au Revoir

White Collar - Au Revoir

In order to help Neal carry out a risky heist, Peter must involve himself in a dangerous con.

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Watch Online White Collar: Whack-a-Mole (S06E05)

White Collar - Whack-a-Mole

The Pink Panthers need a huge favor from Neal at very short notice whilst Peter’s family life takes a hit after a colleague is murdered.

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Watch Online White Collar: All’s Fair (S06E04)

White Collar - All's Fair

Neal hasn’t heard from the Panthers in days and he’s worried that either Keller turned on him or Woodford simply decided to cut him out of the deal. Using the algorithm Neal stole for the Panthers, the team is able to determine that the Panthers are targeting something arriving at the San Francisco airport. But without enough time to make it to the West Coast, Peter is forced to pass on the task to the local FBI office. Meanwhile, Mozzie comes face to face with his wife, who he met on a con, married on a whim, and hasn’t seen in five years. She insists that she’s reformed and wants to start a new life (with someone new), but Mozzie isn’t convinced, and asks Neal and Peter for help.

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White Collar S06E03:Uncontrolled Variables

White Collar - Uncontrolled Variables

Neal is conflicted over scamming an innocent mark. Peter is working with an Interpol agent who could ruin their operation.

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Watch Online White Collar: Return to Sender (S06E02)

White Collar - Return to Sender

Peter presents Neal’s deal to his superiors at the FBI: Neal will bring down the Pink Panthers in exchange for his freedom. And this time Neal is making sure there are won’t be any technicalities. The stakes couldn’t be higher for Peter either, as Pillar makes it clear that the bureau is intent on bring down the Panthers and Peter could lose his job if Neal’s plan goes south. When Neal finds out that Keller is now part of the Panthers, Peter wants to call off the mission and simply take Keller down once and for all, but Neal knows that this is his last chance. He can’t trust Keller and can’t figure out why he didn’t sell him out to the Panthers right away, unless Keller needs something from him…

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White Collar S06E01:Borrowed Time

White Collar - Borrowed Time

Peter brings in Rebecca to help locate Neal who’s been held captive, by someone she use to work with.

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Watch White Collar – In The Wind Online S04E16

White Collar - In The Wind
For weeks, plenty of White Collar faithful have asserted two likelihoods: That James is up to something, and that season four, like those before it, would end on a cliffhanger. Those viewers look damn intuitive after “In The Wind.” Then again, White Collar has become increasingly self-referential of late, and tonight’s finale in particular leaves a trail of intimations that history might repeat itself.

There’s Mozzie’s cheeky condition of “no base jumping” while securing the evidence box (a callback to season three’s “Countdown”), not to mention Neal reminding Peter that casing the Empire State Building necessitates “no U-boats” followed by Peter’s reassurance that, “from Kate to the evidence room, it’s all about justice.” Hell, even good ol’ Caffrey alias Nick Holden makes his dashing return for a diversionary faux-proposal to Sara.

In actuality, that was all misdirection, lulling us into a sense of eminent closure more befitting of a series-ender. But, of course, White Collar will be back for round five, meaning that while one journey-Neal coming into his own under Peter’s mentorship and severing ties with his criminal legacy-is wrapping up, an entirely new imperative will drive future episodes. Now, the onus is on Neal to embody and pursue justice. It’s a symbolically super-heroic transition, not that far-fetched when one recalls the show’s admiration of comic books in season one’s “Hard Sell” or how closely the themes of paternal betrayal and wrongful blame figure into so much Marvel and DC lore.

It was only a matter of time until Peter’s Harvey Dent-esque crusade to thwart corrupt Agent Calloway (a returning, still underwhelming Emily Procter) and murderous Senator Pratt (the certainly not-coming-back Titus Welliver) landed him in hot water. Which, at least, is better than acid in the face. Plus, Collar’s unlikely to approach The Dark Knight’s bleaker characterizations, so it’s safe to assume Peter won’t become a hardened villain after his false imprisonment for allegedly killing Pratt.


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Watch White Collar – The Original Online S04E15

White Collar - The Original
This episode of White Collar was very intense. The episode “The Original” was filled with speculation about a new boss’ motives and the unexpected return of James. That was all apart of the over-arching plot of White Collar. At the core, the episode was about Peter and Neal arresting an art forger.

