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Comedy Bang! Bang! S03E10 stream – Josh Groban Wears a Suit and Striped Socks

Comedy Bang! Bang! - Josh Groban Wears a Suit and Striped Socks

When we find out Reggie’s dad had a shot at the big time, Scott goes back to the 1960′s to try and change history. Meanwhile, a plate spinning novelty act is hiding a game-changing secret.

Comedy.Bang!.Bang!.S03E10.Josh.Groban.Wears.a.Suit.and.Striped.Socks.720p.WEB-DL.2CH.x264-PSA.mkv Stream

Watch Online Doctor Who (2005): Blink (S03E10)

Doctor Who (2005) - Blink

In the present, aliens who appear as statues, the Weeping Angels, strand the Doctor and Martha decades in the past without the TARDIS. In order to defeat the aliens and get back the TARDIS, The Doctor is forced to leave clues to be found in the future so that a woman can find the aliens and defeat them for him.

Watch Online!

Falling Skies S03E10:Brazil

Falling Skies - Brazil

When the 2nd mass destroys a crucial Espheni base, a relentless enemy is taken down and the Mason family is reunited with those who had been lost. But the arrival of more interstellar players puts the fate of the Earth’s remaining survivors in doubt.

Watch Falling.Skies.S03E10.Brazil.1080p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H.264-BS.mkv Full Episode

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True Blood S03E10:I Smell A Rat

True Blood - I Smell A Rat

Sookie is warned about the dangers she will have to deal with. Dark memories surface for Sam. Arlene must ask Holly for help while Jason faces unexpected dealings with Tara and Crystal. Jesus’ interest in V’s qualities is aroused. Russell vows to inflict punishment on his enemies. After precautions, Eric satisfies a wish.

True.Blood.S03E10.I.Smell.A.Rat.720p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H.264-BS.mkv Video links

Watch Covert Affairs – Let’s Dance Online S03E10

Let’s Dance

Covert Affairs - Let's Dance Hell has no fear for a women’s scorn, especially when it’s between two women. Annie is awake and right back on her feet in this week’s episode as she gives it her all to bring Lena to justice (who has already fled to Russia). In the first few minutes of the show, Annie is caught red-handed breaking into Lena’s apartment, causing Joan and Arthur to come in to reprimand her.

On tonight’s all new episode of Covert Affairs, Annie (Piper Perabo) goes on an unsanctioned solo mission to Russia to search for Lena (Sarah Clarke). Everyone at the Domestic Protection Division (DPD) thinks it’s too dangerous for Annie to go. But they help her out anyway because they know that Annie wants revenge against Lena for shooting her and killing Simon (Richard Coyle). And they all know her well enough to realize that she will go on her own whether they approve the mission or not.

But this was not so this season. The biggest, smartest change the writers made was to give Annie a purpose, a tangible season-long arc that finally made the central character the most interesting aspect of the show. Then, with Annie under control (and Auggie comfortably by her side, as always), Arthur and Joan could recede to existing to mostly support Annie’s endeavors and Danielle could be completely jettisoned without leaving any holes to fill.

We’ve seen Annie shoot before. We’ve seen her kill. That didn’t make this one any easier to watch. She still has such an innocence surrounding her that when she was standing toe-to-toe with Lena, I was still expecting someone else to come in and save her from the traitorous agent.

So Annie meets up with Dmitri, the piano guy who at one time was in love with Lena until she left him and set him up. Now at this point I am shaking my head at the fact Annie can play piano also. Is there anything this spy-chick can’t do? After asking for lessons and being denied, Annie is soon being followed by this guy. She convinces him to help her and they go see another guy to get a lead on Lena and she arms herself with a gun.


Watch Pretty Little Liars – What Lies Beneath Online S03E10

What Lies Beneath

Pretty Little Liars - What Lies Beneath Online S03E10 As Hanna helps her mother move some houseplants around, she finds a letter, written by Maya the date she died. When Hanna shows the letter to the other Liars, they find out that Maya wanted to explain herself and show something to Emily the day she died, but the location of where Maya wanted to meet Emily was smeared and washed away from the rain.

Ashley Marin is trying to be a mom by moving plants, because that’s the most important thing to do when your daughter’s life is in constant mortal peril. But under that plant (oddly enough) is a note from Maya to Emily asking her to meet up (oddly enough) on the night of her death (oddly enough) but the location of their supposed talk is curiously missing (oddly enough) from the partially destroyed letter. Because right, this is Rosewood, and every mystery just leads to another mystery. GOD!

