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Kill Shot

Castle - Kill ShotAs we’ve already seen in previews of tonight’s (Nov. 21) episode of “Castle” “Kill Shot” promises to be one of the most emotional outings yet. As a sniper terrorizes New York City, Det. Beckett not only deals with the usual stress from trying to solve the case, she also struggles to hide the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder she’s experiencing after being shot by a sniper in the Season 3 finale. Although Beckett has been in plenty of high-stress situations since she was shot, this one is different because it directly addresses the shooting, Stana Katic, who plays Beckett.

For the past few weeks, I have been getting comments about how people are disappointed in the character of Beckett, how much the dynamic has changed and that they miss the flirty banter from the first two seasons. While I understand where they are coming from – but not entirely agree – I think “Kill Shot” has helped cement what the other team (the ones who are so rooting for Beckett to pull herself together, like me) has been trying to get across since season 4 started.

Last night’s episode was all about Beckett, yes, but that was also character development at its very best. Watching Beckett fall apart and then slowly put the pieces back together, to the point that she was able to admit to herself and to her therapist that she is ready to change and she doesn’t want her life to be defined by her mother’s murder anymore was a huge, gigantic step forward for her. And if you compare this Kate Beckett to the detective we met in season 1, it is nothing short of remarkable how far she has come.


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A Fishbowl Full of Glass Eyes

Two and a Half Men - A Fishbowl Full of Glass EyesWhile Walden and the half man cruise the grocery aisles, Jake wonders how to get a share of Walden’s vast fortune, whether by inheritance or by working as Walden’s errand boy. Walden enjoys doing his own shopping, as he wouldn’t know what to put on his grocery list if he didn’t know what was available. Their chat is interrupted when a gorgeous British woman named Zoe asks Walden a question.  Walden asks her for a date after being prompted by Jake.

As Walden prepares to leave on his date, Alan advises him to take off his wedding ring.  The removal of the ring is an emotional moment for Walden; he mentions how safe and secure he has always felt when wearing it.  Unfortunately, his later behavior on the date proves that the act of removing the ring wasn’t indicative of his readiness to resume dating.

With no place to go, Walden buys the house and invites Alan to remain there, saving Alan from having to move in with his narcissistic, emotionally toxic mother, Evelyn. Walden asks Berta, a domineering, unapologetically blue-collar housekeeper who has been working in the household, to stay as well. Despite his unsuccessful history with women, Alan unexpectedly finds himself mentoring Walden, who has severely limited dating experience. While Walden, Alan and Jake adjust to their new living arrangement, they create a surrogate family unit that promises to make each a better man.


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The Rebound Girl

How I Met Your Mother - The Rebound GirlTonight’s episode should really be called “The Rebound Bro”. It would be a far more accurate representation of the main developing relationship. Specifically, Ted and Barney’s. You know you want it. Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall look to make a major change in their lives as parenthood approaches and Robin yells a lot about that change, but doesn’t do a whole lot else. Or, at least, we think she doesn’t… For nearly all of its running time, “The Rebound Girl” was a very satisfying, “HIMYM“-y episode.

Just as Barney was joking about how bad he would be as a dad on last night’s How I Met Your Mother, Robin tells him she is pregnant. Yes, you read that right, ROBIN IS PREGNANT. Presuming the baby is Barney’s, this is a jaw dropping cliffhanger Carter and Bays have thrown at us. Of course there is a chance the baby could be Kevin’s. However, I’m really hoping the father of Robin’s child is revealed quickly and doesn’t play out as a mystery. After all isn’t that what we have the mother for? Speaking of Kevin where was he this episode? When there’s hardly a mention of him, I tend to wishfully forget he exists and hope Barney and Robin start making out.

I’m not the biggest Diaz fan, but that line’s always stuck with me. Having the fortune to watch “Rebound Girl” earlier today on a screener, it was on my mind, and I ended up pulling out “Something Blue”—you know, the season two finale, when Ted and Robin take the blue French horn back to the bistro. In it, the two have this exchange:

Ted: “In five years, I probably want to be married.”

Robin: “And I probably want to be in Argentina…Or Tokyo, or Paris. Look, Ted, I don’t know where I’m going to be in five years, and I don’t want to know. I want my life to be an adventure.”

Well, it’s five years later. And right now, it’s very likely that Robin will be the one married at season’s end.


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Dead & Buried

House - Dead & BuriedToo bad the rest of the episode didn’t follow suit. I found “Dead & Buried” somewhat frustrating, and the big reason why it’s so frustrating is a certain flailing tendency to try and hit every button at once. So we don’t have one case this week, we have two; the main case centers on a teenage girl named Iris, who watched her father die in a car crash when she was two, and a four year old named Drew who’s been dead five years. This alone isn’t a bad premise. House has been gradually splitting away from his main team for a while now, despite his obvious dependency on having them around. In a very real way, this has become two series in one, the former a fitfully interesting/infuriating character study of a misanthrope struggling to deal with reality, the later a bland but intermittently ridiculous hospital drama where the lives of a group of quirky young-ish doctors are punctuated by cameos from their snark-slinging boss. The split isn’t total yet, but it’s easy to see the dividing lines between the two concepts. House was barely involved with Iris’s case until he solved it (twice!), and none of the other doctors knew much of anything about poor Drew. And while this split does make the actual patient of the week storyline even less interesting than it already was, I’d argue that it’s not a horrible idea. At the very least, we get to see House getting invested in a case again, even if he’s flying solo.

