Modern Family – 5$ million per season each actor on season 4

According to a recent story on the British owned TV network website, the Modern Family adult stars reached a deal this week over their ongoing dispute for a raise. In turn, TV Guide reported that each of the adult cast members were earning a whopping $175,000 per episode; with a typical season generating 25 episodes for a take home pay of nearly $4.3 million for each Modern Family star. Add to that all those TV commercials featuring the show’s Sofia Vergara; and the Columbian American is one of the highest paid women on television. However, soon after ABC renewed Modern Family for a fourth season on May 10, some of the cast attempted to renegotiate their existing contracts “to obtain higher per-episode fees, stated a Hollywood Reporter story from July 24 titled: “Modern Family Cast Sues 20th TV as Contract Renegotiation Turns Ugly.”

In turn, five of the cast members – Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and Sofia Vergara – “retained the Quinn Emanuel law firm and sued 20th Century Fox Television in Los Angeles Superior Court on July 24.” The Hollywood Reporter also noted that while not part of the lawsuit, “Ed O’Neill – who had been earning more per episode than the other five adult stars – joined his fellow cast-mates in seeking raises for each to about $200,000 per episode.”

In turn, the lawsuit was settled this week with the adult cast members now getting a cool $5 million each for a season’s work on “Modern Family.”

Sofia Vergara, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet, Julie Bowen and Ty Burrell had filed a suit on Tuesday to void their contracts with 20th Century Fox. Co-star Ed O’Neill joined the case later in the week.


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Watch Two and a Half Men – The Duchess of Dull-In-Sack Online S09E15

The Duchess of Dull-In-Sack

Two and a Half Men - The Duchess of Dull-In-SackJudging by the ratings, Two and a Half Men is as popular as it ever was, and yet people continue to bicker about Ashton Kutcher’s presence on the show. Unfortunately, people have been bickering about the wrong thing. The problem I’ve had this year has been inconsistent writing. There have been quite a few stinkers, but overall I’m enjoying this series revamp. Kutcher has done a fine job filling Charlie Sheen’s shoes, and “The Duchess of Dull-In-Sack” was a fine example of what he’s capable of when given a better script. Sure, he’s no Clooney or Pitt, but he’s doing everything the scripts ask of him, and he’s doing it pretty damn well.

The Duchess of Dull-in-Sack” was far from dull: the hilarious Sophie Winkleman, as Walden’s girlfriend Zoey, made this episode the highlight of the season so far. Sure, it’s partially due to her British accent, but Winkleman has been a great addition to the cast since her first appearance. There is a sweetness to both Zoey and Walden, and it gives Two and a Half Men a nice new vibe.

The next scene finds Walden and Zoey in bed, finishing a movie and moving toward a sexual end to the evening. However, the awkwardness of the unresolved topic makes romance impossible…until Walden suggests a brownie (making quite clear what they contain). Zoey agrees, but winds up flipping out shortly after eating one and runs off. This leads to a running gag where Walden (also quite zooted at this point) offers a reward to Jake and his friend Eldridge if they “find Zoey.” They continue finding and bringing home different women for the rest of the episode (one could use this as evidence that Jake and Eldridge had also gotten into the brownies, but these acts of stupidity are ones that these boys are capable of while stone sober).


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Watch Gossip Girl – The Backup Dan Online S05E14

The Backup Dan

Gossip Girl - The Backup DanThis week’s episode of Gossip Girl, “The BackUp Dan” revealed that the titular character was not, in fact, Georgiana the Troubled Trouble-Maker. At least, it hasn’t always been. As it turns out, G is just filling in for GG after the latter disappeared following Blair and Chuck’s accident. And if possible, she’s fulfilling her duties with even more glee in her black heart than her predecessor.

