Hello Campers S01E15 stream – Episode 15

Hello Campers - Episode 15

The teams are in the Algarve where they battle it out to be this week’s winners.


Watch American Dad – Less Money, Mo’ Problems Online S07E15

Less Money, Mo’ Problems

American Dad - Less Money, Mo’ ProblemsI’m actually pretty sure that “Less Money, Mo Problems” was actually not the first time that Stan has tried to rob his own family or friends to get out of a desperate situation. That said, Stan failed miserably at proving his point through a “reverse Brewster’s Million.” Although I expected his failure from the start, it might have been nice to see this plot go in a less predictable direction. Francine lasted less than a day on the $938/month lifestyle and Stan managed to become a drug addicted bum in about 48 hours.

Meanwhile, Roger and Steve had been trying to prove themselves in an entirely different manner. After listening to Klaus’ long winded bragging about having driven a Ferrari, Roger was determined to make Klaus eat his words. Roger’s “Scent of a Woman” inspired scene at the Ferrari showroom was funny and I liked that the car salesman had no idea what Roger was parodying. Although we didn’t see what exactly changed that salesman’s mind, Roger kept pushing his bit until he finally drove out of there in a car. Klaus’ slow-motion jaw drop as the two of them drove by him in Las Vegas was a great payoff to this little side story.


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Watch Once Upon a Time – Red-Handed Online S01E15


Once Upon a Time - Red-HandedThere is something vaguely unsatisfying about the “Red-Handed” episode of ONCE UPON A TIME. It could be my mood, but the episode feels like more back story than actual moving along of the plot. Yes, I get that when you’re trying to spin a tale over the course of multiple seasons, you don’t want to play your cards too fast. Fair enough. But after a while, the returns start diminishing. Sure, it’s nice to know how Grumpy got that way, or in this case, who Red Riding Hood really is, but after a while what you really want to see is some Evil Queen backside getting kicked.

Regina and Mr. Gold are still the only characters aware of their previous life, and while the series is developing into an adequate drama that uses fairy tale metaphors for real world situations, the central conflict is all but forgotten. “Red-Handed” is a fine episode with a few surprising twists in the last act, but the show’s formula is starting to get a little stale.

Intrigued by August’s (Eion Bailey) tales of going to Nepal and lemurs with glowing eyes, Ruby decides she wants no more of waiting tables at Granny’s Diner. Wanting to find herself, she intends to leave Storybrooke (never a good idea) and head for destinations unknown. But she’s rescued from that likely bad fate by Emma (Jennifer Morrison), who hires her to help out around the police station.

But the boxed heart wasn’t the only suspicious part about the case. David (Josh Dallas) was found twice in the woods, once wandering aimlessly, and a second time unconscious and bleeding from the head. What’s his deal? Was he sleepwalking? Could he have sleep-murdered Kathryn? Whatever’s going on, I’m pretty sure they’ll need more than a sheriff and her plucky secretary to crack this case.


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Watch Desperate Housewives – She Needs Me Online S08E15

She Needs Me

Desperate Housewives - She Needs MeI was taken by surprise when at of tonight’s episode, the announcement over the preview declared that there were only 6 new episodes remaining before the big series finale. Sure, I’m no stranger to knowing how the television hiatus schedule works but 6 episodes to tie up the rest of the series? I suppose it’s time to give Desperate Housewives a deserving kudos because right now, there’s so much going on that I have no idea how mysteries and storylines are going to be wrapped up in such a short amount of time.

Oh, wait… I can think of one situation I didn’t care too much for – Susan’s relentless willingness to want to play such a vital role in her daughter’s child’s life. Sure, I understood that Susan just wants to be a grandmother and hopes that Julie will come around and want to be a part of her daughter’s life, but you’d think that Susan would try a little harder to understand what Julie wants.

And what do you know? He placed a chilling phone call to Bree at the end of the episode, threatening to suicide, just before he sent proof of the ladies’ murder cover-up to the police! (How are they going to avoid jail now?)

Meanwhile, Susan (Teri Hatcher) and Lynette (Felicity Huffman) continued to feud over Julie (Andrea Bowen) and Porter’s (Charlie Carver) unborn baby — this time over what her name will be. Lynette wanted “Lynette,” Susan wanted “Sophie,” and somehow their disagreement led to a knock-down, drag-out battle on Susan’s front lawn. I forgot how quickly things escalate on Wisteria Lane.

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Watch Vampire Diaries – All My Children Online S03E15

All My Children

Watch Vampire Diaries - All My Children Online S03E15On “All My Children” a heart-pounding episode full of both action and emotion, Damon and Stefan made like Jack Bauer. Except the terrorists were vampires, the full moon was the ticking bomb and the world would actually have been a safer place if they had failed at the mission.

