Watch Dragons’ Den (CA) S10E14: Season 10, Episode 14 Online

Dragons' Den (CA) - Season 10, Episode 14

An beneath-the-sea impressed entrepreneur hopes the Dragons will float her some money; a paint innovator seems to be to make a clean end; and a style pitch clothes up the Den. Plus, a former hockey heavyweight hopes to attain huge within the Den.

Dragons Den S10E14 WEBRip mp4

Watch Dragons’ Den S13E14: Series 13, Episode 14 Online

Dragons' Den - Series 13, Episode 14

A trailer tent tall sufficient for Peter Jones to face up in has the Dragons reaching for the instruction guide, and an entrepreneur with a self-serve beer pump hopes he will not be leaving the Den bitter.


Watch Shark Tank S07E14: Season 7, Episode 14 Online

Shark Tank - Season 7, Episode 14

Former Google government and billionaire Silicon Valley enterprise capitalist Chris Sacca, greatest recognized for being among the many earliest and largest buyers in corporations akin to Twitter, Uber, Instagram and Kickstarter, returns to the Tank as a visitor shark. A husband and spouse group from Palo Alto, CA has a tool for infants to remain on monitor and fogeys to remain sane; entrepreneurial twins from Denver, CO have a web-based enterprise that may ease the ache of paying for school; and a person from San Francisco has a tech answer to the dreaded parking ticket. Plus, a comply with up on Rugged Races, the occasions firm based by Boston-based mostly Brad Scudder and Rob Dickens, during which Mark Cuban invested throughout Season Five.


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Watch Royal Pains – Sand Legs Online S04E14

Sand Legs

Royal Pains - Sand Legs Online S04E14 It was an episode of ups and downs in the season finale of Royal Pains titled “Sand Legs”. In the season finale, HankMed is acting as the on-site physicians at the Hamptons Labor Day Invitational, which leads to Hank (Mark Feuerstein) treating an amateur beach volleyball player who he believes, may be suffering from more than just a summer bug. As Hank’s diagnosis becomes much more worse for the volleyball player, how does that effect his relationship with Harper (Kat Foster) who has asked him to meet her family?

During the past few episodes of this season, we’ve seen a lot of situations in various characters’ lives that began rough but were finally coming to satisfying conclusions. Paige, who had been so upset to find out that she was adopted and that her parents had lied to her, had supposedly found her birth mom. In addition, Paige and Evan’s relationship was growing stronger than ever and, despite some bumps, they were still on their way to walking down the aisle together. Divya, after being nearly forced to go through with an arranged marriage, had finally found love. And Hank, who hadn’t had too much luck in the romance department since his engagement was called off and Jill had left town, was finally with someone he was ready to commit to.

Then again, he knows how important family is to Harper, so shouldn’t he have foreseen that his last minute exit would have a severe impact on the future of his relationship with her? From her tone with him on the phone, it’s clear Hank is going to have some serious sucking up to do to get fix this one.

Hank and Harper’s romance wasn’t the only one that got a little rocky this week, either. Divya and Rafa had a serious falling out there toward the end of the episode. I guess she should have guessed that she wasn’t the only one on Rafa’s lady circuit.


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Watch Simpsons – At Long Last Leave Online S23E14

At Long Last Leave

Watch Simpsons - At Long Last Leave Online S23E14The Simpsons reached its 500th episode milestone last night, a fact given more attention by Fox’s marketing department than the episode itself, which was content to offer a charming recap of the series’ trademark couch gags before proceeding with business as usual. The curious thing about Simpsons, of course, is that ‘business as usual’ is rarely something to be cherished these days, despite its seeming invulnerability. Many articles and fan discussions have already covered the bases of the show’s heyday vs current state, but as someone who rarely bothers watching these days – I’ve seen a few episodes from the past few years and rarely come away feeling like anything worthwhile has been missed – that contrast was as disheartening as it has ever been on this landmark occasion.

After overcoming a brief threat of cancellation this past fall, The Simpsons have kept on trucking through its 23rd season, already renewed for at least two more seasons, with a total of 550 episodes expected to be produced. Only two other American scripted series have managed to reach the 500 episode milestone—Lassie (588 episodes) and Gunsmoke (635 episodes). Both shows had their respective 500th episodes aired in 1969, coincidentally, and both were fairly innocuous and uneventful episodes; Lassie had an episode featuring ghosts in an old mining town, and Gunsmoke had a basic story about a character selling horses to some outlaws. Nowadays, the milestones are a little more recognized, so The Simpsons might be the only show you’ll ever see that attempts to commemorate it.

