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Watch Pretty Little Liars – A Dangerous GAme Online S03E24

Pretty Little Liars - A Dangerous GAme
This is how season three of Pretty Little Liars ends. With “A dAngerous gAme” and more questions raised than actually answered.

Honestly, that’s okay. Pretty Little Liars is at its best when the plot is mostly focused on asking the questions. When it does deign to answer the questions, things just get kind of boring. Case in point, the big Spencer and Toby reveals of this episode. Spencer, it turns out, only joined the A-Team because Mona told her Toby is actually alive. They meet again and Toby reveals he actually joined the A-Team to save Spencer, which he couldn’t tell her before because A is omnipresent. He can tell her now because, apparently, he has safe houses that Mona doesn’t know about which solves the problem I guess. The plot kind of shuts down there for a while so they can have their reunion. Also, nothing really comes of these revelations, they just kind of sit there taking up space.

Meanwhile, Emily and Hanna actually do the most of the legwork with the A plot, now that Hanna’s back in the game. Aria at least seems interested in the conversations, but she’s mostly busy breaking up with Ezra for the third time in as many episodes. Hanna’s real contribution is figuring out that Spencer is now on the A-Team and then posing as Red Coat to prove that they’re still on the same side. Sadly, this ends early in the episode. Emily’s part is even smaller, but is significantly more substantial, carrying the plot into season four. Like her step-brother, Jenna Marshall makes her reentrance in this episode. It turns out she’s actually dating Shana, who up until now had been relegated to a boring part of Emily’s side plot. They’re up to something sinister; Emily comes across the two of them meeting with Melissa. Later, they show up on the video which is still playing on Det. Wilden’s dash, even after the car has been pulled from the lake.

The biggest revelations of the evening actually come at the very end of the episode. It turns out that Mona was still on the A-Team primarily because she’d never discovered Red Coat’s identity. She changes her mind rather quickly after she is locked in a burning house with Aria, Emily, and Hanna. That, in and of itself, isn’t that interesting. However, it turns out that the Red Coat is actually Alison. This actually raises more questions than it can hope to solve, as Alison has done quite a bit of work in actually saving the Liars. Red Coat, as the orchestrator of all this, actually seemed to be intent on killing them, seeing as she set the house on fire.


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Watch Pretty Little Liars – Will the Circle Be Unbroken? Online S02E23

Pretty Little Liars - Will the Circle Be Unbroken?
On “Pretty Little Liars” “Will the Circle be Unbroken” which aired on March 5, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) made some discoveries and received an interesting proposition from Mona (Janel Parrish).

Spencer’s stay in Radley is, by far, the most intriguing storyline of the night. But of course there were a few other distractions in Rosewood, if only because the other three friends weren’t able to visit Spencer, who they now consider the “weak link.”

Aria (Lucy Hale) reached out to her dad, attempting to get Ezra (Ian Harding) a job. Emily (Shay Mitchell) randomly met Olympian swimmer Missy Franklin when she wasn’t trying to get info out of Dr. Sullivan.

Hanna (Ashley Benson) was the only one who seems to be in a real mess of her own making. Wilden (Bryce Johnson) is most definitely alive, and he’s demanding that Hanna, or Ashley (Laura Leighton), give him his car back. But why is Wilden so worried about his car? Is there something in it that he doesn’t want someone to discover? That’s one big question left unanswered on “Pretty Little Liars” “Will the Circle be Unbroken?”


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Watch Pretty Little Liars – Out of Sight, Out of Mind Online S03E21

Pretty Little Liars - Out of Sight, Out of Mind
While I’m not shocked by Spencer’s reaction and eventual catatonia given the events of “Out of Sight, Out of Mind,” I am a little disappointed by the promise we saw in Spencer earlier this season getting delayed by the last couple of episodes. We saw a manipulative, nasty side of her that I was hoping would chase down all the members of the A Team and at least level the playing field slightly. But she’s been struggling too hard with her sad-sackness to realize that potential.

There were some glimmers. Standing up to Mona reminded me that she could still have some spark in her and chasing Mona through the woods with the fire of a thousand suns showed me what could be. But, when she received that wreath and decoded it to mean “EM,” you could tell that she still had too much to lose to realize her inner anti-hero. If you have to plead with impressionable, gullible Emily, you’re definitely in a weak position. Certainly too weak and distracted to realize that the EM on the banner wasn’t for Emily but for “ME”-Toby.

Now is Toby really dead? I’m going to have to refer to soap opera rules: If you don’t see a body, s/he’s still alive. That’s how I feel about Alison and that’s how I feel about Toby. Spencer saw a tattoo, a substance that she may imagine to be blood, and a motorcycle helmet covering up a face. No independent coroner to confirm, no dice. No one checked for vital signs or even looked at the face of whoever was under the blanket. I call shenangians.