The liars decided to do a little reKAHNizance (get it!?), so they split up to snoop while Noel was at football practice. Spencer took the boys’ locker room (we knew she was a smart girl!), and grabbed Noel’s phone from his locker to search for any trace of Maya. She came up empty-handed but was caught red-handed when Noel walked in and saw her at his locker. Yet she somehow slipped out while Noel was distracted.

Hanna’s back at her house playing Nancy Drew. She’s blown up all of the photos from Maya’s website, and is trying to find details that she hadn’t seen before. Emily tells her that she’s being a little weird about it, when they realize that two of the photos were taken at Noel Khan’s cabin. They call Spencer (who is at school) and tell her what’s going on, and she confronts Noel in the hallway. He tells her that he had a “texting relationship” with Maya, meaning he hooked her up with weed once in a while. Spencer retaliated by asking him if that was before or after he and Jenna started sneaking around in the middle of the night, and he tells her it’s “kind of hot” that she thinks he is capable of murder.


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Watch The Vampire Diaries – The New Deal Online S03E10

The New Deal

The Vampire Diaries - The New DealFinally here again for some more Vampire Diaries with “The New Deal.” With Homecoming almost behind her, Elena still feels like Stefan betrayed her and Damon by ruining their plan. But Klaus not making a move has gotten everyone in Mystic Falls on edge, not just Elena. At the start of the episode, Bonnie has an ominous dream involving coffins. She tells Elena about her dream, but Elena brushes it off.

We begin with Bonnie traipsing through the witch house and she hears some hushed, indistinguishable talking (this sort of whispery voice crap always gives me the creepies). She comes across some coffins and opens one. Hey, it’s Klaus (yep, this is a dream). And he’s holding the witch necklace.

And I know no one actually cares what I think, but I started seeing what the Delena (Damon and Elena, again just in case) fans were seeing with the couple during their bed scene earlier this season. And with “The New Deal,” I’m seeing it again. It started in the kitchen scene — and I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s the music, maybe it’s the fact that it was basically said either Stelena or Delena are going to kiss and I was anxious already — and then progressed to the porch scene, but I could not stop saying, “Oh! Oh! They’re gonna — oh! They’re going to kiss! Wait… no… not now… oh, he’s walking away then… AH! WAIT!”


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Watch Modern Family – Express Christmas Online S03E10

Express Christmas

Modern Family - Express ChristmasThings might not have gone according to plan with Phil’s “Express Christmas” plan on ‘Modern Family‘, but there were plenty of laughs along the way. Plus, as the clan was separated to tackle different holiday-related tasks as fast as possible, it was surprising to see Hayley emerge as the most savvy and competent one.

They have 4 hours to get everything done. Claire and Haley head to Target to buy every Christmas gift on everyone’s list, Gloria and Luke look in the attic for an antique angel tree topper made by Mitchell and Claire’s mother, Cam and Jay wrap the presents, Phil is in charge of buying the turkey, and Mitchell and Alex get the tree. While picking up a baseball card for Jay, Manny stun guns Phil after fearing that he’ll be kidnapped and they lose the turkey. Gloria runs over the tree Mitchell buys and then for good measure, runs over the angel as well.

Most families could spend weeks decorating, planning and preparing for the family festivities that surround Christmas, so what Phil was trying to pull off was no small feat. Phil’s enthusiasm sparked a bit of the holiday spirit in the rest of the family and in only a few minutes they had all paired off to complete their assigned tasks. So the solution to this horrific holiday predicament?  EXPRESS CHRISTMAS!  The entire family splits up to wrap, cook, and decorate their way into a quick Christmas celebration… This spells disaster.

Gloria and Luke. Their task: getting the Christmas tree angel, which Claire’s and Mitchell’s mother made for them, out of the attic. Does it work?: Luke is, in my opinion, the funniest character on the show. But he needs an appropriate partner—either a foil, like the uptight Manny (the two of them have a great back-and-forth in the cold open, wherein Luke bates Manny about the inevitability of his being kidnapped while vacationing in Mexico), or a “partner in crime,” like his space cadet father Phil. Gloria is wacky in her own way, and a way I rarely find too appealing. Nearly all of what the Gloria/Luke routine offers us is jokes about her accent, specifically “look” vs. “Luke” wordplay. It’s kind of a waste.


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