Watch Awkward – The Other Shoe Online S02E12

Awkward - The Other Shoe Online S02E12 Previously on ‘Awkward.’ Jenna had finally made her decision. She tried a do-over, and much to her chagrin, imagining things on a different wavelength didn’t do much to make it better. This week, she finally makes her big choice – the one we’ve been waiting for all season. Will her beau be the handsome Matty McKibben? Or the super sweet Jake Rosati?

“The Other Shoe” is an effective and entertaining finale, offering a quick resolution to the relationship drama and transitioning into a new situation that offers more material for the show’s other characters. It captures the depth in the show’s ensemble, bringing supporting characters back into focus and using the oncoming summer vacation as a rally point for a collection of storylines featured during the season. While it lacks the same emotional gutpunch of last season’s finale, it nonetheless serves as an engaging and solid conclusion to the season.

After Jake’s turn for the worse in recent episodes, there wasn’t really any coming back from that for me. Granted in all honestly I think I’ve been leaning towards Matty for a while now no matter how much of a good guy Jake was. But he can step aside because now Matty is already doing more to make Jenna feel appreciated: He’s not embarrassed to show his feelings towards her in public, he DTRed without her having to bring it up, and he even asked before taking a bite out of her sandwich. Best boyfriend ever! Mostly for that last reason really. Had he not asked I would have reached through the TV screen and punched him, and it’s not even my food.

Just when we thought we just about had Lacey figured out, and that Kevin was her Matty, we learned that things aren’t so black and white. In many ways Kevin isn’t solely Matty, but more likely a mix of the two. However, Jenna’s decisions now have another shoe involved: Tamara.


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Watch Awkward – Once Upon a Blog Online S02E11

Once Upon a Blog

Awkward - Once Upon a Blog Online S02E11 The 2nd season of MTV’s “Awkward” is attracting up to a close, but you continue to have two episodes full of snark, wit and cardio to look forward to, and a twenty episode third time of year in the horizon. “I know that you will see Jenna in several method than you might ve ever expected this girl, and the biggest differences you might have [imagined],” Rickards previewed in the purple carpet or rug. “It had been a blast for me to try out all those different aspects and all those different circumstances in a single 22 minute episode. I’m doing Twitter take-over, as well as I’ve had gotten numerous behind-the-scenes photos which I could not tweet for the longest time and also I am as a consequence excited to tweet them.”
It’s difficult to truly judge “Once Upon a Blog” utilizing our usual Awkward appliance set given that nature of do over – or what-if episodes- tend to just feel fun, nicely packaged episodes that are, in the end, principally meaningless. Pretty enjoyable for the quintessential element, however come in Jenna, we want to know! Whom s it going to be?
Whenever we kept the program two days back, Jenna was indeed facing this choice, however anyone paying attention would know that the conclusion itself might likely feel stored for upcoming weeks finale. Accordingly, “Once Upon A Blog” enters as a holding pattern, abandoning the entire world of real life in favor of the series of fantasies that give Jenna and the tv series the chance to explore a variety of “What If?” situations. What can have gone wrong if or when Jenna hadn’t gone directly into which closet as well as had DTR’d alongside Matty immediately? Just what would have been different if or when Jenna had embraced an union with Jake since shortly because he showed some sort of interest inside her? As well as just what would have been different if in case Jenna had will never gone to camp at every one of the, and also was actually simply a stranger to they guys battling for her affection?
Now that Jenna’s love existence has become this girl universities most recent obsession, she decided to escape to this girl blog site as an option to figure out this girl thoughts, but making everything general public backfired because now people happened to be actually reading and also throwing inside their two-cents. To be able to get at just this girl accurate emotions, she decided to fictionalize this girl being and also evaluate exactly how things would ve been different if she had do-overs.


Watch Awkward – Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me Online S02E10

Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me

Awkward - Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me Online S02E10 After a few adequate to mediocre episodes, Season 2 of Awkward. delivered one of the best outings of the show’s short existence with “Pick, Me, Choose Me, Love Me.” This episode may have more to do with Jake and/or Matty wanting Jenna’s affection, but those of us who’ve seen Grey’s Anatomy likely recognize those words as part of Meredith’s plea for Derek to choose her over Addison. I guess this makes me Team Mattison!

