Watch Desperate Housewives – Any Moment Online S08E18

Any Moment

Watch Desperate Housewives - Any Moment Online S08E18

Rene Got proposed to by her boyfriend and she tells her friend Bree and about the body at the construction site. The police are trying to catch Bree and have her fingerprints which are a match so the police are gathering more evidence against her. The police get a warrant to serve to Bree. Susan, the wife who just lost her husband is getting care packages from the neighborhood.

Gaby, having blessed Carlos’s decision to give up his corporate job, decides to get her own. When she comes up empty with an employment agency, she goes on a last-hurrah shopping spree. The store manager is so impressed with her eye for style, he offers her a job. The encouraging takeaway is follow your heart, and it will pay off. A more-skeptical view would question whether it is typically that simple for woman out of the workforce that long to just slide back in, with the perfect job no less.

From Bree’s touching moment with Andrew to Lynette’s sweet scene with Penny, I realized that this was just another element of Desperate Housewives that I would truly miss. Though strangely a bit violent, the scene with Susan and MJ taking out their anger by smashing jars of jams left me teary-eyed once again. When MJ dropped the last jar on the ground and finally broke down in his mother’s arms, I could feel their pain, anger and devastation. It was truly a heartbreaking scene.


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Watch Walking Dead – Better Angels Online S02E12

Better Angels

Watch Walking Dead - Better Angels Online S02E12Last night was the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead for the season, and you had to think AMC had some surprises in store for us. Especially since they killed off a major character at the end of last week’s episode. You had to know Better Angels was going to up the ante. Of course, I assumed that it would set the table for a big showdown in the season finale, but I was dead wrong there. But we’ll get to that in a bit.

“The Walking Dead” season 1 only had six episodes to accommodate everyone’s schedule and get it on air by Halloween of 2010. As a result, it felt less like a season of TV than a rough sketch of a series, introducing lots of characters and ideas and then going away before it could build any real forward momentum. Season 2 had a more traditional 13 episodes, and has had a more traditional cable season structure as a result. I don’t think it’s been successful at a lot of what it’s tried to do in terms of deepening our understanding of the characters, but there have been a number of clear arcs, most prominently the rising tension between Rick and Shane, who not only have a major philosophical disagreement, but a mutually exclusive desire to be Lori’s man, Carl’s father, etc. And that tension reaches its inevitable conclusion this week as Rick kills Shane after recognizing that Shane really did want to murder him to claim Lori, Carl and the unborn baby as his own.

The thing is, THE WALKING DEAD has now killed two major characters in the space of two weeks, one week before the end of a season that was shaped (and a little marred) by behind the scenes turmoil. If the upcoming season finale sees more death (which seems inevitable), or if it chases this dwindling group of survivors from the farm, well, I don’t know that a seven month break will be enough to stop my head from spinning. In other words, and I’ll utilize another baseball analogy: sometimes when you swing a bat too hard, you miss the ball and the bat goes flying out of your hands and into the crowd. After tonight’s WALKING DEAD, I feel like I’ve just been hit by a flying bat and I’m really worried that I’m going to wince next time this show’s writers take a swing.


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Watch Simpsons – At Long Last Leave Online S23E14

At Long Last Leave

Watch Simpsons - At Long Last Leave Online S23E14The Simpsons reached its 500th episode milestone last night, a fact given more attention by Fox’s marketing department than the episode itself, which was content to offer a charming recap of the series’ trademark couch gags before proceeding with business as usual. The curious thing about Simpsons, of course, is that ‘business as usual’ is rarely something to be cherished these days, despite its seeming invulnerability. Many articles and fan discussions have already covered the bases of the show’s heyday vs current state, but as someone who rarely bothers watching these days – I’ve seen a few episodes from the past few years and rarely come away feeling like anything worthwhile has been missed – that contrast was as disheartening as it has ever been on this landmark occasion.

