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Law and Order: SVU - Beautiful Frame
A woman leaves her son with a babysitter and drives off to a boyfriend’s house. But when she gets there, it’s to find him shot dead. Then, thanks to concerned calls from neighbors, the police arrive and arrest her for murdering him.

Her name is Jesse, and she’s a rape victim who worked with the SVU in a difficult case. She passed out at a club and could barely recall the details of her own rape before being taken home- rather forcibly- by Tommy, that now deceased significant other.

Jesse had been seeing another man, Michael, who claimed that he had only picked her up and dropped her off again outside the club. She, however, claims her raped her. However, she also made up another story before getting to that point. Besides this, Michael is a CI with ties to the lawyer now prosecuting Jesse. Barba knows they have a lot before them, especially with the details of the original rape case, but rallies all the detectives anyway.

Michael is a married man, which Jesse didn’t know until the middle of their night together. She tried to say no, and he ignored her. But he maintained that Tommy, who was abusive, was more likely to have done the damage. Now, the opposing DA wastes no time in taking Jesse to the stand and in getting the judge to have her locked up with a bail that she can’t pay. She’s dragged away asking what’s going to happen to her son, and begging Olivia for help.


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