Watch Desperate Housewives – Any Moment Online S08E18

Any Moment

Watch Desperate Housewives - Any Moment Online S08E18

Rene Got proposed to by her boyfriend and she tells her friend Bree and about the body at the construction site. The police are trying to catch Bree and have her fingerprints which are a match so the police are gathering more evidence against her. The police get a warrant to serve to Bree. Susan, the wife who just lost her husband is getting care packages from the neighborhood.

Gaby, having blessed Carlos’s decision to give up his corporate job, decides to get her own. When she comes up empty with an employment agency, she goes on a last-hurrah shopping spree. The store manager is so impressed with her eye for style, he offers her a job. The encouraging takeaway is follow your heart, and it will pay off. A more-skeptical view would question whether it is typically that simple for woman out of the workforce that long to just slide back in, with the perfect job no less.

From Bree’s touching moment with Andrew to Lynette’s sweet scene with Penny, I realized that this was just another element of Desperate Housewives that I would truly miss. Though strangely a bit violent, the scene with Susan and MJ taking out their anger by smashing jars of jams left me teary-eyed once again. When MJ dropped the last jar on the ground and finally broke down in his mother’s arms, I could feel their pain, anger and devastation. It was truly a heartbreaking scene.


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Watch Desperate Housewives – You Take for Granted Online S08E16

You Take for Granted

Watch Desperate Housewives - You Take for Granted Online S08E16When we last left our Desperate Housewives ladies, Bree had figured out the truth about Orson and his involvement in the revenge plan he had concocted in order to win back her heart. And although his actions had failed, the creepy look Orson exhibited at the end of the episode when he dropped off a letter to the Fairview Police hinted that there just might be more to come for Bree before the end of the season. Has Bree set herself up for more trouble than she bargained for by telling Orson off? Meanwhile, Susan and Lynette came to blows concerning the “correct” parenting for Parker and Julie’s baby, as both wanted to be the most involved parent. Mrs. McCluskey admitted to Roy and Gabrielle about her terminal cancer, and Carlos finally returned home from rehab.

The episode spends a lot of time focusing on the subject of taking things for granted; the episode title sums up the premise. Mike realizes this and in an almost goodbye, he lets Susan know how much he loves her. I love what was done with Mike’s last scene; his conversation with Susan on the step, him protecting her from the bullet and the montage of moments played. The montage was a great touch by the writers because it isn’t just a case of him watching his life flash before his eyes but the viewers watching his moments with Susan and remembering them.

Lynette is going all out for Penny’s birthday (single parent overcompensation, party of one), and she’s irked when Jane shows up with a photographer and takes all kinds of cute pictures with Penny. Lynette accuses her of not being family, just the woman Tom is… seeing. That’s when Jane lets Lynette know that Tom has asked her to move in. Then Tom drops the bombshell that he wants them to see a lawyer this week. Jane comes over later to apologize and starts to choke on a cheese puff. Lynette takes a significant pause before giving her the Heimlich. For a second, I really thought she was going to let her die!


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Watch Desperate Housewives – She Needs Me Online S08E15

She Needs Me

Desperate Housewives - She Needs MeI was taken by surprise when at of tonight’s episode, the announcement over the preview declared that there were only 6 new episodes remaining before the big series finale. Sure, I’m no stranger to knowing how the television hiatus schedule works but 6 episodes to tie up the rest of the series? I suppose it’s time to give Desperate Housewives a deserving kudos because right now, there’s so much going on that I have no idea how mysteries and storylines are going to be wrapped up in such a short amount of time.

Oh, wait… I can think of one situation I didn’t care too much for – Susan’s relentless willingness to want to play such a vital role in her daughter’s child’s life. Sure, I understood that Susan just wants to be a grandmother and hopes that Julie will come around and want to be a part of her daughter’s life, but you’d think that Susan would try a little harder to understand what Julie wants.

And what do you know? He placed a chilling phone call to Bree at the end of the episode, threatening to suicide, just before he sent proof of the ladies’ murder cover-up to the police! (How are they going to avoid jail now?)

Meanwhile, Susan (Teri Hatcher) and Lynette (Felicity Huffman) continued to feud over Julie (Andrea Bowen) and Porter’s (Charlie Carver) unborn baby — this time over what her name will be. Lynette wanted “Lynette,” Susan wanted “Sophie,” and somehow their disagreement led to a knock-down, drag-out battle on Susan’s front lawn. I forgot how quickly things escalate on Wisteria Lane.

