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Watch Bones – The Geek in the Guck Online S10E04

Bones - The Geek in the Guck

The Jeffersonian team, with the help Special Agent James Aubrey (guest star John Boyd), investigate the murder of a video game designer whose remains were found washed up in a river. When the team uncovers more about the fortune the victim had acquired throughout his career, everyone who was close to him becomes a suspect. However, the investigation takes a turn when they discover that the victim was playing his own games on people. Meanwhile, “squintern” Jessica Warren (guest star Spencer) enlightens the team about the educational cooperative with which she has been involved and Brennan and Booth discuss Christine’s future.

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Watch Online Bones: The Purging of the Pundit (S10E03)

Bones - The Purging of the Pundit

With the help of squintern Rodolfo Fuentes, the Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of a controversial conservative radio host whose remains were found in a storm drain. When the team discovers some of his extracurricular activities, they come across shocking evidence that narrows down the suspects. Meanwhile, Special Agent James Aubrey is desperate to gain the trust of Booth, and Brennan is worried about Booth’s psychological well-being after recent events.

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Bones S10E02 stream – The Lance to the Heart

Bones - The Lance to the Heart

To find out who framed Booth for murder, the Jeffersonian team, with the help Special Agent James Aubrey, continues to investigate who is behind a conspiracy within the Federal Government that dates all the way back to J. Edgar Hoover. Then, when foreign DNA is found in a previous victim linked to the scandal, the team is able to narrow down the number of suspects, leading them closer to cracking the case.

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Bones S10E01:The Conspiracy in the Corpse

Bones - The Conspiracy in the Corpse

Brennan and the Jeffersonian team are desperately working to get Booth out of jail, clear his name and absolve him of crimes he did not commit. The remains of a man who has been dead 16 years could be the point of origin in the entire government conspiracy that ultimately put Booth in jail. Meanwhile, Booth is faced with a challenge from a new and politically ambitious FBI agent. As he awaits trial, Booth also realizes that many of the convicts with whom he is locked up are criminals he put in there, and Daisy and Sweets have a surprise for the rest of the Jeffersonian team.

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Watch Bones – The Friend In Need Online S08E16

Bones - The Friend In Need
The best parts of the Monday, Feb. 18 installment of “Bones” season 8, episode 16, “The Friend in Need,” weren’t those about the case, but those about the characters’ personal lives as they investigated the death of a teenager whose remains were part of yet another gross crime scene.

This episode’s “Bones” case was interesting enough to have us wanting to know what happened to the victim, Manny, a teenager who was last seen at a crazy party two weeks before his remains were found, but there have been much better cases. In the end, it wasn’t surprising that he hadn’t been the one who raped Kat, one of his few friends and the girl he had a crush on, nor was it a surprise that the guy who had raped her also was the one who murdered Manny.

Yes, it could’ve been a more intriguing case, and yes, Kat’s mother telling her daughter not to call the police was a definite negative of the episode (though seeing her turn things around and willing to get her daughter whatever helped she needed was good to see), but the rest of the episode did make up for its flaws.

“The Friend in Need” ended up featuring an emotional moment for Sweets (which may have been a bit unprofessional, but let’s put that aside) as he told Kat about the abuse he suffered as a child that he thought was his fault until someone helped him see it wasn’t.


Watch Bones – The Shot In The Dark Online S08E15

Bones - The Shot In The Dark
In the Monday, Feb. 11 episode of “Bones” season 8, episode 15, “The Shot in the Dark,” Brennan (Emily Deschanel) was able to help the team solve a case even while in the hospital recovering from a gunshot wound. But that wasn’t what everyone will be talking about.

What “Bones” has done over the past seven and a half seasons is establish Brennan as a very rational character, but what she experienced in “The Shot In The Dark” was something even she couldn’t explain. We always knew it would have to be something big that forced Brennan to question everything she believed in, and there’s nothing bigger than seeing her dead mother (played by Brooke Langton) and a moment that couldn’t be explained away with science.

But even as the series tackled something very difficult to cover on a procedural drama, it didn’t lose what is, at the heart of it, that essential “Bones” quality that keeps us tuning in each week. All in all, “The Shot In The Dark” was everything it needed to be and more, from start to finish.

Even though there was something off about the security guard Hal (Richard Augustine) from the beginning-it seemed just a bit obvious as he checked in with Brennan as she worked on the bones that he was connected in some way-the way the case played out meant that it didn’t really matter. And while the introduction of ice bullets (“When you eliminate the possible, you are left with the truth, no matter how improbable,” Hodgins said) was expected once they couldn’t find any bullets in Brennan or the dead Hal and Brennan described the wound site as cold, they didn’t stop there. Instead, they added a twist-blood bullets, using the shooter’s blood-that allowed Brennan to be key in putting the evidence together.


Watch Bones – The Doll In The Derby Online S08E14

Bones - The Doll In The Derby
The Scene of the Crime: Two rookie cops are investigating in a dark old slaughterhouse when they come across some very fresh and bloody remains. One cop slips and falls into the blood, gross, and sort of compromises the remains, much to Brennan’s dismay! Cam, Hodgins, Brennan and Booth check out the crime scene and the victim’s remains are taken to the Jeffersonian for further investigation. When B&B return to the slaughterhouse, they find out it also poses as a roller derby rink.

