Watch Desperate Housewives – You Take for Granted Online S08E16

You Take for Granted

Watch Desperate Housewives - You Take for Granted Online S08E16When we last left our Desperate Housewives ladies, Bree had figured out the truth about Orson and his involvement in the revenge plan he had concocted in order to win back her heart. And although his actions had failed, the creepy look Orson exhibited at the end of the episode when he dropped off a letter to the Fairview Police hinted that there just might be more to come for Bree before the end of the season. Has Bree set herself up for more trouble than she bargained for by telling Orson off? Meanwhile, Susan and Lynette came to blows concerning the “correct” parenting for Parker and Julie’s baby, as both wanted to be the most involved parent. Mrs. McCluskey admitted to Roy and Gabrielle about her terminal cancer, and Carlos finally returned home from rehab.

The episode spends a lot of time focusing on the subject of taking things for granted; the episode title sums up the premise. Mike realizes this and in an almost goodbye, he lets Susan know how much he loves her. I love what was done with Mike’s last scene; his conversation with Susan on the step, him protecting her from the bullet and the montage of moments played. The montage was a great touch by the writers because it isn’t just a case of him watching his life flash before his eyes but the viewers watching his moments with Susan and remembering them.

Lynette is going all out for Penny’s birthday (single parent overcompensation, party of one), and she’s irked when Jane shows up with a photographer and takes all kinds of cute pictures with Penny. Lynette accuses her of not being family, just the woman Tom is… seeing. That’s when Jane lets Lynette know that Tom has asked her to move in. Then Tom drops the bombshell that he wants them to see a lawyer this week. Jane comes over later to apologize and starts to choke on a cheese puff. Lynette takes a significant pause before giving her the Heimlich. For a second, I really thought she was going to let her die!


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Watch Desperate Housewives – She Needs Me Online S08E15

She Needs Me

Desperate Housewives - She Needs MeI was taken by surprise when at of tonight’s episode, the announcement over the preview declared that there were only 6 new episodes remaining before the big series finale. Sure, I’m no stranger to knowing how the television hiatus schedule works but 6 episodes to tie up the rest of the series? I suppose it’s time to give Desperate Housewives a deserving kudos because right now, there’s so much going on that I have no idea how mysteries and storylines are going to be wrapped up in such a short amount of time.

Oh, wait… I can think of one situation I didn’t care too much for – Susan’s relentless willingness to want to play such a vital role in her daughter’s child’s life. Sure, I understood that Susan just wants to be a grandmother and hopes that Julie will come around and want to be a part of her daughter’s life, but you’d think that Susan would try a little harder to understand what Julie wants.

And what do you know? He placed a chilling phone call to Bree at the end of the episode, threatening to suicide, just before he sent proof of the ladies’ murder cover-up to the police! (How are they going to avoid jail now?)

Meanwhile, Susan (Teri Hatcher) and Lynette (Felicity Huffman) continued to feud over Julie (Andrea Bowen) and Porter’s (Charlie Carver) unborn baby — this time over what her name will be. Lynette wanted “Lynette,” Susan wanted “Sophie,” and somehow their disagreement led to a knock-down, drag-out battle on Susan’s front lawn. I forgot how quickly things escalate on Wisteria Lane.

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Watch Desperate Housewives – Is This What You Call Love? Online S08E13

Is This What You Call Love?

Desperate Housewives - Is This What You Call Love?Being in love – that was the “theme” in this week’s Desperate Housewives, and what better to illustrate the promise of love than with the reconciliation of Lynette and Frank, Renee’s hair dresser? This time, the date seems to be going better than it did a few episodes ago and Lynette ends up inviting Frank back to the house for dessert. Unfortunately, there seems to be a misunderstanding as Frank believes “dessert” means sex – which Lynette isn’t ready for yet. The two part amicably, but Lynette is obviously upset. She calls Susan and Gabrielle the day after to talk to them about what happened. Lynette admits that it’s been awhile since she’s been intimate and Gabrielle tries to convince her that she should pursue it. Susan jokes that Bree could give her some tips, given the brothel she seems to be running. Seems that Bree’s new behavior has definitely put her on the outs with the girls, as she’s not even socializing with them anymore.

Believe it or not, she managed to have a second date with him. She invites him home for dessert not realizing that’s actually date-speak for sex. While Lynette lures Frank up to her bedroom at the start of their next date, nothing happened. Lynette started crying right in the middle of things after realizing her marriage is really over. Lynette tells Renee that Frank was very understanding. He said all the right things before he left, but she doubts she’ll ever see him again. Frank shows up with a pizza, saying the pop-in date takes away the pressure that goes with formal plans. He’s also willing to take things slow. Lynette has other ideas. Dessert first -pizza second.

For one thing, we get to see how Julie and Susan have differing views of the earlier years – how Susan thought they had a fun time, while Julie remembers having to look after her struggling mother. When this all comes out, it’s a fantastic row – and the following reconciliation, as they both get a bit teary, is genuinely quite moving. I’m also glad Julie has (so far) stuck to her guns, and will proceed with the adoption process.


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