Trollied S04E05 stream – Series 4, Episode 5

Trollied - Series 4, Episode 5

Rose and Margaret realise they know each other from the past and that Margaret won Alan’s heart at the time. Brian is dumbfounded when Colin abuses his homemade hangover cure. Gavin is distracted when a special guest is due to appear in store.

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Watch The Passing Bells – Episode 5 Online S01E05

The Passing Bells - Episode 5

It is now 1918 and Tommy celebrates the birth of his son whilst Michael becomes increasingly dependent on his letters from Katie to carry on going. Michael and Tommy ed up coming face to face on the battle field as instinct takes over and they begin to fight. As news of the Armistice Agreement breaks in the trenches, Tommy and Michael, oblivious, fight on.

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Grantchester S01E05:Episode 5

Grantchester - Episode 5

After Sidney takes Geordie to Johnny Johnson’s London jazz club, they’re supposed to be leaving their worries behind them in Grantchester. After Amanda shows up though unexpectedly, the night takes a rather different turn. Johnny’s sister is murdered, leaving everybody devastating. Johnny and Claudette’s father calls in his friend, DCI Jacob Williams to work on the case.

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Watch Downton Abbey – Series 5, Episode 5 Online S05E05

Downton Abbey - Series 5, Episode 5

Simon Bricker returns to talk about the painting with Cora. His flirting though could have crossed the line. Mary is surprised by Charles Blake in London with a cunning plan.

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Watch Major Crimes – Citizens Arrest Online S01E05

Citizens Arrest

Major Crimes - Citizens Arrest Online S01E05 The Major Crimes squad investigates when the naked body of a young man is found in a 50 gallon drum marked hazardous waste. It was only found because it fell off a truck as it was being removed. Provenza (G.W. Bailey) leads the investigation. Tao (Michael Paul Chan) offers that the marks on his limbs are rope burns. Provenza becomes concerned after they realize that the drums could be filled with bodies since they are supposed to be hazardous waste and are dumped in a landfill. Sykes (Kearran Giovanni) is given the unenviable task of going through all the drums. Flynn (Tony Dennison) asks if he’s thinking serial killer. Provenza doesn’t know, but he’s worried.

From the moment we learned about the crime of the week until the last scene of the episode, every aspect of Major Crimes was perfection. Brenda Leigh Johnson could not have handled the case any better than Sharon Raydor, and it’s my assessment that the nature of the case needed the likes of Raydor and her willingness to deal with the ugliest dregs of society.

Raydor, Flynn and Provenza go to the Barlow house, but they are met with completely freaked out parents, Brian (Casey Biggs) and Laurie (Kari Coleman). Their son and daughter, Emily, were kidnapped and they’ve been warned not to go to the police. Brian is adamant that they follow directions.

Later, Laurie calls the squad for help. She explains that their children have been missing for a while and that they received a ransom demand which they gave into. It was followed by another after a few days. They paid that as well. So far, they’ve heard nothing since then. Brian asks what she’s doing, and she hangs up.

When first faced with the idea of losing his ranking managerial position over the major crimes division, Provenza wasn’t on board. He was ornery, angry and not afraid to say what he felt about it, even if it was a slight exaggeration. However, Sharon did something that I don’t think even Provenza saw coming. She gave him rope. Not to hang himself, but to lead.


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Watch Hell on Wheels – The Railroad Job Online S02E05

The Railroad Job

Hell on Wheels - The Railroad Job Online S02E05 This episode of “Hell on Wheels” is full of action and a few surprises. At the beginning of this second season Cullen Bohannon was part of a robbery crew. Tonight his old crew is back with a plan to steal $50,000 from the railroad’s payroll.

For Durant, it’s his chance to create an even greater name for himself. Elam is trying to be considered an equal after the slavery of the past. Lily is attempting to continue her husband’s work, even if it will leave her with an uncertain future once the road is completed. But for Cullen Bohannan, his motivation for joining the railroad was revenge for the murder of his family, and he quickly changed to forget about that, instead deciding to solely do the bidding of Durant, while also sometimes working on the railroad.

As much as the episode is superficially about a bunch of Johnny Rebs looting the railroad’s payroll once again, the question comes up over and over: What would happen to everyone should Durant (Colm Meaney) die? The man who controls everything is, naturally, also the man nearly everyone despises – the disparity of wealth and comfort being only a portion of why Durant is looked upon with such disdain. Of course, since Durant’s ability to draw breath is directly related to the future and wellbeing of so many individuals; namely, the freedmen, Elam Ferguson (Common) and now, Lily Bell (Dominique McElligott) – not to mention the future of the railroad itself – it comes time to put the good Mr. Durant directly in harms’ way.

“The Railroad Job” has a decent premise at its center: Hawkins, the leader of the ex-Confederate bandits from the beginning of the season, decides to rob the camp’s payroll while all the workers are off building the bridge. While casing the camp just before the heist begins, one of the robbers doesn’t take kindly to Elam’s presence in the saloon, and Hawkins’ too-generous attempt to make peace with Elam tips him off that something bad is about to go down. While Durant sends for Bohannon to return to the camp, Elam arms the McGinnes brothers and a sick Psalms, but the heist has already begun.


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Watch White Collar – Honor Among Thieves Online S04E05

Honor Among Thieves

White Collar - Honor Among Thieves Online S04E05 Welcome back Collar fans! Doesn’t two weeks seem like a long time to leave Ellen in jeopardy? I definitely think so. But for once, we get the answer to our question immediately. Of course, if you’ve seen any of the previews, you probably know the answer already.