As we found out in last week’s episode, Blair’s emergency call was Dan, who drove her away from her horrible royal nightmare. More than anything, ‘The Backup Dan’ felt like a continuation to the wedding episode. Everyone’s still dressed in the same gowns and tuxes, and some are still celebrating the holy union (not knowing that a bride is on the loose). When the word is finally out that Blair is on the run, everyone is desperately searching for her – Serena, Chuck, Nate, the horrible Grimaldis – but she’s got a plan, a backup plan. Let’s go over the ups and downs of ‘The Backup Dan’.

This episode picks up right where the last one left off, with Dan and Blair in the car, trying to escape the wedding from hell. Blair doesn’t want to waste any time to get divorced, so off to the airport they go! Apparently, there’s a city in Europe where the bride can get divorced without the groom. Didn’t know that! The things you learn on this show…Anyway, I don’t really care about the specifics, I am just glad Dan and Blair have more scenes together. I would watch an entire show of the two of them arguing! But back to the episode. Blair is freaking out. She is her most unpleasant self at the airport, bossing everyone around, especially poor Dan.


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Watch House – Nobody’s Fault Online S08E11

Nobody’s Fault

House - Nobody’s FaultThis week’s episode of “House” entitled “Nobody’s Fault” is the most engaging and stylized episode of this season. It reminds viewers that though the show can occasionally fall into a formulaic rut, show creator David Shore and his brilliant writers will never leave fans dangling for long. Not only was “Nobody’s fault” a complete break from the norm, but it actually ended up being the best episode of the season, and one of the best for the past several years.

The episode opens to a red hand print on a hospital room wall, a bloody spattered patient chart and hospital equipment turned upside down. In a format similar to season six’s “Baggage”, we’re shown the patient’s story through House’s interviews with Dr. Cofield, Foreman’s former mentor. Let me pause and ruminate on this character’s name: Cofield. Co-field. He shares Foreman and House’s expertise, but practices medicine in a much more conventional way. I digress.

After checking himself in the bathroom, House goes to the office where Dr. Walter Cofield is holding a disciplinary hearing concerning the patient in Room 209. Cofield turns on his recorder and informs House that he’ll be deciding his fate. House recognizes the name and realizes that Cofield was Foreman’s mentor, but Cofield refuses to let House turn the discussion to him. When he asks for the facts of the case, House tells him to read the file and starts to leave. However, Cofield warns him that if he goes by the facts, he’d have to suspend House. And if House is suspended, then his parole will be is revoked. House sits down and tells Cofield the case, which concerns a 32-year-old chemistry teacher, Bill Koppelman, who collapsed while jogging due to paralysis of all four extremities.

Through the discussions House’s “team building exercises” are revealed and each member of the team stands up for him to Dr. Cofield. While each discuss what they feel was wrong with the patient, Dr. Cofield continues to try and get someone to place blame on another.


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Watch How I Met Your Mother – The Burning Beekeeper Online S07E15

The Burning Beekeeper

How I Met Your Mother - The Burning Beekeeper, HIMYMHIMYM took an unusual mode of storytelling for tonight’s episode “The Burning Beekeeper.” The initial set up reminded me in some ways of “Noises Off” with doors constantly opening and shutting as characters ran in and out of different settings within the same set.

As with any classic How I Met Your Mother episode that jumps around in time, our first glimpse into the events that unraveled was a bit fuzzy. Our first five minutes took place in the living room. In it, Marshall was told by his boss, Garrison Cootes (recurring guest star, Martin Short) that he’d have to be leaving his housewarming party early to return to work with him. A few seconds later, Cootes was yelling at Ted about eating his vegan spring rolls! Lily came running to the rescue though by informing Cootes that there were carrots and humus in the dining room, and once he left looking for them, a flustered Lily pleaded with Ted not to cause any more scenes. On the other end of room, Barney turned to Robin for advice about his penis. Yeah, more on that later! During that conversation, Marshall entered with a plate of cheese, one in which Lily returned seconds later to knock over onto the floor. At this point in time, Robin took Lily aside to try and calm her down, and before you knew it, a burning beekeeper came running through the living room and towards the front door.

