The Cube S09E04:Series 9, Episode 4

The Cube - Series 9, Episode 4

More contestants take on the cube and try and win big money. They take on a series of different challenges hoping to beat the cube but they have to decide when to stop before loosing all their lives and going home with nothing.


Made in Chelsea S09E04 stream – Series 9, Episode 4

Made in Chelsea - Series 9, Episode 4

After Binky sees JP at the rugby, Andy decides to play Cupid between them. JP’s friends James and Elliot enjoy a night out with the boys and they end up hitting on somebody familiar. Louise berates Alik over his failure to be more proactive.

Watch Online Bluestone 42: Series 3, Episode 4 (S03E04)

Bluestone 42 - Series 3, Episode 4

Ellen and Bird end up becoming room-mates, but end up at clashing over what Bird deems Ellen’s ?girly? accoutrements. Towerblock is stunned to find out that his wife has been spending all their money on posh food. Word reaches the team that a Taliban attack is about to happen which does nothing to help Simon’s paranoid suspicion about the new ANA recruit.

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Watch Ripper Street – Series 3, Episode 4 Online S03E04

Ripper Street - Series 3, Episode 4

Detective Inspector Edmund Reid and Detective Sergeant Bennet Drake investigate the latest criminal activity.

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Watch Online The Passing Bells: Episode 4 (S01E04)

The Passing Bells - Episode 4

It is now 1917 and Thomas and Michael are being haunted by memories of their dead friends, and with hindsight they are aghast at their initial optimism back at the start of the war. Thomas feels despair, convinced that the war is never going to end.

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Waterloo Road S10E04:Series 10, Episode 4

Waterloo Road - Series 10, Episode 4

Gabriella Wark returns to school to find some students determined to make her life difficult. Hector finds an ally in Sue, while Allie feels unnerved as Vaughan and the boys get ready to visit Olga on her birthday.

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Downton Abbey S05E04:Series 5, Episode 4

Downton Abbey - Series 5, Episode 4

Sarah continues to cause trouble above stairs, however this time she may have gone too far. Elsewhere Thomas is suffering an illness, Baxter suspects there is more to it than he is letting on. Violet reveals the truth to Isobel the truth about her past with Prince Kuragin. Mary comes to a decision regarding Lord Gillingham.

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Utopia S02E04:Episode 4

Utopia - Episode 4

Dugdale reluctantly agrees to harbour Jessica and after he visits Jen and Alice in a secret prison it’s clear he will do whatever The Network asks in order to keep his family safe. Jessica is looking for Ian, as is Milner who believes that he will lead her to Carvel.

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Watch Grimm – Quill Online S02E04


Grimm - Quill Online S02E04 The “Grimm” episode “Quill” was revealing in several ways. It reveals how Hank (Russell Hornsby) will react to new truths about the Wesen world, and how Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) will react to strange memories involving Nick (David Giuntoli). It also shows another side of Rosalee (Bree Turner) that viewers may never have expected to see. The episode also introduces two new creatures, one of which is sent to find Nick’s key.

“Quill” began as the aforementioned Wesen-infecting virus hit Portland. It caused the carriers to break out in horrifically gross boils and yellow pustules and basically made them act like 28 Days Later rage zombies. Now, last week everyone was mad at me for not recognizing Mark Pellegrino, so get ready for me to call out the name of the guest actor who played the porcupine Wesen every two seconds: Kevin Shinick, from Robot Chicken, Ugly Americans, Mad TV, and Where In Time Is Carmen San Diego?!

In the next scene, Nick and Hank are sharing a meal at a diner, discussing everything “Grimm” related. Nick isn’t sure how Hank can see Wesen, or why he only sees certain ones. He also informs him of Aunt Marie’s trailer and all the treasures (books, weapons, etc.) inside. Then Nick and Hank are called to the scene of the hit and run. When they arrive, they go with Sgt. Wu go to investigate the building with shattered glass. They hear something upstairs. They find there is blood everywhere in the building, though it is supposedly empty.

The case is limited, perhaps by budgetary constraints, so there’s never really any sense that a plague outbreak is going to take the city’s sizeable Wesen community by storm or create a larger panic. The origin is never fully explained, there are a ton of loose ends about containing the resurgence of the old plague, but maybe it’s a sickness equivalent to Legionnaires’ disease, which recently had an isolated outbreak in Chicago at a Marriott hotel. Either way, the plot holes aren’t that concerning, since there are moments of suspense and delight throughout.


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