Watch Top Gear – Series 22, Episode 8 Online S22E08

Top Gear - Series 22, Episode 8

This episode of Top Gear features two films that were shot for the last series. In the first film, Jeremy, Richard and James immerse themselves in the lifestyle of the traditional classic car enthusiast. Armed with affordable classics including a Fiat 124 Spyder, a Peugeot 304 Cabriolet and an MGB GT, the trio set off on an adventure that includes brown beer, breakdowns and a hair-raising classic car show. In the second film, Clarkson, Hammond and May try to become lifestyle leisure enthusiasts with the help of some incredibly cheap lifestyle leisure vehicles. Restricted to a maximum budget of ?250, the trio buy three massive mileage SUVs – a Vauxhall Frontera, a Jeep Cherokee and a Mitsubishi Shogun – and then embark on a series of action-packed challenges that include battling with the Stig’s ‘Leisure Activity Cousin’ and a race with terrifying consequences for the loser.


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Watch Online Russell Howard’s Stand Up Central: Episode 8 (S01E08)

Russell Howard's Stand Up Central - Episode 8

On tonight’s show Russell talks about an amusing ringtone, and answers questions on cats, wizards, and what cheers him up. His guests are Carl Donnelly and Iain Sterling.


Watch Online No Offence: Episode 8 (S01E08)

No Offence - Episode 8

In the final episode, Dinah clashes with Deering, setting off an irreversible chain of events, and an attempt to save the lives of a mother and baby goes disastrously wrong.


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Made in Chelsea S08E08 stream – Series 8, Episode 8

Made in Chelsea - Series 8, Episode 8

Louise is determined that Andy not be involved in her new relationship. The identity of Sam’s mystery bed partner is revealed and with the revelation comes some new information, meaning he has to face the wrath of the Watson sisters. Binky’s friendships are on the line, when it becomes apparent she hasn’t been completely honest.

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Watch White Collar – Ancient History Online S04E08

White Collar - Ancient History Online S04E08 When Neal is involved in a heist stealing Greek antiques, sent in of course undercover for the FBI, things go slightly astray when he’s arrested, on tonight’s episode of White Collar. Back at home base the team discusses the possibility of Alex being involved since she’s recently been released from prison and is now here in the city. For Neal this explains the clue he found in the back of the police car; an oragami note in the shape of a flower.

It was a particularly fine episode for Mozzie, who redeemed himself after leading Neal so far astray last season. When Neal received an old Betamax tape bequeathed by Ellen, he’s determined to watch it with Sam and only Sam. Mozzie, who trusts Sam even less than he trusts the FBI, chose an “unholy union” with the Suit rather than see Neal duped by someone who might mean him harm.

Speaking of Neal’s past, he gets a package marked “To: Neal Bennett, From: Kathryn Hill (AKA Ellen before she became Ellen).” Ellen wanted Neal to have this tape if she never saw Neal again. The tape is old – a beta max – that Neal wants to watch with Sam. Mozzie’s not happy too about it, to the point that he ends up telling Peter about Sam and the tape.

NYPD keeps interfering with the case, and it is a great source of humor. Hopefully this won’t be the last time Neal and Peter run into NYPD. Another great aspect of this case is Alex. She outsmarts everyone, and ends up with the treasure. It’s always nice to show that Neal, Peter and the FBI are not necessarily the smartest out there. Alex plays them all, and they don’t suspect it until the end. Does anyone else love that Alex won, and did you love the NYPD?

Willie Garson was on fire tonight, turning Peter into a veritable bumbling Clouseau by fouling up his stakeout. Except instead of the Pink Panther, all Peter got was a lacy bra and red-herring manila envelope. (Sort of. Mozz’s maligned sticky enclosure did lead to at least one arrest.) You had to love it, and in retrospect get the prickly undercurrent, when Mozz quipped to Neal, “You’re the only one who gets to live in luxury?” and just plain chuckle at his chicken-shit cowering from Alex and concerns about “supplemental hiding” of his U-boat haul.


Watch Covert Affairs – Glass Spider Online S03E08

Glass Spider

Covert Affairs - Glass Spider Online S03E08 So apparently the writers of Covert Affairs got a jolt for this week’s episode and were inspired to give us something good in “Glass Spider.” In this episode, we get up close and personal with Simon (Richard Coyle) and Annie’s (Piper Perabo) relationship.