Nevertheless, it was enough to get Spencer locked up at Arkham Asylum, where she can get in touch with the madwomen festering inside her, begging to get out. Heck, even the play to get into Radley might have been part of a master plan to seek vengeance against the people who took Toby away from her. Find E. Lamb and you may find a missing puzzle piece.


Watch Pretty Little Liars – Hot Water Online S03E20

Pretty Little Liars - Hot Water
Talk about a steamy episode! In this week’s Pretty Little Liars (Season 3, Episode 20: “Hot Water”), Melissa Hastings is a budding photographer, Wrencer is back on (hooray!), and Hanna’s mom does what we’ve all wanted to do: She runs Wilden down with her car. We’re impressed that she didn’t then put the car in reverse and hit him again one more time for good measure.

You’d think after all the lying Aria and her friends have had to do, they would start telling the truth one of these days. That’s why we’re stunned that Aria would lie to Ezra by not saying Wes kissed her, since you just know that’s gonna come back to bite her. And just like that, we suddenly got a fantasy about being bitten by Wes. We’ll try to move on.

While we’re thrilled that Ezria seems kinda-sorta back to normal, we know this smooth sailing for the couple probably won’t last long, especially if Maggie has to move in with Ezra when she loses her condo. On the plus side, Aria did save Spencer’s life in the steam room, so at least Aria has that going for her.

See, people – this is why you should always take a bath instead of going for a steam! Mr. Bubbles could never be used for evil like Spencer’s steam room was. So who locked Spencer in – and come to think of it, why couldn’t Melissa hear her scream? Long story short: Toby and Melissa, you’ve both got some ?splaining to do.


Watch Pretty Little Liars – What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted Online S03E19

Pretty Little Liars - What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted
How Spencer continues to be the best, I don’t know. But the rest of the Liars really helped her out this week by lowering the bar of excellence.

While Spencer continued her descent into conniving madness, the rest of the group was not only judgmental (Emily) but also participated in sitcom level antics (Aria, Hanna). And then Spencer jumped on Mona and tried to choke her out.

Of the non-Spencer stories, Emily’s was easily the most annoying, mostly because Emily was at her most annoying. I expect that moral browbeating from, well, Spencer, but I don’t exactly feel it’s appropriate for Emily to huff and puff about exploring sexual boundaries, particularly since Andrew is one of the least suspicious men in Rosewood and Paige tried to drown Spencer. I hear you, Em, this isn’t like the Spencer Hastings you know, but take Hanna’s advice and cut her some slack.

Her storyline was made more frustrating as she became a passive played in the theater of exposition. Emily’s basic trait as a passive character makes her a relative ghost as it is, but we basically could’ve followed Jason searching for the photo after her hot tip and not missed her at all. The message from A (about Jason needing booze for later) was weak foreshadowing even by A’s standards, and I could’ve done without Emily’s whimpering while trying to climb out of the elevator, particularly since normally a physical challenge for an athlete like her shouldn’t pose too much of a daring obstacle. What happened to our stoic Emily from when Paige was freaking out? I didn’t mind the panic after the elevator fell, but shaking like a leaf when faced with the task of sliding out seemed inconsistent.


Watch Pretty Little Liars – Dead to Me Online S03E18

Pretty Little Liars - Dead to Me
Forget everything else that happened this episode, let’s get to the most important question: Did Alison and Emily date? In the most recent episode of “Pretty Little Liars” we start to see flashbacks of the relationship between the two and it seems quite flirtatious. But, we’re jumping ahead of ourselves.

There’s a lot of themes of love in tonight’s episode. Fitzgerald and Aria appear to be getting oddly close for the role of girlfriend and brother of Ezra. Hanna and Caleb spend some time connecting during a visit to a shed. And, Spencer is still up in her feelings about the end of her relationship with Toby.

To kick off this episode?brought to you from Feelingsville High School?Aria and Hanna are worried about ending up in orange jump suits since they are the only two with items from Ali’s grave. Hanna is attempting to convince Caleb that he should say goodbye to the home where he grew up since his aunt is getting rid of the place and moving to Australia.

In the meantime, Spencer gets some updates from the private investigator she hired, and he has a bit of information on the location of the key. However, the P.I. wants a little bit more money in order to narrow it down to the exact doorway.


Watch Pretty Little Liars – Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno Online S03E17

Pretty Little Liars - Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Inferno
At home, Spencer wakes up from a nightmare in which she’d been making out with Toby but he turned into ‘A’.

