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Watch The Vampire Diaries – Resident Evil Online S05E18

The Vampire Diaries - Resident Evil
In “Resident Evil” Stefan and Elena experience unsettling dreams of the life they might have had together; Bonnie has a disturbing encounter with Grams; Enzo searches for a woman he loved decades ago; Bonnie learns that Jeremy is working with Liv; Matt has a terrifying encounter with inhabitants of the Other Side.

Interestingly enough, subconscious Elena dreams of Stefan, back in a time when the two of them didn’t know each other ? and get this, in this alternate universe, her parents are still alive as well. Talk about fantasyland. But she’s convinced these dreams are more than just her imagination.

Enzo and Damon talked about their respective lady problems over a game of pool at Salvatore Mansion, and then we cut back to Elena, who had a vision of Stefan walking her home after a movie she couldn’t concentrate on watching. It’d been their first date, and they wanted to see each other again. It was nice to see Elena’s house one last time — and a surprise when Elena said that it was her father who’d turned on the porch lights to put an end to the perfectly-framed first kiss.

Caroline’s voice snapped Elena out of the vision, and then Miss Forbes used said voice to tell Elena that she was probably just fantasizing about Stefan because she’d broken up with Damon. But then Stefan called Caroline to tell her about his vision, and they realized something was really going on.


Watch Supernatural – Meta Fiction Online S09E18

Supernatural - Meta Fiction
Supernatural continues tonight on the CW with a brand new episode called”Meta Fiction.” On it Metatron tries to get Castiel to join forces with him. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean capture Gadreel.

On last episode Dean struggled with the after effects of the Mark of Cain. Meanwhile, Sam heard about a case where straight-laced people were turning into violent murderers. Sam suspected possession and suggested to Dean that they investigate, but Dean told him to go without him. While interviewing the local townsfolk, Sam met an elderly woman named Julia, who told him the Men of Letters came to town in 1958. Josie told Sam the story of a young man named Henry Winchester and his female companion, Josie Sands. While Sam was away, Crowley tested Dean. Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it right here for you.

Those words from Metatron begin the episode, as does a special title card. Castiel follows the call of a sigil, only to find angels dead and one alive to tell him about an angel offering a deal: join Metatron, fight for him and return to heaven, or slaughter. She’s heard of him and is hoping, like other angels, that Castiel will be their leader, but while he wants to make Metatron pay, he refuses to be a leader. He sends a photo of the sigil to the Winchesters, and Sam discovers the same symbol at other crime scenes. Gadreel’s in Utah, and there are two possible next stops, so the brothers are taking one while Castiel takes another.

The angels hit the road, with Gabriel giving a rundown of what he’s seen and claiming that he doesn’t want to run anymore. He wants to lead, and he’s going to need soldiers. When they stop at a Gas-n-Sip, they run into trouble: minions of Metatron. Gabriel tries to send Castiel away while he holds them off. Does that all sound just a bit too good to be true? Yes, right? Well, that’s because it is. Castiel notices that his coat isn’t torn where it was earlier. Continuity errors, they’ll get you every time. No, none of this is real. But is Gabriel dead? All we get is a wiggle of his eyebrows.



Watch Game of Thrones – The Lion and the Rose Online

http://big.assets.huffingtonpost.com/nose-bleed.gifThere are times when I feel like a broken record on the subject of “Game of Thrones” and my wish that Benioff and Weiss didn’t have quite so much story to deal with, or at least that they could re-structure the show in a way that would allow for longer stints in each destination, if not for periodic single-location episodes like “Blackwater.” But then we get an episode like “The Lion and the Rose,” in which the first half is structured like your typical “Game of Thrones” episode, while the second half is essentially one long scene at Joffrey and Margaery’s wedding, and I’m reminded all over again of the power of concentrated storytelling over the diffuse kind that Benioff, Weiss and company (including George R.R. Martin, who wrote this script) usually have to practice.