Esther loved her children so much that she turned them into vampires. Yet once she saw what they had become, she only wished to restore the balance of nature and rid the world of the curse she had inflicted upon it. Her children were no longer a blessing, but a curse she bore because of her selfishness. Her children did not go out to help the world around them, but to take from it and inflict pain on everyone in their path. As punishment for Esther’s foolish naivete in her children’s goodness, she was forced to watch the evil they wrought for over a thousand years. Now that she is free, she just wants to undo her crime against nature and hopefully rid the world of some of the suffering she unleashed. Alas, fate is not going to make it easy for her. Her brilliant plan to kill her children was foiled by the Salvatore brothers who could not bear to let Elena die, even if it meant saving the rest of the world. Damon chose to martyr himself by turning Bonnie’s mother into a vampire and breaking the Bennett bloodline that Esther needed to complete her spell, and thereby undoing the one chance to kill Klaus and his siblings in one final act. Who’s being selfish now? In this case, it is Damon and Stefan, for they could not bear the pain of losing Elena. They would prefer to try to kill Klaus another day.


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Watch Greys Anatomy – Have You Seen Me Lately? Online S08E15

Have You Seen Me Lately?

Watch Greys Anatomy - Have You Seen Me Lately?In the newest episode of ABC’ Grey’s Anatomy, Amelia arrives at Seattle Grace to beg Derek for help with Erica’s gliosarcoma case; Cristina and Owen engage in heated arguments during marriage counseling; Alex realizes that to be a good doctor, he’ll need to improve his people skills; and Meredith is given a chance to shine when a man enters the ER after getting his hand stuck in a meat grinder.

Amy’s fresh out of rehab and trying to get Derek on board with a seemingly impossible surgery. For the sake of Cooper’s son, Mason, Amy wants to perform surgery on Erica. Derek immediately shoots her down, and when Lexie tries to intervene, Derek reveals that he’s worried about her emotional attachment to the case and doesn’t want to see his sister fall off the wagon. Lexie wears him down though, and he and Amy figure out a viable solution.

I think a lot of people on Grey’s assume Mer is good or attribute stuff to her because of her last name and her husband, but Callie makes her prove herself and I really respect that. The fact that Callie also still holds a little grudge from when she and George were together is amusing too. I think some more Callie-Mer moments will be fun. They’ve never really shared screen time before, but there is a great dynamic there. I hope it’s explored more and that Mer kicks her oral boards butt!


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Watch Modern Family – Aunt Mommy Online S03E15

Aunt Mommy

Modern Family - Aunt MommyRead this week’s Modern Family recap, oh and don’t forget to say hello to your Aunt Mommy. It’s certainly a twisted state of affairs when there are more states that legally oppose the relationship between Cameron and Mitchell than there are against copulating with your sibling –- or a horse, for that matter, but we’ll stick with the sibling issue. Modern Family already boasts one of the most dynamic, bizarrely-related casts of characters without earning themselves the label “hillbillies.” Sure, it’s strange that 12-year old Manny has two siblings whose children are his nieces, nephews, and cousins, but what about going through life with an “Aunt Mommy?

Jay lies to Gloria about a canceled theater show so that Manny can get outside and play some sports with kids his own age. He thinks he’s been spending way too much time with his mommy. Manny gets hurt playing football and Gloria is mad at Jay for lying to her. When Manny and Gloria find their 100th lucky penny together, Jay realizes it’s important for them to spend time together. He takes a couple of pennies and hides them from Manny so they have an excuse to keep looking.

It worked because it came from a real place on both sides of the bargain. Mitchell and Cam dealt with the very real issue of worrying, as two men, that any baby they had would not truly be “theirs,” with or without the use of an insemination “swirl.” (A term that will probably cause me to take a pass on soft-serve ice cream for a couple weeks.) And Claire’s suggesting the deal came from the root of her character as well: a combination of a burst of pride in her own family and affection for her brother and his husband, brought to the surface by a little too much red wine. (Absolutely fitting, by the way, that the tightly wound Pritchett family would need a few glass of vino to bring their emotions to the surface.)


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Watch Gossip Girl – Crazy, Cupid, Love Online S05E15

Crazy, Cupid, Love

Gossip Girl - Crazy, Cupid, LoveGossip Girl loves a holiday, and Valentine’s Day must be its favourite – what opportunities for romance and heartbreak! It’s unsurprising that ‘Crazy, Cupid, Love‘ got in on the act with an instalment all about the heart.
What’s even better is that it was largely centred around Dan and Blair. I know that some fans would have hated that, but I maintain that their relationship and dynamic is one of the most interesting on the show.