Last week, Jenna made her private blog public as a way to help Jake understand what was going on between her and Matty, but her decision had some unexpected consequences. First off, she humiliated those she cared about most by airing her dirty laundry, but something even odder happened; her blog made her a celebrity. Apparently, her lifestory was tawdry and entertaining enough that she somehow turned into a arbiter of taste and an expert in love. Ironic, right? Not only were people asking for her advice, but the school also turned into a battleground between Team Matty and Team Jake, and whichever move she made was going to be witnessed by everyone.

It wasn’t clear at the end of that episode where exactly the show was heading, but “Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me” wastes no time clarifying that everyone in the school is reading Jenna’s blog. The episode turns the high school into a proxy for the viewers at home, with the various students drafting into either Team Jake or Team Matty and picking up Tamara’s slang. Lauren Iungerich’s script has some fun with this parallel, mapping the audience’s engagement with the series onto the kids in the high school, and it allows both Jenna and Tamara to experience a brush with fame. Jenna becomes almost like a reality television star, someone famous for being herself and someone who becomes a tastemaker based solely on her good spelling and her complicated, compelling existence.

While Jenna’s blowback was nonexistent, the blowup wasn’t. The entire school rallied around her story. Everyone had his/her opinions. Jenna went from little known to well known, and Tamara and Ming basked in the proxy popularity. All of it, though, was just a ploy to take our focus away from Lacey after we saw some kids giving her grief over writing the letter.


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Watch Awkward – Homewrecker Hamilton Online S02E09

Homewrecker Hamilton

Awkward - Homewrecker HamiltonOh, my poor Matty/Jake loving heart! This episode of AWKWARD certainly delivered in terms of keeping the intensity of the past two episodes. The truth about all things love triangle is out for public consumption and the sh*t has more than definitely hit the fan. Unfortunately for Jenna Hamilton (Ashley Rickards) things have gone from bad to worse.

Ultimately, I knew when Jake found out about Jenna and Matty’s past that would be when everything kicked up a gear, I merely did not expect the payoff to be this good. So there was Jake, at the worst possible time finally unable to be the perfect and understanding guy he had always been. Then we have Matty, a kid trying to make amends for his assholish ways last season by stepping up and forcing himself to be the mature. Finally there was Jenna, a girl not simply losing her boyfriend, but somebody that has watched her world crumble around her so many times in such short order. Every time things look up for her they ultimately come crashing down, and there is no way to not feel for her. Exasperating the situation was the very public nature that everything has taken.

The relationship gap isn’t all about Jenna. Lacey and Kevin have yet to get over their own relationship gap, and, as revealed last week, Kevin has been the one to walk out on Lacey many times before. So now they are both in this gap that was similar to what Jenna was going through with a whole lot of half stories and broken hearts, but no one wanting to make the jump.

Big points actually go out to Jake for not taking the picture public because I was really afraid he was going to sink to that depth after last week. Granted he still forced their relationship out into the open in other ways thanks to that special Wheel of Pep. I don’t really know what else is on that wheel, but I really want to know what exactly brings about school spirit in the topic “Come Clean or Play Dirty.” Based on this episode’s example of how landing on this goes, I’m assuming it doesn’t cause a whole lot of pep (unless you’re Sadie).


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Watch Awkward – Time After Time Online S02E08

Time After Time

Awkward - Time After Time Online S02E08

The majority of the time spent during “Time After Time” focused on the fallout of last week’s revelation that Jenna was Matty’s first, and the rest was wasted on mostly unfunny wedding shenanigans. To say that I was torn after watching this episode would be an understatement.

And, once again, I’m a mixed bag of emotions as there are pros and cons to both sides. I can understand the pain and hurt Jenna was feeling, and the sudden confusion of her emotions, but, at the same time, I mean she couldn’t wait at least a few hours before getting back with Matty’s tongue?

Jake calls Matty up to let him know that he broke up with Jenna and to try to get Matty to tell him the truth, but Matty doesn’t budge. Jake meanwhile won’t tell Jenna or Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) what happened to cause the breakup. He ultimately leaves Jenna at the wedding and Jenna is left to sulk and think about what she did wrong with Tamara.

