Watch Sanctuary – Sanctuary for None: Part 2 Online S04E13

Sanctuary for None: Part 2

Sanctuary - Sanctuary for None: Part 2
After Helens stunt with the news, she has bought a little time for Henry and Nikola to figure out what is being used to keep the people stuck in the fifth ward. In the mean time, Will is starting no longer doubt his loyalty to Helen but try to figure out what exactly she has been doing. Addision is getting pressure above and finds out he doesnt have the control he thought he did and someone else is calling the shots above him. In an effort to get some answers he asks Will for some straight answers, which Will both doesnt have and wont give.

Will asks for 1 thing from Addison to try and help, access to the secure networks that the sanctuary was locked out of. Henry and Nikola figure out what is keeping everyone from leaving and its an invention Nikola created. This force field however can be manipulated to create an electronic storm that would instantly kill everyone in the fifth ward, an alteration that Nikola never intended and is very upset over. Helen tries to convince Caleb that they must leave, and she tells Caleb what they are planning to do with the devices. He refuses and wants to stand his ground. Helen thinks he is hiding something.

Biggie finds out what Caleb is hiding would ‘change the world forever’. Biggie finds a way to sneak the item out and get it to Nikola for testing. Biggie is beaten when Caleb finds the stuff missing. With some testing Nikola discovers its a praxian virus that when unleashed would force the dormant abnormal genes in all humans to manifest, resulting in the extinction of the human race. With Henrys help, they figure out a way to disable the power and get the people out of the fifth ward. Will talks with Addison asking for a stall on the final solution to get those people out. Addison plays ball knowing he doesnt have a say anymore and doesnt want to be a part of a mass genocide.


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Watch Sanctuary – The Depths Online S04E11

The Depths

Sanctuary - The Depths
Henry has finally cracked through SCIU’s security system to discover their latest plunders. One, in Bolivia, catches Magnus’s interest – it seems SCIU is after Quetzalcoatl, the winged serpent of legend, a beast that Gregory Magnus searched long and hard for. One attempt came shockingly close, but when Gregory returned from the expedition as the only survivor, he strictly forbade any further pursuance.

Magnus and Will rush to the SCIU site, where they find a team of scientists and thugs attempting to transport the deadly beast. Magnus tries to reason with their leader, but the serpent is soon free of its bindings and, in a flash, kills most of the SCIU team and strands Magnus and Will deep within a cave. Will was shot in the stomach and Magnus fears she may have broken ribs, but Magnus manages to find water and dress Will’s wound. Within moments, both are recovering miraculously from their injuries – could it be that the legendary powers of healing and wisdom bequested by Quetzalcoatl are real?

Back at the Sanctuary, Henry is making videos for his son, with the bittersweet intention that he be able to watch them after Henry’s death. With the Hollow Earth revolution heating up, Henry’s not sure he’ll be there to be a father to his son and wants little Alistair to know something about his parents – a gift that Henry never had.


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Watch Sanctuary – Chimera Online S04E09


Sanctuary - ChimeraAn old frenemy returns to the “Sanctuary” in “Chimera” and I’m not talking about Nikola Tesla. Yes, everyone’s favorite snarky vampire (played by Jonathon Young) is back in the episode, which aired on a special night–at 9 p.m. Nov. 29 on Syfy. He and Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) undertake a dangerous mission when the Sanctuary computers are attacked.

Now nine episodes in, with Chimera, we get a nice one off episode that still manages to deftly message the overall arc of the season.  As a plus, we get Jonathon Young again guest starring as vampire Tesla, and thankfully Magnus doesn’t spend the whole episode lecturing him.  Lastly, this is a riff on an old sci-fi TV theme that has been in use since at least the early seventies.

Helen, Will, Henry, and Bigfoot meet in Henry’s computer lab. They review security footage and discover the bot visited Will and Henry before being caught by Helen. The spider-bot “bites” its target and “downloads” parts of a person’s memories. The victim is left unharmed and unaware of the intrusion.