After overcoming a brief threat of cancellation this past fall, The Simpsons have kept on trucking through its 23rd season, already renewed for at least two more seasons, with a total of 550 episodes expected to be produced. Only two other American scripted series have managed to reach the 500 episode milestone—Lassie (588 episodes) and Gunsmoke (635 episodes). Both shows had their respective 500th episodes aired in 1969, coincidentally, and both were fairly innocuous and uneventful episodes; Lassie had an episode featuring ghosts in an old mining town, and Gunsmoke had a basic story about a character selling horses to some outlaws. Nowadays, the milestones are a little more recognized, so The Simpsons might be the only show you’ll ever see that attempts to commemorate it.

The show’s opening offered up some nostalgic pangs as it rapidly raced through past couch gags with Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie rushing to their places on the family sofa. It was a nice touch, but it definitely made me miss The Simpsons of old. All those classic gags connected us to the classic Simpsons episodes that went with them. And, unfortunately, reminded me of how these last few years have paled in comparison.


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Watch Californication – Here I Go Again Online S05E07

Here I Go Again

Watch Californication - Here I Go Again Online S05E07Nearly everything that bothers outsiders and loyal viewers alike about Californication is front, center, and rear in “Here I Go Again.” Actually, guest star Drea de Matteo’s crack about losing her “back” cherry was a highlight amid an episode that scored clever, graphic laughs but otherwise went off the rails compared to last week’s grounded, steadying “Love Song.” (And yes, she did have a baby shortly before filming.)

This isn’t the greatest episode of Californication, but “Here I Go Again” is fun to watch and it allows for Hank to do a little improvisation in helping Bates from being caught by Karen for sleeping with a stripper. I’m not sure why Hank is helping Bates, but I guess he’s got a soul after all. He wants Karen back, but for him not to take advantage of her while she’s drunk and in his bed shows some growth in Hank, even if the odds of him staying that way are pretty low. But Hank gets a new friend in Holly, who is a feisty little gal. I like how De Matteo plays Holly. She’s uncensored and out of control in her behavior, but it’s fun to see her interact with Hank and play along with him as his girlfriend to help Bates.

But the course of Hank Moody’s life never runs smoothly, and Hank ends up covering for Batesy in ways he could never imagine. After paying through the nose to recover Batesy’s wedding ring, Hank later ends up pretending Holly is his girlfriend when she appears at Karen’s house to return a wallet. Detecting that Hank’s uncomfortable, Holly accepts Karen’s offer to come inside and embarrasses him with a wildly inappropriate behaviour. She ends up lapdancing for Becca’s boyfriend and when Becca tries to stop things, Holly pushes her away breaking a house model Karen’s been working on. And because she’s Hank’s guest, who gets the blame? That’s right.


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Watch Walking Dead – Nebraska Online S02E08


Walking Dead - NebraskaOf all the flyover states The Walking Dead’s writers could have chosen as the title of this season’s second half opener, “Nebraska” is the most penetrating. It’s a gamble – they have to thread a tight needle, continuing character development and picking up the dismal pace that plagued the first half of Dead’s sophomore season, and “Nebraska” doesn’t exactly denote urgency. But the title, and even much of the episode, belies a shift that could satisfy fans and fanatics alike. In an interview with New York, Glen Mazzara, the showrunner who replaced Frank Darabont, promised to pick up the pace, saying his plan “is to accelerate and then figure out more story.”

We can argue how successful “The Walking Dead” has been at the characterization, but that’s been the goal. And there is one way in which structurally the two series feel like they have a lot in common, particularly when we’re discussing the second season of each. When “Lost” got to its second (and third, for that matter) season, it feel into a pattern where all the good stuff tended to happen at either the beginning or the end on both a micro and macro level — where episodes would start with a bang, then wander aimlessly until a great final scene, or where the seasons would have great premieres and finales and drag for a long time in between.

I think one reason people complained so much about how long the search for Sophia went on was because Sophia was so barely defined as a character prior to her disappearance. This was hit home again when Glenn said that this loss was different, because it was Sophia, as though it had so much meaning – since we the audience don’t really care about her as a character. But still, the way this is hitting the characters we do care about is at least resonating.


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