In comparison to someone like Robb Stark, who was built up as a boring but likeable guy, an underdog to root for because of what happened to his father Ned, Joffrey is nothing more than a pissant. He’s a contemptible little cockroach who does nothing but snipe at those around him out of sheer boredom and in the eyes of most viewers deserved a far more excruciating death. But there’s a sinister poetry to his death at a wedding, after all immediate threats have been removed. This is the chaos of Westeros, where siege threats can be thwarted by magical fire, White Walkers roam the frozen North, and the most dangerous place for a King seems to be a royal wedding.

Yes, that means that characters who traditionally would end up the conquering heroes are cut down before following through on that classical arc. But it also means that the evildoers, sinister little cretins who do nothing but destroy all hope for happiness in the world, can die early and without warning as well.

Jaime is upset that he can’t protect the King — he can hold his sword, but he can’t properly wield it. He needs an instructor who can keep quiet. Luckily, Tyrion knows just the person.

You’re wrong Varys – I wept for Shae this episode. Yes, she has frequently annoyed me and I’m not always convinced by Sibel Kekilli’s performance but the brief scene between her and Tyrion broke my heart. Is Bronn telling the truth about getting her out of King’s Landing? I do hope so but were I Tyrion I might begin to worry about just how many secrets Bronn knows, given Jaime’s (lack of) fighting ability when it comes to Shae’s whereabouts. As Varys would tell you, it doesn’t pay to trust anyone too much in King’s Landing.

Bran and his bunch—Hodor (Kristian Nairn), Jojen (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) and Meera Reed (Ellie Kendrick)—are on the road in the North, heading to… Castle Black? Beyond the Wall? This is what you get for following a psychic tween! Stuck wandering the snowy woods for a season and a half! Bran is warging himself into his direwolf Summer like crazy, enjoying the fresh deer meat he’s getting into, which is a lot better than the no meat they have. Jojen and Meera warn him against warging too much, as he’ll forget his whole life (Bran is probably like, yes, that’s the idea, my life sucks).

Watch Game of Thrones S4E2 Online

After using his warg powers to run around inside the skin of his direwolf, Summer, Bran is warned by Jojen and Meera Reed that he needs to cut down on the length of time he spends in another creature so he doesn’t lose his human self, and so, as Meera puts it, they don’t “lose everything.” Just then, Bran sees a direwolf by a godswood tree and he asks Hodor to bring him to the tree. As he touches the face on the tree Bran sees visions – a three-eyed raven, his father Ned Stark in a cell at King’s Landing, snow in the Iron Throne room, a figure beyond the wall, and dragon shadows over King’s Landing. A voice tells Bran, “Look for me, beneath the tree.” “I know where we have to go,” Bran says when he snaps out of it.

Over in Stannis-land, things could be going better. The brooding Baratheon brother still has eyes for the throne (which will grow even wider when he discovers Joffrey’s fate, I assume), but he barely has enough food to feed his family. All he can do to pass the time and keep the faith is burn “heretics” at the stake, which one can only imagine is a bitch for morale. Though it does seem a staunch “Lord of Light” devotion is growing out of everyone’s fear. One (slightly) redeeming quality that Stannis still possesses is that he doesn’t outright loathe his daughter like Selyse does. He does however send Melisandre (who must be having an awkward old time these days) down to Shireen’s dank, prison-y quarters to convert her to their new religion. All in all, Stannis is running to a stand still.

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Watch Supernatural – Goodbye Stranger Online S08E17

Supernatural - Goodbye Stranger
Well, it wouldn’t be the second half of a Supernatural season if the entire story hadn’t devolved into a big giant angst-fest. You know, more so than the show’s usual angst-fest. Sam is probably dying. Again. Castiel is being weird and evasive. Again. And once again, Dean is stuck in the middle, wondering why he doesn’t get nice things. Welcome to the homestretch, ya’ll!

More on my bitter tears later. Fresh off of a trippy adventure in his own personal “Mystery Spot” Castiel caught up with the Brothers Winchester when they invaded his turf in search of whatever was randomly killing demons in a small town. That “something” turned out to be Castiel himself, so I guess in actuality they all caught up to each other. How quaint!

