Watch Switched at Birth – The Accommodations of Desire Online S04E18

Switched at Birth - The Accommodations of Desire

Bay thinks she’s ready for a new relationship, but others are dubious of how quickly it is moving. Daphne’s correspondence with Quinn starts to affect her relationship with Mingo. John and Kathryn begin researching new financial opportunities, and Toby and Lily prepare for parenthood.

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Watch Online Fargo: Waiting for Dutch (S02E01)

Fargo - Waiting for Dutch

In 1979, an unexpected turn of events at a diner disrupts the lives of the citizens in a small Minnesota town.


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CSI: Cyber S02E02 stream – Heart Me

CSI: Cyber - Heart Me

When Raven’s friend, Tracey, is fired, evicted and her bank accounts emptied as a result of being hacked by a man she met on a dating app, Raven helps to locate the culprit. However, Raven asks for her team’s help when the hacker is found dead and Tracy wakes up in a motel room with the murder weapon and no memory of what happened.


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Z Nation S02E05 stream – Zombaby

Z Nation - Zombaby

Murphy’s past comes back to bite him when a pregnant Serena tracks him down. Meanwhile, the survivors stumble upon a hidden Mennonite farm where the members are fighting for their lives against both zombies and anthrax.


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The Goldbergs S03E03:Jimmy 5 is Alive

The Goldbergs - Jimmy 5 is Alive

Murray attempts to help Adam transition into adulthood by building a robot, but their creative differences drive them apart, the opposite of what Murray was trying to achieve. Meanwhile, Barry makes a huge mistake when he accidentally tapes over Beverly’s beloved video of his 5th birthday party.

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The Flash S02E01:The Man Who Saved Central City

The Flash - The Man Who Saved Central City

Picking up months after the Singularity attacked Central City, Barry is still struggling to forgive himself for Eddie’s death. Concerned about putting his friends in danger, Barry has pushed everyone away and has chosen to protect the city on his own. When a meta-human named Atom Smasher attacks the city, Iris tells Barry that he needs to let his friends help him protect the citizens of Central City. Meanwhile, Cisco helps Joe with his Meta Task Force.


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Switched at Birth S04E17:To the Victor Belong the Spoils

Switched at Birth - To the Victor Belong the Spoils

Daphne tries to fundraise in order to help deaf kids in Mexico in an all-new episode of Switched at Birth,? airing Monday, October 5th on ABC Family. With Mingo’s help, Daphne holds a fundraiser to help support a sign-language school in Mexico. Bay is livid when a student starts using her art to sell crude t-shirts. Regina deals with the repercussions of digging through Eric’s past. Meanwhile, Toby and Lily have to make difficult decisions about their future.

Watch Online Blood & Oil: The Ripple Effect (S01E02)

Blood & Oil - The Ripple Effect

The aftermath of the robbery has suspicions flying as all signs indicate an inside job at Briggs Oil. Wick scrambles to do everything he can to hide his involvement, but his accomplice may prove to be too much of a wild card and expose Wick’s part in the crime that nearly killed his father. Meanwhile, the arrival of Hap’s daughter, Lacey, stokes a rivalry with Carla, Hap’s wife. Also, Billy continues to be seduced by Hap’s world and jumps into another deal with him without consulting his wife, Cody.


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Blink S01E01 stream – Episode 1

Blink - Episode 1

Pop culture quiz series testing musical knowledge and reaction speed. Comedian Joel Dommet and S Club7’s Bradley McIntosh tackle a series of high speed audio and visual music challenges.


Watch Online Code Black: Pilot (S01E01)

Code Black - Pilot

Residency Director Dr. Leanne Rorish puts her four new first year residents to work immediately on their first day at Angels Memorial Hospital, in the busiest, most notorious hospital ER in the nation.


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