For a spy to say this, especially a newbie, it seems kind of dumb. I expected the room to roll their eyes and explain how Simon (Richard Coyle) was obviously playing her. But when she mentioned the whole “he killed his handler for me” part, there’s considerable more weight to her claim. Even I started to think Simon might really love her.

To find out who the mole is, they need to find the mall shooter — and Annie remembers him. Because he was at the diner when Jai died. So who hired him? Was it Henry Wilcox (Gregory Itzin)? Nope. He may have known the shooter, which Arthur (Peter Gallagher) discovers, but he never suspected he’d kill Jai. So who else does that leave on “Covert Affairs”? In hindsight it almost — again almost — seems obvious, but it makes it no less shocking.

No one in the DPD is pleased to hear this but Arthur agrees to let Annie try to bring Simon in and she calls him and arranges a meeting at a local mall. Lena and Joan (Kari Machett) argue about the way that Lena handled Annie’s mission. Joan also suspects that Jai might have been working with Simon. But Arthur disagrees with her and so do many Covert Affairs fans.

The game of spies is no fun and Simon knew this and that is why he wanted to run away with Annie to some place off the grid; away from all of it. Annie agreed to it right away, but she did seem like she changed her mind before Lena came in. I’m still surprised that Simon knew Annie was an agent from the first time they met and yet he still fell in love with her. It’s unfortunate that they couldn’t leave with one another as I can tell that Annie also had feelings for Simon.


Watch Perception – Kilimanjaro Online S01E08


Perception - Kilimanjaro Online S01E08 Perception season 1 continues with episode 8, “Kilimanjaro.” “How bad do you want it?” Daniel asks his class. Ambition drives everyone. He wakes Brian up as he ends class and is surprised later when Lewicki says he turned in a good midterm paper. He brings an accusation of plagiarism to Haley, who points to his other good grades and admits that it does partly have to do with him being a good football player. Their conversation is interrupted by news of a murder on campus.

It’s been a series with plenty of promise that I’ve just been waiting to break out of the typical mold. Which is why “Kilimanjaro” was a fantastic new page. It that set the bar far higher than I had expected, providing an engaging episode from the central case to the side plots that surrounded it. This was a solid outing and probably one of the best of the season.

Pierce first encounters DJ (who looks remarkably like a young Adam Brody) on campus and threatens to fail the brilliant student if he doesn’t turn in his term paper now. Turns out that DJ isn’t actually a student, but is the manifestation of Pierce 25 years earlier – before he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Apparently Pierce was “cocky and confident” in his college years – smarter than his teachers, and wanted to be on the cover of Rolling Stone with med school as his back up plan. He wanted to climb Kilimanjaro, and his dreams were pretty much killed with his diagnosis.

Daniel and Lewicki talk to Brian about his paper, and he admits he bought it. He can’t concentrate anymore. Daniel notes a disparity in his pupils, and Brian says he’s been having trouble breathing and headaches. A scan shows he has a subdural hematoma. He’s done with football, meaning the loss of his scholarship, or he risks permanent brain damage. Thanks to TMZ, Kate finds Karl and convinces Irene to let her fly to get him. He claims he didn’t kill Christina. The student brings his paper to Daniel, who says it’s not his work. He wrote it when he was an undergrad. The kid calls Daniel’s life sad and pathetic and tells him his name is DJ—Daniel J. Pierce. He’s Daniel before he forgot how to have a life.


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Watch Breaking Bad – Gliding Over All Online S05E08

Gliding Over All

Breaking Bad - Gliding Over All Online S05E08 In the final episode of this year’s Breaking Bad Season 5, Walt ties up loose ends. But “even the best laid schemes of mice and men go often awry.” There was something about this last episode of 2012?s Breaking Bad run that made it hard for me to breathe: a tension that was less the product of the episode itself, and more the knowledge that something had to break.

In hindsight, “Gliding Over All” is the only way this half-season could have ended, I think. It takes us nearly a quarter of the way to Walt celebrating his 52nd birthday with a free Denny’s breakfast and a machine gun, but more importantly it takes us on the first big step to that moment.