House’s maverick medical case has puzzled everyone else that’s worked on it: why a four year old boy’s organs are no longer working. Obvious answer would be the kid died five years ago.

This may be why House is so interested. It’s reminiscent of this season’s second episode where a pair of lungs sans body was the patient. These situations of medicine practiced on things rather than people has been a reoccurring theme. In a way, it’s a distilled version of what the show’s been doing all along: focusing on the conditions rather than the person.


Watch Terra Nova – Vs. Online S01E08

Terra Nova – Vs.

Terra Nova - Vs.It’s fairy clear at this point in the game that “Terra Nova” really isn’t interested in big questions concerning the human condition, man’s right to exist, or the ways in which large corporations use technology as a means of control. Those topics are all inherently threaded in the show’s DNA, but usually pushed aside so characters can ask more pressing questions, such as, “When will there be pie?” The joy in reviewing individual episodes of television often lies in teasing out the subtext of a given week. But “Terra Nova” is all surface, so there’s not much meat on the subtextual bone. Didn’t get a chance to watch?  Well, read on for everything you need to know about Terra Nova’s “Vs.”!

A prehistoric dragonfly hovers over Terra Nova, making its way across the landscape, passing by soldiers heading out on patrol, and eventually landing in a Sixers’ camp, perching on Mira’s arm, who welcomes it with “what have you got for me today?

After his arrest last week, Boylan sits in a Terra Nova brig while Commander Taylor demands to know what information he’s given up, or the location of his son Lucas.  Boylan insists he knows nothing , and Taylor leaves the bartender to get some rest to the sweet sounds of screaming alarms.  Meanwhile, the Shannons prepare for the upcoming “Harvest Festival,” when Josh pulls his father aside to question Boylan’s whereabouts, and the justification of his being detained.


Watch Gossip Girl – All The Pretty Sources Online S05E08

All The Pretty Sources

Gossip Girl - All The Pretty SourcesWe bid a not-so-fond farewell to Diana in “All the Pretty Sources,” this week’s Gossip Girl, and it says a lot for the quality of the episode that it wasn’t even the highlight of the hour. Eight episodes into what has been a mediocre season at best, thanks in no small part to the least-desirable prince in Europe (Seriously! How did they manage to make a fairytale prince so unsexy?!?), Blair’s royal romance is finally starting to unravel. But will this lead her back to Chuck, as 99.9% of the fan base would like?

Sounds like a simple formula, but the show has been known to deviate from it as we know. Tonight our favorite characters were in rare form, and even the supporting players brought something to the table. The episode also managed to tie all the storylines together in a way that flowed nicely and didn’t feel totally forced, like throwing everyone together at a party out of the blue … which did sort of happen. B’s shower was where the tension boiled over, but it did so (relatively) believably and scandalously for all. The big winners? Chuck, Nate, Nlair and Serena. The losers? Louis, Ivy, Diana and Gossip Girl.

Bizarrely, they end up eating canapés, drinking (a lot), getting stoned and watching The Matrix. Chuck’s giving Dan advice, too – it’s his own fault, because he’s defined himself as an outsider. He needs to stop the “neurotic navel-gazing” and become more of a man of action. In fact, he’s arranged two lovely women to help Dan… While that’s all happening, he takes Monkey out for a walk. Of course.


Watch The Simpsons – The Book Job Online S23E06

The Book Job

The Simpsons - The Book JobWow. That might not have felt like a classic Simpsons episode, but it didn’t matter because “The Book Job” was still one the strongest in the series’ 23-year history. Well, I wouldn’t say it stretched too far from The Simpsons formula, starting off with an irrelevant opening of the kids at a realistic dinosaur show that sent Ralph crawling back into his mother’s womb.

Poor Lisa, despite the advanced wisdom she possesses for someone at her tender age, she still falls prey to a hoax from time to time. Tonight she learns that her favorite writer is the brainchild of the corporate machine whose image has been provided by an actress.

Homer assembles a motley crew to pull off a kids fantasy novel caper. You can’t go wrong with Moe, Skinner and Patty. I could take or leave Professor Frank but I like that he was chosen simply because he has a computer. I was disappointed that Lisa would not just get on board with the job, however I did enjoy learning that she is a master procrastinator. Realizing that the literary world did not need any more vampires, the crew decides to base their book on trolls after Moe is mistaken for one. Neil Gaiman, an accomplished fantasy writer, joins the crew as an errand man.