Now I want to be clear from the upfront, I have applauded the show’s evolution this season as it has stopped relying on the Neal runs, Peter chases theme. While it played out well for the first three seasons, the trope had become somewhat tired. Tonight, however, when Peter was sitting at home with Elle and speculating about Neal’s ultimate motives, I could not help but smile. At his core, Neal is always going to be somebody that lives in a very grey area, even when he is doing the right thing. When the showed signaled that Neal was going to reform his actions and follow the straight and narrow, however, I was worried that the writers would take the change too far. In other words, no matter what kind of life-altering decisions Neal goes through, he will be and should be a person that always skirts the line.

The episode began with Ellen’s funeral. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to think the show would have put a little more time into whether or not Ellen died at the scene or in between lying on a stretcher and ending up in a casket. It seemed cut a little short, skipping over the most important part: her actual death.

Once again, we’ll just have to accept Mozzie and Ellen’s delightful 10 minutes together gardening on the sidewalk as reason enough why Neal’s right-hand man would abandon his criminal principles and drop everything to aid “the suits.” One way or the other, he’s up for some high-concept dirty work, having concocted a means of blurring out his face for security cameras so he can be an effective decoy as Neal jacks the Pascal under Peter’s nose. He’s a generous con man, but also essential, balancing comic relief (e.g. his shrinking from Abigail after she threatens to “break your little fingers”), especially in an episode that occasionally strikes an uneven tone.


Watch Breaking Bad – Dead Freight Online S05E05

Dead Freight

Breaking Bad - Dead Freight Online S05E05 In the New Mexico sun, a young boy rides his motorbike through the desert. He happens upon a tarantula, and lets it crawl over his hands. The kid’s no coward. Just a little curious. He puts it in a jar and heads back to the bike with his new pet. After fastening his helmet for safety, he pauses. He’s heard something in the distance. Was that a whistle? He rides off to investigate…

Walt pays Hank a visit at the DEA. Where a previous incarnation of Walt would have been shifty and nervous in the presence of the law, the new model is confident, brazenly waving around his new Rolex. It seems he’s there to talk to Hank about Skyler. “She doesn’t love me anymore,” he breaks down. But of course, he’s really just there to bug Hank’s office so that Walt and Co. can find out whether Lydia is telling the truth about the tracking device on the barrel of methylamine.

With Skyler on the brink of a mental breakdown, the White children living with Hank and Marie, and now a hideous murder on their hands, how long can this band of misfits keep on keeping on? And they can’t stop now, even if Hank had some complete change of heart. Mike’s surviving former employees are counting on a steady paycheck to keep their mouth’s shut. Now that things are bloody, will Walt opt for more blood instead of more payolla?

Similarly, Todd’s act at the end completely changes everything we think about “Dead Freight,” which to that point is practically a “Breaking Bad” romp. Though there’s some tension early on as the guys debate what to do with/to Lydia, and the usual frostiness between Walt and Skyler, the overwhelming emotion I felt throughout this one was giddiness.


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Watch Perception – The Messenger Online S01E05

The Messenger

Perception - The Messenger Online S01E05 streamPerception continues with episode 5, “Messenger.” It begins with Daniel having the day off, only for Haley to call him in to accept an award that includes a check. It’s a big deal, and Daniel walks out. Haley follows, but Kate interrupts with a case. She only has her victim’s religious tattoos to go on and wants Haley to look at them because of his background. However, while Haley thinks Kate should look into local Hindu temples, it’s Daniel who’s right that she should look into methadone clinics. Jared’s mother says that he claimed to have found the voice of God and was getting clean.

Pierce’s break with reality noticeably paralleled that of the episode’s case focus on a young man named Kyle who could talk to God. Surprisingly, Pierce immediately jumped towards Temporal Lobe Epilepsy as the problem (the condition that has been said to have affected Joan of Arc) rather than spend the episode trying to figure it all out.

Meanwhile Pierce, who of course is a skeptic of everything religious, is having a hard time coming to terms with Kyle tuning into God radio. He asks the kid a few questions and diagnoses Kyle with a brain tumor that is pressing on one of his temporal lobes. Kyle’s parents are all for running some tests, but Kyle refuses because removing the tumor will cut off his connection with God. He and Pierce have what is actually a pretty great conversation where Pierce struggles to understand how Kyle can be so smart, but still put all his blind faith in something he can’t see.

Daniel talks to Kyle alone and finds out God first started talking to him when he was 12 and he gets headaches and feels nauseated. Daniel explains these are signs of temporal lobe epilepsy and he has a tumor. He wants to run tests, but Kyle thinks God gave it to him so he could talk to him. He refuses to get rid of it, and his parents aren’t going to force him to.


Watch Weeds – Red in Tooth and Claw Online S08E05

Red in Tooth and Claw

Weeds - Red in Tooth and Claw Online S08E05After last week Nancy showed us she can still use her talents when needed, in one of the better episodes this season, this week she has another chance to consider her choices, and a good enough motivation to return to her old position. This Week also brought us a much better version of the Andy-Jill story, that placed Doug in the middle and made Andy start believing in god.

Rather, I would argue it is about Nancy’s dependence on marijuana, rather than the series’, as best exemplified by the sixth season. Nancy spends that entire season desperately trying to reestablish her marijuana empire, unable to imagine any other future for herself, despite the fact that simply settling down and working in a hotel would be a perfectly viable—and much safer—way to earn a living.

Jill is repressing her emotional issues with Andy by extreme couponing, because this hodgepodge family is straight up broke. For Andy’s part, his method of dealing with this latest relationship hiccup is to be mysteriously summoned to the roller derby track by a naked woman who throws herself at him.

There’s also been Doug’s random Ambien addiction and, of course, Andy just having women throwing themselves his way left and right. The fact that he acknowledges this – in a monologue that ran for way, way, way too long – doesn’t change the fact that Weeds feels less like an organized show at the moment and more like a series of random events.


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