Watch Hell on Wheels – False Prophets Online S05E07

Hell on Wheels - False Prophets

Cullen and Durant meet up in Salt Lake City to talk to President Grant about the future of the railroad. Swede carries out his plan against the Mormons.


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Watch Online Hell on Wheels: Hungry Ghosts (S05E06)

Hell on Wheels - Hungry Ghosts

Cullen and Mei travel through the dangerous California wilderness with a precious cargo. Eva nurses Louise back to health.


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Watch Online Hell on Wheels: Elixir of Life (S05E05)

Hell on Wheels - Elixir of Life

Violence breaks out in Chinatown during the festival of Tin Hau Don. Cullen confronts the Swede.


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Watch Online Hell on Wheels: Struck (S05E04)

Hell on Wheels - Struck

Cullen attempts to solve a Chinese labor strike. Durant pulls Mickey deeper into Union Pacific business.


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Watch Online Hell on Wheels: White Justice (S05E03)

Hell on Wheels - White Justice

Cullen contends with violence in Chinatown set off by disgruntled railroad workers. Meanwhile, the Swede manipulates Phineas in his plot against the Mormons.


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Watch Hell on Wheels – Mei Mei Online S05E02

Hell on Wheels - Mei Mei

Cullen enlists a crew of Chinese workers to help him move a locomotive from Truckee to the Summit Tunnel on a sled. An accident forces Cullen and Fong to work together to survive. Meanwhile, Swede and Phineas fight for survival after Cullen banishes them to the high country on snow-shoveling patrol.


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Hell on Wheels S05E01 stream – Chinatown

Hell on Wheels - Chinatown

Cullen is in California with the Central Pacific Railroad and has to deal with the new workers.


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Hell on Wheels S04E13:Further West

Hell on Wheels - Further West

The railroad prepares to leave Cheyenne behind. Cullen returns to get his family.

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Hell on Wheels S04E12 stream – Thirteen Steps

Hell on Wheels - Thirteen Steps

Cullen attempts to deal with Ruth’s unexpected decision. Louise puts her reputation on the line to fight for a story she believes in.

Watch Hell.on.Wheels.S04E12.proper.hdtv.x264-killers.mp4 online

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Watch Online Hell on Wheels: Bleeding Kansas (S04E11)

Hell on Wheels - Bleeding Kansas

Crazy Ruth is way better than Regular Ruth, but for much of “Bleeding Kansas” I wished she would just pick one already. After that rad cliffhanger a few moons ago, it seemed like Ruth had finally turned a corner into Awesome Character territory. Finally, the preacher’s daughter was making some bold choices and straying from her usual options of bible-clutching and lip-quivering! That is the Ruth I wanted…

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