From the jump, Dean and Sam suspected that there was something off with Castiel, which leaves Dean 2 for 2 with the knowing-his-family-members-are-lying-about-stuff record. Earlier, he spotted Sam’s bloody tissues in the trash bin back at the Batcave and between Sam’s supernatural black lung and the really great job the makeup people are doing making Jared Padalecki look like he’s perpetually fighting off the flu, it wasn’t hard to figure out that Sam isn’t as fine as he claims– but really, is he ever? Cas further elaborated on Moose’s condition by claiming that Sam was “damaged in ways he can’t heal” and implying that it was electromagnetic (!?) in nature.

Thanks for your insight, Cas. I guess. But brownie points to the Supernatural crew for making an effort to at least show a gradual progression toward…whatever we’re working toward. I’d rather have details dangled in the dialogue and Sam discretely hacking up a lung than the usual modus operandi of ignoring everything until it suddenly becomes relevant again. It makes me think that this story is being thought out and planned, as opposed to slapped together over hellatus. I like it. It makes up for the blah cases of the week that preceded this wangsty adventure and the general clusterfuck of the first half of the season. Amelia even kind of sort of made sense once Meg compared her to a unicorn during her and Sammich’s little heart-to-heart.


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Watch The Vampire Diaries – The Originals Online S04E20

The Vampire Diaries - The Originals
Would you book another trip to New Orleans?

That is the question for fans of The Vampire Diaries after tonight’s shocking episode, which served as a backdoor pilot for The Originals spinoff, which centers on fan favorite Original siblings Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Rebekah (Claire Holt) stirring up trouble in The Big Easy, a supernatural empire that Klaus helped create back in the day.

And though Klaus heading back to New Orleans intent on destroying a coven of witches looking to destroy him, he got more than he bargained for when he ran into werewolf Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin)! Plus, we met (and swooned over) new characters that we’ll be spending a lot of time with should the CW pick up The Originals to series…

We better start with the hybrid baby because, WHAT? There’s been some discussion about why Hayley would play a role in the spin-off (well, other than The CW isn’t going to let Phoebe Tonkin slink away so easily), but now we know: She’s miraculously carrying Klaus’s child after their almost-forgotten one-night stand some episodes ago. The episode chalked up the pregnancy to a loophole in the system, which is clearly the quickest and pilot-iest way to answer “how?” without actually answering it. The mystery behind the pregnancy will likely drive The Originals, as will Klaus’s surely slow-moving journey of coming to terms with the baby’s existence.


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Watch Doctor Who – The Rings of Akhaten Online S07E07

Doctor Who - The Rings of Akhaten
Last night’s episode of Doctor Who officially kickstarted the era of Clara the Companion, as the Doctor conduced an investigation into the origins of the Impossible Woman — who, you’ll recall, has already died twice in two time periods on two planets. Is she a cross-temporal clone? Is she a whole series of Oswin? Brand Androids, scattered across space and time by one of the Doctor’s enemies? Is she the nexus of all realities? The Doctor went straight to the source. Specifically, he traveled back to Summer 1981. A young man walked down the road on a windy day. A giant leaf blew right into his face. He stumbled, stepping in front of a car — and a woman pulled him out of the way. Their eyes met. They smiled. It was love at first sight. You laugh, but this is how all relationships start in Britain.

The Doctor sped quickly through their courtship. The man apparently saved the leaf, and gave it to the lady as a present. He gave her a speech which played with the infinite array of things that had to go right for the two of them to meet: “This exact leaf had to grow in that exact way,” he noted, describing it with no irony as “the most important leaf in human history.” (You have to imagine that we’ll return to that line, again and again, as the mystery of Clara deepens in future episodes.)

The two got married, gave birth to little Clara, lived a happy life?and then the mother died. (Her tombstone gave her birthday as September 11, 1960; she died in March 2005, which is coincidentally the same month that the revived Dr. Who started airing on the BBC? Coincidence? Probably.) The Doctor watched young Clara and her father at her mother’s grave. He whispered to himself: “She’s not possible.”