Watch Sanctuary – Fugue Online S04E08


Sanctuary - FugueI have a confession to make. I hate contemporary musicals. Because I grew up attending Broadway plays and watching 1950s movies, I always prefer my musicals in Technicolor. I hate post-’80s musicals that use the heavy ’80s hard rock and one-note percussion beat. For me, musicals mean both vocal AND visual variety. So, TV shows performing musicals with actors/directors without a musical theatre background while providing rock songs and monochromatic backgrounds rarely impress me (*cough, cough* Buffy).

I’m glad that Kindler and company showed restraint, by mixing music with spoken word, in case we didn’t enjoy the musical part. Although I won’t provide an in-depth critique of the performances, I particularly enjoyed Pascale Hutton’s soprano and Jim Byrnes’ surprise appearance. He has such a great musical presence. I loved when Highlander featured his talents, and I loved him here. Although not on Hutton or Byrnes’ level, the rest of the cast’s vocal talents also impressed me. Although rough, everyone did a good job.

However, the Hollow Earth insurgents setting traps for Sanctuary associates surprised me. I could see their trying to spring traps on the FBI (or similar groups) that want to destroy Hollow Earth abnormals, but not to the group that wants to help them (and, currently, holds the least public power).

Also, I liked the return of the Will and Magnus friendship. FINALLY!


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Watch Sanctuary – Icebreaker Online S04E07


Sanctuary - IcebreakerHenry and members from the UK Sanctuary, Declan, Terry, Alistair, and Murray, investigate the ship because they received reports that the crew were smuggling Abnormals. To gain access to the ship, Henry and Alistair change into their werewolf forms to force open the door. Henry finds the first dead crewmember; he appears to have shot himself. They search the rest of the ship. The rest of the crew shot each other, and the Abnormals killed each other. Food is present, and there is no obvious sign of what could have caused everyone to lose their senses and kill each other.

After the boiler and lights are fixed, the team is on the bridge. They’re startled by a noise. They draw their weapons. A member of the team opens the door, and Helen and Will enter. Henry is surprised. They weren’t supposed to be there until morning because of the weather, but Will says Helen was determined to arrive that night, so piloted the plane through the storm. The team catches Will and Helen up. Helen asks about the rumored priority Red-Listers, but they tell her they have only found dead things and guns.

I must admit – I really missed Magnus at the beginning, but at least that was countered by a good dose of Declan. I was expecting to have a double of Helen at some point, but wasn’t expecting it to be right from the start. That was a wonderful plot twist. There was a moment, when we first heard the return of the Mogoi, where I was thinking that many of them might be fake, but I was expecting it was probably a couple of the red shirts (Murray, Terry & Alastair).


Watch Sanctuary – Homecoming Online S04E06


Sanctuary - HomecomingWill is in Monrovia to help the local Sanctuary financially. However, Will’s plan is complicated by the local unrest due to the upcoming elections. While walking in the street, Will is momentarily distracted by motorists in need. He is hit in the head and knocked out. He loses consciousness as his attackers rob him. When Will regains consciousness, his eyes are red. He can’t see. The leader of the local Sanctuary helps Will and takes Will to his cousin’s home.

Back at the Sanctuary, Henry and Bigfoot debate what a good gift would be to give Will. Will’s birthday is a couple of days away. An alarm interrupts their debate. Helen, Henry, and Bigfoot go to the roof, ready to defend the Sanctuary from intruders. Are they under attack? No. Two flying Abnormals land. Helen recognizes them. Bruno and Shelia have made an unannounced visit. Bruno apologizes for not calling first, but insists his actions are warranted because Sheila is injured. Helen welcomes the bickering pair to the Sanctuary.

Can we call this the schizophrenic episode?

Let’s start with the “B” story first –
We’ve got Will being mugged & knocked out, then we discover that because of the trauma, he’s temporary blinded and has to lie still on a bed. This allows him to bring back memories of his estrangement with his father following the death of his mother.

It’s actually a sweet & touching story (if a bit boring since it’s Will we’re talking about). But when you pair a sweet, touching (and boring) Will & Daddy story with the wonderfully funny, witty, and sarcastic Helen/Henry/Birds story… Will/Daddy is going to feel really out of place.


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