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Watch Desperate Housewives – Get Out of My Life Online S08E14

Get Out of My Life

Desperate Housewives - Get Out of My LifeFor the most part, I felt that “Get Out of My Life” was a snooze fest. I couldn’t keep from yawning at the tired old storylines and even absurd moments. This all changed in the very final minutes of the installment, though. There are only seven episodes remaining until we say good bye to Desperate Housewives forever.

After being evicted from their apartment, Porter and Preston move home – only to overhear Susan confiding in Lynette about Julie’s pregnancy. Cue worried glances, followed by Julie asking to meet the father of her baby, followed by Susan overhearing the call and hiding in the cafe in proper spy mode, newspaper and all.

Susan is helping Julie search families on the adoption agency website, but Julie gets upset when Susan becomes too controlling. Susan tells Mike she wishes there was something she could do to stop Julie from making this decision, and ends up suggesting that they find the father and get him to step in. Mike tells her that’s a bad idea and if she doesn’t stop pushing, she’s going to lose Julie entirely. Is Susan going to listen? Eight years have taught us to be doubtful of this. Meanwhile, poor Gabrielle realizes that between trying to keep the house together, managing Carlo’s job and keeping the kids happy, she’s losing her mind. On a park trip, she sees Roy who tells her that Karen kicked him out because they had a massive fight. Having no place to go, Roy sweet-talks his way into staying with Gabrielle, who reluctantly agrees.


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Watch Desperate Housewives – Is This What You Call Love? Online S08E13

Is This What You Call Love?

Desperate Housewives - Is This What You Call Love?Being in love – that was the “theme” in this week’s Desperate Housewives, and what better to illustrate the promise of love than with the reconciliation of Lynette and Frank, Renee’s hair dresser? This time, the date seems to be going better than it did a few episodes ago and Lynette ends up inviting Frank back to the house for dessert. Unfortunately, there seems to be a misunderstanding as Frank believes “dessert” means sex – which Lynette isn’t ready for yet. The two part amicably, but Lynette is obviously upset. She calls Susan and Gabrielle the day after to talk to them about what happened. Lynette admits that it’s been awhile since she’s been intimate and Gabrielle tries to convince her that she should pursue it. Susan jokes that Bree could give her some tips, given the brothel she seems to be running. Seems that Bree’s new behavior has definitely put her on the outs with the girls, as she’s not even socializing with them anymore.

Believe it or not, she managed to have a second date with him. She invites him home for dessert not realizing that’s actually date-speak for sex. While Lynette lures Frank up to her bedroom at the start of their next date, nothing happened. Lynette started crying right in the middle of things after realizing her marriage is really over. Lynette tells Renee that Frank was very understanding. He said all the right things before he left, but she doubts she’ll ever see him again. Frank shows up with a pizza, saying the pop-in date takes away the pressure that goes with formal plans. He’s also willing to take things slow. Lynette has other ideas. Dessert first -pizza second.

For one thing, we get to see how Julie and Susan have differing views of the earlier years – how Susan thought they had a fun time, while Julie remembers having to look after her struggling mother. When this all comes out, it’s a fantastic row – and the following reconciliation, as they both get a bit teary, is genuinely quite moving. I’m also glad Julie has (so far) stuck to her guns, and will proceed with the adoption process.


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Watch Desperate Housewives – Who Can Say What’s True? Online S08E11

Who Can Say What’s True?

Desperate Housewives - Who Can Say What's True?This week’s Desperate Housewives picks up where we last left off, with Bree sharing the Mary Alice-type letter she received. Gabrielle wants to know how they can do anything if they don’t know anything about the person sending the notes, and then accuses Bree of being linked to the mysterious individual since she’s the only one receiving the letters. Ah, yes. There’s always some sort of drama on Wisteria Lane, and given the mysterious stranger that we saw watching Bree on the way back to her house, we can bet that more drama won’t be far off.

We begin with Bree, who’s a bit concerned about her latest note. In fact, she’s headed over to Lynette and Gaby to show them. Everyone’s confused – how come the first note threatened them, while the second kind of took responsibility for killing Chuck for them?

But there are still tensions among the group, and when Gaby and Lynette point out that Bree’s the one getting all the notes it just becomes a bit messy. Bree storms off home… but we see her from the point of view of someone sitting in a car. Who on Earth could it be?