And yet, when he traveled back to the present, there was Clara waiting patiently to begin her adventure. The Doctor asked her what she wanted to see. The future! The past! Deep space! Shallow space! She had a simple request; “Something awesome.” The Doctor rose to the challenge, taking her to the Rings of Akhaten. He pointed out the niftiest piece of local architecture: The Pyramid, maintained by the Sun Singers of the Khet. Local religious types believed that life in the universe originated here in the Rings. Clara asked him if that was true. I loved how the Doctor managed to make his response sound joyful and rueful all at once: “It’s what they believe. It’s a nice story.”


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Watch Supernatural – Taxi Driver Online S08E19

Supernatural - Taxi Driver
It appears that Kevin is plagued by Crowley. He hears him in his head and in his dreams. His dreams are full of torture Crowley dishes out and the pressure of getting the tablets translated is really getting to the young man. When Dean and Sam show up he is carrying around a big metal frying pan and is in a real foul mood. They learn that he hasn’t heard from Garth, but he has translated the next trial, which is to rescue a soul from hell and send it to heaven.

In order to figure out how one can sneak into hell the boys summon and capture a Crossroads Demon, who Dean is disappointed that it isn’t a hot chick, and questions him. Finally he gives in and tells them that there are some Reapers that are smuggling people into hell as well as heaven, for a price. Before the boys put the demon out of its misery they learn everything they need to know about getting into hell.

They approach a reaper, who is playing that part of a Taxi Driver, they propose their need to get into hell and when the Reaper tells them he is the same Reaper that took Bobby Singer to hell Dean is hell-bent on getting his soul and sending it to heaven. The boys have a small discussion when Dean wants to go with Sam and Sam has to remind Dean that he has to do the trials alone and he will get Bobby back. The Reaper tells Dean to return for Sam in 24 hours and then leads Sam into an alleyway and instructs him to take his hand. As he does Sam mutters how creepy it all is.

The alley starts to twist and move and Sam starts to get nervous, but all of a sudden they appear in a grey forest. Sam asks RJ if they were in hell and RJ tells him that they are in purgatory. Sam begins to get upset saying that he paid to get to hell and RJ tells him to calm down and gives him directions to the backdoor (a portal) to hell but tells him to be back in the same spot in exactly 24 hours. Meanwhile Dean returns to the location where Kevin is hiding out. Kevin emerges from the closet, convinced that Crowley is in his head, spouting that it is the safest place to be. Dean gives the boy a lecture about how he has to suck it up and just keep going, but Kevin isn’t convinced and scurries back to his room with Dean’s pie in tow.


Watch The Vampire Diaries – Because the Night Online S04E17

The Vampire Diaries - Because the Night
Three of the things in The Vampire Diaries‘ arsenal that I love the most are evil Damon, flashbacks, and Lexi, so it was basically a given I was going to be in the bag for this one. It helps that although all of elements are delightful, the show doesn’t overuse them just because it can: It bides its time, knowing exactly when to pull out its bag of tricks to provide maximum story impact. Boy, was that impact pleasantly felt here.

The flashbacks in question are inspired by Damon and Elena’s impulsive trip to New York City. Damon tells Elena he’s doing it to help her have some fun and get out of Mystic Falls before she does something to expose herself, but he’s really there to track down his old pal Billy’s belongings and find out a clue to Katherine’s whereabouts (and therefore the cure). To my great delight, the trip inspires Damon to reminisce about his last sojourn in the big city in 1977, when he spent his time dining and cavorting at Billy’s underground punk club. That is, until Lexi showed up to attempt to get him to turn his emotions back on.

The combination of humanity-free Damon, ’77 punk aesthetic, and the always-pleasant Lexi make the flashbacks a ton of fun, especially when Damon tricks her into thinking he turned his emotions back on because he was falling for her. It’s an evil, cruel trick, especially in light of the fact Damon ended up killing Lexi back in season one.