There’s no longer any doubt about how Gossip Girl’s underdog non-couple feels about one another. Dan’s feelings may be stronger (or at least less complicated, with no dowry looming over Rufus) than the reverse, but they’re mutual. He kissed Blair and unlike the first time, it wasn’t just Dan doing the kissing.

I think the biggest takeaway from the episode was that Dan finally confronted Blair about his feelings, and that there seemed to be some level of reciprocation there. I was expecting this, and I was fine with it. I actually liked their moments in this episode, especially her speech to him about how he is a great person. However, everything else surrounding it bothered me. Georgina blackmailing Dan for what seemed like a million different reasons, ranging from trying to destroy Blair to trying to help Dan. I didn’t get it. Also, the entire plot about Serena and Dan feels like it was just there to create conflict between Blair and Serena. We all knew where Dan’s feelings were, and the outcome was as expected. The supposed best friends falling out yet again.

For a second there it seemed like we were back in 2007 – school girl uniforms, jello shots and lots of plaid. Nate decides to make the theme of his Valentine’s Day party, ‘come as your high school self.’ Yes, it’s a horrible theme, but it was fun to see the a blast from the past. It reminded us of how great this show use to be.


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Watch Two and a Half Men – The Duchess of Dull-In-Sack Online S09E15

The Duchess of Dull-In-Sack

Two and a Half Men - The Duchess of Dull-In-SackJudging by the ratings, Two and a Half Men is as popular as it ever was, and yet people continue to bicker about Ashton Kutcher’s presence on the show. Unfortunately, people have been bickering about the wrong thing. The problem I’ve had this year has been inconsistent writing. There have been quite a few stinkers, but overall I’m enjoying this series revamp. Kutcher has done a fine job filling Charlie Sheen’s shoes, and “The Duchess of Dull-In-Sack” was a fine example of what he’s capable of when given a better script. Sure, he’s no Clooney or Pitt, but he’s doing everything the scripts ask of him, and he’s doing it pretty damn well.

The Duchess of Dull-in-Sack” was far from dull: the hilarious Sophie Winkleman, as Walden’s girlfriend Zoey, made this episode the highlight of the season so far. Sure, it’s partially due to her British accent, but Winkleman has been a great addition to the cast since her first appearance. There is a sweetness to both Zoey and Walden, and it gives Two and a Half Men a nice new vibe.

The next scene finds Walden and Zoey in bed, finishing a movie and moving toward a sexual end to the evening. However, the awkwardness of the unresolved topic makes romance impossible…until Walden suggests a brownie (making quite clear what they contain). Zoey agrees, but winds up flipping out shortly after eating one and runs off. This leads to a running gag where Walden (also quite zooted at this point) offers a reward to Jake and his friend Eldridge if they “find Zoey.” They continue finding and bringing home different women for the rest of the episode (one could use this as evidence that Jake and Eldridge had also gotten into the brownies, but these acts of stupidity are ones that these boys are capable of while stone sober).


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Watch How I Met Your Mother – The Burning Beekeeper Online S07E15

The Burning Beekeeper

How I Met Your Mother - The Burning Beekeeper, HIMYMHIMYM took an unusual mode of storytelling for tonight’s episode “The Burning Beekeeper.” The initial set up reminded me in some ways of “Noises Off” with doors constantly opening and shutting as characters ran in and out of different settings within the same set.

As with any classic How I Met Your Mother episode that jumps around in time, our first glimpse into the events that unraveled was a bit fuzzy. Our first five minutes took place in the living room. In it, Marshall was told by his boss, Garrison Cootes (recurring guest star, Martin Short) that he’d have to be leaving his housewarming party early to return to work with him. A few seconds later, Cootes was yelling at Ted about eating his vegan spring rolls! Lily came running to the rescue though by informing Cootes that there were carrots and humus in the dining room, and once he left looking for them, a flustered Lily pleaded with Ted not to cause any more scenes. On the other end of room, Barney turned to Robin for advice about his penis. Yeah, more on that later! During that conversation, Marshall entered with a plate of cheese, one in which Lily returned seconds later to knock over onto the floor. At this point in time, Robin took Lily aside to try and calm her down, and before you knew it, a burning beekeeper came running through the living room and towards the front door.

The episode indicates one thing foremost: these characters have aged. A lot. When we first met Marshall and Lily, they were engaging in nightly chugging contests and driving to the airport on a whim. But now, Lily is frantic over throwing a pleasant housewarming party. This isn’t a flaw—if anything, it’s an especially honest way of dealing with these characters. But it might get to you, especially if you’re amid a transitional period in your life. While a very pregnant Lily frets over the food, her father’s meddlesome new hobby of keeping bees in the basement, and the news that the house has mice, Marshall is dealing with his environmentalist boss’ insistence that they go back to work in forty-five minutes (“Mother Earth doesn’t get a day off, neither do you”).


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