And same question when he talked to Matty on the phone. Instead of hinting around trying to get a confession from Matty, again just confront the other person. Yes they probably should have told Jake that they were in a relationship of sorts and Jenna may still have feelings for Matty, but he’s just playing games by doing this, then throwing the white flag out and pushing her towards the other guy by acting the way he did. It was really weak, and that is not an attractive quality on anyone.


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Watch Awkward – Another One Bites the Dust Online S02E07

Another One Bites the Dust

Awkward - Another One Bites the Dust Online S02E07“To be continued…” ending!? That’s right, this episode surrounding Ally’s wedding is so chalk full of Awkward. drama that it had to carry into a second episode. One you will not want to miss come next week.

Like I mentioned before, Aunt Ally’s wedding was the setting for the episode, and we got all of the usual clichés that are associated with nuptials like bridezillas, nothing going right and reconnections with old lovers. As Ally terrorized those around her, including the wedding planner whose assistant quit but Tamara stepped in, Jenna spent most of her time trying to remind her mother that she’s still married to her dad and shouldn’t be looking at starting anything with her former beau who would be attending the wedding. As if there weren’t enough knot-tying hi-jinks, Sadie was one of her new aunt’s bridesmaids. Of course she had to stir the pot by making out with Ricky in front of Tamara, but her pièce de résistance was her filling Jake in on Jenna’s past with Matty just as our heroine left him a voicemail declaring her love for him. Oh, and we got some good Jenna/Matty moments as well as a mediocre but non-offensive appearance from Valerie.

I get that Jenna would feel nervous about a handsome, tacky-in-a-con-artist-kinda-way guy stepping in on her absent dad’s territory, but her approach is beyond juvenile. Thankfully we have a nearly identical ‘teen girl’ reaction from Lacey, which reminds us just how similar both mother and daughter are (unfortunately the collective IQ of the audience also drops).

In other news, Sadie continues to prove she is still the H.B.I.C. Yeah her thing with Rickey has softened her a little, or as soft as Sadie can go, but it is still unwise to back her into a corner. Girl does not have claws, she has razors and will cut a bitch. Terrifying, just like the hairstyles she and the other girls had to sport. :Shudder: I think her situation with Rickey and Tamara is the most accurate portrayal of high school maybe ever? Who has not seen that scenario play out numerous times, dramatics and bitchiness included?


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Watch Awkward – My Love is a Black Heart Online S02E05

My Love is a Black Heart

Awkward - My Love is a Black HeartAs for this episode, “My Love is a Black Heart”, the show continues to inch its way through the school year–the premiere featured Christmas and New Year’s Eve, and now we’re up to Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air, and like always, Jenna is trying to figure out her new relationship with Jake with her old relationship with Matty. To make things worse, Matty seems to be actively interested in the freshman blonde he sniffed his pits to in last week’s episode.

Even with my love of the character Kyle the Stalker, Tamara had some major ground to make up for thanks to her weak storyline as a solo act last week, begging the question if she could hold her own without Jenna to bounce off of. Luckily, based on tonight’s episode she should have no problems without her BFF. The motive of dedicating all her energy to making Ricky jealous, fall in love with her, or get over him is her staple motivation in the show, but it allowed for some great holiday bitterness that formed into quality dialog on the writer’s part tonight. Though I do have to ask, would seeing Ricky making out with Sadie really make her pee her pants?

Jenna and Matty show up to a date that is precisely what she told Matty about, but they end up sitting a table directly next to Matty and Courtney’s date. The awkward tension is there throughout the episode and when they finally return home after the date, Jake finishes the date off with his gifts to Jenna. He didn’t send Matty to ask, he already knew and Jenna is starting to realize what a great thing she has going with Jake, and that if she has moved on from Matty, why can’t he move on as well?

However, there’s a big difference between Matty and Jake, and Jenna pointed it out tonight: Jake seems to pick up on Jenna’s personality and what she might like instinctively. Jake didn’t need to know what Jenna’s ideal night would be because he knows what she likes; Matty is still trying to get to know Jenna past deflowering her.


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