The great thing about this revelation, though, is how Damon uses it to explain to Elena exactly how awful she’s going to feel about hurting the people she cares about once she decides to turn her emotions back on. Damon regretted hurting Lexi, and that regret turned into the sort of seething rot that ended with him killing her. Is this a retcon? Maybe, but it’s a retcon that really works.


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Watch The Vampire Diaries – Bring It On Online S04E16

The Vampire Diaries - Bring It On
This season of The Vampire Diaries is teaching me an interesting lesson: Sometimes there are arcs that you can appreciate from a storytelling perspective, but if they make you not like the central character of a show — the one everyone is fighting to save and you’ve always related to — you may not enjoy those arcs, however clever, as much as you thought you would as a viewer. It happened with Elena’s sire bond to Damon, which, when you think about it, is a great way to complicate that love triangle — Elena can leave Stefan for Damon, but it’s not entirely her own doing, so the Stelena fans can’t hate her.

The Delena fans get what they want, but they still have something to root for because the question remains whether she would ever have allowed herself to act on her feelings to that degree without the sire bond. I can see how poetic it is: Stefan used to let Elena make her own calls, while Damon always assumed he knew what was best for her. The rub: Knowing she was being manipulated took some of the enjoyment out of watching her have sex with Damon and made her seem weak.

The sire bond has grown on me because it both divided the Salvatore brothers and forced them to work together, and it gave Damon the power to have Elena turn off her humanity (which we know she definitely wouldn’t have done on her own). Those plot points have produced some of the season’s best moments. But now, the flipping of Elena’s switch comes with its own poetic twist: You want Elena to get her free will back and own being a vampire in a way that didn’t involve a cheesy motorcycle shot? You got it, but now she’ll do whatever she damn well pleases — and that includes trying to kill Caroline.

You can see what it’s all building to: Now Elena doesn’t care how bad Damon is, so he’ll have to decide if he does like her best this way. (I think not: He wants to know she really loves him, and “I don’t care how bad you are” is different from “I accept you for who you are.”) Moments like Elena letting Caroline fall during the cheerleading stunt and trying to stake Caroline in the woods are cool, but it’s tough to watch our Elena being a Mean Girl. Bottom line: No Humanity Elena may just want to have fun, but really, the stuff she’s doing is serious. I should be sitting right next to Caroline when Stefan says we have to remember this isn’t the real Elena and we can’t give up on her. (Or maybe I need to stop thinking about the old Elena entirely so I can enjoy the new one properly?)


Watch Supernatural – Remember the Titans Online S08E16

Supernatural - Remember the Titans
After last week’s silly “Man’s Best Friend With Benefits” I hoped Supernatural would return to form tonight. I was a little leery, as “Remember the Titans” is not only another stand-alone episode, but one that involves gods. The show’s track record with gods is not good (see “Hammer of the Gods”). Sadly, the episode did end up a disappointment, though more for the damage to the season’s arc than the legend of the gods.

The portrayal of the Greek gods Zeus, Prometheus, and Artemis was handled adequately, drawing on the legend of Prometheus stealing fire for mankind and getting cursed by Zeus to die every day with an eagle eating his entrails. The conceit of his son inheriting the curse apparently by accident was a stretch, but one that I could roll with. The writers are allowed dramatic license to make the parallel to the Winchesters. However, it is that connection to the trials arc that failed for me.

Sam has been hiding-or thinks he’s been hiding-his tuberculosis or something with similar symptoms from Dean. But he’s scared. And watching the price Prometheus pays for saving mankind from darkness apparently opens his eyes to the likelihood he won’t survive the trials. He confesses his doubts to Dean, who prays for help to Castiel and it all should be very moving.

Sam, Dean and ArtemisBut I spent the episode just astonished at what was playing out. I could not believe Sam and Dean would bring Prometheus, his girlfriend and his son TO THE BUNKER. They were supposed to throw the key in and lock it away forever because the secrets inside are so dangerous in the wrong hands. Instead, they not only bring these people in, Dean then tells them all about the Men of Letters which is a-wait for it-secret society.


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