Watch Online Supernatural: Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire (S11E01)

Supernatural - Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire

The Winchesters face their biggest threat ever as Sam and Dean must deal with the Darkness that has been unleashed. Castiel deals with the effects of Rowena’s spell and recalls his brutal battle with Crowley.


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Once Upon a Time S05E02:The Price

Once Upon a Time - The Price

In an effort to protect Emma, Regina steps up in a surprising way that will test her mettle as a force for good. King Arthur and Queen Guinevere throw a royal ball to welcome the heroes to Camelot, but when the celebration takes a deadly turn, David and Robin must leap into action or lose a crucial asset in the fight to save Emma. Back in Storybrooke, Hook deploys a tried-and-true technique in hopes of bringing Emma back to the light while the heroes discover that some unexpected baggage has followed them home from Camelot.


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Once Upon a Time S05E01 stream – The Dark Swan

Once Upon a Time - The Dark Swan

Immediately after becoming the Dark One, Emma disappears and the heroes must band together to save her, but first they have to find her, which will require the help of an unlikely ally. Meanwhile, in the Enchanted Forest, Emma struggles to resist her dark urges as she searches for Merlin in the hope that he can stop her transformation. Along the way to Camelot, she gets help from the plucky and brave warrior princess Merida, as well as King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.


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Watch Online Game of Thrones: Mother’s Mercy (S05E10)

Game of Thrones - Mother's Mercy

Stannis marches. Daenerys is surrounded by strangers. Cersei seeks forgiveness. Jon is challenged.


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Watch Game of Thrones – The Dance of Dragons Online S05E09

Game of Thrones - The Dance of Dragons

Stannis confronts a troubling decision. Jon returns to the Wall. Mace visits the Iron Bank. Arya encounters someone from her past. Daenerys reluctantly oversees a traditional celebration of athleticism.


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Game of Thrones S05E08 stream – Hardhome

Game of Thrones - Hardhome

Arya makes progress in her training. Sansa confronts an old friend. Cersei struggles. Jon travels.


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Watch Online Game of Thrones: The Gift (S05E07)

Game of Thrones - The Gift

Jon prepares for conflict. Sansa tries to talk to Theon. Brienne waits for a sign. Stannis remains stubborn. Jaime attempts to reconnect with family.


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Watch Supernatural – My Brother’s Keeper Online S10E23

Supernatural - My Brother's Keeper

Dean makes a shocking decision regarding the Mark of Cain that would change not only his life, but Sam’s too. Meanwhile, Crowley and Rowena face off and Castiel gets caught in the middle.


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Watch Game of Thrones – Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken Online S05E06

Game of Thrones - Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

Arya trains. Jorah and Tyrion run into slavers. Trystane and Myrcella make plans. Jaime and Bronn reach their destination. The Sand Snakes attack.


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Watch The Vampire Diaries – I’m Thinking Of You All The While Online S06E22

The Vampire Diaries - I'm Thinking Of You All The While

GOODBYE, MYSTIC FALLS ? In the aftermath of Alaric and Jo’s powerful nuptials, things take a dramatic turn when an uninvited guest shows up, leaving Elena in terrible jeopardy. Despite Matt’s advice to leave town to protect herself, a defiant Bonnie takes matters into her own hands after finding herself on the receiving end of a twisted plan. As Stefan and Caroline reach an emotional crossroad in their relationship, a reunion with Liv leaves Tyler faced with a decision that could change his life forever. Meanwhile, Lily’s reckless actions cause Stefan to realize the lengths to which his mother will go to reunite with her ?family?. Finally, after a devastating chain of events, Damon is forced to make the most difficult decision of his life.