The Island with Bear Grylls S02E06:Series 2, Episode 6

The Island with Bear Grylls - Series 2, Episode 6

Starving and seriously dehydrated, the group leave camp looking for water. They find two pigs, but can’t agree whether to adopt them, or eat them.

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Grantchester S01E06 stream – Episode 6

Grantchester - Episode 6

Amanda and Guy’s wedding is fast approaching, and his betrayal of Hildegard is still in his mind. Those closest to Sidney find it hard to get through to him. The murder of a local policeman doesn’t improve things, as Sidney allows himself to be pulled into another investigation rather than putting his house in order.

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Downton Abbey S05E06 stream – Series 5, Episode 6

Downton Abbey - Series 5, Episode 6

After last week’s altercation between Robert and Cora, their relationship is strained. Blake’s scheming is coming to light after Mary unexpectedly pitted against her love rival. Edith receives some bad news and decides to take action. Baxter becomes embroiled in the investigation of Green’s death.

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Watch Hell on Wheels – Purged Away With Blood Online S02E06

Purged Away With Blood

Hell on Wheels - Purged Away With Blood s02e06 Cullen Bohannon had to take charge of a tricky hostage situation — and deal with a possibly greater danger facing an old friend — in “Purged Away with Blood,” Sunday’s episode of Hell on Wheels. If you missed all the action, here are the most important things you need to know before tuning in next Sunday.

This week the episode opens with the Swede and Reverend Cole riding with horses and a cart. Suddenly two Indians creep up from the grass and quietly come up behind them. One Indian shows the Swede some furs that he has and the two speak in the Indian’s language. Reverend Cole gets off his horse and they all go to the cart which is filled with stolen rifles. The reverend and The Swede hand them out to the Indians. They all seem happy. Not a good sign. Something is definitely up.

“Purged Away With Blood” focuses on the train carrying Durant to Chicago after last week’s shootout. On the way to get medical attention, part of the tracks is blown up by the Sioux and led by Reverend Cole. He and the Swede (or “The White Spirit,” as the Sioux call him) have given the Sioux a whole cart of guns to fight back against the Hell on Wheels crew ruining their land. Cole wants Durant to publish his insane manifesto, filled with his ramblings like “the crimes of the guilty land can only by purged away by blood,” or Cole will kill everyone on the train. Before now, Cole has been fun drunk, stumbling around the camp, preaching to those who will listen. Now, he’s a deranged shell of who he used to be, ready to kill because he believes that’s what God wants him to do.

The reunion of the family Cole is wobbly, too. Ruth (Kasha Kropinski) is still a cipher to me; I can’t get a handle on her character. Is she capricious or is it just off-handed writing because there’s been no real care taken with defining who Ruth is as a character? Her sudden emotional bonding with her father is a sentimental moment that doesn’t ring true for me. Joseph (Eddie Spears) fares better and plays truer to character, but then the writers are clearer on who he is than they are on Ruth.


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Watch Perception – Lovesick Online S01E06


Perception - Lovesick Online S01E06Perception continues with episode 6, “Lovesick.” Daniel asks his class if free will exists. Neuroscientific data suggests it’s an illusion. As his class leaves, Haley finds Daniel to make sure he’s attending a gala because the widow of someone who verbally promised funding will be there and is a fan of Daniel’s. He refuses.

Like anyone that has suffered from depression (or known someone that has), obviously four hours and a day in the hospital are not enough to treat this major disease, and the kid ends up committing suicide. His doctor is found days later shot in the head. Is it a murder of revenge? It’s up to Moretti to find out!

It’s funny because for the first half of this episode, the case seemed pretty cookie cutter in development. Somebody killed the therapist out of revenge or anger, etc. and Pierce would simply have to figure out who. Sure, there was the ploy of “staying inside the circle” with respect to the insurance company and bonus money the therapist received, but there’s no way either Pierce or Moretti could pass up actually solving a case. They just love it too much.

After being authorized to “go outside the circle” based on Pierce’s findings in Dr. Corvis’ medicaljournals, Moretti and Pierce question several of the good doctor’s other patients, mainly those that were diagnosed with “transferential dopamine deficiency” which isn’t actually something a person can be diagnosed with because it’s not actually a real thing. However, Corvis was treating patients with a new drug that wasn’t released on the market yet for said issues.