Watch Family Guy – Thanksgiving Online S10E06


Family Guy - ThanksgivingIts Turkey Day, and Joe and Bonnie are over for Dinner! They’re sad though because its the anniversary of their son’s death. But, the rest of the neighborhood is there, and once dinner commences(which gets more and more awkward as time goes on) Kevin Swanson makes an unannounced return! Turns out he was just unconscious from a bomb blast caused by a rigged turkey. Or was he?  Turns out Kevin’s war stories are bull shit and that he faked his own death and went AWOL, only to be arrested for desertion by his own dad! He starts to explain his reasoning for ditching his servicemen. He was really just tired of killing Iraqis that had nothing to do with 9/11, and as a result he gets lambasted by everyone at dinner including Ida who actually served. Kevin then tells a story about when he was a kid and his dad was on duty, and how Joe made a brave choice on right/wrong versus the law.  Or does he?

Kevin Swanson shows up Thanksgiving at the Griffins’ house, where the Swansons, Pewterschmidts, Adam West, and Quagmire have all assembled for the meal, with Lois reminding Peter to help cheer the Swansons up because it’s the anniversary of their son’s death. Even before Kevin shows up at the door and the episode takes a left turn into being about the current war, there are only sparse moments of decent comedy. The line about Thanksgiving dinner being in midafternoon is spot-on, but the Thanksgiving Dump Trophy, Quagmire positing that “sometimes chicks just die and it’s not anyone’s fault,” and Peter’s insistence at making at least one “dead kid joke” are all perfect examples of how lazy the show is, and in the case of Quagmire, how quickly it ignores character shifts.

That said, I must give the sitcom props for rehashing old inside jokes, such as Meg’s obsession with Kevin – which was quickly shot down – and Brian’s affair with Ida. It was brilliant to see Ida again so unexpectedly after her big debut as Quagmire’s father and I wish she had a bigger role. Although I wasn’t overwhelmingly excited to see Kevin again (considering I had forgotten all about him), it was refreshing to have the entire Family Guy family under one Griffin roof. The ending with the other Kevin Swanson was kind of awesome; I would love to see that actually unfold.


Watch The Walking Dead – Secrets Online S02E06


The Walking Dead - SecretsSunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Secrets,” was the penultimate episode of 2011, and as such served simultaneously as both a payoff and a set-up episode. There were several major emotional payoffs in “Secrets” Meeting the walker in the drugstore gave Maggie and Glenn’s relationship a little more substance than simply a need for physical intimacy, and the conversation in which Maggie identified Glenn as a leader will undoubtedly give him a greater sense of confidence — but that confidence might just pit him against the rest of his group of survivors.

Lori confesses her affair with Shane to Rick, and Rick is unsurprised and largely unphased. I know it’s only been about 10 episodes since the two of them were reunited, and that many shows might drag out this kind of revelation over many more episodes, but when you spread them out over two seasons, and when you spend so much time on Lori’s guilt and paranoia about the affair coming to light, it was well past time to stop keeping it a secret. I liked that Rick had either figured it out in the back of his mind, or else was able to do the math very quickly and accept it; there are plenty of times where the demands of the plot make Rick and his people out to be idiots, so it was a relief to have a moment where he understands something instantly, and if he’s not terribly happy about it, he gets it.

The opening scenes of the extremely on the nose titled “Secrets,” with Glenn trying to keep his two big secrets, were pretty lame, as Glenn being so ridiculously stammering and goofy felt way too forced. Thankfully, that didn’t last long and I admit, I did chuckle at him exclaiming, “There’s walkers in the barn and Lori’s pregnant!” to Dale. Now, I wish Dale had decided maybe that info should be shared with the group (or at least Rick), but instead, he only spoke to Hershel about it. It seems some of those zombies are Hershel’s family and he’s convinced they can be cured… even though I feel like he would have to be at least a bit uncertain of that. And this certainly seems to cement that in The Walking Dead universe, no zombie movies have ever been made, since otherwise, Dale should be screaming, “Haven’t you seen a George Romero movie?!” I will say that the opening scene, with Patricia feeding live chickens to the zombies, was pretty creepy and evocative.


Watch American Dad – Virtual In-Stanity Online S07E05

Virtual In-Stanity

American Dad - Virtual In-StanityThis one’s for the nerds. It had regular guest star Patrick Stewart joined by Alyson Hannigan and Sarah Michelle Gellar Prinze Jr., as well as references to Aliens, Avatar and The Terminator (at least). Despite having many opportunities, American Dad generally resisted the impulse to pander, with the possible exception of Francine climbing into an exo-suit and saying “Stay away from him, you bitch!” This meant the episode managed to focus on doing what American Dad does best – being funny.

So Stan yet again forgot to get Steve a gift for his birthday, nor does he seem to have any real memory of anything that goes on during the occasion. When the family watches home videos of Steve’s life, Stan realizes that he hasn’t paid much attention to his son at all. But it’s too little too late: however old Steve is now, he’s at the point where he doesn’t care about his dad nearly as much as he does about masturbating and girls and then masturbating again. So Phyllis (voiced by Sarah Michelle Gellar) moves into town from Hoboken and Steve immediately falls in love.

I really liked that Steve ended up having feelings for his friend, Chelsea who was actually compatible with him. It was nice to see that Steve wasn’t completely shallow, even if he did end up ditching his plan to take Chelsea to Homecoming after Phyllis/Stan promised to have sex with him. Hey, nobody’s perfect, and judging by Steve’s daily calendar, sex is his major Achilles heel.