The show’s opening offered up some nostalgic pangs as it rapidly raced through past couch gags with Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie rushing to their places on the family sofa. It was a nice touch, but it definitely made me miss The Simpsons of old. All those classic gags connected us to the classic Simpsons episodes that went with them. And, unfortunately, reminded me of how these last few years have paled in comparison.


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Watch Family Guy – Be Careful What You Fish For Online S10E14

Be Careful What You Fish For

Family Guy - Be Careful What You Fish ForThis week’s episode of “Family Guy” was for fans who find Ricky Gervais annoying. Rather than go for the kind of sharp humor that’s made him a favorite — though not by all — of the Golden Globes in recent years, Gervais instead sticks with aquatic puns, laughing more at his own fishy jokes than anyone else save Peter. Our main storyline starts with an ocean liner shipping Mercedes cars sinking off the coast of Rhode Island, which gives Peter the idea to go fish for one. But when he attempts to do so, he just ends up catching a talking dolphin named Billy Finn, who is voiced by Ricky Gervais.

Peter, Quagmire, and Joe go out on a boat in hopes of retrieving a free sunken Mercedes from a recent shipping accident, but instead accidentally snare Billy Finn, the talking dolphin. When Billy dives to retrieve a Mercedes hood ornament for Peter, it’s only natural to assume the three guys would talk about how they’re either hallucinating or witnesses the miracle of a talking dolphin, but instead Family Guy sidesteps the obvious and completely ignores that potential. Billy is a talking dolphin, he can show up at the Griffins’ and become a terrible houseguest, sitting around because his wife kicked him out of the ocean.

Talking animals are nothing new on Seth MacFarlane shows (Brian here, Klaus in “American Dad,” the bear in “The Cleveland Show”), but there’s something about seeing a dolphin, voiced by Gervais, standing at the Griffins’ front door that sort of makes you go “huh?” which then leads you to ignore the rest of the scene because you’re thinking to yourself, “Do all animals on this show talk? No, I’ve seen some that don’t. Can dolphins survive on land? I guess they breathe through blowholes, so… well, but it seems like they would dry up. Hmm. Wait, what’s going on in this scene?”


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Watch Desperate Housewives – Get Out of My Life Online S08E14

Get Out of My Life

Desperate Housewives - Get Out of My LifeFor the most part, I felt that “Get Out of My Life” was a snooze fest. I couldn’t keep from yawning at the tired old storylines and even absurd moments. This all changed in the very final minutes of the installment, though. There are only seven episodes remaining until we say good bye to Desperate Housewives forever.

After being evicted from their apartment, Porter and Preston move home – only to overhear Susan confiding in Lynette about Julie’s pregnancy. Cue worried glances, followed by Julie asking to meet the father of her baby, followed by Susan overhearing the call and hiding in the cafe in proper spy mode, newspaper and all.

Susan is helping Julie search families on the adoption agency website, but Julie gets upset when Susan becomes too controlling. Susan tells Mike she wishes there was something she could do to stop Julie from making this decision, and ends up suggesting that they find the father and get him to step in. Mike tells her that’s a bad idea and if she doesn’t stop pushing, she’s going to lose Julie entirely. Is Susan going to listen? Eight years have taught us to be doubtful of this. Meanwhile, poor Gabrielle realizes that between trying to keep the house together, managing Carlo’s job and keeping the kids happy, she’s losing her mind. On a park trip, she sees Roy who tells her that Karen kicked him out because they had a massive fight. Having no place to go, Roy sweet-talks his way into staying with Gabrielle, who reluctantly agrees.


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Watch Office – Special Project Online S08E14

Special Project

Watch Office - Special Project Online S08E14In this week’s episode of The Office, Dwight has been chosen to spearhead a three week assignment in Tallahassee. He’s putting together “a competent team” that will assist him on the mission, setting up a number of new Sabre locations. Half the episode deals with various relationship issues, and the rest is essentially an audition for the team that will head to Florida. There are some important plot points revealed: Val and Darryl vaguely express their feelings for each other, and Erin tells us she wants to head to Florida for good. While “Special Project” definitely has potential, this week just kind of landed flat for me.