Watch White Collar – Identity Crisis Online S04E06

Identity Crisis

White Collar - Identity Crisis Online S04E06

I love White Collar. I think each season gets better and better. Season 4 has been practically flawless…until now. Tonight’s episode, “Identity Crisis” was clearly a filler episode, a standalone that did nothing to further the story other than to say that Neal might have found a way to communicate with Ellen’s friend Sam through some mysterious email address.

There is so much to love about this episode. Yes, it plays fast and loose with the historical Culper spy network, Washington, and the battle flags of the Revolution. (I blame that famous but crazily inaccurate picture of Washington crossing the Delaware, which we see in the background at one point.) But who cares? All is forgiven, thanks to the brilliant dialogue, the unbroken bromance, and a puppet show that will leave you teary-eyed.

Before we get to main storyline, Neal tells Peter that he didn’t find much about Ellen’s murderer or Sam on the thumb drive, but did find someone tracking/checking an email account. Is it Sam? We’ll have to wait and see until next week.

After some initial digging, it’s discovered that Robert Townsend was part of the Culper Spy ring which was created by George Washington. Neal gathers information out of a book written by a professor who wound up losing a lot over his theories including his tenure. They figure out that the flag in question is priceless, it is the very one that Washington carried across the Delaware and gave to the Culpers; it is definitely worth killing over.


Watch Breaking Bad – Buyout Online S05E06


Breaking Bad - Buyout Online S05E06 I sometimes wish Breaking Bad spent more time with the addicts who destroy their lives and their families with Heisenberg’s blue meth. But this week revealed the saddest, most desperate addict of them all: Walter White. As you say, Matt, Mike’s exit strategy makes sense, but addicts never take the sensible route. Apparently, Walt’s desire to be the Cecil Rhodes of the ABQ drugs scene has fried his brain.

Buyout – a brilliantly paced, versatile, and series-pushing episode has certainly ignited what’s sure to be yet another signature sequence of pulse-pounding proportions, cranked up to maximum speed for a thrill ride that doesn’t look like it’ll run out of steam anytime soon. After all, don’t we have to get all the way to New Hampshire?

As we know, things don’t get easier for Walt, but that’s what happens when you get in the empire-building business. There aren’t many emperors in history who shared the throne with anyone else, and those who reach that high on any food chain are generally surrounded by people who’d love nothing more than to take them down.

It turns out none of his past reasons were really it. Or they were, but there were always layers beneath. Peel away the cancer, peel away Skyler and the kids, peel away the need to make money, ever again, in his life; at the core—or is it the core?—there’s pride. Pride, and bitterness, and regret, and the desire to make back what he could have made had he stuck at Gray Matter: “Billions, with a B.”

With Jesse shaken up after seeing that the boy is being reported missing on the news, Walt gives him a fake pat on the back and sends him home early, only to continue working like nothing had even happened. Walt literally whistling while he works may have been a tad over the top, but at least the message was received loud and clear.


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Watch Weeds – Allosaurus Crush Castle Online S08E06

Allosaurus Crush Castle

Weeds - Allosaurus Crush Castle Online S08E06I find the events in “Allosaurus Crush Castle” to be illogical: Weeds has established enough of a slightly off-kilter version of our world that I take the notion of a pharmaceutical company experimenting with engineered marijuana at face value (and don’t doubt that it might be happening in the industry). Rather, though, I find the episode to be entirely too logical, contorting itself into a situation where Nancy and Silas’ respective roles in the “drug business” can be immediately and perfectly translated into the other drug business seemingly—and, given Nancy’s sleepover deal, literally—overnight.

Later she goes to a soccer match, where once again Stevie is really good, and the dads glare at her. She watches what looks like drug deals. It turns out that they kind of are. Terry (Kevin Sussman) works in Big Pharma. He’s passing out samples of his meds because the dads hate his kid for the exact opposite reason they hate Stevie. His kid is AWFUL. Trips over nothing awful. Nancy realizes that being a pharmaceutical rep would be the perfect fit for her. Terry watches their kids interact and invites his kid over to Nancy’s for a sleepover. It’s been a long time since he and his wife have been able to go on a date because their family has been blackballed by the nannies. If she’ll have him over, he’ll put in a good word for her at work.