The episode indicates one thing foremost: these characters have aged. A lot. When we first met Marshall and Lily, they were engaging in nightly chugging contests and driving to the airport on a whim. But now, Lily is frantic over throwing a pleasant housewarming party. This isn’t a flaw—if anything, it’s an especially honest way of dealing with these characters. But it might get to you, especially if you’re amid a transitional period in your life. While a very pregnant Lily frets over the food, her father’s meddlesome new hobby of keeping bees in the basement, and the news that the house has mice, Marshall is dealing with his environmentalist boss’ insistence that they go back to work in forty-five minutes (“Mother Earth doesn’t get a day off, neither do you”).


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Watch Californication – The Ride-Along Online S05E05

The Ride-Along

Californication - The Ride-AlongI’m not quite sure where to begin with “The Ride-Along” Not much happens during the episode, except for another embarrassing and funny moment from Charlie. It’s a hangout episode, where Hank and Charlie join Samurai on a ride-along with a cop who could care less that he is a cop. It’s an episode where its only purpose is to have Tyler recognize Samurai as the man who beat him up a few episodes back, with Becca and Karen looking on and putting two and two together that Hank is associated with him. Oh, and the Glorious Mangina returns.

From joking about shooting a kid to literally taking the gang to a donut shop, with a drawn out explanation as to why they’re so important to a cop’s routine, it was as if this were an official crossover between the two shows. It was so absurd, at first it seemed clear he was joking when he started acting like he was having a heart attack. But he wasn’t acting.

All was not lost, though, as Samurai reminded us a final time about Charlie’s back seat bro-mance with the transvestite hooker moments before picking up a running Richard, who was doing his best Frank the Tank impression.

The police are going to end up being the least of Hank’s worries. Kali and Hank’s curb side conversation made it seem like it will only be a matter of time before Samurai learns the truth about their night together. Charlie’s anguish was far from over too as he no doubt will be in for a slew of shame boners when his own mangina incident inevitably goes viral.


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Watch House – Runaways Online S08E10


House - RunawaysThe House “Runaways”  recap involved Dr. House connecting with a patient for what seems like the first time and a pretty strange side story involving two Confederate soldiers. Why is it that every episode this season has had to rely on this message that people don’t change? Is it that the writers think that any remaining viewers of this once fantastic series are dumb? Eh, maybe they’re right there. I can’t speak for the rest of House’s viewership, but I sure feel pretty dumb for not giving up on this show the second I heard of Amber Tamblyn’s casting last season.

And other than those items, “Runaways” was for the most part a filler episode. If an episode is going to be a filler, it needs to be humorous. It can’t rely on boring stories about Foreman and Taub that most viewers aren’t all that interested in. Remember the season six episode, “The Down Low?” It’s the one where Wilson is trying to date his neighbor and House pretends he and Wilson are gay so he can get the girl?

Speaking of moral dilemmas, the other story line this week involved Foreman’s relationship with Anita, and whether or not he should keep seeing her even after she — Sorry, I fell asleep while writing that. Foreman isn’t a very likable character as it is, so I don’t really care about him already, so I really don’t care about whoever this girl is. She’s only appeared on one episode before this, “Perils of Paranoia” last year, where she only had one scene. I couldn’t care less about these reprehensible characters, and whether or not they can make this reprehensible relationship work.


Watch Criminal Minds – True Genius Online S07E11

True Genius

Criminal Minds - True GeniusCriminal Minds season 7 continues with episode 11, “True Genius” and it looks like the Zodiac Killer could be back. The unsub shoots a couple parked in California, leaving behind a photo and taking a necklace before drawing on the windshield. After a violent crime seminar, where Prentiss seems to be more of a hit than Reid, a man from a company that will apparently change the world finds him. Garcia presents the case: Zodiac’s back. He left souvenirs at the crime scene, both recalling past victims.