In her room, Emily takes a call from Aria. They discuss not hearing from Spencer. Emily’s mom enters with a package from the James family. It contains cards and a biology notebook Emily had given to Alison. Emily’s freaked out about Lyndon James having touched it.

Hanna’s mom joins Hanna in the kitchen and asks how it is seeing Mona every day at school. Hanna shrugs that she only has two classes with her. Hanna’s mom is concerned about protecting her. Hanna says one protector is enough. Ashley asks if Caleb’s been tangling with Mona. Hanna say he doesn’t trust her.

Still at home, Aria listens as Byron tells Meredith’s father on the phone that he’s glad she’s getting help. He tells Aria it seems she stopped taking her meds. Aria’s still spooked about her. Byron reassures her.


Watch Pretty Little Liars – Misery Loves Company Online S03E16

Pretty Little Liars - Misery Loves Company
Pretty Little Liars returned Tuesday with arguably its best episode yet of season 3, “Misery Loves Company” with shocking revelations that saw the end of one relationship and the beginning of a new partnership. What follows is a recap, so naturally spoilers are included from this episode.

Misery Loves Company” opened with Emily (Shay Mitchell), Hanna (Ashley Benson), and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) visiting sick Aria (Lucy Hale) who despite Meredith’s (Amanda Schull) best efforts, does not seem to be getting better. Aria refuses the offer to have company and places her faith in Meredith. Aria wants to give her father Byron (Chad Lowe) the benefit of the doubt but will not keep it a secret if it does not work.

Mona (Janel Parrish) and Toby (Keegan Allen) meet at the lair in their classic hoodies to discuss upcoming plans with the revelation that there is another person in the A Team. Who do you think it could be? Mona says “she” in describing the person, so perhaps Meredith is on the A Team?

Emily does Toby a favor by watching his apartment while the plumbers come, and confides in Toby despite his abnormal affect. Hanna asks Caleb (Keegan Allen) for fashion advice, which he thankfully laughs at, as she gets ready for an upcoming job interview with a fashion designer. Caleb worries for Hanna’s safety as she makes him promise not do anything stupid. Those promises never seem to last in Rosewood.


Watch Pretty Little Liars – Mona-Mania Online S03E15

Pretty Little Liars - Mona-Mania
Seems these days Bryon is always apologizing for something. And things are no different in “Mona-Mania.” The daddy with the leastest (we’re just going to pretend Hanna’s dad doesn’t exist) apologizes to Aria for accusing her and her friends of arson and attempted murder but she shrugs it off. Nothing is forgiven.

While they are both bemoaning his failure as a father, Em, Hanna and Spence are back at the high school basement (a major location for this half of the season apparently). Hanna is overwhelmed at the thought of having to worry about Aria’s daddy issues on top of her own. Spencer has gone into ?crazy eye private eye’ mode and can’t be bothered with non-A related issues. And Emily is angry per the norm.

They walk into the Janitor’s room just as a black hooded person is cleaning out all of the incriminating evidence and leaving behind a blank journal for the PLLs (with the message: Move on Ladies nothing to see here). A lot of craziness that makes no sense happens. Spence and Em manage to accomplish nothing and they yell to Hanna to help or get out of the way. She does what any fashion-minded teenager would do: she stares at the hooded fellow’s shoes, so that she can identify them later. You know as opposed to ?looking at the person’s face.

The ineffective night and close encounter with a possible A puts a damper on the morning. All of the Liars are having stress dreams. Aria dreams she is exactly who she is: a Liar. Hanna dreams she loses her what she holds most precious: her looks. Spencer’s nightmares consist of her failing at life. And Emily’s is forgettable but no doubt consists of some sort of anger.


Watch Pretty Little Liars – She’s Better Now Online S03E14

Pretty Little Liars - She's Better Now
In the mid-season return of “Pretty Little Liars” the emphasis is on Mona 2.0, or 1.0., returning to halls of Rosewood High School, and her quest for forgiveness for her transgressions. But, first, she must get the ladies and the whole school to believe that she has changed.

Mona ?sans hoodie? pops up in Hanna’s bedroom and she’s looking for forgiveness in the middle of the night to help guide her transition from the psych ward to high school. After spending the last few years majoring in torture, Mona swears she has changed thanks to a the news meds. And, she’s not against a little bribery to prove her point.

In the early morning/late evening hours, while Mona is attempt to win back classmates by popping up in their home, an unidentified skateboarder in a hoodie is kicking, pushing down the street being followed aggressively by hooded sweatshirt driving assailant, later identified as Toby. Because, when in the evening, potential killers and victims alike wear black hoodies. It makes life simple.

After the death of Garrett, Emily’s mom and dad have begun operation lockdown to keep her safe. Meanwhile, Aria and Spencer are discussing Garrett’s last comments about her father.


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