Watch Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia – The Gang Dines Out Online S08E09

Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia - The Gang Dines Out
?It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? has had an okay season so far. This may not be an all-timer, but there’s definitely been some good to great episodes, and only a few mild clunkers. Last week’s episode “Charlie Rules the World” was one of the best, so here’s hoping with tonight’s penultimate season eight episode, “The Gang Dines Out.”

The episode starts at 8:17 PM on a Saturday at the restaurant Guigino’s where Dennis and Mac are having their monthly dinner. They spot Charlie, who shows up with Frank (in a toupee) to celebrate the anniversary of their moving in together. They then spot Dennis and Mac and decide to get their own table, while both parties wait for the other to come over to say hello. It also turns out that Dee is there and annoyed.

Dee was there first and is also waiting for everyone else to come over and pay tribute to her (she’s also reading the book ?Lust & Found’), even though no one’s seen her. Dennis is getting annoyed that Frank and Charlie haven’t come over, and Dennis has a freak out on the waiter because his chair is wobbly. Dennis then orders Frank and Charlie a glass of house red wine. Charlie and Frank are arguing about who should come over and when the wine arrives and Frank feels that it’s an attempt to agitate them. He says two can play that game.

Dee flags down a gentleman to her table and tells him that men are staring at her. But when she simply wants him to join her for dinner he leaves, while Dee refuses to order. Dennis gets some matches for the chair, but wants another and tries to bribe his way to a new one. They get a bottle of a wine from Frank and Charlie that they’re told is the most expensive in the restaurant. Dennis decides to pour it out. Frank is upset, and then points out to Charlie that the other two treat him poorly, which gets Charlie riled up.


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Watch Supernatural – Citizen Fang Online S08E09

Supernatural - Citizen Fang
Supernatural wrapped up the first half of Season 8 with “Citizen Fang” an episode that found Sam and Dean at odds after a body showed up in Dean’s vampire friend Benny’s town. We also saw more of what happened with Sam and Amelia after they found out her husband was still alive.

When Sam first met Benny, he made it pretty clear that he wasn’t on board with Dean’s new friendship, so it shouldn’t have come as too much of a shock that he had sent someone to keep track of Benny’s activities. The surprising part was that the person Sam sent was fresh-out-of-the-mental-institution Martin (Jon Gries) from Season 5’s “Sam, Interrupted.” With so many hunters killed off in the past few years, the pickings must be slim. And I guess Garth was busy elsewhere.

I could at least partially understand Sam’s argument that Martin shouldn’t have been a danger to anyone because Sam had told him to just keep track of Benny, not hunt him down. But it was still a questionable decision on Sam’s part to send someone unstable into that situation. Gries did a great job with the role of Martin; I was never entirely sure if he was merely misguided or actually delusional. His fate in the end of the episode was sad, even though as Dean said, he brought it on himself.

Once Dean believed Benny that it was another vampire that was doing the killing, the hunting part of the story was over remarkably fast. If only Benny had dispatched that guy before he killed someone, then he wouldn’t have had to skip town, leaving his home behind. It was sad to see Benny loose the life that he had rebuilt for himself, especially his great-granddaughter Elizabeth.


Watch How I Met Your Mother – Lobster Crawl Online S08E09

How I Met Your Mother - Lobster Crawl
Watching this week’s episode of How I Met Your Mother, I began to wonder if what I had been missing all along this season was a heavy dose of Robin centered comedy. She’s had moments of comedy gold sprinkled in b-stories here and there, but it has been a while since she was stuck front and center of a major story line. “Lobster Crawl” didn’t bring out the most admirable aspects of Robin’s character, but it definitely brought out that awkward-yet-sexy brand of comedy that only she can pull off.

The idiotic character that takes over Robin’s personality when she’s trying to flirt with Barney seems to link right back to her old Robin Sparkles personality when she was dating Simon in “Sandcastles in the Sand.” That embarrassing side of her personality had never really disappeared and I really enjoyed seeing it surface again, much to Robin (and Lily’s) dismay.

Robin wasn’t good at the giddy, girly flirting back then and she hasn’t improved her skills at all. Everything about her sudden desire to be with Barney could have been plotted by her hopeless seventeen-year-old inner self, so it was fitting that the desperate side of her would sneak out when she wasn’t being careful.

After ditching her standard flirting plan, Robin went through a checklist of back up plans that were embarrassing for her character, but were entertaining for us. Hands down, Robin screaming at Patrice is just one of the funniest running gags on How I Met Your Mother. I don’t care if Patrice and Barney become a thing and get married and Patrice and Robin become BFFs ? as long as Robin never stops screaming at Patrice, I think I can be happy.


Watch Bones – The Ghost in the Machine Online S08E09

Bones - The Ghost in the Machine
This week’s ‘Bones‘ episode saw the team at the Jeffersonian go through a particularly tough case involving a young 14-year-old boy named Colin Gibson. The normally detached Brennan (Emily Deschanel) was unable to keep her cool demeanor and broke down like the rest of her murder-solving team.

Monday’s episode, entitled “The Ghost in the Machine” gave fans a different perspective by being told in the point of view of Colin’s remains. Fans saw as everyone, including Brennan, spoke to Colin’s skull in an attempt to figure out what happened to him. Early on in the episode, which was the season’s last episode before winter hiatus, Brennan is seen getting visibly upset about Colin and his death.

The team at the Jeffersonian, including Booth (David Boreanaz) and Sweets (John Francis Daley), become very invested in solving the boy’s murder, especially after psychic Avalon (guest star Cyndi Lauper) tells them that Colin’s spirit is still with his remains.

Through his bug and dirt work, Hodgins (TJ Thyne) was able to discover that Colin’s body had been moved from its original resting place, leading to answers on the condition of his skull. The team also discovered that Colin’s body sustained many bone fractures right before and leading up to his death.


Watch Criminal Minds – Magnificent Light Online S08E09

Criminal Minds - Magnificent Light
Criminal Minds season 8 continued with episode 9, “Magnificent Light.” Barry Flynn opened his show by telling the audience that they could reveal their magnificent light and share their gift in the time they had left instead of living in darkness. He singled out a couple of people, and after a one-on-one with Cynthia, he told his manager he was taking his private time. Someone followed Cynthia home and killed her.

“A great deal of talent is lost to the world for want of a little courage.”

Lincoln had been killed the night before Cynthia, both stabbed at least 30 times. The same message, in red paint, had been left at both apartments: “Hear your evil, see your evil.” The ME reported that the stab wounds had a curvature to them, indicating it could be a ceremonial knife. They found Cynthia’s ticket to Barry’s show. He could’ve been the last to see her but no one knew where he was. He left a bar with Ricky, but they found his rental car outside the bar, along with drops of blood matching his blood type and his 100-decibel personal alarm that he carried for protection. The unsub had him, and he claimed to be Barry’s biggest success story. Though Barry told him he wouldn’t escape if he uncuffed him, Carl said he had to hear him out. He had been fired and couldn’t find another job. He almost killed himself, but then he heard Barry.

The BAU profiled the unsub as suffering from erotomania. He was obsessed with Barry and a loner with poor social skills. He neglected duties to focus on his obsession. With erotomania, the most likely recipients of violence were those standing in the unsub’s way of his subject. The messages could be meant for Barry, who had to be careful. Any misstep could lead to more victims or his murder. Carl told Barry that he didn’t hear things the way most people did. Instead, he saw it, and as Carl talked, he could see his words. That was how he knew he was lying when he said he wouldn’t escape. He had a plan.


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