“Gliding Over All” may not have been as literally explosive as some of the other Breaking Bad finales, but it has set up a great and terrifying game between Hank and Walt (where for once Walt will not have the advantage) to propel the series into its final run of episodes. Was it predicted that Hank would find out about Walt at some point? Sure — but Hank finding out by sitting on the crapper after Walt was already out of the game, finding a note from Gale to Walt where he used the same language and phrase as one Hank had pointed out to Walt from Gale’s notes long ago … that was novel.

At prison, Dennis Markowski and his lawyer try to pitch a plea deal to Hank, who laughs and begins to leave at the greedy offer. “It’s a buyer’s market,” he says as he leaves to go try and get a better deal from another former associate of Gus Fring.

Walt decides he wants to meet Todd’s uncle, and wants to hire him to get rid of all of the men on Lydia’s list, and all within 2 minutes. This seemed like an impossible feat, but it was somehow accomplished through a truly difficult to watch series of stabbings, strangulations, and (in poor Dennis’ case) getting burned alive. Prison shankings are already one of the most disturbing ways to die, and they did not hold back in conveying just how violent and bloody these can be.


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Watch Weeds – Five Miles From Yetzer Hara Online S08E08

Five Miles From Yetzer Hara

Weeds - Five Miles From Yetzer Hara Online S08E08Weeds has managed to bring back the uplifting vibe of earlier seasons in its closing act, and “Five Miles From Yetzer Hara” gave longtime fans hope that the series may indeed end on a positive note. The episode title references an old Hebrew tale that suggests God places man five miles from both perfection and perversion. Which will Nancy Botwin choose? The answer may surprise you!

We ended this episode with Nancy and Jill in business and in very good graces with each other. The former reconnected with her son, she made love to someone who actually wanted to look her in the eye, Andy realized he wants to have a child of his own. Is every loose end tied up? No, but that’s my issue with this final season: what loose ends are there?!?

I will admit my anger partly stems from the fact that I look like a fool for doubting that theory two weeks ago, and for not being more skeptical of the storyline in the past. However, putting aside that petty business, I’ve reached a point with the show that I want a clear sense of where things are headed to be able to gauge my expectations accordingly. This isn’t to say I want the show to be predictable, exactly, but my relationship with the show is tenuous enough after last season that to have the narrative completely overturned like this is more likely to elicit concern than excitement.

Of course, now instead of just Nancy breaking the law in Agrestic, it seems it may be both of them breaking the law in Old (New?) Sandwich. Which is full circle in a very interesting way. Instead of Nancy on her own, it’s a sister team now. And it makes me sad that the portrait of suburban housewives is that none of them stand a chance at making money or having happiness unless they mince the rules. (I mean, obviously I love this show, but I don’t like that message. Partly, because I’m worried some of it is true and I may end up in a similar spot someday!)


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Watch Awkward – Time After Time Online S02E08

Time After Time

Awkward - Time After Time Online S02E08

The majority of the time spent during “Time After Time” focused on the fallout of last week’s revelation that Jenna was Matty’s first, and the rest was wasted on mostly unfunny wedding shenanigans. To say that I was torn after watching this episode would be an understatement.

And, once again, I’m a mixed bag of emotions as there are pros and cons to both sides. I can understand the pain and hurt Jenna was feeling, and the sudden confusion of her emotions, but, at the same time, I mean she couldn’t wait at least a few hours before getting back with Matty’s tongue?

Jake calls Matty up to let him know that he broke up with Jenna and to try to get Matty to tell him the truth, but Matty doesn’t budge. Jake meanwhile won’t tell Jenna or Tamara (Jillian Rose Reed) what happened to cause the breakup. He ultimately leaves Jenna at the wedding and Jenna is left to sulk and think about what she did wrong with Tamara.

And same question when he talked to Matty on the phone. Instead of hinting around trying to get a confession from Matty, again just confront the other person. Yes they probably should have told Jake that they were in a relationship of sorts and Jenna may still have feelings for Matty, but he’s just playing games by doing this, then throwing the white flag out and pushing her towards the other guy by acting the way he did. It was really weak, and that is not an attractive quality on anyone.


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