The Victim: Melinda Perkins, a 32-year-old “Derby Doll” known for living a fairly wild and reckless life after her divorce from her husband, Dr. Perkins.

The Case Progression: When B&B go to the roller derby rink, they meet several other “Derby Dolls”, like “Emily Kickinson” and their team manager, Nick Bennett. Nick built the rink himself and manages the team’s profits. When they find out that Miranda was murdered, they are surprised and point out that another teammate, “Ivanna Kick Ass” is not around.

Booth questions Ivanna at the FBI building. She insists she doesn’t know who would want to hurt Miranda but that she lived a wild, aggressive life, even going so far as to have sex with other men on her ex-husband’s lawn. Sweets thinks that is enough motive for Dr. Perkins to flip out, but he has an alibi.


Watch Bones – The Ghost in the Machine Online S08E09

Bones - The Ghost in the Machine
This week’s ‘Bones‘ episode saw the team at the Jeffersonian go through a particularly tough case involving a young 14-year-old boy named Colin Gibson. The normally detached Brennan (Emily Deschanel) was unable to keep her cool demeanor and broke down like the rest of her murder-solving team.

Monday’s episode, entitled “The Ghost in the Machine” gave fans a different perspective by being told in the point of view of Colin’s remains. Fans saw as everyone, including Brennan, spoke to Colin’s skull in an attempt to figure out what happened to him. Early on in the episode, which was the season’s last episode before winter hiatus, Brennan is seen getting visibly upset about Colin and his death.

The team at the Jeffersonian, including Booth (David Boreanaz) and Sweets (John Francis Daley), become very invested in solving the boy’s murder, especially after psychic Avalon (guest star Cyndi Lauper) tells them that Colin’s spirit is still with his remains.

Through his bug and dirt work, Hodgins (TJ Thyne) was able to discover that Colin’s body had been moved from its original resting place, leading to answers on the condition of his skull. The team also discovered that Colin’s body sustained many bone fractures right before and leading up to his death.


Watch Bones – The But In The Joke Online S08E08

Bones - The But In The Joke
It’s never a dull moment for the team at the Jeffersonian and this week’s episode proves just that. Monday’s episode, entitled “The But in the Joke,” finds Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) investigating the remains that end up stuck to an infamous street artist when he falls from a billboard.

The season’s eighth episode kicks off with Brennan and Booth trying to figure out how a street vandal ends up super glued to decomposed remains. The duo decides to send the remains and the vandal, who turns out to be famed graffiti artist Seth Zolinksi (Jay Paulson), back to the Jeffersonian to be unglued. After spotting an arrow coming out of the victim’s head, Brennan says that the preliminary cause of death is blunt force trauma.

Back at the Jeffersonian, x-ray results reveal that the arrow didn’t in fact pierce the victim’s head but was instead a comedian’s gag. The victim is identified as a male in his early 30s who has undergone a neck operation. By finding the doctor who performed the surgery, the team uncovers the victim’s identity-Morgan Delaney, who works at a company called Telecom during the day and as a stand-up comedian at night.

In order to unglue Delaney and Zalinsky, who goes by his alter ego street name of Zed, Hodgins (TJ Thyne) asks his wife Angela (Michaela Conlin) for her secret stash of peanut butter. Hodgin plans to use the peanut butter to break down the adhesive and save Zalinsky’s skin. However, in getting the peanut butter from Angela, Hodgins discovers that his wife isn’t as happy as he thought she was.


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Watch Bones – The Bod in the Pod Online S08E07

Bones - The Bod in the Pod
After the gravitas of “The Patriot in Purgatory” last week, this episode does a good job of moving back toward the show’s macabre comedy roots without overdoing it. In fact, the content was something you’d expect to see closer to February than chilly November, as love is in the purified, Jeffersonian air on Bones tonight. Love, poetry, and murder.

The victim is Charles Milner, a crime scene cleanup man. But what’s more interesting than his job is the way his own body was discovered: vacuum-sealed in a pod of hardened plastic sheeting. Cue Hodgins (TJ Thyne) with a myriad of alien conspiracy theories, which is always entertaining, as are his co-workers’ reactions. And so it’s almost appropriate that Hodgins is the one who stumbles across a conspiracy going on right under everyone’s nose at the Jeffersonian.

Actually, it’s less of a conspiracy and more of a clandestine romance that Hodgins uncovers between Cam (Tamara Taylor) and Brennan’s intern, Arastoo Vaziri (Pej Vahdat). The bug man overhears Arastoo reciting a poem that he wrote in Farsi for Cam and then later he and Angela (Michaela Conlin) spot the couple kissing. It probably would have been wiser for Cam and Arastoo to get a room as opposed to making out on work property if they wanted to keep their romance a secret, but so far the consequences are much less severe than the political exile he’s suffered from his own countrymen for writing poetry about love, freedom, democracy, and sex.

Meanwhile, the case itself takes an interesting turn. Typically, Bones episodes will identify the victim and begin introducing a variety of probable suspects, offering one, maybe two red herring suspects before the killer ? usually the first person they interviewed ? is revealed. This time, however, only three suspects are considered and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) is certain that it’s not the victim’s stepson, Davey (Kevin G. Schmidt), but rather their fellow crime scene cleaner, Melvin Carville (Brad William Henke, pictured below with Emily Deschanel). And while it’s typically Booth’s gut that leads the way, this time Brennan’s instincts prove to be correct.


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