Watch Revenge – INTEL Online S04E09

Revenge - INTEL

Emily and Victoria learn that information is the most dangerous weapon while Nolan offers up information of his own in order to salvage his reputation.

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Watch Online Revenge: Contact (S04E08)

Revenge - Contact

Victoria’s future hangs in the balance as the FBI closes in and a mysterious new enemy strikes.

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Revenge S04E07:Ambush

Revenge - Ambush

Sparks fly when Emily uncovers a devastating revelation about her father. Daniel confronts Emily about the secrets she kept while things heat up between Margaux and Louise.

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Revenge S04E06:Damage

Revenge - Damage

Charlotte’s downward spiral takes her to a place where even Emily worries she can’t be saved as David and Nolan have a very public reunion.

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Watch Online Revenge: Disclosure (S04E02)

Revenge - Disclosure

Emily confronts former friends and a lifelong enemy in a desperate search for Victoria, while the fallen Queen of the Hampton’s finds herself at the mercy of her own darkest secret.

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Revenge S04E01:Renaissance

Revenge - Renaissance

As Emily plans to host her most surprising party ever, Victoria finds a way to turn her greatest setback into a dangerous advantage. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them both, David Clarke plans his next move.

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Watch Revenge – Retribution Online S02E15

Revenge - Retribution
ABC pushed the episode with these words: “Emily is back. No more distractions.” The network must’ve heard the complaints about the second season and decided to push the show like it is season one again; however, Revenge needs to get out of a few storylines before it ceases being a convoluted mess. Revenge won’t really reset until the third season. Until then, the writers have to wriggle free of The Initiative, and, uh, yeah, just The Initiative.

Fake Amanda’s death, at least, adds much needed urgency and drama into the show. TV writers usually share a similar modus operandi when killing off a character: make the death matter. Don’t kill off characters willy-nilly. Make it matter for the other characters, and for the audience, and the story choice will pay off. Fake Amanda’s death matters for the major characters, and her death has great implications for the narrative. Jack is torn up about her death, but he’s also dealing with the truth of why she came to the Hamptons. Indeed, he’ll react badly when he learns the real truth. Charlotte’s devastated to lose a sister she just discovered. The loss motivates her to find other people who cared about her.

The thought of Fake Amanda’s funeral being empty is unsettling and upsetting to Charlotte, so she uses the interweb (fake search engine GoquestGo) to track down her foster family. Conrad’s guilted out because he ordered her death a mere day ago. Conrad pays for Jack’s medical care and swears to assist him whenever necessary. The computer’s out there like a big old ticking time bomb.

Emily experiences the most significant change. The other characters are mourning a woman they didn’t know. Emily’s partly responsible for Fake Amanda’s death. Conrad targeted her because the name Clarke is a threat. Nate wouldn’t have killed her without the promise of a cash reward. Fake Amanda used Emily’s computer after Conrad threatened Jack and the Stowaway. Daniel tells his mother that all of their money is tainted with blood. Many of Emily’s choices are tainted with blood.


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Watch Revenge – Sacrifice Online S02E14

Revenge - Sacrifice
Revenge showed the sailboat Amanda at the bottom of the ocean way back in its September season premiere. The series did this in season one and the payoff in February was worth the wait. I insulted the show way more than I complimented it during season one, but the payoff to the shooting on the beach during the Fire and Ice party was impressive. It felt planned whereas every story in season two feels unplanned.

Conrad’s going to run for governor? Of course he is. I may need to stop writing about the show when that storyline begins. The mystery about the sunken boat was the only plot thread I wanted untangled. The sunken boat story has been the only element of season two that had suspense and mystery. It took nearly six months and was not worth the wait.

I think Revenge is caught between two weird things in its second season. Whatever made a show work in its first season isn’t necessarily what the show’s writers want to repeat in its second season. Everwood and LOST had all-time great first seasons. I will tear up thinking about both, if I’m thinking about both for a long time. That’s how much those seasons mean to me. Revenge’s first season is far from a classic, but my opinion isn’t shared by the people who loved the first season of the show; so, naturally, they want what made the first season what it was.

I’m still convinced half of the story choices in LOST’s second season were made to piss off fans. Anyway, Revenge is trying to stretch its narrative legs with the conspiracy Initiative plot, which isn’t going well at all, and it’s fleshing out the secondary characters more. I feel I can count on one hand the number of stories that were about Emily. Revenge is Emily’s show, but it has felt so much less her show through fourteen episodes. So, the show should return to what worked in season one. I didn’t like the show anyway in season one, but at least it had purpose.