But the biggest take away here is that I was wrong, and for a show like ‘Weeds,’ which has become woefully predictable with the cyclical nature of one Nancy Botwin, this is fabulous news. It seemed like ‘Weeds’ would end its final season without much changing for anyone, and it didn’t feel like Jenji Kohan & Co. were treating this final season like a legitimate farewell, but the wheels finally appear to be spinning.

Elsewhere, though, I simply don’t care about Jill or her pregnancy. It opens up Andy a bit, as his job search alone should be worth a few laughs. And his evolution into a responsible father figure seems like the proper final season journey for someone who has served in every capacity on this show except actual father. It’s just Jill. She’s never clicked for me and she’s been shoved down our throats this season.


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Watch Burn Notice – Shock Wave Online S06E06

Shock Wave

Burn Notice - Shock Wave Online S06E06When a network spends a week hyping something as a hugely important episode, expectations are naturally raised. USA has promoted “Shock Wave” quite a bit since last week, but that’s perfectly all right, because the installment is worthy of the attention.

In “Shock Wave” most of the central characters split up for various reasons. And each is put in their own brand of peril. Michael has a solid lead on Anson and takes Jesse and Nate with him on the case. Sam is nixed by the CIA for the mission and ends up looking after Maddie. In prison, Fi is threatened by a nasty MI6 agent who wants her to take the fall for the consulate bombing. And Maddie, well she’s home smoking a pack of cigarettes and being vulnerable. In the end, it’s Nate who bows out this episode. After apprehending Anson, both men are shot by an unseen gunman and die on the scene. What follows are the most heart-wrenching moments of Burn Notice ever.

Fiona meets Arthur Meyers, who is a stereotypical MI6 agent that expects her to confess to the consulate bombing or he’ll leak that she’s in British custody and bad things will happen to innocent people. This leads her to look for a way to quickly disappear, even if it means hiding in the walls like Bob from Bob’s Burgers. Once Meyers has given up, Fiona lets her prison confidante confess her whereabouts, in exchange for helping to hide her in the first place. She’s finally free at episode’s end, which means the show is back to its usual working order.

I did worry about Sam a few times, as he was probably in mortal danger for the longest amount of time. But then I realized there is no way they’d ever get rid of Sam. Still, I found this episode extremely nerve-wracking, waiting for the inevitable. And boy did they make us wait. Right until the bitter end.


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Watch Suits – All In Online S02E06

All In

Suits - All In Online S02E06What “Suits” “All In” proves is that the USA Network drama can still have a case a week, but still intertwine it so perfectly with the over-arching story of the season that there’s no true end to any episode. Harvey (Gabriel Macht) goes gambling in the July 26th episode in a big way, and the case against the firm is far from his mind.

Would Harvey have gambled to win his client’s company back if Donna was still there? Perhaps. Harvey is a win at all costs kinda guy. Donna was his legal muse. Without her support and feedback, Harvey was still able to do his job and successfully, but he wasn’t complete.

Harvey tried everything to get the company back from a settlement, to legal manuevers, to threatening to bankrupt the company, so why not just gamble to get it back? Of course, to Harvey it was never a gamble. He would “play the man” and win. And, he did.

The case of the week revolves around a client, Keith Hoyt, who’s a recovering alcoholic, compulsive gambler and an owner of a million dollar company – perfect combination for disaster. Before Harvey and Mike, in dapper tuxedoes, gets to AC, Keith uses his $30 million company as collateral for a $3 million loan from a weasel named Tommy. Keith uses the money to play poker and loses not only the $3 million but also his company.

Yes, Harvey offering to win the case via a poker game instead of going to court is a drastic, silly move, but it doesn’t feel that different from something Harvey would do even in his best state of mind. Which is why when Jessica confronts him for all his reckless actions, her concerns makes logical sense for a normal person, but not for the Harvey we’ve gotten to know. Harvey going off the deep end in his despair over what happened to Donna is the inevitable conclusion. The show just needs to show us more, and tell us less.


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