The UnSub in this episode is staging his or her crimes in a similar manner to those of the Zodiac Killer, who was never caught. The team wonders if it could be the very same serial killer, especially when there are so many similarities to the original murders.
However, the Zodiac would have to be at least 60 years old and the team doubts that anyone could kill and not be caught for 40 years. While evidence continues to support the Zodiac theory, Reid is convinced it cannot be the same killer.

I think it was clever how the writers led us on a bit of a chase to first decide whether the killer could possibly have been the same from 40 years ago, then had him communicating through the newspaper, and finally made us wonder whether it was Harvey or Caleb who was ultimately more evil. The answer: both. The fiancee should be happy she dodged a (literal) bullet on that one.


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Watch Castle – Dial M for Mayor Online S04E12

Dial M for Mayor

Castle - Dial M for MayorIn most of the pre-episode buzz for “Dial M for Mayor” the focus has been on how the mayor being a suspect may impact the Castle-Beckett relationship. And, to be fair, that is a pretty big question. But what does the potential loss of Castle mean for the other cops in the precinct? To try and get the dish on that, I talked with Seamus Dever (Ryan) about what fans can expect from the next batch of episodes…

I liked the opening, which seemed designed to look like a parody of a car commercial–a man at the steering wheel gliding through the city streets after dark, while a woman in the passenger seat slid around and tilted her head towards him, as if she were a little woozy, on some combination of cocktails and love. It wasn’t half sexy. Then the man parked and got out of the car, and it turned out that the woman was our case of the week. She was a professor of literature, but she’d deep-sixed her university job and had spent the last six months working a string of dead-end menial jobs, including a stints as a janitor and in fast food restaurants, and her most recent gig, riding a telephone at a phone-sex office. Castle and Beckett actually paid a visit to the latter place of employment, where they stayed a pretty good while.

But anyway, this episode was noteworthy if for no other reason than it was an episode where we got to see Castle and Kate at odds. This isn’t completely rare, but it’s not common either, and it’s always interesting to me to see them fight. It adds a necessary dimension to their relationship that I think helps make their relationship more believable and relatable. They are allowed to have realistic reactions to things, and this episode was a good example. Castle stood by his friend, despite how it might lead to him fighting with Kate, and Kate was determined to do her job regardless of the costs. I enjoyed that dynamic and liked seeing how they dealt with the inevitable tension.


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Watch Gossip Girl – The End of The Affair? Online S05E11

The End of The Affair?

Gossip Girl - The End of The Affair?Why, after watching “The End of the Affair” this week’s Gossip Girl, do I feel like I need to buy a new computer? Huh. Weird. Speaking of weird, how odd was it not to have any initial GG voiceover? After the events of the mid-season finale, the Queen of NYC dirt has (seemingly) vanished. Also, Blair lost her baby, which was very sad, but didn’t feel sad enough. Chuck survived the crash, but woke up to a world of infinite angst.

As a new year approaches, nobody has been able to figure out the mystery that is Blair. Louis doesn’t understand why Blair continues to keep herself busy all the time with wedding planning and Chuck cannot understand what made Blair change her mind about spending the rest of her life with Blair. This is except for the most unexpected person ever – Dan Humphrey, who has been secretly meeting with Blair and going on mini excursions.

The episode did improve as the night went on, culminating in a heartbreaking Chair scene for the ages. An intriguing new character was introduced, as were new twists to several existing plot lines. The problem was that the bulk of this much-anticipated chapter was predicated on mystery that was a letdown at best and highly dubious at worst. Blair can’t be with Chuck because of that? Seriously?

Chuck and Blair’s storyline took center stage tonight. We pick up the plot on New Years Eve, a few months after the tragic accident. Blair lost her baby and Chuck nearly lost his life. When Blair woke up in the hospital and asked for Chuck, Serena told her that it wasn’t looking very good.
So Blair made her way to the hospital chapel and prayed to God for Chuck to live. She promised that she would keep her vow to marry Louis and never be with Chuck again as long as he pulls through and lives. As soon as she finished her prayer, a nurse opened the doors and told Blair that Chuck was looking for her.