The new boss Amanda Callaway (played by Emily Procter) was suspicious from the beginning. Her character was also terrible and Procter’s acting makes the character appear lackluster. It was clear from the start that Amanda was introduced as eye candy. This episode was very suspenseful and exciting though, except when Amanda came into a scene. In any event, Amanda is a crony of Senator Pratt.

Mozzie was watching the Empire State Building to get an idea of the atmosphere and to find the box. Meanwhile, back at the FBI office, Callaway introduced herself to Neal and to Peter. After the meeting, Neal told Peter he doubts Callaway and suspected she was working with Senator Pratt. Peter argued that she may just be a highly motivated, over achieving person, but admitted that Neal could be right.

Neal and Peter, while on a forgery case, visited an art gallery. Neal examined a piece allegedly made by master sculpture DuBois. The woman who purchased the sculpture did not believe it was a fake. Neal couldn’t clearly explain to the woman’s why he claimed it was a fake. He began telling the woman that he he just knew.


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Watch White Collar – Shoot The Moon Online S03E16

White Collar - Shoot The Moon
What kind of romance are you looking for-an affair that sparks furiously but goes up in flames, a slow-burning courtship that ages gracefully, or perhaps something in between and undefined? That question is in the atmosphere throughout tonight’s episode. “Shoot the Moon” is a mostly solid, character-driven chapter that largely suspends the hunt for Ellen’s evidence box and instead gives Elizabeth a chance to shine, offers fans the return (and seeming departure) of Sara, and lovingly photographs its primary architectural set piece, Queens’ oft-overshadowed New York Hall of Science.

The only real sour ingredients are Bonnie and Clyde wannabes Oz (Twilight vet Jackson Rathbone) and Penny (relative newcomer Jessica McNamee), who forged their star-crossed bond while Oz was in prison and she swooned over his profile in Mugshot Monthly magazine (seriously). After helping her tough-talking bad boy-Oz speaks with a confusing Boston-meets-Staten Island dialect and is prone to threats like “You wanna eat a bullet?”-bust out of the joint, they set off to rob items that complete the metaphors of his prison poetry.

First, Marilyn Monroe’s engagement ring from Joe DiMaggio. Next up: a bottle of Marie Antoinette’s perfume that Sara happens to be securing for its exhibitor (whoopsie). And the coup de grace? An actual chunk of moon rock on display at the Queens Hall of Science. All this would be far more exciting or inspiring if Oz and Penny oozed the actual danger and sex appeal of Bonnie and Clyde. Rather, they’re more akin to reckless self-saboteurs Walter and Phyllis in Double Indemnity-and just as comically doomed.

The story’s neatest trick is bringing three couples-Neal and Sara (who, we learn, are now friends with benefits), Peter and Elizabeth, Oz and Penny-together under its auspices. After making away with the perfume under Sara and Neal’s nose, the slightly bumbling duo commit the tragic error of carjacking and kidnapping Peter and Elizabeth, who were headed from Sara’s exhibit to a cozy getaway in Vermont.


Watch White Collar – Empire City Online S04E13

White Collar - Empire City
Tim DeKay directed us a smooth episode. It’s not nearly the equal of last season’s Stealing Home, but it gives us some charming scenes, and-better yet-some classic Diahann Carroll.

But let’s get the worst over with: be prepared to suspend your disbelief! Mozzie has been semi-legally driving a cab for the last four months? A retro jazz nightclub navigated New York’s labyrinth-like cigar laws and secured a license? Neal’s radius suddenly includes Queens???

Of these, Neal’s radius seems the most egregious. The show has established that he has a special corridor to Peter’s house-now suddenly he can go to other parts of Brooklyn and even Queens? Come on, writers. That requires an explanation. (Did I miss an explanation? Did Neal beg Peter to extend his radius for a few days?)

Ok, now for the good stuff: this is a largely mythology-free episode, so for the most part we see Peter and Neal working together suspicion-free. Mozzie, Diana, Jones, El and June are all in on the case of the week, and they each take a turn in the spotlight. All of them, in one way or another, pay their respects to jazz and the Cotton Club-but it looks like Diana and El are the biggest fans. (Well, not counting June, who gets to live the music.) I believe the original script for the Pilot episode delved into Elizabeth’s love for jazz , but most of that was changed, except for the dog named Sachmo. That abandoned thread is picked up beautifully here.


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