American Horror Story S04E07 stream – Test of Strength

American Horror Story - Test of Strength

The women of the Freak Show rally against Dell after his latest act of violence. A strange encounter with Dandy raises Jimmy’s suspicion about the clown murders.

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American Horror Story S04E06:Bullseye

American Horror Story - Bullseye

Elsa unveils a dangerous new act. Stanley puts pressure on Maggie to murder Jimmy. Paul indulges in a secret romance.

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Watch Online American Horror Story: Pink Cupcakes (S04E05)

American Horror Story - Pink Cupcakes

Stanley and Maggie hatch a plan to murder the Freaks. Gloria hides the evidence of Dandy’s gruesome new hobby. A health scare reveals Desiree may not be the oddity she once thought.

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Watch American Horror Story – Edward Mordrake (2) Online S04E04

American Horror Story - Edward Mordrake (2)

Edward Mordrake continues his search for a Freak to add to his ghostly coterie. Elsa tells the grisly story of her days in Germany. Jimmy and Maggie have a run-in with the Twisted Clown.

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American Horror Story S04E03:Edward Mordrake (1)

American Horror Story - Edward Mordrake (1)

The Freaks refuse to perform on Halloween due to an old carny superstition. Jimmy is smitten by a woman claiming to be a fortune teller. Ethel receives life-changing news.

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Watch American Horror Story – Massacres and Matinees Online S04E02

American Horror Story - Massacres and Matinees

A citywide curfew threatens to shut down the Freak Show. A strongman from Ethel’s troubled past arrives at camp. Gloria arranges a terrifying play date for Dandy. The Tattler Twins reveal a talent that could knock Elsa from the spotlight.

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Watch American Horror Story – Monsters Among Us Online S04E01

American Horror Story - Monsters Among Us

One of the only surviving sideshows in the country struggles to stay in business during the dawning era of television. When police make a terrifying discovery at a local farmhouse, the eccentric purveyor of the freak show sees an opportunity that will lead her troupe either to their salvation or ruin.

American.Horror.Story.S04E01.FASTSUB.VOSTFR.720p.HDTV.x264 Stream

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Watch American Horror Story – Madness Ends Online S02E13

American Horror Story - Madness Ends
Compared to last season’s finale, this year’s seemed relatively low-key and subtle. Since the beginning of the season, I wasn’t really a fan of the modern-day story, and when it came full circle with a 70-something year old Lana Winters prepping for an interview, I was ready to dislike it. However, and although it wasn’t nearly are great as the first season’s, this finale was surprisingly heartfelt and satisfying.

Excuse me for a lack of details as I only got a chance to watch the episode once the night of, so this recap is purely based from memory. But at least I had a chance to sleep on it and I feel better about the episode. I just needed the time to think about it and mull over what happened. So, present-day Lana has six bestsellers under her belt and is about to be honored at the Kennedy Center for her prolific journalistic work. This interview is the foundation for the episode, as it’s told mostly through flashbacks. Lana asks for a glass of sparkling water and who hands it to her but her own son, Johnny. Wuh oh!

Madness Ends” served more as an epilogue than a finale. We learn that after Alma died, Kit started visiting Jude at Briarcliff and brought her back to life, so to speak. Seeing how he helped her was heartwarming, especially the shot with him putting his arm around her. He ended up taking her home with him and she helped raise his alien kids, who are blessed with some sort of power that brings sanity to those who are crazy. When Jude was becoming delusional, thinking she was back at Briarcliff, Kit’s children took her by the hand into the woods, where they probably smoked some pot. I’m guessing that’s what brought Jude back to her senses. Yeah, that’s totally it.

Everything was great at the Walker residence. The children loved Jude and she loved them in return. Unfortunately, after six months of bliss and swing dancing, she got sick and passed away. The scene with The Angel of Death (Frances Conroy) was beautifully shot, and I just sat there watching with my eyes wide open, filling up with tears. I know she’s a fictional character, but I’m just glad she got her happiness in the end. Kit remarried later, his kids went on to become a big shot lawyer and neurosurgeon, and when he was about to die from pancreatic cancer, the aliens took him back. I’m glad one of the monsters this season was good. Right? We can all agree that the aliens were benevolent?


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Watch American Horror Story – Continuum Online S02E12

American Horror Story - Continuum
Criminy. Last week’s episode, “Spilt Milk,” rushed us through a bunch of months so that we could see Lana give birth and Jude rot away in solitary. But if that wasn’t disjointed enough, “Continuum” speeds us through years; feeling more like an epilogue to this season’s tale which, up until now, had all taken place in the span of a year. Sure, we’ve also been following modern-day Bloody Face – crack smokin’ Johnny – but I never would have guessed it would have been such a race to the finish in these final two episodes.

Not that anything was overtly awful, but the pacing was such that you could just never get a hold on what was going on. And then, with Jude experiencing three lost years, it just made the entire episode feel like bits of old Tales from the Crypt addendums; the parts of the show where you learn, via a dark, humorous twist, that no one was getting a happy ending.

But which part of AHS is lying to us now? The records held by Dr. Clump, showing the fact that the state took over Briarcliff in ’66? Or the title card that read 1968 right before the scene where Monsignor Timothy told Jude that he’s leaving and that the new owners were going to overflow the place with patients?

Was the point here to play with the format of the show in order to make us feel the sort of disconnect from reality that Jude feels? Are we to assume that most of what we were witnessing were figments of Jude’s fragmented Betty Drake-mind? I mean, I’m assuming there was a reason Frances Conroy popped back up as a bullying, shanking patient and that there was a point to her looking like the Angel of Death that many of our show’s characters had seen and interacted with.


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