“Special Project” marks an effort to return to this particular narrative event, manufacturing an excuse for six members of the office to travel to Tallahassee and oversee a—you guessed it—special project for corporate. I could take some time to question how exactly the Scranton branch is going to operate without six people for three weeks, and I could also ask about the economics of a printer company establishing an Apple-esque retail presence. Like the majority of the Sabre storylines since the company’s introduction, there’s a fundamental lack of logic operating here that does puzzle the part of me that enjoys policing the show’s reality.

Pam is back from maternity leave, ready to frighten us all with her Tales of the After Birth or whatever it is recently un-pregnant women talk about. She and Jim spend the entire episode agonizing over how to respond to Robert California’s texts. To quote T.I, Jim has lost his swagger, which was once reminiscent of a college kid, and it’s… unattractive. Remember when Jim couldn’t care less about his job and that attitude kept getting him recognition? From management and the ladies? Those days are over now. Especially when Pam’s around. These two are a good 500 years younger than Robert, but they fuddle and duddle around their cell phones, trying to craft the perfect message like the boring old parents they are (sorry to my boring old parents, i.e. my biggest only fans). i bet they even use capitals when they text. cool.


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Watch Greys Anatomy – All You Need Is Love Online S08E14

All You Need Is Love

Watch Greys Anatomy - All You Need Is Love Online S08E14Consider it a Valentine’s Day miracle: Only one patient died on Grey’s Anatomy last night. And as we all know, that’s a pretty low body count for this sometimes horrific, unforgiving show. But why so little bloodletting? Well mostly because, as I said, it was Cupid’s Day, so on this latest new episode — titled “All You Need Is Love” — stayed true to its slug and was almost entirely focused on the relationships between the doctors of Seattle Grace.

You knew non-proposal guy was going to die, because no one was rooting for his wedding hungry girlfriend, no matter how many times she had gotten her hopes up and he had let her down she just seemed like a bridezilla in the making. And while Lexie finding the proposal in the locket wasn’t exactly surprising, it did bring the situation firmly back to tragic.

Even Lexie — who’s not technically in a relationship right now — saw her love life possibly take a giant leap forward. Much of this season we’ve watched as she danced around Mark, trying to decide if she still loves him and whether she should make some kind of move, despite him having a new girlfriend in Julia. Last night, Lexie got as close as she has, when she showed up at his place, Zola in tow, to try to tell him that she’s still in love with him. It’s unclear if she did say anything, but one thing was clear: Sloan seemed willing to listen to something, anything, from Lexie.


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Watch Vampire Diaries – Dangerous Liaisons Online S03E14

Dangerous Liaisons

Vampire Diaries - Dangerous Liaisons The original vampire family hosts a ball on this week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, and the whole town puts on their finest formal wear for the event of the supernatural season. Elena has two dates to the event, but it’s her date to meet the original witch that gives us insight into what’s in store for Klaus and his siblings.

After last week’s transitional episode, closing off the coffin mystery and introducing the Founders killer, one might expect this week to pick up where we left off, with Ric bloody in Elena’s house. Instead, after a brief mention, we’re swept off into new intrigue with the Originals. On another show, this may be cause for concern, but The Vampire Diaries has proven itself more than capable of balancing multiple intricate storylines. But this is “The Vampire Diaries,” so we’d best not get too attached to this happy scenario. With every promising twist we can always predict one thing — more trouble ahead.

Matt and Elena walk out of the hospital, and Elena is about to drive home — at least until Rebekah decides to rough her up. But like a good guardian angel, Elijah promptly pops up and reminds his sister she has to behave herself — Mother’s orders. Rebekah takes off, which gives Elijah an opportunity to get Elena up to speed on Esther’s new rule book.

Elena and Stefan have a quiet moment away from the ball and she asks quite bluntly whether his No. 1 goal at the moment is to kill Klaus. “No you’re not wrong,” Stefan concedes. It’s a heartbreaking moment between the two exes because it’s clear Stefan still cares for Elena, no matter what he said or did in the past. A telling sign that old Stefan may be seeping back into his psyche: The fact that he isn’t dictating what she can and can’t do no matter how dangerous, a point she brings up. After the ball, Elena pressures Stefan to show her that he still cares, that he regrets how he treated her, but he can’t because it’s too much. “If I let myself care, all I feel is pain,” he tells her before peacing out.


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