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Watch Desperate Housewives – What’s to Discuss, Old Friend? Online S08E10

What’s to Discuss, Old Friend?

Desperate Housewives - What's to Discuss, Old Friend?Welcome back, Desperate Housewives fans. It’s certainly been awhile, and you might need to refresh your memory from where we last left off. You can skim the fall finale recap here, but let’s just run through the basics – Lynette confessed her murder secret to Tom right before he was to leave for Paris with his new girlfriend, Susan contemplated a move to New York, Carlos disappeared from rehab, Detective Vance was run down by someone unknown, and Bree was left staring at the barrel of her own gun. Dive in below!

Last time we were in Wisteria Lane Carlos (Ricardo Chavira) had checked out of rehab, Lynette (Felicity Huffman) had told Tom (Doug Savant) before his trip to Paris with his girlfriend, Jane (Andrea Parker). Bree (Marcia Cross) was contemplating suicide, Susan (Teri Hatcher) was packing for New York and Chuck (Jonathan Cake) was hit by a car.

One by one the women hear of the news of Chuck’s death. Part of me thought his death was faked and the other part of me was happy at the end of his character. I had a dislike for Chuck from his first episode; I think Jonathan Cake and the writers did a good job in creating a character that was dislikable to me.


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Watch Desperate Housewives – Putting It Together Online S08E09

Putting It Together

Desperate Housewives - Putting It TogetherChuck is pushing the buttons of all the ladies in one way or another from accusing Lynette’s marriage of falling apart because of the murder she was involved in to telling Gaby the trigger of Carlos’ alcoholism is the murder.

Meanwhile, Bree is super lonely without her friends and is so desperate, she forces herself on three woman having a girls night out.  Drinking and calling one of the ladies Lynette is not a great way to make new friends.  They agree and walk out on Bree.

The women have all shut Bree out, blaming her for the mess they’ve found themselves in – it’s not a happy time to be on Wisteria Lane, really. In fact, things are so bad that Bree’s taken to drinking again. Oh dear.

It’s not going well for Gaby, Susan and Lynette either, to be fair – Chuck’s called them all down to the station for questioning. Susan is the worst liar ever, jittery and nervous. Lynette’s calm and collected (until Chuck brings Tom into it, and she slaps him). And Gaby is trying to convince Chuck that Carlos is in rehab not because of anything like a murder, but because he had an affair (“I know, right? Who would cheat on this?”)


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Watch Desperate Housewives – Suspicion Song Online S08E08

Suspicion Song

Desperate Housewives - Suspicion SongWell, after last week’s episode of Desperate Housewives, we wouldn’t be surprised if Alejandro’s body is causing problems again on Sunday! Sure enough, creepy Chuck’s going to start harassing Bree, while Susan has to stop Andre putting her killing-inspired paintings on display. The opening monologue for tonight’s Desperate Housewives included the words “but so many secrets led to a falling out” and as we move deeper and deeper into the season, we’re starting to see just how much this statement is true. The four ladies are, and have always been, about teamwork, something that has been falling to the wayside in the past few episodes.

Bree hears a noise in her house and calls 9-1-1 freaking out. Who should show up to investigate? None other than Chuck, who backhandedly starts to interrogates her about Gabrielle’s step-father on the night of the dinner party. When Bree defends herself, Chuck tells her she’s the victim in this situation. What makes him think that? Chuck answers with the obvious – someone is trying to rattle her, because they think she’d hiding something – or they want her to crack. He then tells her not to lose any sleep, because he’ll be keeping an eye on her.

At an art opening that features Susan’s giveaway-painting, Chuck confronts Susan, Bree and Gabby. Don’t the women in the painting look just like them? he asks. So who pray tell is the dead body they’re circled about?
It’s sad enough that eager Chuck is closing in on them. What makes it worse is what it’s doing to their friendship. Bree hadn’t let on to Susan or Gabby how much Chuck seemed to know. She didn’t want to worry the friends, she says; to a viewer that’s believable.

After dialing 911 and grabbing her gun to investigate the noise, Bree finds Det. Chuck standing in her foyer. He claims that he heard her call come in over the radio and he came in to investigate and found her front door open. He must have been really, really close by. He doesn’t find anything and then continues to make serious threats. This guy’s really turning into a jerk.


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